MapCache: The Fast Tiling Server From The MapServer Project

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MapCache: The Fast Tiling Server From The MapServer Project
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MapCache is a new member in the family of tile caching servers. It aims to be simple to install and configure (no need for the intermediate glue such as mod-python, mod-wsgi or fastcgi), to be (very) fast (written in C and running as a native module under apache or nginx, or as a standalone fastcgi instance ), and to be capable (services WMTS, googlemaps, virtualearth, KML, TMS, WMS). When acting as a WMS server, it will also respond to untiled requests, by merging its cached tiles vertically (multiple layers) and/or horizontally. Multiple cache backends are included, allowing tiles to be stored and retrieved from file based databases (sqlite, mbtiles, berkeley-db), memcached instances, or even directly from tiled TIFF files. Support of dimensions allows storing multiple versions of a tileset, and time based requests can be dynamically served by interpreting and reassembling entries matching the requested time interval. MapCache can also be used to transparently speedup existing WMS instances, by intercepting getmap requests that can be served by tiles, and proxying all other requests to the original WMS server. Along with an overview of MapCache's functionalities, this presentation will also address real-world usecases and recommended configurations.
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and now find little like this would look at that's just for the part of the so I'm Amato's but for the world quickly enough for of the team and I'm going to preventing about the cash which is the fighting parts world more this new in the findings of the Hutton I am not a realise with this as a new I presentation of this from the man to the new beast for people do not much cash and I'm still going to put aside about what the findings of adjusting case and instead of retiring images and data on the timing is created a 18 1 image and soaring and the Fund for the 1st access by away and agreed to use a bit of terminology unexplained now so the grid is how we've got up the the space and the a given Projections with different resolutions your chosen room with the expensive Curatolo of interest and sauces without a called on the other upstream data provider so the most well known of W of something that could be produced and image of the game size and other data sauces could be native of Google the cash is about would agree to to be storey that was once creative at trial said this these mixing together grid sauce and cash and selling them on the specific names and the services on the Web protocol during the going to be something of the multiple multiple what's not cash itself so it's actually filing memory more than the other and it has said it looked up with those multiples of front and so it can made to the as a module inside a patchy next dozen also San Load findings for it to run it and the new players and is can also run as a stand alone studio of a city it's about the time the sense that you have a lot of traces as to what kind of cash back and you can use to split up the boss multiple Protocols you got some time management features which allows you to receive specific area Rashid or tells interpolate between the 2 create new data it's written in native codes codes the and the road what dies of deployment redeploying assigning from another very strong selling point but it was model in the face of if you would cut JavaScript code you should get based if you want to use service but it the history so it's the 3 as old basically and the and it's on the amount of maps of government since the 2 thousand 4 so offers the other Protocols noticeable is so which are the young there were Protocols in which you can request a also called The X ways the classical political Scalability so focused on the dialogue with Yemenis which was the original was due to address addressing the W which is though GCSE response to us to do something and the and the virtue of squad he's which don't think very much use to make the dressing for just plain old BigSim wines and it also has a W M S extension which means it will understand Liam request and possibly build full get requests of of the cash they need so here to typically example is if you have 1 later which is based layer of the for the roles of the area and the 2nd leg in which the tiles Riddell you can requests for both players to cash and it will be without together and Justin you back singled out both image data inside so in terms of the bond with you you you can bowl with a place in the history of a single instead of stocking up multiple it it can also make a full W Masella 1 so in the case you just it in front of a W and its cash each individually and when it received a request will look at the latest together would can also of the latest authorities UN and its also for would get teaching for a quick thinking of the needs of their get featuring for across the before the backed up to the extremes of the the and the last mode which is kind of a road so you if you could put it in front of a body she of the between the and the and the because it doesn't have to be ready in front of any sort it will intercepts request that can be made from tiles and whatever also it doesn't understand can be for the 2 a number of other beckons was depending on the basis of basic economic as a single and point to catch you frequently access players and Group for the W request W missed was increased that you cash with tools to the miscellaneous features which I usually found in the UK and is so without speech he had to go through your browser cash for a given amount of time it can automatic expiratory also receive but it as it is for the last 5 minutes and a request for a title that Sullivan 5 minutes we regenerated instead of being sent you can choose what kind of a rip off season back to your plans so if you don't want to do on to high Jersey can just written in the middle of the local singles of it all of the America's but the timing is right going to the gym what molecule tiles and that the mystique new future also if you have real resolution data that wanted to high-resolution instead of having to see and all cash fails to all the highly resolution it'll of some William would levels to return and and some of which will 1 of its made to so it has an image operations to optimized mediated data that stole into the cash 1 so the W S of a basic you most of the time you make it return uncompressed and last in the following the new because it up into titles in that case you avoid W G J impressions of full of full open on it later week
in cash because it would be a storey about so they have the slowest as possible of the on the conversion of a reason when you doing during images on the flight to to because of the city we wanted it to allow the facts empty Bohunice from tiles and most of the when it came down to a very high resolution was that it was actually and we have no data on its Web during the mass during the whole data that's just during the fact that we haven't indigenous income room for a fully she did catches you could also say that if I'd don't have a type of fish has no need to go and the rest of the so that means will of this case and transport and the grids so you can defined multiple grids but that you can catch multiple resolutions basic you most used 1 is group for the ones you can also catch W K City 4 4 4 1 global a group of is also understand as a non standard the production codes you cannot system in case you their admitting he sees combined with their own non-standard codes and you can also use the and generate grid say and only interested in a subset of its own money things in the world 0 2 8 0 1 0 needed the presenting files cover a given extent so that is the meat of the presentation so but where you are going to be storing details of many beckons as a possible for this a cash is actually a very simple interface that suggested as for much of the new sell to a tool doesn't that exist for this 1 get me get it is to put a new 1 on the to given and then the symbolic specific that the 1st kind of cash is the discursive Ishaqi soaring thousand to file system in its very 1st because of the cost of this than the you couldn't do symbolically leaking of of of unit from the to sit on the face and you can shoot whatever Laloata going to be sorry about in all to reuse an existing may also based on the type of cash to pay up to anything we get sketches all provide your 1 pick of the discussions very difficult to write it was to go thousands and thousand millions of files just knowing how many times you have to knowing that the space that taking his very slow operations pushing a million files to remove the of than the also very often had file system so you don't have be unknown to restore a full time and you would not be up to most storage wise because the site is on the closest don't much the actual tales sizes as a waste of space some the other kind of cash at the year strong ties and has brought in the US you might database so you're you have a single fundamental to look much more tractable in and more efficient storage ways you can extend the structure of the deal to to give any query you 1 given exploit the return the approach of so that told you can also supply in the end it was the home for much of the Solidification them space was less also something to a detect the titles in the official East although quadruped so of the state and the dynamic he treated by the changes from this just inject the TV had inside the this advantages of it does need some tweaking if you walk over should in the full distillate for cash is that more than a on the road so that some configurational options to post to escape the opening databases light on the with the exact limited around 1 or 2 to the right and the other Concurrent insertions also quite so this year it is and made for Concurrent insurgents over the issue of multiple seedings instances the new going to the rocks and make the decisions it Kunsthaus thousand in the man cash from the embattled instances so that the United of data this very lived basic traffic full for consulate and we know that it's going to be the only for a given amount of time you can distribute that across Multiple so and cash the proving for use the expiration the photos for you because of the limited storage basically because you storing everything in memory of all while some of the women get compatible with this Cracken's but said the said the very interesting cash flow of phones people with basic satellite imagery use cases we use for the trials large Geibig files and which of the thousands of 20 thousand Guixols and we use the internal G pigtailed representations to stalled adjudicator inside the defined so when you want to access the so that they deserve to know what it inside the file and you get the the adjudicated directly and so the Justice at the foot of a hierarchy of files in the world inside which I missed meetings for the given exploiting the with but it's very very efficient and this space because the day before my doesn't duplicate the J Baker the for Britain which is the same because your was doing at on the beach and the 200 56 56 so that Sony 1 stalled once for the whole of thousands and the and it becomes much more tractable because of storing basically general 100 thousand files to convert to the discussion of the the device is a number of of stop 1 the disadvantage is that this will not is that it's limited to dip in and out of the 2 first sification only supposed to be bigger than the 1 representations and so we don't have for Kinji because of the city council data where this transparency in its them Concurrent variety intuitive fund is also problematic of to book have to look around it and the issue are data details than the that the library doesn't and
doesn't the and bring back the reclaimed the stories basic to lost by the the and the use cases to sell the some very large instances of satellite imagery provided to a using this year cash in the New order of more than 50 terabytes of data building in this for with tens of hundreds of millions of request among some so it's it's rather robust and it's a very very good for my you if the disadvantages don't limited use we also have a see which is some advanced proceeding virginity so it sees with multiple Ferguson's the of the limits of what to do so you see the way he helped himself to the limit drilled Omotoso you'll you will take advantage of the low system cash under the weight of the world and you can see that particular subset sold for were given the engine unit was told sudden dates and you can also see good to restricted to a geometry that you can filled with odio sequel index so you can say seems to of 18 although cities with more and more of some density sold 3 of preceded the area with a lot of people and we know that the other but some was another of the featured which is by mentions so forgiven given tally the multiple dimensions typically 31 and the mission is the data NEMO images from 2 thousand 12 called to the setting of used in full of casts so that whether focused as voted for a 2nd dates and has been created that the set and the Tree of 200 is being in a case that could be also innovations so of the the temperature temperature the given levels the city with other use cases which is from facing through Motorrad meteoritic legislative was using the word the of dozens of trials said each accessible for a different kind of leaking access the for gas of 3 hours 6 hours in the day and this is system database this constantly being updated new for cost coming and up and the wheels of supply specifically time the mention of the satellite imagery offered a given time only cover sudden extent and sold 1 image because is taken at a precise and and then and only cover the smaller than he considered true the creek NEMO sick of all the images taking 2 thousand 12 so it will follow up for the year to look into the cash for the images match this in W getting it and create a single mosaic the much more details about the presentation and being in the year other stuff that those with the services best of the presentation of the 3 o'clock this afternoon and the other locations incorrigible interested bosom networks coming next knows all possibilities local of some of the finest definitive so be able to use the old existing Timis sewage to keep the cash is also used to cruel and native uses falsely with the meeting of the World is from Ian and finished and and and sunk cashing data directly to whom as on the field all of them were REAC clusters of what followed Yujia included sales which is coming to the recent along the 41 disappoint an you a word for it work for the US to the world leaders so the question was is the time mentioning limited and and has received more you just give at the start and end dates and then you extrapolative into 6 dozens of also use the it can be and and that joint of is from January at midnight tool that if the midnight 24 hours it's what everyone its oppose the w the ODI she time for less so you you have big area generative you Polimeni seconds of the 2nd part over the her for this year or more on it would back to separate prop but cash or call for here and that was it does it you have many Minichiello's and there is a basic it will become slow of cost if you have 10 thousand 10 thousand datasets in the to a 2 2 3 2 in the world read and thousand new devotee but often the case to create a cash you can use but was another cash in front of the group well maybe Stephanos roughly the the way it when it steps stating with 10 thousand for from the year of the use of the the what the search is during the with the with this or not 1 that 1 used to extract for to catch up the storey for instance the lack but that the gases that and I would like to work with a lot worse for a Test yesterday as the best of your cash transfer mould you give it took Ashes and assault put of their under the you guessed it it was beaten by the fact the but from the board for a week Birzeit Street and in a it was to work for the state of its very difficult event Buntrock because of the future but it takes you from would limit long before you are due to be sold song all you is guilty about is so the band were so long the basic here running as an and next you can you can so that the next round with running as American exploded scheme programs to 80 thousand 2nd which is from the bandwidth and the order of multiple gigabytes 2nd and the and even in the case the city was on to 100 and yes I have for studying the circuit I'm sitting in the other cases and a network access also don't like to include a used to include the bench rocks and the presentations don't like to do it now because my don't find the bench mugs made
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