MapServer Project Status Report - Meet The Developers!

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: MapServer Project Status Report - Meet The Developers!

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MapServer Project Status Report - Meet The Developers!
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This session starts with a status report of the MapServer project, followed by an open question/answer session to provide a opportunity for users to interact with members of the MapServer project team. We will go over the main features and enhancements introduced in MapServer 6.2 and 6.4, including the addition of the new TinyOWS and MapCache components, the current and future direction of the project, and finally discuss contribution opportunities for interested developers and users. Don’t miss this chance to meet and chat face-to-face with the members of the MapServer project team!
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point to point so I'm speaking in front here but actually untouchable degree talk that the number vital team maps of Soham I'd been more active in the old days and the 2 thousand 4 Euro and the 1st meeting so that they musical that the mass of a developers actually met for the 1st time and the 1st meeting in Minneapolis was more involved including those days these days we have told the people that he has drawn on the interest and the and the mouth of the school presenter is the the most exit the most prolific of uppity distaste and most of what we talk about is actually his creation Bath West because they are not enough for a back guests to get close to review the
presentation of start by talking about future make features of the latest stable raises it was a year ago but that since the many of you may not have heard of some of the future was work with them quickly and we talk about 6 for which was raised that coupled is and how or plans for the future for 7 to see that that was not an exciting stuck with the bill for the match and in the end the a couple of days and the and inside the far so the overview of the
races in November thousands well we this week with all the mass of a street and maps of the 1 that you can only for year and then we included Naqqash which was 5 cash in Rome and the new DePreist that the effects transactional the before so we result the same time because the all joined the project by of world that was arrested during the public is to worry about services for the same time as Matjash 1 point to the authorities by new Prius because there has not been major development on that front 1 1 of the key to see this 6 Dorotea's was read about retiring announcements so we were told to do it quickly and 1st of all the regions where this for for as the G so knowledge and you can use as the G victors symbols which inhabitants blue collar in your mouth file decisions which is free for for mass clear about the need to use the fact earlier as amassed on top of your under underlying players and as a result the policy you to filter deal but that's going produced by the sort of goal that the mass of the quarry and then this week from full through the Europa which part of the map is actually which part is more precise
symbol placement you those of you who have filed with the symbols have realised that it used to be that the symbols ways entered the gravity of the of the ball and now that it is worth paying for 1 and cost were moving into the details but I can find them in the UK but the or you to 40 controlled the Bulls issuing of your symbols in 1 of the the big
changes were for for complex in Biology on the stuff like the mesh metrology assembled essentially allows you to have a full labels and ball components all treated as a single entity which is treated in the League of cash and in the collision detection as a single entity that was not possible before because the labels were treated to separate the 2 things like this really is and the other 1 was legally so allows you to to rebuild smaller body on the line
Invicta fields for the wider world again useful way to display of natural phenomena like wind direction for instance the input this 2 roster bands of you and you vector values and that the automatic computer symbols roster and computer fly victories erection and magnitude based on the spacing achieves this fight in the without to of victories at all with Consistent as used in the out let sit
for 16 when trip quickly because it many of you European using that are because was off for a year now 6 0 was ready the couple this this time there is still some rendering enhancements and and but also some of the features of the processing side for
the 1st 1 is on the flight come to or generations some of you may have used in the past the Google come to walk program colonies in so I used at that Britain's brought into mass of and now you can have earlier with conditions like a dog and a specified Arasur the arrested and instead generated controls on the flight based on the region the world the world that you that is why so that gives you something like this and the flight of the year and you can that this account or saga Jaggi when the generated by Google account or so for that we and line smoothing still built from tourist his move to more like this which is the more appropriate for the team to do that we'd but added to what for the joint transform a delay a little and we implemented 1 of the operators available in the June Francois is called the aside aside stands for moving by iterative every James simple accurate and that the country of does the at said that when you do that its averaging suits can the shrinking the count was a little bit and I don't want them to be as accurate as possible so that the other 2 are matters are actually to which you can make the and underwritten to allow you to it to make your point off should more closely to really but once again by the the for you to the documentation and to find out more about them so at the
of the Joint France from the real world so we had to decide plus above of buffer simplify the usual simplified with topology generalised operative so that when the time will right now dozens He that began with the words using this 1 is using a simple function that was over recent Gostick generalisations at the end of offers another featured 7
6 4 is the book for missed expressions you may have seen yourself in the past having too much Tree volumes were a given have to use either of regular expression like this for use logical expression of bold had little more ahead in 1 of writing the book also in the in the 1st time so that you can have an an expression 30 race the and the just as the possible values and so that almost as up small as using a constant stream constant but the band and get and
graphics and that's something that people talk about for while in order that to legend and all possible leaders are this to the mileage above them was features for all the of all of them in the back solo 1 thing that is the ability to say I'd want want my legend something on the future of the party visible in this match a bit both 1 scale and actually objects about present so about this is used mostly would get little graphics in the W Messel this is like treaty version is available with a view must but there is also a which from match reply believed to be both to know it was a journey of the soul of the with figures for the graphics with the US but not only does the reduced by your leader in the diplomatic RAF and the public from the Cyrus with high and bombing books down its triggered a teacher automatically in the past but we would like to specify the size of the actual legend simple that was generated which ended the year is that it's the mesh is that despite the width and height of the the man that your referring to so that can be used to compute scale to figure which of the 4 is a blog little Schengen behaviour refuted using the with a high with a good record in the Independent and that if your working with maps where has users in to the match Europe showing more than more features or less interested in the work of a master doing but you may have had several layers with the recent definition except the data statement was a little different reasons he was the sole now we had escaped the and he worked for use this fight over able to pass in the world like a person table and then used the site for each game range which values that are able to take them to a new European statement to refer to the party able celebrity but his said based on the scale of the magazine and the 2 of you so for scales from 0 2 9 9 9 is that it is 1 9 9 0 1 thousand which was imprisoned half fill the for Scalable 1 thousand and and get examples but I get the idea as it is in biology in 6 2 we said we had bought for his but his involvement with were using is busy with the disease each year or that was component that kind of thing that abandoned its what it was that in features it is kind of being abandoned so we have not remove the it said in a move that in 6 4 it is still there but it's kind of limited in Features was and 6 for the not so angry which is called the BAA as he had bought it has more complete for Fawzi dissembles except the 1 thing we need to be a where said she peelites licence so company amasser with everything you build with it becomes Geagea sold those were packaging black books binaries need to be a world that that that that featured in 1 of the bill and there is 1 of a number of dependencies but he was caught by the new distribution so that media and issue on the issue are actually building wrong is tools to using the and we migrated to see
make with Macera 6 4 which allows us to win the were from the UK to come stuff on windows and windows and maybe windows because on windows of the gun from the and the windows were part so that all of you for the environment and to clean up some of the historical stuff that was in the front scripts for the before building now looked like this that was the main highlights of 6 4 now that discussed the sorry the in the pipeline for 7 will be 7 because the reserve in the songs of the year affected on this issue of the on the rebuilding site with before it the future and we have to will summer of cold students this summer for much of the food with a with England have haven't for the year 1 of them were on but you get rid
of with lower some of you may or may not have heard about it I of really essentially is ways that amount books introduced it would by the way that you can specify the and use it you can have in a more direct city on top of files roster tiles without having to pass all the victory for missions to what happens in this is a nasty like a nasty graphic off this match and not a word is not actually look up in the industry irate in the script and times like most over here at the time this was the usual noise Wenger was given openly along with able to shoot use without having to pass all the victory which is much lighter than having puzzled so this is
not 6 for this dispute has completed the work has made it work it requires an open nearest batch of the moment because it's using the the river and the and the and the details but we were planning to finish to the political demonstrated integrity of him 7 industries but
another thing that's been work during the summer of code is what because right you why it's a you we for editing the files for those who are missing method that from the old days we would like to see the world in the stock after buying is talk about that so that 1 of the
big things in the mass 7 as the area company to re walk off the and the ring the labelling engine and that was so that could for properties should for around acclaimed wages and there is a member of the side while ago they should take the addresses dresses change look like this but and we by directional which is what we used to do it would look like this but what you need in some languages to actually do something new shaping based on context industry so the of the correct which were present this transaction this so we could get to that point but not to this 1 so now with the 7 with the most new work portable to this problem so this implied factor in the old days when the pipeline refusing to library for the country and in the shade and the benefits are opportunity not only for the start of legal rendering but also old
without things like that awaited better century or spacing of doctors when you have a smooth slight labels and from the more precise bulls issuing a on points and goals some feel that being added 7 Israel encoding if you deal with non English language off the with data sauces in different encodings you may have heard my nearest trying to extract expressions map of because it has to be 1 including but the data may not method and including the so the expressions bookmatched so not initially area against specified including the data sauce just like a specified Projections and then Nasser's and the right to remove the right thing what happens in the early is that everything is Yedioth 8 from non inside maps of and also in all puts that are generated so that all GCSE would use documents about generated all of with the region written in the beauty of a no matter what your sauce is approach complexity bloodiest
something that were walking on a mention that are not part before but that essentially to be able to find a symbol like this which are that in this case the military simple but the people because the d'Auteuil sort of complexity Biology so in this case symbol is what we get is a geometry for December is actually want to be 4 points on the last 1 in the fund and the with of the IRA so much work and the other directly in the eye was also is that we can draw currently so on what we are going to need to do is to have some kind of blood in system where we can actually many including the Juma tree and that the mass of the for that matter can rendered the with a speck find so what and to get to that I would get to the
point something the point something that
we need to be able to in the same specifications 1 thing we have is a 16 direct string defining the symbol and we would have to to be booked for for space for me the right leg to want to walk 300 classes which makes sense like was of Cup in place to what we of the of the season demanding with political despite the Jose so for those of you who know but the motel it's a bit the same thing but then you can write adjusted function that the BOJ right look at the the attitudes of the of the shape for each and is Demaret return occurs definition the natural used rendered the single shape that were destroyed the class past mesh sodas to be either a singles by Commission for class which contains so that simple examples your later this adds that just because specialised in the name of your script and the cold you do whatever temptations you need to do then you greatest amount cast aside the finishing this case in return it can just be a master's in the new set up life at the next step is to be after the and the England and so using a senior mechanics and which is not to find a way of working be able to to modify geometry so that that might like to be a new joined transfer mechanism so joint France with the function just that with a modified the Jewish and then return return to maps or foreigners
in the book but it is not a time to the station was so bad that the way to and from of the reassess under the votes for the Beatles here and a bit of
housecleaning inversion sevens and happens when remove the Gigi dependency its old code that was maintained the more now that we have a Gigi which is much more performance and gives birth a specially more performance on the quality of a and the and the and the patient layers of Italy remove what the cricket and the 4 other remove the good old but not found smiles media huge go away with and because they were part of the going away and the name of Jesus of things about the new system that will be followed by 2 things should consider to work except the with the with a slightly different now the FA have been 1 or 2 minutes left so does order no Westwood for do not want my most of them had so much talk about so now the quickly and in sight of the products to what happened in the last 4 of the last
year the future while they from licensed Meisel's here we are pressing all the used his point for Test which is currently being built up testing and maps or would be listed as 1 of the references conditions for the 1 or are due to 1 of the with spending it actually raising the test that would see because the and that the right now so much as the reference music used to test the best tests though that in the 6 4 and six to which has been reduced with the British that if you make a subversion 6 2 to the fixes right so that when things the within a get enough to show Conference of her death and that of his 1 point 3 of crystallised and some walk to read the test through the test and submitted and to which he had for his 1 3 and now we need to the people were to get the actual peace so that he is seeing the to thousand 11 when we had the time of the BSE and joined money the from the US and the EU was the main the of a joint and Michael Smith was that he was very active users of upper so was a piece of this year earlier in the year Frank every diet the 2 from for all your time will miss you and the fun Meisel was out of work Stefaan both of the
and like a lot of the the men the casino Emerson democracy stand up we want the group see what your so the Rover Frank is man in the room to the other with choices and the then the the so the mosque of some of Frank might I'm try missing someone other what you Phillips said by citing the between the fluid that the team that beat the and as more people that you don't see here but the thing that makes this work work codes friends
with that involving the not American goals from in March this year we had about 10 mastered the beloved but that spent also involves Google both you was and several other products and in the United or next month is in the United March 24 to 28 and we will for the print his the sprint is so popular that we already have wanted for 2 thousand 8 games to go before the end of the and the south of has happened that might be of a combination of the changes and sees and if we can have a really big enough pages is due to a burst of the on line in your the 2 friends
were delayed the and they have some great losses for us but for the job losses was summoned the work of the with is less
likely to contribute to can keep in mind that you are all you all board users a users can contribute to the south where it and should not table to write told issued the programmer you can still contribute to the debate does when were walking University report by as we find them with a useful desk pundit how you can help with documentation for the documentation had the new page make changes translate and some for request and and enormity happy to we and also the by helping other 4 from the Mercer use was listed someone asked questions you introductory just tell them that sitting us time because the and someone's Mossberg has have to answer the West and shorter repertoire of them the book produced by the German group could board rules and would or to what looked to be on
call you will go cautionable ruled