The Met Office Open Data Journey

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The Met Office Open Data Journey
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In November 2011, the UK Met Office launched DataPoint: an Application Programming Interface (API) for the release of its Open Data, in support of the Government’s desire for increased transparency and economic growth. Starting with just a handful of users, the service has grown in data, functionality and usage. This year the we are making further developments, responding to user feedback and ensuring INSPIRE compliance. This presentation will describe the journey so far and a forecast for the future.
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but the letters end and that City they have uncovered a matching the data policy manager made method the reason that I'm on talking of the need is because 1 of the things that I've been doing at the last 18 months or so it is looking at the data and trying to get out data out there area in open for for my and and where we go from there so that the availability of care where we come from a wide donate where we are now and then where would going to in the future when you we
start well and the Met Office has been utilising the latest technology from the very early days but back in 18 73 the latest technology was Telegraph and so when the data is being passed around between countries from the from very early days of the drawings for what we do with data is about exchanging and sharing it with other people that this is back in 73 and we got a little bit more but now we
have a life of this is all part of all manufactory processes that we have satellites and read all the and stations bring in all the places would is that the with like now but we have another science and population and then we have a rather large computer where he will play for Petaflops which is a wooden Tridion populations of seconds but he quite and that creates a locals we start with the global model and goes down into a European based mobile and we go down the scales Wesa chocolate well into 2 smaller the and then we get to the cash and from that we can deliver pence per cent think so we have a product that we create and the mass of his trading Agency said the Government alkalisation but we have a really make money a case that will remember we stopped by open day to getting stuck away so we actually have a commercial taking and their job is to create for but using the where the data not just for creating a public task in your public will cast of the big for cash but also both the utilities companies for the road uses and high agency do agree the road and but the of things and and loss of the defence accepted and then we have reusable data resolution faulty you may not be where we but that's a world beater logical organisation resolution which said is that we will Sharif the demands of updated because with an
exchange where the data with other people Picarro long so we got which would you organisation has become a mutual so walls can happen will still exchange data because the scientist hot that they they were which the data numerable going all an unlikely we had you can locations program where working the despite the and where with working alongside beneath the standard that we were taking on how to which are data easily with other people and keeping up with the latest under the show technology that data and using the latest technology
but with goal of that we ended up winning the together to open data but with a lot just 1 open data and he is a fan base that of the with that will actually we need to do something a bit back to them because we need European data but where just 1 making downloadable will to make a reusable will people that can reuse data with their opens also went and do stuffed with it and that it lacks the to pro and we also want to be cut would also domain as the soles of the day data with a one become into the drizzle somebody else taking the sea the files and refluxing them and then being the woman who went to the dangers of using the car position as being the national that we also want to give ourselves a powerful writing value because we do have a real to make money and all the cost of what we do so we created data point to account with
a probe that point that we need to think about what to do data means off and it took an awful lot thinking about from quite a few senior managers within the offered to come up with a set of criteria that we would use in order to multiples data so we said basically got to be funded by helping public where the said its customers but we have a group of people or rent various parts of government and also with the public to stable to each other of this provide the public and that the public task but though the funded by that is good in the public interest the way making data available that what because that would be a waste of money and it needs to be an agreed for not the job Georgia about data that she index amount to a song by the goals of the things that we know that the the developed community wants the UK to use it but data mounds of reusable that no good idea huge also data that taking 6 hours to download when it's an alley updated for cash it's really help adequate and we'll suffered in the UK he after which was always going to the with taking in an generating well that leaders in the UK your so we need to make sure that we don't give it to somebody else on the road and yellow and the we actually not spiky off to make it available to of is the operational because actually the drama of the day it's a point worth something that people could use to create commercials long operation of has make money and the using of data that we really want to say but it is not some operational so that actually you not be held your commercials of the by the and but the consistent we had a lot of complaints about the recovery of the when out for cash from the for cash where the site but they were the same data so we need to make sure with the help that is consistent so you don't know what got to date that the new provided to not saying the same thing we also need to think about cost and the Baltic unity cost so we do have to to think about what is the impact on to be on the mesh saw this as a whole if we make the data available for for free on what is the cost of doing it but we do need to think about how much development is required in order to do some of the work that we need today so but we didn't say after we looked 1 remains that you need to make a decision on that we do not yet and make a decision antiseptics envoy said was well also stuff on all website you can go and look at is whether information that's pretty much all public task of the public data double stalls with the soul of the Blue is old data full web pages that the public had to the car and you can recreate for cast using the data from the point Nailatikau account time off some satellite projected part in terms of the scope of the divide satellite images but not the full European books with it would keep over the kind and we have the perfect from the mass Tesco to say we consider that the public has not power but we all talking to them about what she making their available through the and then finely offers a voice that we have on national said where the mornings so when you race that we need to make sure legal consistent Message so we said we really can't have opened data which is real using it will that in end checked the doing it properly and updated in a timely fashion so it's not like you can tell it you just have to have a tooth and Data because we were in the world so that's where we stuff and so we
and more what data and then local why wanted so we really had use radiation the core everything that we don't quite so we started off with the requirements capture when we ask people with and saw the order that they could face the something similar spacewalk world and we know that they use of data how Howard do you want to use that to win the sauce and add development companies would you like from something like that and you could see and we will make use of the finer points and we know how to to use the for my and and its themselves appalled to the questions about the state held like this month plan and some the also outstripped like you in the eye help but actually do actually have used to use the old the which is working very well but we have politics not showing some of the numbers that we had from from launching his using updated to use the full well the board we see have high balls and and that
is also a time when talking to the use that the page where there in the corner the coffee shoppe in the lobby to talk to the views of the people could within dunes developments in the future and integrated Heywood you'd like to see how to make the case for a so where are we now
having done all of that the based in for this
not to be the catalogue the data what it's not actually the and can between the data but what recently in which saw the and make it the place to go go if you want metal this where the data said they actually say far away that this data that behind source web-services guy but we have a historic regional climate data on another page within the website that most you probably won't be find even if you were looking for a SuproLeague on the British just didn't know it existed Soulchild's do is how they would become the focal point for the people who want access data in time with looking to put pay for data on that because some stuff that is Paul the public and the with creative separately that this will be the place to come to go and get this is the standard of the some about 4
per and we have not plan and is seen as lack that because you get to pursue the matter that you walks the and then you can use Wichai fuelled by the Labour to see what whether these a full Test match with on how to be full day such as full cash which led to the suspect that we try to make it flexible of says the continent solo website and we don't know
appetising data datapoint point depart from things falls under of things we have been told would about the when we went on to defend the November 20 11 of the few people you about what we're doing so real and 96 people who were registered the date point the half that you were the man so that that they had go about is the way to find out what they were registered only months later this month just on the back of this month we now have 3 and a half thousand people are registered as uses of data when data from all over the world will see from the next of which operates the 700 44 people simply downloading data within an hour of each hours on average about 17 44 people actively downloading today to use rest website which the made is absolutely fantastic as you can see even from October last year there were 42 people say for me this is the time to get this thing really know at the time of any great scale the each month have a look
at what's going on and what with statistics on and so I'm can the majority of people use is also a city during the last couple among the best in 1 individual are just counts cut because he's completely skewed my results on how using the of the patients less than this is ready for a dollar a might look to the local news will person calling the data Romanian area played every day but the Scottish schemes results of what you can do it at the along with quite interesting in the that she by country that you have the right to 42 different country's actively downloading data each month from all over the place to Belarus the Ukraine China Japan and 400 50 thousand downloads from the account of the year with its is a worldwide things that's 1 of the things we need to be quite can about without the data will be key drivers was from governments to generate you can economic aggressive but actually which writing the West economic growth as well so we do need to care about what they were told that a new economic growth ruching urging these are
examples of Hughes using update a tentative pupils to choose your Friday afternoon ignited the board were study of the effect of using all data because all they have to register Tuesday going idea a use and which could be Makino and email attract and not say so why people such but we know who you are and we know what you using said some of the things that just discount found on about their the Essex whether they do County level where the full can for cast on which the movie might have a point in phase or a mighty direct a quality of and this 1 is 1 of my favourite accusing transport London data as well he is created some of the world's top piece of some threshold of when he will come when we will take that she and and more that utilize like taking that it as well and the bill world will tell you whether we should take his by whether she goes the to sort out what the way and that when actually it and consoles good he tells you have to make sure of the world's with your reply and all day 20 of said losses different said on the old model to inherit judging for which is a
and we said recently because we wanted to show 2 all public where it was the 1st to agree that what we were doing was actually generating for gratuit customers to sections of caught the costly and a 20 per cent of the use of the data pointing out of the said that they actually generated revenue which considering 1 would doing it with a little disappointed with and that was really interested in is the Myachi on the cash for the very satisfied satisfied that she using it to create revenues are happy with what we do in which it absolutely critical among the both something wrong we'll see automatic promoted cost you have a look at those people say I'm would recommend you to a friend at all that the majority of that is an easy generate new would recommend that the data provider to other of whether she yesterday for which is absolutely brilliant but we also set
by the start using its what industry where you could see that actually different industry to their where he and some people a personal data but if you look at those at a generating written the website development of up to 64 cents to realise that a lot of different industries we have dropped power station easier data somewhat out what it will do with the a Case off in the week and
looking at how we brought update for should we brand data the my refused a point you have to say that you using government published information and so I thought she should we be saying that copyright data fundamental is the order of the day you have to say that provided by order and what was quite interesting that she was the trying to generate new where she like a step up the brunt of the bill was degree of personal less so we still in the balance of whether or not will do on a request for basis but again if you have an opinion of where the like like to be a way to use up front when you think if you use the data to the place the a case of where we are now
well that we think is against the soles events and also say that we did and the history standard in Iowa which on to work with industry standards and do what we should do about it and we have the means by the Government focalisation we had to be installed compliance and we have to be a part of what might have developed into working very hot to Mitchell 1 and most of the camp keeping records of instinct and there is a uses ripples issues with it so we collected all of the information 0 and from of the inspired by of see the discovered that view and the reason that it would exempt from players and fans were not Roman just being the pages of
this not datapoint release that what we done said like a this is what would be doing before Christmas fingers crossed when have been fighting plants that we need to get out with much also this and we need to use UDI adding that what it is but I'm told that for the additional not Projections the you can use different places you could use 1 of the women and men things like some Projections nurses because the of 3 thousand registered uses by the 700 of the right using the data the questionable 3 notes about the Canadian which also happen so it was actually much better you could just signed up to the nurses yourself not going into the Games and the error message is that sort of thing and the the world of Italian we do Ahmanson area for possible website Brecheen how he will be be area of the mountain is the with full casting for the fuel to to replicate the of all the stuff that I had to make the data more useful for care and then in the next the among where developing all requirements that the requirements but the more where more than trying to do is to get itself into a rolling plans so in the next universal start thinking about what would do before Christmas next year and it seems they will adding more data increasing was going on so long as the price at we point stuff only all of a place in the Web site that will again be moved over today point wrestler services were also themselves things to make the data more useful and making more interactive with other data that other people provide so this is where we get to the next big project is are not sure project so we are a place of paid the deposit for the National high and and we need become a 22 posted really because what to maintain the missiles data and that means we need to avoid people away getting to the point data of just how high the it so we are actually in the process of collecting requirements how people want to be on the day that the states have more data to they want what resolution how quickly and although things so again if you want to come told us which Wilson Stockel whether data and it would be really really brilliant here from the end must 1st half you check in
but over the it yet these are sauces thousand obstructive any of my technical colleagues are in him found identity how when you see anybody with the meself the batch around here they like but on the Friday it was of the key to this so has we have we don't have a day I rainfall and my on their the mayor of the squad discussion about that and 1 of these is because we think of maintaining walks on the Web sites and we don't have any day amounts of website and there but we have it on a day to point out that it above contention between that we should be making data due to be produced and actually this is quite a highly valued at the end undefeated because we not the new ones have daring full of the sort the beat the Environment Agency the huge events this well which require Castle about while his or data available for free and then we effectively 4th the hand of what they need to do as well so the will welcomes the collaboration about how we do it actually ideally you have a single data that that was made up of off that what we had and the handle the Oliver latencies and see current 1 single datasets at this for a little the worse for that by data the sight of so that in the real structure and we are going to his a shot of 8 8 8 push from government and you must make your data available where it public data and we probably spend law the we really needed to be because we set off for the day with a one day properly and give up power supply for the week and then make the data to make some money out of it like the Open sauce or where than about provides for Scalable with the but we do have a usage limits said if you want to have more than 5 thousand request that that you pay a computations 70 100 party and you pay contributed to their the infrastructure and the networking that we need to replace the to stand up for the extra by the way that we would need it was ready to go to back