Epidemiology With An Open Source WebGIS Platform

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Epidemiology With An Open Source WebGIS Platform
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We present a statistical WebGIS platform integrating visualization tools and statistical functions for epidemiological studies, entirely based on Open Source technologies. An application for cancer mapping and environmental cancer studies is the Cancer Atlas (CA-TN), the GeoICT platform of the Cancer Registry of Trentino (Italy).
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so I'd Helbig and Jeremy also without my fund and and we have of lager those you could be here we worked together and some ideas is presenting with me and he had doing all the part on the only demonstration is to presented its at base of a project that would be together with the local sundresses in thinking on and its based on making it a vineyard using a wedge as an open so that the building
and the broader which was cold that can set out last died of a and we set a new tools to have visualize in to extract statistical data from an intimate ideological studies and the and the focus was to predicted that of tools for to analyze and to understand the interaction between and human violence and in this case the disease the target users are medical medical staff at the private and public enter the to ease useful so to do that 3 0 degree poultry we heard this morning about storytelling and in this case looking at how they did do it in a logical or disease evil together with the environment in history during the last 10 15 20 and can be very interested to we
based ourselves we start looking at or if the existing references we have cancer occlusal mapping cancer and diseases and then in the last into Britain in Germany and also found the Alpine scale we can from the baroque as a foundation that research centre of the promise of buying of which is located on the south but the of between those events and how so it's up to to
go the deeper into the system and you can see year how the architectural works we we have on top left the and the part of the system which life in the local cemetery and that the centre we have a population Registry which is linked with the cancer Registry all of the team and the city is more than 36 thousand cases of cancer in the UK and which deals with the Jewish and there is a joke and other tools that would explain it a on which allows us to make actually the disease we can then we met an extract graph using different tools and that we can all relate using from as the beginning of the information with the environmentally from which so we environmentally is which allowed on the and on the database of the during the rental dated but we can end up so we can then
stratifying extract different types of information a from the days database and we got a show these 2 during the demonstration of the day
we talk about over so soft was the city that was the the and shows the actually technologies that we use to build up the plant for those of you pushing which goes and stays on the island at the centre in the cemetery houses and then now and this is based on the ability and we have a middle were built in general and the and we have just server and kill are to stop information from statistical point you into also and the disease and we built up a wedding to face and the and the Jayasinghe using open so we have to focus on 3 them in the next lights on free and events the joke Jellicoe is a major tree and the appeal are the
jokily when we talk in which study and let it be genealogy in diseases like we have with talking about sensible data so that we have to take care about privacy and a and there for we thought about it distributist solution is a server being on the on the day at the centre of the local cypresses this where all the data are recalled that we use the addresses to mesh actually where the residents of the people but that it had the disease are located but we can not to extract Anglican not met them directly we aggregate them to move to the senses yet to to to another and said that Georgia dilemma would see the day after would and and this is quite a new board and think we built up the edges of the city to be able to plan to do the beside the
jokily Zadar that we built up a head of Kojo Tree this is rejected the city rooted dry and it's very Bolton for the publication that would built up in the in the book as a foundation as we heard this morning that we need to agree a date in space and time and and the and using agility based on culture has we we managed to do so so the system this is that we for
the systematic approach to build up the system and to link statistical data statistical information to the village of information to the geometry which can manage so different skill in space and time that we can keep on track on the original date of using weekend and the and the cast it's a structure that we can't chief with a we can take out the debatable cancer and we can substitute with the other diseases for example visiting or a cardiovascular problems and the same structure the same tools can be replicated in the UK and how does it work the shows
you did the systems we have different notes and you can see that the network and we have different notes and different levels and with different parents and and children's Behrens connected to lower he we have different administrative levels and is a municipalities deserve committees and that the promise of continued can imagine this replicated for all the province's Italy and and aggregate at a regional level and aggregated to and national level we can now get a functions the aggregate different levels on on a higher level and get some statistically for mission for example Funchal's like average like and medium information will sophistical data but also we can build up a or or functions using the children we have more than 65 thousand elements implemented in the tree region replicated reusables for other application for example statistical applications for a knowledge of the case kitchen or other since the German treats with the same most of the time frame it's all with some
details about the plantation of this Joe Tree its implemented using the ball stressed procedural language of causes you you need to index the will you data to get it past requires a postrace Jarosik's extensions and it's ready to use the Django Apia eye as well from tenants bell-ringer documented how does the
Web into face workers look like this is more of a medical staff can access to the Web to face and the system and they can then a was
looking that they have left behind the still of the of the interface where you can choose a certain indicator for example population or incidence of a certain cancer and then and then we have owned
the on the right side in an effort to load that allows you to aggregate data in space and time so to look at simple for music by to work for the province level for a certain time frame and 4 certainty and sex and use of the different types of cancer He was the man which is the
1 that we had on the cover were along the 1st large where you see a lot cancer method in municipality level between 2 thousand 3 in 2 thousand 6 only on male to complete the system
and the way that we use Peel are and tools and get a real are statistical Environment and a web that saying that the environment extracts graph an API are walks directly on post yes on the day that the US saved on the database and a little trees on both functions and on bills and notes that we still before and we also
have some recording tools and the users can download Sunday Times using will table for my awesome Chafai as they might be interesting to reap or pink some medical staff can be interesting to getting some indicators beauty their own indicators and Riggott for example to a meeting Last but not least and think it's a very and fragmentary to carry land so we had as with more than 200 23 musical 200 23 and music but it is with 500 thousand people 100 thousand people concentrating trying to which is the main city but we needed to to have an accord Chen on the incidence due to the fact that there is small area has have quite a bit of population and is a dense and so we needed to smooth using some by but by as an estimated that the effects of incidents on the land we will see the afterward and now we have as well at the most
additional the of the of the of the
system without connected of wealth and the user looks and and get to the web to face
Nouri directly connected with the Bank of the to senators service in pain of that you have some J tools to tens of millions of Mount of cost to
call on the map and weekend for example select 1 of the indicators for for example we want to see into the house and land cancer for a meal is 1 the same that we still before so of land and on 1 males from 2 thousand feet to to thousands 6 he was elected an indicator of the future indicator and use of all the different types of cancer the and now that the Magpies is updated to showing a community to by the scale of the different cities sense of lung cancer which are now at an location for example to want to build up rate see how many meals on of the total population of males and interested in and the music by the skills so we do this inquiry on the database and now with the system which aims and this is the populations of the disease but it's the pull predictions that now ahead as the sole at as we said during a presentation we that we might want to see the real distribution let's say to to try to smooth these and these season is because 1 of the problems is when you start to show the type of to the public but the medical the Beagle the police body to where they live in the city or that something is happening and and so and now we will show you the and the size an the size the so when when its move to the city on the on the whole and that the students we selecting and that the point but we look at the sense that the move that led saying you see that it's more distributed talking is when went out of cost we have some and some experts
say that from the session which ended fought to enjoy the rich
14 the we were seen before it
so we can exploit the for example the table all the data of the city that we have and that we can also bought the
shape titled The Sea The Sea syndicated saved in the system but I know I have to go
commissioned so we believe that they
can set up these application so for epidemiological studies its active and used by medical staff at the at the centre in the England team and we think we building new system is based at this morning during the keynote was was underlined simple to build up not any more only 1 man but to try to link history of all things a changing the way we think about and managing your territory and looking at posted the beginning you want to see how the concentration and the rate of diseases is changing he said so I think we think that these 2 weeks is useful for the the disease civilians except that for the Committee uses we said not only 4 counts studies but also for other other diseases as for example a has and to see the relations between the Environment The Pope relations and the disease and we have created these to model which are very interesting very useful for or press for the Jubilee Zeta which allows us to mesh starting from the addresses going to the match and to the point of the match but we can also using the joke 3 aggregate these tool senses sections or 2 municipality or to other or 2 other jobs at its head of music and drama to the judge that it's also a very interesting environment we are using it for different that phones and and that's about it now the time for you will begin to be 1 of the high French version of the high life and but
the that after questions such as while
the that they could there on so reluctance is
French be for all of the Red Sea now they are yet now at them the the privacy of the very hot topics so if you are we being decided service and they ask shot up across the face a something wrong because the press and that the person who would develop to Overview with and that the development of the by from by the people that the medical staff can look at the data at the finer scale so they can even to see the person who did dress and all the information that they might need for the specific cases but what is the point located on the match and we citing during the the was a slide where you see on the joke accusative will you can
actually not all that different cases of the disease that is
the at this 1 that's that so that the medical staff can see the red thought within the sector and service as long as it is to come out with the physically from the system for example us using used to locally a but we can only see the debate about the essentials political senses section on so we can all see the single dull and of cost names surname date of birth and all the bits of the I'm for all 4 or point of you it's all these the and its O created for critics but let that its in Bolton tool we we still so with medical staff because they the really in need of understanding how disease interact with the bomb and a different factories owing dancer areas which have been developed for example from the 18th and I want to see how the rate of all the of diseases if you had some following instilled in the graphs
which during the graph of the of the
land cancer of men because where you read it injury the Pialotta facilities all you can drove are across from the from the to treat you can see how the during the year as the disease the land cancer changed out
calling directed the agility on the server and is doing a script and a half trip to build up a graphic see here from 2 thousand 11 money under the age classes man and female fuelling in in pink and many in the UK and you see how the starting from all following the classes at the age classes the disease it and well go draws rapidly when you when you start to be 55 0 6 specifically for for men much more than for women Yemen it up
with a free about are known or something needs some bond should also functions field in the database to be able to grow these different Jama trees and 2 aggregate them into before functions on the only segregation level so we build we had 1 person who actually built spent 10 months of the shooting the Judith but it is quite interesting seeking because I can a aggravating so from from the bottom to the top and and a half hours we have in the top the Ali tablet at all hands and its documented in the sub-grid they may be found probably a bit of the Judy used so across the being used and now at the moment that we didn't really start to do some correlation between the best that the target of the future yet there is found there is a case that we start to do we build up the but 1 that was to some case studies in this part of the fall of thinking their use by the there is a lot of growth apples which is very nice and very productive and the
input from the comical appointed to people's early and other public to say well for the health of over of the book position is not good because they spreading also of all things and so this is 1 of the case that is that we are starting to implement but it's it's already available in the UK yet again by executive that annual and socialise was might say from the police from the boys he fundamentals from their culture point of you you might say to you might use it as a tool to show people that actually your production or your of reconstructing accused of not really pack that the cancer rate for example and I can be that the idea idea of close by should be far from the tree from the manager of the Met and then it might be but it's useful and also from the comical point to use it depends on what you want to to save from the side that point of view we want to save money if you have people or you want to say that that is where building tools and then and the people that was to use after NEMO to find West the German well at times we have it was not something I'd say that was not question As well as far more common and 48 my mum my wife Spencer the building 1 of the the case that you have the rapid inquiry well to be honest the should be here but Idei Noami has been out of the the reach of the law the Jewish were Jewish with an hour by road from the