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OpenLayers 3: Under The Hood
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OpenLayers 3 is the next generation of web mapping. A radical new architecture and the use of cutting edge JavaScript techniques, libraries, and tools enables a full suite of previously unimaginable functionality while maintaining a compact, high performance library. In this talk we'll show you how to use this functionality in your applications, and peek under the hood to see how OpenLayers 3's architecture makes it possible. We'll include: Virtual globe (Cesium) integration: a carefully designed camera and data source abstractions permit close integration with the virtual globes. Switch between 2D and 3D views of the same data, or display synchronized 2D and 3D views side by side. Multiple rendering back-ends: a pluggable rendering architecture supports multiple renderers for maximum performance and portability. A Canvas 2D renderer provides fast, reliable rendering on current devices, a DOM renderer provides fall-back capabilities for older browsers, and a WebGL renderer opens the door to the next generation of performance for the most demanding applications. Rich data sources: generic and powerful core data representations of tiled, single image, and vector data make it easy to add support for a wide range of geospatial data sources. Smooth and flexible interaction and animation: an optimized rendering path ensures that interaction remains smooth at all times. Compact library size: use of the Closure suite of tools creates keeps the build size small while keeping the source code readable.
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much of to the and and that the demonstration of led 3 is capable right now the goal is to help is touch the now effort from justification in the prime of for the unvocalized 3 to say what we can do this is to look at it would details going on at the library self how which easily the sex and this is my time to people who were each in writing about the advance applications from optimized 3 so will pick inside so so talk about the justifies the design decisions if we made a deal view of some of the last 3 or potential is quite all that we have 20 minutes so exotic of things to look at and funny joint mostly from of a false start in the initial step of identical as tree-code the that use your applications for a stop contributing to the project over professor who has
written very ambitious project is at risk described the is the huge rather stuff that people won't be 1 of below success and the fact that led to Lewis will bring in new technologies Web gelled canvas for 3 days and now we went integrate with and other geospatial cations season with glow of will also be reusable on possible useful is just a huge amount is
basically openly history just the thing to avoid and that makes survey free big libraries if you do this was 1 of the criticisms of the way is to use your real of and and indeed No 1 individual is agonies anything more than a small fraction of what led 3 is capable of across comes everybody's a different fraction so how we can the storey complexes clients but still need to deliver a 1st City bills people that they are interested in the job occasions so doing to tackle the this complexes from which would be compiled the elements that she aspatial unlike into cold combined is that can be a well separated compose together to build applications in the UK will take concrete examples of this like the the difference between sauces and light the the central well-defined response abilities seeking mix and match the and put get a interesting ways was the the son of must examples that you know you Gotshal a dependencies this means we try to make the late approach so that each where is built on for the and dependencies between life gerken Telegraph sentation that's what allows us to go idle dysfunction off the coast of back and and and then on actual that saw design approach and then behind this season the best available drugs but 2 into the hands on but that is
because wide separate from and the urban soft from Google enjoying it is about it it goes on to explain why we sat in a set without Alinta providing absence strict before space to aliphatic test strained fountain GS beautiful integration testing have done that data and only expect or a chest and continues integration every 4 quest and has cost the integration test for community and this is the disgruntled funds automatically that would put all the tools you can to help us build re high-quality library is absolute tonight because compiler complained pleasure libraries This is contentious because close when your right because the close compiler is not quite like no new jobs and unattractive very clear that even the it you don't have to use your application to you just the same way as he did a build to a bill that leaflets which followed many a unified can also just get a build of open my 3 is in a fight and the City 2 and the yield on two eating because it is part body you you don't have to that said the Ross and good reasons why he might use when use has
fantastic administration this from his 2nd best ministers of the 5 tests and about this code is half the size of that that directly translate into possible loading and bandwidth costs for the code produced by the compiler is cost the number jobless the right was cover reasons for this 1 is the compiler candles optimizations on code eliminate Brawn tradition not taken function which not cold but also the way it you write code for compiler means that have to be very strict the types of your objective types of your on you variables and this sort of code and runs very very well for the job but the machine the engines the spied on his own we have this directly translate into real speed advantage the views of the perfect custom-built you can build a replacing the Jessica need because the learning curve would you need to read were about the Computing 12 0 3 and a 3rd the contest on the with stuff that the when they scampered pushed by things that job script says restraint place we need to write humans who want my Sapio well code is easy to read must be comments struction on the sidewalk code when he deliberately the browser we everyone code which to computer like which is small compact no extra staff at the close compiler allows us to separate the 2 to design the rewrite good jobs that the people applications and close by during good jobs could have from start to run your pension you uses browse this
because library in raw job scripted suggested skydiver megabytes and Essex colluding with pleasure libraries and but time white space and comments about 300 and that this city's and you can see the full ivory currently police that might kilobyte from that everything in the old functionality will believe for my Hals's back and the cell with push compiler this is a reason why you might want to take your in really care about the size if you build your application of 3 you get your time application to localize 3 to get down to the beach you can say gets routine released mould despite having the huge from child and so that
it launched the UK lectures and that's recovered this sort of cans and come as well as Cup with the sort of stuff but I'm told about the goal
and Cup examples said the the end we will have 3 different back and the on door and the rough wrote browses countless which is very 1 or 2 moments later Pullman's and the future we want Wedgetail which has launched a ideas about the possibilities becomes hand large parts of the data and also losses of coffee and the way in which the 2 3 days the UN and the moment we
have the tremendous advantage they produce almost pixel perfect adaptations these 3 of the deciding where should be these 3 match here there would go 3
McKenzie and I see the and under
the new 1 of only like pointed out that the city would have found that the
producing the what this means is that you is application for use my three year care have to care about what Okonjo using and you just get on with the ability to take his place at the moment but will bracket across some things only work in some verandas but will HuMax and the goal is compatibility across 3 back and forest possible to you don't care about the winner was the
band and the and the way I do animations rendering is very different between back and and the order 1 minutes of what this means is that the way that the light 3 what is actually closer to any of the game engine running 64 in the 2nd of the night is a plastic Dome based job Web at City look under 2 seasons of quote of something so little with the strange that and object to the point of it could some of the before and functions and how we do animation will see as well as now was with having for China run at 64 in the 2nd get Sudan nations that means we have to carry a lot about officials say this means we have she to Shaukat cynical view hints that allows for example where animating to do is to be done to keep me during the every every single friendly reuse existing image and stretch of using and and state during Pawson full mobile browses the dentist he tiny 64 in the 2nd Cosell said their music Bactria 3 a power of note that once the deal is settled their codes and it doesn't seem able sepia we if you want smooth animation you have to care about got collection jobs but just the ghost of the world job got collector city could generate too much coverage you get these large interruptions and you get frame job to look as a gesture compulsitor application agenda degree animation or the things going in unleashes it is were worth
doing operations but we read which this example the cycle career and function which allows is actually modify was can be drawn so what was the basis dysfunction here is called before she draws sees the match and a frame state which all jet which contains a full with suppliers use of the Vintage told us in his writing and we get a huge amount of modified so where she is running it got out in time but we catchy modifying the city with this point here for example weaken she modified of the resolution which the match will be drawn before the meeting for frames and we can't let the exact on the exact timing here would inexact calculation of during the frame competitor on attention to the end of the domination even if we draw with talking frame away or free if we even if the time is not right I'm sure
this will be seen a demo strong from the sea in an area that these are all of these and the
sublime Asians down with this sort of thing was cut interesting is that when you have these not animation is you can compose so if I'd just interim he says both hands
animation changing from a stumbled to Rome and the rotation flight to burn would in both time and that he is now using the and compliance combinable together and get up and was a
recession and that the full independent all independently modified the frame state actually looks this is that code from
examples are quite small that Michael and the basic recreate
3 different animations found that while tight and then saw told but this function as for foreign said on at the August the you is if he was stopped writing really interesting interactive ways trains that with of interacting with the man he was a co fly through so far the toll of tell stories by moving moving around than that framework is that key to but this is the
job of the competition was going sauces lesson renders tamari talked about differences sauces embarrassed by Duke examples here and just the cases to compute offered his time sauces and the example we have many different exhausted after read with Britain 3 main Claus's files are this in each with a single in a individual tiles and that has cost the data separate on talk that the level of the details of the city sauces lessons and then behind that we have a different tourist the different ringback and and the specialism for each time this of loss of life that was means is that as we had no more data sauces here that much more different provide and so on we actually get is only refit within these existing policy and existing life we don't have during a welcome current the week on my increased for statistical without increasing the complexity rest of her equally if you want to be imagined adding year and Romania talking as the G we can do it at the back end of the day we have to modify also selected example now say
his differences in saw some sauces basic rate data on Wednesday is described how was presented the Prime soulful configured are sold them make Yankees promise somewhere leapt from the water presentation so scissors is 1 of the goals that applies 3 should be usable of the competition reusable airport at as sauces all the load of a division of 12 stalled under as somewhere you can reuse where this but it ready to decide single mapping your page and this is the interest for use the when we go start integrating without the and other occasions cesium open but close to the ability to 40 those out titles only to without income bring them with a warning about the show is very powerful patch that is a prison
with total sauces these things just very Massively and was a huge mountains along with the you can read some tile J still being you need to make some method to request want possible case capabilities arrangement where the called the system is what direction the title of Kaunas increased data on round all this sort of stuff that just mass amount variations where we did 8 out of
place 3 times of the place 3 puzzles just has 3 prop it takes a lot complexity and abstract 1 3 4 them told which does have tiles laid out this is interesting this disease is
1 examples the black titles here are actually campus titles generated in the browser on Demont said not loaded from 7 would Scottish thing here is that
a and housing estate you'll
noted the biggest tall caught actually have negative values and the and the reason is in place 3 1 of the simplification is that the origin of tall caucuses of automatic and caught and we have something like the street match for Google which starts at the top left corner where she use negative numbers to weaken just read that as a simple every solves the point that Massively simplifies the interpretation of the US because it was impossible that further questions a on this 1 but we have multiple of multiple will stay within the law and order and to see the title called of this by the way he is different from that of the same age following but is a different all called simplification of says tolerance and from start in the autumn left makes the but on your health
function it takes these called into the them into your sales that's your W test parameters that sort of stuff to exert here these 2
you ask titles this 1 and this is what they have different called the same in each your own behind so it would by racked by being have a lot on your function
without a Tullow function is extra called input into 2 system Filatov log files following processes and Zakay should you want just or your Utah's and in house the beef example for you want the file system a job for Jews who has frontend to a application that uses code over would when we have slight different not your access titles that followed function allows you to bet in the Fred judging by contemporary not stem or uses this title
Load function touching would by the
tiles he said these open Street
map titles and much but it is a
downloaded and transport using the chemist magic and on the planet and so this is a distraction he these 3
elements give well power and believes that the UK and across
practitioners about it but I just with pride wholly preconfigured sauces you just over your W chest different your of the capabilities of the the times and the
equipment to do some subjects by of gentle collection of collection this is that they're so of to end active objectified implantation it is extremely have inspired by the sea object in Google Maps accused that and this this few makes many tricky things for easy to implement what we provide their pride the consistent in phase for events you know event is to get for the changes collections of for events that things added or a moved was taking Stansted and that is probably Binding which allows to object the gestation saying value so it was example of
using all Jack Walker to match the 1st part of it amounts to and then are document this is the and institution that it will slide the move and irritate the match so document will in this Hill and the world from input magic slide and and now this point magicalia says the value of this slider should be the views rotation and of full Demoney complaint
with here but this is his own man hesitation slider and is on the slide of the appetites
an equally as on move was erected a match the
and a slide in moves a lot of things in a Balestra by the magic of the Cup cheese relies on so we can trace the opacity of the late here and somewhere Joey contained coast and global visibility in
Soham resolution here is bound for the promise of the new position of you used decisive in
that changes is now and that he could take the that extreme examples in the way that we
did this 3 side by side some full and should start at the at the presentation is the actual views of the three match abound together as a move 1 of the 2 would be a shame the saying to
this that the a reason to this makes it very easy to make a rich applications that many different and get a result Justine opacity slided embrace easily here we have called for use of the fuel side by side the use of different data keep perfectly safe by finding the if you want 83 and sees Europe were close next to a man and NYTimes 3 by funding views you get that right immediately and very with very few lines of code the
final document talk about it is that what I've done but ability to Camp can classically led to have listed lesson and drawn in the last 3 we actually tree of light and this and this is a issue and the and the City allows you to group data from multiple sauces combined the freedoms a single by say if you want application where you have used the titles low turned away of raising now dealt with and generate the an estimated as using in these large groups like the value to treat act as a single actualite but the but this my style he and so
on sauces this match has been fact 3 Lesmo open until it secrecy have 3 actually legacy of which to a group together a to operate almost street together here the colours and the book when the petition individualised 1st and the country boundaries and we have much more these things here we grew together we can told visibility together winkled Tyler opacity together and huge work Estonia and so on this this means that what you can do now is keep compose data from multiple different sauces you can have a rest which has been W S fight back to life on talk that the tree was of saying things that the global death so
that was because the what this is all demonstrations of how we try to accept that things and small components and then having these a separate components of the loss of Ridgway's which combined get McGrory which instant applications the
next day for a comeback now is that we really get was working with were killed but saw Conference on the options for those who put the ball improvements to the way that we and sometimes comprising huge many transfer pixels about the behind the scenes to anyone and the sort of a told over on the shootings that welcome back testing the attention of the and behind the scenes and this is a big me how long tools and that should use all told them not to the bill Systems pre complicated we need to simplified fight to make a more sensible in the long term and we want to offer for competition to discuss the details of what they easy to mix of different data said different MNRAS behind the together for something might have Acambis writes with a Web geobacter after number points and composed by spectrum of that and we might as he on integration with the with with existing also a and flat 3 days treaty but not on set of global Nancy desperately the year half or staff the full which are all the foundations in place said the some shocking built on top As for me I was going
so well treated at the Royal Free just walk and ordered all from the points to lead the song for students Austria's go from the of of order with the return of the work