Getting The Best Performance For GeoJSON Map Visualizations: PostGIS Vs CouchDB Backend

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Getting The Best Performance For GeoJSON Map Visualizations: PostGIS Vs CouchDB Backend
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In order to deliver rich user experience to user, features (attribute data and geometries) have to be sent to the client for mouse-over visual effects, synchronization between charts, tables and maps, and on-the-fly classifications. GeoJSON is one of the most popular encodings for the transfer of features for client-side map visualization. The performance of client visualizations depends on a number of factors: message size, client memory allocation, bandwidth, and the speed of the database back-end amongst the main ones. Large GeoJSON-encoded datasets can substantially slow down loading and stylization times, and also crash the browser when too many geometries are requested. A combination of techniques can be used to reduce the size of the data (polygon generalization, compression, etc). The choice of an open-source DBMS for geo-spatial applications used to be easy: PostGIS is powerful, well-supported, robust and fast RDBMS ? On the other hand, unstructured data, such as (Geo)JSON, may be better served by document-oriented DBMS such as Apache CouchDB. The performance of PostGIS and CouchDB in producing GeoJSON polygons with different combination of factors that are known to affect performance was tested: compression of GeoJSON (zip) to reduce transmission times, different levels of geometry generalization (reducing the number of vertices in transferred geometries), precision reduction (the reduction of numbers of decimal digits encoding coordinates), and the use of a topological JSON encoding of geometries (TopoJSON) to avoid redundancy of edges transferred. We present the results of a benchmark exercise testing the performance of an OpenLayers interface backed by a persistence layer implemented using PostGIS and CouchD. Test data were collected using an automated test application based on Selenium, which allowed to gather repeated observations for every combination of factors and build statistical models of performance. These statistical models help to pick the best combination of techniques and DBMS, and to gauge the relative contribution of every technique to the overall performance.
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reduce the number of such as possible the number of Britons now observations we're understand night time loading weekend with a dedicated the and the windows we and we will fight for it of worried use the bandwidth to order and the but just 2 Tests releasing a violin and and for there was no cost browse of abuse every of my will of arrests and something to to declined to its Italy was not catching so ahead of the game some cash would without the Dome declined those yet it said that we try to reduce the the noise to a minimal sale we had but I do we of
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actually attractive to think this will make your Catchword for such as the played with Leeds functions the trade and the season before that of these stories jump in different ways but they were out there erm
yes judges was the worst audit would and it is just to grab sunbathing Jogi's and to convert to Dover Jason using Econoline and and found out that could the police were already out of the decisive battles dramatic so Mouret which was reduced to reverse under the regional side of printed emporia which where say that you like then you may expect that to to be reduced to through Dichio by this figure on the set for statisticians among you off the the guys while trying to see and it is the parent and the UK roughly just and so on but pretty happy with the results and the now
says model there is a way suspicions of more than the were so a presumed that side was 1st procedure position in the number of the gates of the distant point we tried for and 15 15 is for precision for 3-D 1 but still some is a well as is still good enough because the Dean the user 1 not is a different on procedure generalisation remember the introduction of a number of points for last each easy 1 daylight and consider yet says the bus to a white knight who carried some 1st mulling decided that we use uses aside before the now we the will 2
per or though the use size their Jomon Joyti because it was more used for 4 from the performance of the morning size but size but geometry whose size of cost depends of the number of the pop music and the Veterans but a gap is the fact that effects and said the fact which in this same trial all the commission factors that was just for the ride they too close to 400 to iterate is a shot it was 1 thing you to Senate for 22 is 1 of going to the issue of the critically 3 of things to add and in order to end the expected but predicted that it would epicuticle for the latest
what is the expected size 100 Geometries with a view for individual noses when the and agility that are not multiplied by for a case a roughly had 74 kilobyte it was a foul 1 precision 50 while we get bigger size also actually 40 5 per cent increase that is it is a predictable K before as model most
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the interesting but this perverting as well because we find out that the reason they are more The for these in of the tree that but the compression is not drawn on the sidelines as the number of the probe plays far enough for the side that joined the bloc on said that the disease the predicted the use of language the guests and the right if you'd be which means that performance in the joys of a 2nd to put decreases of we think when the size joint increased but the scandal has been a Espers coffee it which was and is suprising because the state set where losing something when using it to be but we are project and we are using this to be the true sodality 24 and exactly we decided that she has fine but remember they were using this much with Washington the performance and nothing but the her which is that you have to allow of on where the Lions Esikia point of very much 1st set all happened to be exciting to build the fact in that but it is still something which I'd ever Cressida could be network that could be and declined to have a really tight to up to bid read or push also accept factors to account for Environment but still because even though it is the that are spread is just the sort of team for his more detail so it before Mathmos now said that it
predictions of this more on busy using this as the 1st of his 2 young is computed through but they would target so that the citizens of fight for the position and all wheel again for 96 Geometries which is the average price of size and job 40 which we have from the you get that kind of 0 3 seconds if you use and the commercial sector was a 1 in 50 of the procedure and then you will get more but in the Times for performance to points 6 seconds is idea how these important factor now
because of light British authorities Samos before noticing that his size the Jodie but we know in it is a view that 70 per cent said introduced the underlying factory and with yet it is that they will roughly double the performance said by using the Woodrose instead of the trees and I'm expecting are systems to be the worst this is the prediction help to the to be turned out to be true to sell the but on that they
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