Processing Data In GeoServer With WPS And SQL Views

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Processing Data In GeoServer With WPS And SQL Views
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This presentation will provide the attendee with an introduction to data processing in GeoServer by means of WPS, rendering transformations and SQL views. We will start by a brief introduction to GeoServer WPS capabilities, showing how to build processing request based on existing processes and how to build new processes leveraging scripting languages, and introducing unique GeoServer integration features, showing how processing can seamlessly integrate directly in the GeoServer data sources and complement existing services. The presentation will move on showing how to integrate on the fly processing in WMS requests, achieving high performance data displays of heatmaps, point interpolation and contour line extraction without having to pre-process the data in advance, and allowing the caller to interactively choose processing parameters. While the above shows how to make GeoSever perform the processing, the analytics abilities of spatial databases are not to be forgotten, the presentation will move on showing how certain classes of processing can be achieved directly in the database. Eventually, the presentation will close with some guidance on how to choose the best processing approach depending on the application needs, data volumes and frequency of update, mentioning also the possibly to leverage GeoServer own processes from batch tools such as GeoBatch. At the end the attendee will be able to easily issue WPS requests both for Vectors and Rasters to GeoServer trhough the WPS Demo Builder, enrich SLDs with awesome on-the-fly rendering transformations and play with virtal SQL views in order to create dynamic layers.
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the grid of the names on the high water for
0 solutions to the worried to talk a bit about the review special offers a general uses for some sort of perspective on my handling the presentation to the FIA's goals the things that people were looking after their was published in a match that may be was the signing of the treaty may be time innovation is made it to some of the protest the anything from the if printing and was told it was all about getting the information out that is to be done about them but I know is during the last 2 leaders is that we can hardly make annual Applications new webucation without having some bits of across now Busic every kind of application just allusions making today has some kind of specialises using feets may be simple sometimes it's very computed it but it seems that the kind unavoidable have much crossing in the mould of applications in the sold behind with a bit of this presentation to talk about how you do it with a pianist and use the sick with the was and to provide some new cases where we had some significant experience with the subsequent Muench area but so some quicker miners
about the Piazza presentation is not going to do be it is the way we use any waste is the point at which he has spent far away purchasing surveys it is the Otis's deacidification to any kind of fossilises any kind of applications for the ANC and auction because of the bases of the general by could by right across is to send an email to order the satellite 2 doesn't after this Usher but not the right L so this is an
example of what a quest the restaurant in the maximum booking said on this kind of the simplest when you can think of drawing on job in the shape line saying OK buffeted by 2 weeks of by to be there them and it is up which is what it is a scandal that simply or cystic and think of from the it can get walk but this is true CSIC
usual anything for them to choose the broker 1 when your developing your application was model where the client cost district of those compilation their age become action we were because of comeback with a much like a Getmapping diplomats Iwunda like this approach to the execution would cost which not though is the case when and where across specialises in the colours and the base sell your own approaches to an Asynchronous request which is an optional part of a case brought by the for where did you ask to some kind of crossing and surrogacy record talking but you can use to the status of your crosses is running is that can again the results so you you make boiling the to cheque what the state of of the request the cost is a suitable for large for longer something
specific about your server uses kind of the column on the for the sea what from though disappointed something that does Processing but it doesn't know all when they are not necessarily and you get data from more than 40 services human evocator Victor that they get it from above a Fast did that you get from the see what can candidate from what they were about to be served around on the night but the effect from the name you want to see in the US and backed the club just
as more functionality because the agreed that it that is S is part of a large environment where I'd have not the sauces local that sauces and the ability to compute New Labour on its own Justin retains the to talk to more services are very often you want to talk to the the players that during the exposing so you good directly to the sauce side don't of the 1st request that each year man party and so on by a street of what to either side of the ship but the Judith we have integration with the romance which is called the and the transformation close to take off by which instructs just over 2 transform the of fly 1 friend to we don't for the storey in a way that transforms version saying code to extraction we do it on the flight with the computer lines and the and we have a nice review with you in that we have sought to lead the client which is not the fault of of peaceful that follows it to be a bit
of a pest request which comes in a new spirit and not ousted developer wants to build on on a quest without having to fight for that the mouth this bill that will build the quest for the storey fuel if your oblivious users Gumstool setting up a media completed the quest once you can have this too would do it did here this
is the and the transformation of was talking about compliance such case the structure is a point that the 2 line but in the and end the desperation stock very nice and that there are not just the applying the concluding or that he might on the data but you have they are context sensitive now up walking just from the area of your looking at with but the mass of the don't across the whole of the UK but as the party of looking in the resolution away so when the is going to allow time for the solution of the users looking at not think it that the solution of the digital additional which speed up the process demand was and makes it possible to use in the table Riding the processes can be
done now Alain job but it's also possible to use when the language is the 1st time which is why convention for the machine moving down the road being scholar and you more so you not by on the to extend the right you process is a job that they are not your language of choice you can write them with the speed and language which is also nice because you can have your and Cerepro at your strict and a new way of looking at shows are the approaches and the shows you want to change it you do it you don't have to to establish a set of the development of 4 now we could say
unwelcome more about the history of as but we don't have the time when I have want to show a bunch of examples of much of significant examples of here as a goal and there was for the timing of the vote the Lib yes which was indeed about which processes we have built in 1 they to and ordered the took couple because of the power of thought I'd like to carry out now that the US is
not the and also thinks that the assessment for processing but it's not all we is the best choice you never have to forget about the fuel power of up much of the debate is as they can before your for your infrastructure will discussions database use of exceptional blood from for Blue specialises away because of a member of the the ability to work
in sector that to compute Botha's sold within the debate and sometimes it makes a lot of sense to just to the competition right there was last sell decide that especially the basis of very was suited for glossy select under the computer enjoying rookies added up the business and the way to their quickly that makes no sense to get the data and half crosses it in a job or exhausted and some sort out of a the competition for you authority their functionality that you don't have to pay for so IPO do you interact with the database wedges just the escrowed you call in which you type honest without being images the use of the face and user uses the as well as sauce so you can do joins Uganda complications in in the past year and user just brands that failed to stop the data last of estuary can have funny that you can ask the from the client to alter the functionality of the best but that was
so this was how it looks from the client you can ask them say of low and high on the might of the law of the land the body was the most fun I just the right time them into a where he sense the script of a database of this the South and then displays the of the there are sitting occasions where we are the Zuccoli placing spring synchronously so we are open to ask thrilling Dutch that it is on the show but that you have to to want to make sure that know of strange things go go into your scripts the OK and this is out and out and
with the right now go down to the business with its own examples of real 1 examples where we used to solve the problem because of the BSE obstacles 1st application that we developed as they ought to have drawn up plans to use the word publication
this grid the some of the greed is storey about a set old patterns of British kinds of 2 a week kind of teaching technique and this application allows you to select the lanes of the year you can allow you to select the and the waters of the city 1 2 the 5 4 teaching is being done and that the city is 1 or more of 2 1 that is being kept in Beswick early shows you and on under the map of some although the catchment that happened during that time with the family and and and the kind of 2 now what do we have the real we have multiple time for a 1st away win radiation select some something we joined because within the to be joined with the possibilities of the we have here is not in doubt that the base camp to write st just where at the end of the day and that's what I've
played by West that we have a honestly of we sometimes there here operations and some of the and and down from the line and what what kind of obligation the user what we have all the power and the density of the Beijing technique but the year for song in every all of these are coming down from the client and the user the face and the way we showed offers on the flight in this case 4 runs on the Flat this where I would have nothing special returns that it and user displays and the and the wanted to select different range of some of the data attacks on which is to change the timing of this Processing yes but it so simple but you can be turned into a restaurant where the and that's how bad weather conditions for so no need for them to be the most efficient way is to have the latest right on top of each before we
select the number of the year we can however there were publication many nations joined the evolution of catchment among the of operating the something that we can show by year or or a frame playing nomination so we have a way to control the use of highly that and then we have to win just the which is called animator which Beswick early doesn't many get my request assembles them into earning a tribute which is that the
again some sort of crosses in without having to think that the now this is the year to the end this is not moving but the boundary up efficient you would see catchment change year by year by for so this 1 1st conduct occasions where we have done Processing but we have a touched of S told now let's go to
another application that we have been developing download services which means that uses W now not the the Parliament
of this application is reducing their users who wants to look and the select some ideas selected on all put for month and below the data last some extra some extra about the use of control on a gun Kent and see if this is the use
into a broad on you can ask for a my found the body on a necessary to allow a vote on what was wrong it can draw up a legal also lack the data from political later so sold maybe I'm downloading by probing Saw-Wai county and get selected accounting instead of having to grow access to of it in the the and the and the use can know that they stay in the shade by of this area for the late night you might say OK is a job for public Fast now way to exploit the victim later in the week we can also to was last night in that would be a job for which he insisted that if there is a catch this action can be messy and Douglas test and the USA do not have a Asynchronous mould told what if there is such a fixed training at the Webber application with Time Out waiting for for their doubled to be available decides we don't want to the use of drugs to see that there all the time about what we do with the with us the user to include and when the police and the with the world now he we have so simple books possible Sassoon living right and we wanted to take some time to do with their Execution so it's job from the as yet singles more the only thing that we do in Seagram's mould is that by the user role the point on the costs for a buffer nor displayed a buffer that we call the of Synchronous weighing the buffer cross to send for use in the service and the fact that by the end but this is the only synchros part of the application L instead the
tracking the bold status is that by the island's facing the you we have another twist which makes things more complicated than we need to be able to use a cluster of juices saw last of the Essex and the which means we need to know what when the status of the execution is regardless of the result but it is but or so we had to
make a big of customisation producer we create of causal bowel crosses the Campbell the keeping and selection production and and we are replaced by a new book on the history which is called the prices and so that the state was of the execution can be sure the more notes that he for 1 uses a local lenders looking for Many-Body about the cost of execute we created 1 but for the sake of being a database and we created extension of the wicket when the process is not across a sense an e-mail it could send multiple sense 1 I and the expression of the data begins and 1 NEMO when 9 or when he failed to inform the use of any using their developed and the and the client which is for the most or which is by the way and all opens was brought with the does number of cost with Fiesta 1 is about that we are at the top of the whole it can do or download estimate for which is another crosses the cost of that we all which allows us to estimate hollow longer but with all must data would be extracted because we are clinics and we don't allow people to the the all to the sort of the boldest it is a week away from a a plan to know whether we are within the limits on the daily and adult Ross's which also called to the itself for security reasons and cases somewhat somebody has got to do is based on data status which is used to no about the current state of some of the brush was
accused of this book is like point at self can so this gazing which we need
needed what the debate is not close the with its fewer that with the S but with a raised its Asynchronous and we actually had to human just a upbeat to allow to were let's see
another case in which we had to meet the BSE and foot was in the sort of the genius way to sort programme of locked about across the signature of
it is the mesh Rosicky's ideas is are funded rose from the northern Italy the 1 gold too much in the way but it is that we have physical network where it is trucks carrying dangerous boots petrol gases public stuff that could harm the collection for the what includes about it and we want to compute some way the waste of for for Environment and the population US acidic each part of the of the event from the nominee W the roads leading to 50 metres box and we that the state's about the average number of UK car accident happening now stocks then we meet it with the and the environment around the soul of the tallest buildings that that is generally speaking places where the publisher came out there were clear indications about the environment for example for the rest of like that and that we have a notion of the area to be affected by surfing kind of accidents depending on the kind of substance which is being carried around can spread out quickly or or not so we have several by various can catch the cost of land that would be affected by Cox by an accident with a drug the a so that
they could win this large we have sought was 100 metres boss and we think it is we have a 500 thousand of them to call off the top of the road network and then we have a a 2nd coaggregation just because the solution so that we don't have to pay the 100 metres segments boys when has without goals for the club and because occasion and we are when we are even more so that we which switched to political 1 1 kilometre cells we have the will and the and the expenses depending on the scenario what kind of some and whether this scenario is by the way a week in the Senate last week they Samantha because the kind of targets are more vulnerable that is that more people during the week and versus during the working days and that we have all several of pockets both human Environment these makes for a large amount of computation last the
expression that we have a lot to call but bulk of it it is the duty of publications what we are adding to get is its moral as the things other ority explain about sold its accidentally the types of foods they human environment and so on and the scientists who want to look at is the and that this season and the 1 to is the LSO might want to have a look at Fashola has also not been told based on their own are segregation so we have put in over the last and a number of equations being there can be to the body scientist and so busy data from the possible to the computer based in all of these possible said to much of these is the
result of but we have once we set out what kind of October the pressure we want and what kind of car but we want to consider in the competition and so on we end up with a coracle that we stay in the number of now what we
call base at the show is of that it seems we are basically bound to identify pitch but we have to me that we have to many very can only which he would view was not because we would have to generate the media companies she would use for all that possible combinations of irony that we have not possible we going to use up your job crosses instead economy very flexible not really too much that the transfer from the basic food a process of the competition we are going to die waiting for him to get out there and we are going to do it for him on the flight deck and not just much that and so what we do is a compromise with the computer or buffer and see what kind of sauces catch so we have but we have game large numbers authority that computed for the creation and we have a process that the city could use by the on the flight taking took out of the back and said that the use space and went to work with the
but we care is we are going to win palmitic using which some pollinators up for the rest themselves so we get the complicated by the thing is we mean we managed to
get rid of performance with with his and that the oldest of under the BSD crosses for that and that in the match so it displays on the flight with it we also
drew to where should across the street to find the old put admitted that it has taken within this offer and says we are compelling Chile's being that this is what we used to put you in the right so we must be
distributed the area that we are taking into account and the way it bounced off the view that we are looking at so that the database finds quickly the area that we the during the 2nd above we also have
to go abroad to a dubious 51 on top of 500 thousand cars and we don't need lot of my version weekly another
earner across the board fly by this 1 is brought it is completely different we made for Nato they are doing now exercises in him in the Mediterranean Sea and there is no exercise is produced local noise which can be confused about 9 models of ways sell so they have to pay attention to the so they after this some additional that which is not a more for the cause of his death some propagation in in order and that users are politically by but
it's up P interesting because the across the board but not only called or save money goes a long way to go with and a professor Peter ordered because of the request so that we can use that police which competition were made when by a woman with which we are at the end extracted the result display and eventually decided to so the again and again we have to approach to how to get more state south of Asynchronous West plus we have to make a
comparison between the latest so I did the last time and we made a simple version that uses of this and then we have off 40
the for version that uses this G for libraries and final line which is very very must implementation of less than about being tough and say 1st because the thing is you write your own not your own conditions your own what multiplication economy function goals and and the 1st during the need to buy fight and then the machine the the England coach that he is your Computing a large area for the real Iran's like it was written in seat after a week and that
these is an example of how this looks like by all means the
see just a fine example quickly about scripting across so in this case
on starting with with the publication of the world but it is an idea Havelange's met by wanted to get the percentage is the distribution of percentages of land use within the beleaguered Labour on the map and the result should be a shock the simple 1
right but we don't have a bit of Brussels that this so it is that we
have this shaped fight and someone brought a bike on code to do with aggregation called that out but that is being displayed on the map and the
result of the need to be written to have a new crosses show up from like code which find bursary quite good because of the weak on them as said you can eat a comfortable but because you are so the load the white and gold issued notices because the more they fight and that is because I'm believes Zeitung but as said you can I was not so called the script and languages it will the
uses and D P
so so book of the year but it will have no mobile phone so we have some sort of supported over a period of soul also spoke of Woosnam approach we of Britain's poorest or over the and so again on across some probes is can keep back some estimate where they are at the of a percentage of are full the look the to be held on the last 2 and a half of the year Welsh getting to link with the US is not the lightning of being a because you have to set them up so that and the and the year after first time the processes get that back from the not so it can be done but I would take the various the few days of development to do it is that was moved to call the stand and said it was plunged into her chips within the I'm I know your writing called this your saw free to whether you 1 of the young the a selling your in your Implementation you get the data on once you have it you can do what you want with it so I you want to stay sent over what of services these are not not re we don't have October this cascading habitable that could be written and doubles would take a few days off at the development to be done