A Toe In The Water - Using Open Source Software To Support Catchment Management Planning

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: A Toe In The Water - Using Open Source Software To Support Catchment Management Planning

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A Toe In The Water - Using Open Source Software To Support Catchment Management Planning
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Integrated river catchment management planning seeks to balance many demands on the water and land, to protect water resources and ecology for the benefit of the economy, society and the natural world. Third sector organisations have a key role in this process - providing both the practical delivery of river restoration work, and an 'honest broker' role between government, private sector interests and local communities, to try and balance these often conflicting interests in a sustainable catchment plan. However, access to the complex evidence, software models and datasets, which are required for strategic environmental management planning, can be difficult for the third sector and community groups, due to reasons such as cost, licensing restrictions or technical capability. As the umbrella organisation of the rivers trusts movement in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, The Rivers Trust has been exploring the potential for open source software and datasets to improve the sharing of information and evidence with a range of stakeholders in the catchment management planning process. A web GIS application for identifying and prioritising barriers to migratory fish (based on Geoserver) and an application to identify sources of diffuse sediment pollution (built on SAGA GIS) will be demonstrated, and plans for future development of open source tools and data sharing is discussed.
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the him again and everybody fans as the and really presenting and and use a case today said over model with the service trustees Jesson data much I'm not tacky and I'm not them carriages regained so you notice fields Acadia revealed an idea of how and have using some of its offer and data to read Hermite Norris of open cooperation in organisation with opera say under start by giving me a bit of a do not have a wife and a where the
savers stress even in the game where we were travesty and and we represent a whole network of other charities and that 56 reverse trust in a England Wales and with an island and where the umbrella but say we provide training advice technical support and really trying Cohen a lot of the activity is going on and we work very closely as well with far and Kent scope Andrew Strauss movement is the fastest growing environmental movement in the movement and we've even this free dignified from last year but we were 40 got some 200 plus technical specialist you might be from advises or project manages but they was might be Johnson data specialist this is increasing the growing with golf phases comparisons of Poland here stewardship get and grinding stuff and their real engine of the processes Nikolaus authorities you might be trustees or financial support uses the PM at the Walt what we
actually do said its very much across streets consolation even worse describes having where the direct actually the literally at in the river during comes page wording cleaner sting habitat restoration and getting out and about and really involving communities their community groups essentially from their from the ground up says about imparting and sharing knowlege and sharing information and helping people to take in a show of their liquid Balmond improve and it's about a where his raising an education and a gain its telling historiated Chris talking by map stories and radio losses were doing is telling a storey with data and information and trying to help people understand complex environmental problems of what they can do about it and it's about time should work and we were very close to the with death ready Environment Agency because were helping to deliver things like the Water Framework Directive a piece of the legislation will by the water and it is system but we were very closely without the European partners as well we run to of the European project in 3 projects such a we where with other non government upon community groups everything we do has to be in collaboration with day and then I got into account Monday uplands in river and a week in a new deal by collaboration
with 3 teams were set up is a by the White wondrous stressed exist say this is about the connexion between what we do with London 1 juice and what happens to the water the flow use 3 written run starring through river catchment and into a said and is off to a fine or a sauce this country particular various want of the population global populations in set to increase and that is creating a huge pressure on the under sauce reduced to use and we weak on increasing demand for Dairy from which to mount or more moribundity Unanderra any allowing 62 cents self sufficient say we don't have enough plans to produce the freedom and will know do what climate change for custody saying by changes in the weather patterns which ruled in freezing the pressure on his feet production and on the water systems for instance that the
war in this country and are now sweary seen growing pressure from this the production at work on the land and agricultural precious to be seen in a in an arranged the countryside we've got overgrazing and stalking and we've got directly shin into choruses with got really damage soils loss of soil in it is a statistic that we've lost on average about the 2 bottles of Wilson's 2nd for 2 to mismanagement and just read the and support from prices that their pressurised by the the need to produce she the user and reprioritising anything
else and I know it's a perfect storey of things the contributing to the damage the system and damaged environment and a lot of this in the UK fell to system can be represented through sauce pub where a set to to with the have lost sauces Felicia's pressure so it can be called the plan to to close to the river said that the soil actually is expected to use during hiring full runs straight into the river but the mismanagement of the fund said the new workers and slower yet straight into the commuter stalking and allowing Kaplan Lloyd Stoke strange the refer you get real human health problems as well as environmental damage and we see these impact and the the
pressures urban precious that the increasing the populations means were getting or more areas paid to the waters running much more quickly into rivers were seen floods and increase pollution he said it is
a perfect storm in the impact the showing up end of fresh water and and a stolen transitional will the said it are as well as and lakes regarding algal believes because the getting walls nutrients into the system causing all NHS and the use of the in health impact and ecologically seeing direct index in Rivers fishtails in the 2 system is really being done Boston the catchment in Havas a nest trees were seen sorry about the same impact sentiment and soil running off collecting the Boston is costing money to dredge these waterways and a open them back up the game at the new direct cost to local authorities were assisting the impacts on communities from flooding as this water runs off land very quickly and it's not being held back were getting increased it is also the enticing files and this is not because we are fixing very much on what the kachins providing tins of babies food and fuel resort and may be some drinking water as well but where were for guessing that there other services which have volume of the use various produced a regulate climate change taxes regular greenhouse gas is they regulate the water levels of the game regulate flood impact on dry and they also provide us with various a recreation and they provide biodiversity full of which has a value but the imbalance
in the system and make it into the agriculturally kisses means that we are seeing these huge fuelled services dominated really what we need to return to use a more balanced system where all of the services of a volume and the London NHS get paid the bases in the UK new told
adjusted to provide cash-management planning are and how we can do something about that the loss of the agencies and greets getting involved of the mainland and catchment management about identifying the risk describing the catchment identifying cost good a quality it is and finding area where there is a problem and where the problems coming from need then identified targets and go and do something about it and that's not just the moment agencies to its everybody's involved house
to deliver the together so to identify problems and doing something about it well of got good example here all of you to say so will running stranger every this really creates problems not just because bringing pollution with the but it's coatings streambeds in sentiment its meaning of fish counts woman is damaging the to system and also using a lot of some of London you using Udenze with its costing that were
using the suffered called site which is built on an Open-Source was built on the site of a job from Paris developed in collaboration using from agency and universities and 1 of only distrust developed and base the takes 3 different dates as 1 of which is open source but the other 2 the Mungiu's and the and to show elevation data on on to claim that this is a problem some groups struggled data as possible that the money was ready useful because it helps us
target where we go out to work said a 1st so we can't target rivers that might be impacted by this we now and large catchment area where we can stop 1st is a was comes and going on the grant dangers use computer Mobile's insisted desks mesh have to get away zoning today but also helps to identify areas where about settlement pollution might becoming from this is really a valuable when you gang execute from
advice engaging with London and and the slow this week enjoyed something over 3 G mobile Jerry area in red which might be contributing settlement into the river and where he could actually put and intention remember that sort of place you want to break the use of ways you stop pollution getting into the river
and Israeli helps gang a giving followed vice producing so management and it also
helps topping where I can prove habitat works that will basic break off place a basic but fencing off the river here that she produced a buffer rang the river and it helps to stop and pollution getting straight into the water cost and provides other benefits as well from biodiversity said bomb not some of these various ecosystems services to Saudi we can actually identifiers cash from the board of the producing drinking water and Boston slowing down water as it into the system Bridgend preventing flood but also storing water releasing at slightly to help prevent dry weakened area is the airport and the carbon Siegrist traditions 1 of these could be brought together and we can identify area is of produce multiple benefit and this is the foundation really for starting to open up payments Systems services market we recognise it will take a long time to do this is can indeed governments to set up and and provide a framework for the new somewhere these services amazed will then helped to identify the areas the conflicts on the production and make it sustainable and is example these the weapon restoration projects the site Westwater paid for because they are interested in cleaning up the road water quality is across benefit them of about 65 to want to pay for work in the catchment problem paint treat the water right boat and it brings so many other benefits with a Lapland will stalker but it also played on flood water will help basically feed the base where the reverse the get so much of the drive to float and provides recreation and immunity biodiversity multiple benefits but to
build action this into Gatland use changes got to bring the mundane is part is along with the you got to help them understand what problem is more your evidence and this is just a
quote from 1 of are in the stress of being in Cumbria who were basically using the act of an Obama agency model which school the sauce apportionment to say this is ready showing in green you can see that these are just behind much of the cost of pollution problem in a catchment is attributed to livestock from the city to see this is really dominating Cumbria Colautti farms here and the way people to show their information about this really helped to influence people's she said it's not just the about producing a pretty mapping sharing with its also
about involving the the whole precise and we've been trialling will be to the adaptive mobile where we actually get farmers to ramp up their way main data and the system Robin taking National Statistics of agriculture and livestock numbers that you get from a straight sitting down about putting their real data and so that we can show you if they change every how we can influence that the water quality in the improvement and it really does engaged people and they
I believe and it's a much more subtle summit Davies examples really of some of a free and open data the with using in the reverse trust and on show at the start of next year but his when came to do this suprising have much were actually relying on the scientist been such a big infrastructure being able to access a much and the various identify based mapping and and background mapping but is also a historical much which Intel's along by where the river cost used to be before a straight and if we want to restore if you go back to the old less maps and you can see where the neon disease to be reconsidered where the published by injuries to the United usually along with the other latencies hands of the government statue agencies during the huge right to open up their data really helpful to we were very closely with the area and we access to their data 93 linked data applications were helping to identify a user requirements for the use of this
problem and we come up against his old time these technical solutions a models are produced by the body universities or by partnerships with a consultancy and they create this huge third party are problems where we talk downloaded the data where there is resistant soaring costing much and just makes of these tools inaccessible unexplained area had just presenting an IPO is a really good enough you got to get people find it got to bring the moment in the storey and if the current get hold of the data and if we come to use the tools and improve the data gazing than lost of the and we count demonstrated is win wins in influence people without access to the use datasets and the softly now we've got vision and this is probably a long way off but this is where we want to be going to we don't 1 become part of the problem increasingly reversed the contributing to this evidence gathering data Antisoma nearest just got and you know I'm the only 1 sitting in a well-organized accused trying to coordinate weapons doing come up with and standards and ways of doing it and part of my reason for being here today would care it would like I veteran anyone who's got any ideas wants them to be but we really want something that the Government air of doing really good things sharing their data the stage community we want to build a local community Knowledgebase really where we can shoot this information and stop to look easily and standard rejoin things up a bit more and I know adult things like a link data is an approach said that we can combine of this evidence together and has lost things going on that we could see the potential for the bringing about the
here and now understand it an example of something we built to sherry information between ourselves and are part of this is that we are on the river and there are tens of sizes of these in personally their huge problem in any sort industrialisation the ability to launch a range the of industrial revolution where the bill for it really gets to which was also other impairments and structure because of problems because they should be large calculated the and they really affect the college in the river and the fact that dynamics the Riverside static momentum even mention under the sentiment and that the of riverbed is meant to be and these 2 small libraries that really have an impact and I was just talking increases involved
in overcoming the problems and the US is a before and after show this is a real cramped has been used her places to its stabilising the that some degree of fish can get up and a new
and that the solution to compute in fish pulses if he car that we are in title balls and things will
help feels get this is a Birsel cost Elva's can climb up to the where so there are are well disillusioned by what
and and and decide which of these 25 values and various you start with his 56 trapped in a reading of the law results and the suggest just the runs on the Environment Agency's national database we know this from the twice that might just have been the to document so we got a lot of oil until is Iowa fishermen ition by we to collect better installation we will not be shared with are statue part time with the universities producing network analysis Mobile's and privatisation will say we
looked to build some sort Web based for Load helped us to of the 1st day was a very quick pilot who attacked on to the end of a new projects and we went with a something that was a propriety solution because it is quick and easy wanted a very quickly gestures might this time nearest some prioritisation where we did O'Neill various O'Neill habitat restoration and we want to show selectors from the site mammals so we also managed to negotiate with some of these 3rd party provide a week at the results of his reading the data firm and read this ready to identify while the and use requirements of for sharing data not just with the reverse just that with the will of their part of the government agencies
and found that we came up with version to and we wanted to
be able to build multiple applications on the same platform release a we didn't have the pace someone each time to produce a new version of water we wanted to everybody functionality to approval with the other applications used the Scalable and we've got funding come from also different projects unit with limited say we need to look at how we need be to collaboratively developed so this is what go on with
were now using cheese and is now weapons which you can see it's based on a Mexican sauce and some Microsoft and various other players sauce technologies history into what skills as we have available and unit where on a journey says where were moving along the popularity and this is what
1 of occupations looks like this is are system with built for sharing information on various Nicosia allows users to upload their to use taken can also in their information on how possible buyers difference pieces of which they can enter the information Saudi and there and what we need to do now is really link up with the Obama justice system already talking to them about how we can shoot this data lonely and Shia with the university's another part with got a long way to go to but
also need this teacher inflation with the community with the use groups the getting involved volunteering a making and different successes
and habitat projects and restoration approach so we built a
demo application time reverse trustworthy Concerto this information from the updating the slide us the catchment plum progresses and they were more more people and
wounding more we won't let people put the information in this is an example of 1 of are reversed a select group based say what they're there local catchment means that when the local
means that we want to be sure information on things like invasive species which of for Blue will link up with other things going on this is a very well at the moment agency in Bristol University developed for tracking invasive species
and we want to tap into the city and science the anglers and people around the river over time collecting the data sometimes sauces coaches just mean we know where this is going to help us get wider access to information and Shia of killed Belbacha collaboration will help save money but we still need to sell benefits people allows people still hold on to their data very precious but and body would can myself in the eye was skated by opening things up when we got off to the as a long way to go but at the very happy to talk to anyone here he wants to get involved and and is interest say it is my contact details of extra much have to answer the question how see this as a chef probably should be point said that that she echoing said Iowa for this advocated the and even make a coincidence that the 2 you that death the a cash that that with the knowledge that they are setting a bad and that the set up to what you believe in the way of any questions on the block where you just you are and where you probably Pentonville presentation behind it time called The End of My Eyes think it's wonderful how using the term ecosystems services and enlightened or how he would claim that to that to the difficult embarrassed the difference stakeholders in the game the end of this unelected plans are full the how to cope value the ecosystem services and figure out who will pay for the benefits of the service as it is really hard to explain ecosystem services to people because that are just as the your way and the care about transcribed Italy but we've had a lot prices running over the last year or so which school but part catchments initiative and it was just premiere of agency that invited green leaves the 1st of trying to bring groups along in the understanding of Woodstock from about Trust actually based during tapas song the consent of the system services mapping and the way that they brought people along with their she held were chalk and they got lost of my duty to make the trip fringe of big maps of the world perusal of the important things in the catchment unexplained people if you want to protect which quality you may be looking at the history in a range of the river were upstream arrest warrant is where you will choose obstructed to spending quality following explaining the processes and it is haunted by having following with a goal from the 1 certainty different people in the catchment representing a whole range of organisations to find groups and to rebuild the space to be the developed rules for people to buy into by a unit of but these areas of the for 2 and a man engaged with each other so the of specialist groups the each system services the them with tools get the and discuss the conflicts in these areas and the and the tone of the places where the she going at looking up the cost-benefit analysis as well so it is all but controversy engaging with academics with government hidden to cost-benefit analysis and engage with the of having towing a really good mapping visualization skills in this is really really for is the telling stories and 1 of the other groups you reverse Strauss redeployed 1 of the presentations which was missing of the strands of the system services mapping sauce apportioning emerges that this means nothing to anyone who was involved in touch the group the Registry questions cost of Sir from the people is the problem Henrich problem is that to be a welcome Dubai and that's what you need to play today and you can go into the soil you can go into where it was produced behind it was interested but if you can also use 3 questions and someone's interest rate you start all the mornings storey amounts to the river stressor preaching but is really hot is something we struggle with a which was just so much to get the direct link with the past time someone that will be 10 minutes late initially simonsen from washed up on the grid presentation and we are on the show put it to the moment looking at a potential providing some abominable data using crowds soul singer and technique at just under where the you you get done anything that the go ahead to of to is a let out a collective data for you and if so how they don't the gate was surrogate question is something that I'm just starting to tackle my we've got and the couple approaching survives kick off where we got 2 companies funding projects to do you have a volunteer monitoring of things of water quality say with which which is starting to their trampled together the pieces between grids privilege which Ambleside rolling 6 in science Mongeon programs naval agency of a new drive to action on the phone to demolish say we don't have any solutions airport just starting to look at developing apps developing the data standards of the regime for 120 get groups with and we've leachate just don't sign off from death system funding to put together claims about the foundations and we make sure that anything the old these groups a collecting is based on a standard that means we can now and in 1 place and charity game and make sure that we do have a 100 going often dainty finding its it's difficult worryingly just the very foothills overnight very happy to have a child you care what we are doing and by W D thank you very
much Michel way to end the day at a new low quality of just how you