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VivaCity Smart City Platform
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Many big vendors are exploring the smart city concept explaining that the smart city is a city aware of the things happening in the infrastructures. Thus the vendors are pushing for a Smart Grid, Smart Metering, Smart Sensors and Smart Whatsoever. This makes the city look like a sick patient, being monitored in many ways with histograms, gauges and panels for the information to be read. In our opinion this is the most unnatural way to interact with city information. Historically the most used way to interact with citizen oriented information is the map. Even today, with the always more precise GIS tools, the map can be an important part of a city information management tool. The VivaCity Project is a platform for the data-driven smart city. The core of the platform consists of a map- based view of the city itself, with all the possible cartographic open data made available by the governance. Beyond that, various apps can contribute in a smart manner through a set of plugins and entry-points for various views of the city, enabling a deep and complex interaction with the city itself. This system is self-sustaining, considering that the city already contains its monitors, which are the citizens. They just need two sets of tools: a visualization tool enabling the citizens to understand what is being done at a given time, and a tool to express opinions, problems and proposals to the governance. Considering that an overly generic tool loses its meaning because it has no real target, the interaction with the governance is delegated to function-specific or target-specific apps sharing a common API. This way both governance and citizen gain benefits, having both sides creating new data all the time and interconnecting information from the city and its inhabitants: governance has the ability make decisions based on real-time citizen-driven data, while citizens have the opportunity to create new services using the provided data. Figure 1 - Part of the VivaCity Smart City Interface For instance, the APIs offered to external apps are aimed to the following areas of interest: Politics, political decisions Maintenance • • • • • • • • • Security City Info, Touristic, Cultural information Management, urbanistic information Urban events, Urban Acupuncture, social analysis Emergency Management, Emergency information aggregation from the many sources available Economic, Managerial information Environmental, Energy usage information The data shown in the interface is the sum and interpretation of the data provided by the local governments through open data, or applications created by third parties like OpenMunicipio in Italy, the OpenSpending platform by OKFN or even simply mash-ups with complex datasources, like the USGS earthquake map, or the various regional APIs for simple services or any other app enabling the citizen to participate actively to the activity of his government. Using the platform in different cities enables a normalization of the services offered by the cities, and the direct comparison and interconnection of cities through a distributed API supporting the governance to empower policies and improve citizens’ lifes.
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here load of few seconds in the UK and had a long and model
add and that the
identity of man and a different way to talk about my cities because many firms that it is publishing also built up and that rise acknowledged emission Italy and working with the rest of many times authorities to work on open data we have a lot of later its
great it's a great way to get from Stansted from the community get transparency from the almost anything and open about a
equal because we got lots of data collection the Census said 200 a one off at the moment levels of data services that include Programming movement and then and most it is regions and it is all over the world are during update so that allows it to be the biggest threat of to allow the biggest and public transportation is not ever more interesting is the way but earlier because next so the the play off at the opening of the cool but somebody opened the and that the with the
bat those a catch this isn't in UK that this is a central part and there is a catch on run to show you what the caches about looking at ICCS because looking at the data
catalogues from 3 city new Chicago and no 1 knows come from with them that there was something really strange going on in the city and this is the is Asians the style and the author of Chicago that it we can do need the blend of the 2 of them it is the beginning of the month and the information you which has said it has always been about the ability to look at and number management kind of because it has information about the restrictions were found that not meant that it's not of a of the police and and said that she thought the country about the high level of the players on the Pacific and the service is available and the baby to the other details of the sale advantage tried to connect about and see what kind of information that matches in the world and the world that views of some of the map of the concept to see that some of the proceedings and the signing of connected to the name in Chicago and the and in the onion and that the evidence was that the had the disease is not as it is in you stop non Hewitt's anshul code understated energy it's
several so so it's all about
semantics if look at it and we don't understand the columns we need to develop something that around to understand how we can do to manage without a called we could do that having an application for a Chicago will will take the datasets where and that's not the kind of names and Liverpool around from its easy it's about but it's easy bad Sudan to try to take the biggest from New Labour we will have to atomisation process for example because the addresses the but that is not exactly the send them so we have to to do them recreates at the revelation of the data and again pretty easy but not the end of doing that means that you have to do it for every day that you want to catch a system that could start looking at it will be open on a higher level about dimensions we have got on with it space and the topic of the data Italian it's easy enough to find the right note of it's pretty easy to manage to do we would ask that because of be here the problem is that it's the topic problem because of the value of the order and the and the many datasets available at there the way that there is to the credit possible to understand exactly what specific figures cause again if we talk about politics and has a different view on the UK and that was from 2 to recycle begins to to move and the kind of bad luck and the UK and that the industry would be would agree on what to do so that it said about how we
would have lost a lot of things and the and the kind of topic that every knows many who have been the and yet for specific computer infrastructure Ontologies we haven't that would allow them to buy more of the work we have done quite well in event during the week but it is not only because we are the police to describe the way in and out of fashion because it equally was that are behind the attacks is that there had been made about the link data about specifically which has also been data provided and the and the and the conditions that the interconnect and that as such a higher early discussion of colleges means basically except having Frankie's in British on the basis that if you can get the and energy into the discussion semantics which babies could be ready to do something really interesting with later than we did before the bell in the end this is a discussion about and could win in the end it is true
is that the in data and the and the News of the like a table its tidal because this is what this is just the way that this is not information that was once is not
and is also on map and because I'm not in the context of information and the the context of information is
automatic mapping and in the time it is them in the context of the information they need
to understand that the this situation Travis and the wounded and the services are and it was to do not think
about it and that this is the only way celebrity on information about this and I ICC's business intelligence respect for the law for the rich estimate for the revision and and that the 2 to the specific features and this is great because it is clear that
you can get is Mhmed Infomatics you get the best ability to do regulations to and get directly into a satellite city that there will be plan the again more information than you could ever get from just having on and on and on went into the table and you can see things about
planning and and on the wing and the part of the city and it was to do so should and the and the message that the US
and that his side taking the information is that it was to be found in takes the concept of
an untitled this is that most in the country but they are not the only just should be functionality massive it said that its and the and this is the true that because them and know that a specific details on the new Singletree's public in and out and the news that services fewer than the year basket fewer than his management of the fund and the phone number because we have this
information on the web without these but the problem with this is the fact that there was no connexion between the part so that happens this
happens them because is a good off the pace at the back and so is the information is connected in now them in a way that enables the user to reconnect back using only entitled The as well as entry point for example knowing the structure of the goods that just after the day it is the public number of telephone number of the reach of the politics and should it should and not because know the geometry and then we get to choose the date of the band the nett is the end of the day from number which is connected to shoot but this is also the question about and the and the and the and the and the sun was setting the standard and the
problems it is that it's not coming here and there the problem is that the was complex and that without the and the having just taking the files and and the exact cause and tables and in the shade by basically structure data with method automation was found out about it needed something out because many cities are starting to publish a polite to get access to the information said that the body that can be taken directly from the eyes with the movement and the nation and the description demand collected is kept and it is a chance that we can see and given time at a given moment in time when the situation was not as severe and then semantics the person and the ride is basically at an interpretation of each columns and them the summit and the and values and and change in a single day that we use the controller and information about Distributed said that any change in that it was an increase annual cemented and the user has to interview on Tuesday that the mapping spent days including its but already in the end I was just a bit too because he was intervention in this case
is that the fund and its last environmental its image understand and help that the the understanding of the the data in the end it's a Conservative to become not just a producer of data and someone who has information so that it becomes an integrated that the city decision making and most of the the integration of the 2 sets of the eyes and the City to the NHS and to send a strong on the
back the messages had to be prevented last year and beginning making and they did make it to the and then it was only to be in January and was the 1st it was just that the slowing credit was that it was going to happen said the and not only versions of the new to the of area that the last of the great man messages would be changed and in the soon to open the way for an end to the data manager exposes the guys and said that out to a about and I expect secret and that the best because the way to the by the bed and the jungle integrates everything and manages to do the queries and transferring the in the Pacific queries about the and and another child that can smell the food that document approach to save from the bottom up and the and the revelation about the new today spatial to get the relationship between the those 2 in the in the in the UK and the US its is
so but it will be sooner rather than November at the moment it's a bit ironic should done about the and that there was a time when it is implemented it just the way it was exposed by the loss of the problem that but cellphones and it said that someone as the iconic of the said that the with the version under and it's a pity that it doesn't will be 100 per cent of the vote at the end of the year
so far account of the fact that the judge has been Wavell Hinds it is likely that the and it looked like the PP
profit at in the 1 it sounds like
an yellow how the pain and grief and she talked of all out when she told her on also out in the city and and the request that this is an example of what can be done basically that these old and predictions of the information available to them that confirmation under into the system but the better the anthologies represents the and the better semantics of events the whole systems and as such will to define the specific relations has book that anyone who is antiques and business intelligence tools and visibly what you can do it is that is you can imagine it Cuban information only is only 3 dimensions over the mentions you need a new thinking and As soon as you start to working with the loss of the pensions you have to really understand how to get to that and to you really want to look and and antiques the Justice it's like that as well known databases created and it was just like this and take only the products that you really want to on and then advocated the and that with only a selection of elements for example you could say that the mention is the city it's and will attend the summit with the but City rumour with example usage of passes the you know where the transferred to the best Asian value no called the Boston the about Lions work you know if you get to the level that you know and the user of when a given user uses about you can be able to study the and getting on level of detail at for example synchronizes use that specific about stop and them as soon as I do that it will help to create a model for specific about stops and them this novel enables you to get understand how many messages and this that this can only the of this can be done through this antiques queries the company's media sometimes of so much of the cost the them this but of the whole idea is usually antiques users them specific that to to work and applying to the Antiques model to off database is a completely new approach is just the small literature and it because of a new line of experiments the state of the half the kind that is the fact that 4 of the realities of going all the way by the way what for every day that you have the survey use their plans for over 70 of some of the UK with a lot of work to do something a new phase in the history of what that following the during the new period thank you thank you them with the debate the biggest is that in fact there was none of consensus of what is a good bet that the Prime W it is that there is no consensus that doesn't energy is good enough for a statement from and everyone uses published and them that we could know was using the most use and and and trying to welcome back to look just with them as soon as someone gave us a tough with the didn't respect that on of the them the as to set work I'm not saying we evaluated the specific data if it was sentenced to beloved and try to bring it to a cell phones and it didn't make any sense said it was basically an extension and the whole thing is that that the system itself contains talking extensions to be used to the basic anthologies given by the
Classic in the Senate and House of and was not sentient created by just a matter that the issue information and as the and sometimes them some of the information is just match between the the approaches many of the aloud we have that at the moment is to question we have around looking at the web the datasets of Bologna installed that's the island 15 16 of the Sept the municipality and few will come from new and it is around the music of the transport all companies and it is starting to which opened data in the end and the mood was starting to and from the other datasets and the most made the seek and and circuit data collected is that there reignited Guide to get stuck into the Metadata and possibly starting to include the datasets being your by tomorrow of an hour and and the and eyes an interesting experiment because and they will have a to see what kind of problems with a new start for the each day of the exact was found that the world with the data we're working on we had some problems but we will to sell them the cost the thank you search for a description programs on the road but it is he but with all the 1st books pour of what was attached the part of the top of it and the environment questions thought so sorry so what if the person is to believe in now but stories your in the usual sense of some of the oldest in the world where the for profit we are really looking at the time of that are lower to carry on the good side of my back that perhaps that all these from the end of the transfer difficult of people full of were the guy is a total of over time all of the will be load the PP your the excitement of those running the shops but figure that the US accepted that the issue after the transfer of the transformation part of the data from the specific the match to the Ontology and like what they did is to have that easily created by anyone really mean that to have a small but Liverpool added that enables you to just 2 days ago operations and in fact that it is still under heavy development because we evaluating even though the ability to work with the refined and we find that a great great tool to operate the of the transformation of information and the and the debate because and having that would help because that you will find it was to to expose the transformation into a mate who knows who will find it says said it is too little now say when we find it so that it enables you to basically the to bomb and man Excel of many think and could not be data for example you supposed out data collected by someone in the back and the man was not a time and given will has the best the band made spell wrong and many many times so this over find stakes the that Coleman said in a new during the summer and it can clean not everything just before you put it into a more complex system to Journal of operations said the child was in and out of integrating the into the system the about from so that we it says an easy experience to clean up the with the transformation of a Mapping and and have everything already right but they
use will be the rules for its with real that's by the by again and there is already a winner in the the open from the fine because it was too ready and extension 4 pm we find that it was a tribute to the side of the bed that is 1 of the issues and then I'd and even talk about the problem the Bologna has eating in Italy at the end and that the city beside 1 now have a different Projections and it was so that the head of state since the and the head of the we NAO said that the had a good career on the back of of the room
and he used on ground and all the people all of whom have lost gloom for advice from the Foreign of use or the house for a reasonable set of cricket that is played that the political tensions in the in Italy is that we have up until last year when the European with the with new and was with the team 50 them and also to rejoin have specific De production and sometimes I a modified version of the classic production make made everything with for people working on the data because the regions about overlapping to either time and time zones the Prudence so basically the of Rahman chose to get the better of the early down to of Africa as members that everything would be on the same side images of the new law the soul but they were in the human all the way they were but a standard with the S standard with it because that's what you want for the the 1st of the so the were because of all the buzz of the use of the city the at the time the inquiry will be decided by the building of the new building will told be the if there were a lot for a while but that the test the project working so or that they didn't have a discussion going on with the people working already under siege M Allen the SAS the eyes of the long term needs to on long-time that the efforts by the time the and waited for he has are its by the and its by the looks a bit scale back from the Black Sea and the game will be the end of the day but each and sign that there are He said that the bid is accepted the and you do the mapping eyes and said that once the semantic is given for a given so that kept and you don't have to tell that the system has to go and get a bit of a matically at least once every so that it said that gets updated every week plans to which you get the data said into the system and it up and and looking for some of it is the only of the or if of the fact that I had a game of then move at the moment it's just the container with a pre about the idea is to be able to develop begins to allow the academy already and the and the system to be used to access and possible submit possible that it is again planned this is not Lab long term midterm the them them the shot on the target the questions at the later area hour a meeting of the actor for where the obligation why were there were being for example in this moment we are in Italy the transport of the 20 20 seemed to have broadband City so we developing a model to see the high match the city is valuable for the British company and to do that we need to know losses commission basically the times the amount of people in a given that the amount of the infrastructure of the writing of the law and the and the streets and on to the of in the kind of people being that the income the mean cover these are also accused of being considered and and his evaluation and at the end we can use the specific value to the difference zones and through the system basically the risk that it's about the sort of start because the europe things are not normal the 5 after as we would like them to be the them at the heart of the the whole project is just start that we will to define the reality that the cover the medication companies could be interested in in investing in fiber-optics and installing the destructive tend to be those who will be starting in a few months so that it is Somalia using its the of the hotel the hotel aggregation on open data but it's something we will be using and its useful its useful its standard ascendancy gold to find to receive the death of the connexion of information and that's part of why we wanted to do was published because as soon as you see confrontation is connected between the for the Ducks connected and in the City the and the aggregation innocently deciding whether to go and cups to see how the case is made and it was see that than the aggregation immediate because it that the structure is a justification of the city the services infrastructure and you can sense Samukange even see where he city is and then Shirley going to because you see the infrastructure that the transfer could be that the terms of the quality of living in that area the service present which can guidance were so and so schools and you really understand had the the Rubin fabric is that is created and some this was that the derogations are part of the deal and the good thing is that having a standard tools Sunderland which for were these kind of relations he was taken uses graphic tool to just with and it was pretty new tables and the of the public is really understand that those tables those numbers but it's still a something really interesting because it allows you to have playground to work with it and sort it out with a lady is that a lot of her what was that all of all the time said that when the following year when he will be going out on this is that they are having had information connected and was yet to be metrics search is needed for this year is a lot of work done in the case and that the cost of a British as is doing 1 city of practical the fact that not all of the company's period for about half an hour on the church steps used in tandem with this season he's a really had not which from the start and the model for example a lot of courage for your advantage but not just the Royals in all of the interest in the early hours of the of the good of to earn for the days now it but 6 eye figure but that none of the above the but the fact is a wonder to exploit because that's their timing but it added that the practical reasons because of the 1 I was talking about the fact we wanted to evaluate the value of the city for the technique Asia but in fact it was a match for her and I am I read where the where all eyes that the outlook for the year to to date it's after the 2 0 and then zooms quite strains of this but in my hands for them at the end but of the house he said that the patient away slice the patient as it doesn't the data dozens and it says data is numbers and numbers buy at least 2 of them had been to them the about the magic and it did not go to the wicket at the numbers and be able to create a model and numbers without getting to the evaluate the specifics of having people quality you would like to have abandoned whatsoever has the and given us the opportunity to really thinking about what the changes that approach because I am not people life and on the phone would be enough to give it the look of reading of the game or the luty on the words of the old world of the work and will be the 1st to go for the full year from a high of going within the 1st year to we were your work or and which were all out for the 1st time the world that it is probable that all you know is the nature of area of the city that the state should wait for the day is to be able to do that than in the whole from has has the scope to to be able to do that dramatically if you need it sold for example becoming and and 1 4 Excel to make the and experienced and possibly graphically because you could be fined up create on the other side the man named in the side by side and the writer and excluding running and that the data shows up on the mouth so that they could not like that because that could agree that this novelization hasn't yet needs but that is probably the easiest to would nomadically that the bid is successful this to be able to see what happened but it happens and that the side that is so different from the 1 it had before because that the before for version 1 of them was the leading Sassoon city-based because that's what's open data me me it's not a bet that the engine of since it and worse that I've been working with them in a society where limits as a baseball cap on 15 thousand people so at the end of the sea then that the from and the the council the City Council the was amazed when they sent me playing and waiting for a meeting them BigSim sitting on my lap of his words it's really cool and I was thinking of but this summer has been going on since I high white wanted to plate and he would be demanding a city if you can't manage the similar city hopping images of the city and the more problems that she should is not complexity that the model below is basically the same and the motion since it is not that it is not a network that specifically and network of networks and that's the city's are and that's right the whole thing out the 1st of what all the players to not using the place not really wrote of not all of the view that the with that but that's what 1 thing we do we do it with the with some of the members of the of the City Council and the State and it was great have found and they said that they could manage and prudent and his men as this in a city that was the time with the great and the is the sort of the of the dead was a song across the the face of its head it will be easy to of for their birth was available for the ill and the taking of the street here period for of Lebanon and the rest of the night 3 of the 4 Grand but the various part but this is the time to act as well as the effects of their using the game of the First World War and usually bases that some of the forces of law and use of the plight of the people around cross from the right side of the room for a while for the off button and the and on the Web said there was an amazing video of the the underground map and really great 6 it's amazing because it's a three visualization of the whole of the the Underground network and while little time data on whether the them around is in a given moment is its really but for now that once where the figures from interest against caps for where we are cast broadcast in the UK a safer the Pope training elected members you out of your seat on out from the back are asking the 1st of 3 days of the play is about the love lot of the so that you can only all that he falls in with his latest claimed and and many more for the fact that it planned to use a knife and he suffered burns I think of that talking to the from a city that it because it is a great for the for the amazing Journal of versions of the storey of the need for all the tree will act as the great worthy of the title the 1st thing I would like to say think they it's a long hours after the crash in the early hours information it on the architecture of the game and he will be an any time and how good they are at an all time cycle and the and and time of the year of the use of their land they were hit a firm in the world right where I agree him the Games and the World only at the very end the and and that it had only part time now it's part of being from being and just during the sophisticated looks all that's around the city after from the integrations to reverse the alleged that cast