Bytecode Unification Of Geospatial Computable Models

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Bytecode Unification Of Geospatial Computable Models
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Geospatial modelling revolves around the structures of data and the semantics of these structures. This is enough in simple cases, but becomes insufficient when the best structure and semantics is hard to find or the solution is too heterogeneous to fix and reuse. Field-based and objects-based geospatial models often share common GIS data structures interchangeably, but their all possible meanings are too many to define in an immutable manner. Less studied approach to geospatial modeling is using mutable structural properties and their semantic interpretation. This work shows that the functional aspect of geospatial models is just as important as the structural and semantic aspects. It also shows that semantic and even structural properties may change when functionality is integral part of the data model, and not exclusively separated at software implementation level. The paper uses this modelling paradigm to address the divide caused by field-based and object-based data models, and other challenges regarding synergy of geospatial systems that need to use both types of data models.
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the talk is about an original method for building geospatial applications of various
types of method is intended to help making any geospatial application we can possibly think of nested goal it utilises directly code of the the house by virtual machines which as you might is an Open-Source implementation of the job of virtual machine the presentation is related to an hour with the title The by code unification of geospatial computable models this Introduction however is based on examples of practical Implementation which is not addressed by the odd goal but which makes it more relevant to a broader audience the major Engineering concept also introduced the paper is called geospatial managed Object it is concept with which we have been experimenting for more than 6 year so we start with showing how you can use these managed objects and then we really the most important things back to the theoretical paper and outlines the structure of the talks 1st which was something some of which might not make a perfect sense lightweight and that we try to make more sense out of the geospatial manager Object Augean will sure it is a piece of data and algorithms bundled together as a single entity which is positioned geographic states in this geographic context G was can represent something or a certain computation all G Ozalan coated in the form of the by code as described by the job of Virtual Machine specifications there for 1 natural possibility topology and those using the job language here we can see a minimalist Ajinomoto definition every definition must in Ha'aretz some key properties in Java syntaxis is expressed by this extends
and if we have a look at this and look last weekend's he 6 parameters here along with a default values every geospatial managed Object even or AMPI definition in Ha'aretz these parameters and also other properties from the symbol class the 1st 3 parameters twice coordinate and three-dimensional Cartesian system with the origin at the centre of the earth it is the same Cartesian system used by Global Positioning System a 4th parameters a Scalable which is associated with the next 1 is I coordinate the last 2 parameters specifies start and then point of the tie in period in which the piano exists the 6 parameters are very important because they provide a geographic are without such reference it would be impossible to talk about anything geographic or geospatial at all these parameters are also used for 6 dimensional geospatial index that creates order for G most and allows for the next to them the six dimensions of this representation of the geographic space are 3 spatial dimensions 1 spatial scale 1 dimension for times and 1 temporal scale dimensions the scale dimensions are little but was usual but they help in a sense to make the 1st love geography which states that closer things are more related to each other that is that things the scale dimensions facilitate accessing the Deimos not only through where they are in space and time but also within which range in space and time are available next time have a sure programme that can create a Deimos using or minimalist definition it creates 1 Jimbo here said that the value of 6 23 thousand kilometers along the reputational access and the spatial scale to level 38 than a 2nd Jimbo's created using the default values and both storey disc in an object database knowing uses script to execute this example domain messages that every Jim'll represents at least of a point in the 6th dimensional representation of geographic space perhaps
even bigger practical impact on the use of the 6 dimensional
geographic space is the fact that she and most handled data and functionality on the same commonplaces we make another G definition to make clear how functionality and data are managed to get the help they both are truly atomic properties of any geospatial managed Object this definition uses python language instead of job language to demonstrate at the same time the she and most language agnostic in principle we just need a language that is supported by the Virtual Machine the 1st 3 lines do exactly the same as the minimalist each other definition the differences this method called quite symptomatically manage this method is actually also defined in the abstract and class meaning that every G and the nation as it but by default does nothing but fomenting this method it is possible to include arbitrary computable features in your manager Object I've really mean of the
tree and that can be code using the selected Programming Language here the functionality is revealed it will just print Delpaggio reference information about the manager Object began a programme is needed to create an instant of this despite definition and to added to the same database as the 1st Object it might look like this these examples are available on the Website so you can
download the and fry them for yourself and just from the example with the script so we
had to find 2 types of Jimbo's 1 that only contains a minimum she preference in data and 1 that also have functionality quit have created Deimos using these 2 types and saw them in and out decserver right now the servers running and it is waiting for requests from any clients to to serve the Deimos over network what matters from the and users prospective as a G M O'Kelly in which is a piece of self where that allows use and consumer manager Object also because of the Queen Mary 2 Web search tool which will start right now now from this Web page is a shell when programme which allows an interactive work with all aspects of this Jim technology meaning that the definitions creation and storage of objects as well as access in the womb
and interactive handling of G and most can be done from the shell the thing about that is that everything from the
definition to handling and analyzing Oconto can be done from a single uniform Environment Using skull language it here we have a skull script for
getting hour test G and
was from the server unique to specify server dress and bought and you must also specifies standpoint and geographic straight from which I want to access the gym account and this is a simplified for my request which uses geographic latitude longitude and high about W G 84 ellipsoid the time taken from the operating system and all spatial and all temporal scales are included automatically in the actual were quest eye execute the script and the trip off that we have received 3 manage Object using 2 different definitions Quichotte what we have created so far no surprise year except that it works with can also see the of the actual objects receive from the server now can tell declined to select the 1st she and low from the left and it I'd do it and it is for paupered it might be familiar to because it is exactly the message recoded in python the thing to realise is that the problem has performed by that Jim 0 itself if isolated the 2nd UMO will get because an hour Java definition we did not include the functional method by
modifying the previous script you could request objects from any Jimbo's most on the Internet idle of 1 such a reference in order to having G and most around the place now and get this 100 65 manager objects using a different Jimbo definitions selecting the 1st Jimbo gives me some practical use face about my rangy pianist positions if Isilon randomly the 23 subject and another window about the energy consumption of the building and just want to stress that she and was are independent computable it is history to realise that these graphical use in faces are inseparable parts of the deal and was which are basically account previously unknown but his client so it in the south where that support she and was you would get the same windows using practical use Rainer faces endless of objects for a given location might be useful for location based services but she was also have a low level visualization support through datatypes closely related to open G L additionally Michel also contains an visualization component implemented by remastered from Nautica so that we can proceed from this web page with another example and the last was the Jimbo's Innogy preference for three-dimensional so this example doesn't go directly to the target point
instead it changes perspective 3 times to demonstrate the visualization of the analyst at different scales
1st takes a planetary prospective where we can see it extra Globe and we get closer to the target using a man like the prospective than we get on a bleak perspective on the city
of New can see here are the managed objects of different types and finally we arrive at the pre-defined prospective where we got the cycles and medals now we do not need to
select the Deimos from here you can just click on these like polls or manholes to
select them the main message about these pieces that they are
connected in the network of
mammals and the network of
light polls so 1 9 move this cycle to the whole network gets updated which demonstrates Jim most capacity to model networks other studies showing how he and most can
have dependencies on each other Isabelita attack clashes it turn on clash detection it highlights the mental and delightful veteran clash according to some model to rule it buys select a manhole can see it in clash with his label and can result clash to near by the side there is a small geospatial are that allows wondering positions and geographic space for example using pianist ice among the now this gym'll has a when they feel so you can just intradural dressed in your browser to interact with this year for example like this and see them opposition individuals having a whether piano also allows to demonstrate that she and most can have web pages in
face this is a simple for that will set my position using the managed Object here you can see the position that I'm just reported through the way from the implementation behind all these things is clearly more than a year library for General
definitions so far we saw how this sort objects request objects and Sergio Mozo variety networks there for the implementation provides a complete network service for geospatial Applications it provides a geospatial reference in the face for the networks or in the network's if you like which also gives the name of the technology it is called Griffin Griffin facilitate creation of the G and most off where but it also allows to edgy and was caught the
existing of where in a project funded by Norwegian Research Council we Jimbo's work with 3 different suffered clients including the classical GS client the clients needed to implement the Griffin 80 to handle the manager object that's about 20 methods which is not an overwhelming amount we had virtual Globe client which is a well stocked application providing its own implementation of multi resolution virtual below it is in many ways similar solution to where the 2nd application was virtual man it is a proprietary application implemented using the technology it is read the visualization component used by commercial South where for civil engineering called of a point and the last client was cheese and open source she has where this was an interesting clients have because it could demonstrate how G and most can work in both 3-D and to the visualization clients or we ended up with a specialized interactive city model and 3 different
types of clients using a single gym'll server if we consider Griffin shell as a non visual client we have for some where clients that have been working with the most acknowledging the clients constitute a platform for a few 1 and infrastructure but the main point is across the country and that he of all kinds and that can be used on top of over as we have accumulated various types of Jim models some just a proof of concept but some the more than that there are G and was dealing with 2 ways synchronisation of models over the internet with the the face whiplash detection with playing G stayed with representations of network beaches with a data representations with real time-sensitive from vehicles with point Cloud representation of loaded with an relations with the City models and so on and so on and so the diversity is big and growing which inevitably led us to ask ourselves a question whether the limitations of and was in terms of model and what can be and what can be made in terms of geospatial managed object that brings us to the conceptual article the by code unification of computable geospatial models