Mapbender3 - Create Your Own Geoportal Web Application And Service Repository

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Mapbender3 - Create Your Own Geoportal Web Application And Service Repository
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Mapbender3 is a client framework for spatial data infrastructures. It provides web based interfaces for displaying, navigating and interacting with OGC compliant services. Mapbender3 has a modern and user-friendly administration web interface to do all the work without writing a single line of code. Mapbender3 helps you to set up a repository for your OWS Services and to create indivdual application for different user needs. The software is is based on the PHP framework Symfony2 and integrates OpenLayers, MapQuery and JQuery. The Mapbender3 framework provides authentication and authorization services, OWS Proxy functionality, management interfaces for user, group and service administration. In the presentation we will have a look at some Mapbender3 solutions and find out how powerful Mapbender3 is! You will see how easy it is to publish your own application.
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the and and where you are or where they were held off your likened to my presentation a William more about whether mapping time but they are based on the subject and want to show you how you can use and the and you can use it to create your own Chipotle application and the level of so what when my and
what went what might doing from Germany from ball from the left that part of the team since long time now but the mass wider with more than 10 year so that I'm in the team said that the time African Beaumont the where group that the company was 20 year amputees and we we are the most of what we are working on a book that was to be team and we don't want the development and the investment banque and quite beacuse who and uses in Germany accused them out this protective Hughes worldwide and the of active and the drummer both well for Sky the individual of presentations and and the use and has a caps and I'm involved in order to lighten tried to bring the band of the past so let's have a look
at them and what makes it special envoy as for was of and so it has to be to create a Web it declined Sweden helps you to administrative away in the face so you can build up but of it has and the estrangement and pace and you can do you a Applications was and the 1 for which of them is that you can create your whole closest operating singer lines of code that load of people were not used holding the still that can be said about them and they don't occasions the and you do it with the help of the public applications and an industry that you can trio if you handling of the W services to connect created maintained that it was only and had a lot of with them and get them structure and you can disrepute to get some of us to occupations I don't have to use the slightest published in The Daily Damascus privately as you can configured may be published later and your application so you can do with that the way the and then we have users and you create German diamondback and them gives that makes sense to the occasion on which he just look hillslope look on
them at the development now change from developing to to let them free and we had a long discussion about reinventing the band the and building in up from scratch and doing really you will application to me of the occasion but we want to keep all the girls said we they had time to sit and talk to them or to recreate the was last week so we still to go to development of 4 but parallel to create a three and we have solutions or so that the audience is there was someone who was not met them from or is using that some many OK so the US so we just thought was the
growth of the last few like sitting or community of service and load of difference users with different was different topics that they had to have more than you can bring these components to get what you can bring to separate occasions with few miles takes you can handle it services and was a Tory and then you can say for a with groups and users and this time that he was groups and effects have to the application of the law so let's have a closer look
at on the street components will start with application such but I can't say what all many implications as you like and in this depends on the review of the longest sea plausible that may be enough but maybe you want to create Caldwell's have played on the success to some people still you can set up an application which owns the was excessive they have made the editing functionalities which should not be used for more than have services at the moment all we focus on the W and that only W F services made with is on and but we will supports the fastest well or W as more and that is also and them we focus on the type of schools that are available from players because the use of banned 3 and so we will be more modern was bought by the cells which are possible to use with a win the local
Applications basis the standards that 3 applications that you get when you do things that they should so you see I am reintegrated only has met components and would build elements that you can see him Applications like you have medication to bomb and you have no way humour that you can integrate and you can do it all in the back and with a few clicks accountability over the application like the 1 who had ever seen that you can't select escape the application you can do it all with a medication less well but because that is where you can change
project you have actually
with the likes of Bob means that you can use a new application and you can over a 3 like this week all the services integrated and you can drag and drop so spot to lead the Labour you don't want any of applications in the late Tree you can disabling or get information from the last day of the the jaws of integrate the tree in the side public shown here in order to create the legend him as well and you can build up your own complaint and used to come as long as you want and you can created
actions land and the W mass load of the you can enable them to use it was using the application to occasional public demand for the application of the new show
up in the early entry in the contract and disabled or handles the integrated with another
measured component you can measure the distance or you also can measure and area and get the world to have a print kind where you can provide different print and played during can provide different quality and provide from scales and you possibilities to take the match print and then next part of the
time this was configurable so you can provide your print and play was the blow and document which to exploit Piet and all the
template said she could see the kitchen defined homeland you want which size for which was and was the
sun is head of the application of the more interesting now houses were 1st you have to help
him when you instalment band the 3 will have to define the at the station and the use so that's what user only their new said this time trying to speed up and you can look in with its users and as you can see here was from the possibilities to provide registered linked to to set of 4 back of people can't register and and create home applications he will have to pay this off can provide the broadcast and
but only you don't win you don't want other people to register with them after look and you have this you where you can see that you have a lot of applications here in the middle you has functionality to try to eradicate sell or to called the and Applications you can evidently changes with the idea you can population acute application and was across the candidate at every modelled on the skills of functionality such lot of application to land on the findings of the application of the user at the last Sunday's between where you can now choose a married to create a new application for a new update
case made of title and all your Tideland descriptions and after being created that you can choose from different and later we provide different and them their different because they set up the and different area in this applications he insists to a ball which should be taught aside by which is before whether they can be in that we have become represent maybe case and so you have all these various and really but now have and better
just this the last but some every region and then you get
always like in this case of a that means that 1st post simple thing so for every element have configuration basic to regime will have to the fighting which play as it may be wise to so which will change courage stop extensive use and maybe which gave the world the for after defined in this case
the Madeleine and this is the the 1st application to create and libraries for what your application can integrate more violence and you can set up an application out like you want to call 0 this was bowled the application card and
knowledge look at are concept is that you have to wonder you can have your posted a request was so you look at 1 of like W and 1 time to go back and then he went to the movies to your applications and still have the Overview on the service and Owais can updated from point adminstration and and get only view on what services you were handling the pupil you could take a hit of the summer and huge time control access and the and so hot is work your nose
service you at Elland coveted you can access services with 2 Tests but the them into the April after you Edita's
those tools that and method and knows everything about the service from the capabilities demand and you get all the information about the words from the moment and applications and you can have a look at the meted out the contact and most wanted from the and I will have the service to applications and he can now make changes like you could say OK maybe took home of the of board of this case is that I'm not interested in that you can think of them quite can change in the position of the players but we can draw you can change the world but that it has
not let's have looked for a way to sell
a lot of Ahmed solutions their customers with a lot of users like in the city of Hughes with different needs and you can provide a uses for every using the city administration and and you enter username cost what an e-mail may be special profile that this the and spying profile at the end them you can add subset users to work an application we see here we have this day much occasion that created the UK and this use that and not its Hewitt's has and and index has this application so it depends on how much you want to get to the Hughes and you can kick on the and assigned its has to different rights and this 6 under shows how use its success to of an application but you can find groups as well as signs uses to groups and his right to a group if you have to handle lot uses its much more OK but that was
information about banque and so what if you're not into programming and you find was clicking on the link below was and applications and service repositories the banque and the and the trees a group that and I now want to use solutions that people really want the strangest assault on their way out the that the industry screenshot that to get from a to B insulation and now here we can see the appeal for close a to point of city the 40 Germany with the was and usually reduced its killed on that you total and make a search will look some information that you are interested and and then you can and then was stabbed map and get them on side you can draw a direct control land and disabled and whom you can to different backgrounds to sell their get that information on the things that we saw in the application and determine said
transparency for Labour or you consumed while they may be edited but you can see at the beginning for you can go to the layout walking selection are Cammell from and with another solution
which solution when you want to go citing and you want to find out who that you might take you can take a search of fund which is that you want to take and you can profile and can explore attempt to from for once and 1 thing that you can see here is that you have indicated cooperation that you can make it to set up your own dialogue and applications can be made and a catalogue in this is not your
full that its from an independent that Germany and he used to get that you can get died from nations have lots of topics in your application you get a separate taps was this information about the things you to choose then he is the best of
times concepts of their new applications where you could information about and didn't he now for users we read of the with with which was OK so it wanted to look at the work 4 per the and
the and the cell Otavalo at the component reuse and and the green and we use simple they're Peachtree framework the basis of the moment and that is was a good solution for us because it was to we did say everything on all but the mesh components use a handling and everything on the promise of to we can use of components which are injury created in this kind of work and may use of which he was the only provided from of light between which is days Abstraction to is so we can provide a lot of thought that the food is and did don't have so much work to do so reusable feels chief of the 22 as well as cement component regions of the US and we community cage was as as possible was group which has the sort of between the application and the USA they created and has all the sounds we can set up a different sort of the next and and free we do regular rhesus which went to the release of the year and we have a road map of predefined stones and the next Ms would be to provide more Ductus also we want to go for the best part false we want to provide a service on data we want to provide only Oregon working on an asking L W S detestation tools so you can be at the start was Street and we these or may be in June Germany there was a surge of the blood daily we headed to the occasion we do Lucine's version with some of was as and W search but they are not integrated approach and and we want to bring this to a close we of the finished the Liam and and which would be the explosions and we will work with all the time so
if you want to get to know more about them and you can visit we or website to get more from
you will find the documentation and dog but that 3 or 4 you find information about insulation and the bulk of elements of the storey that you can use that you have the benefit to
move that you can use it to register and then you can try out the medication and you have less than 3 almost should not so he could tested on this year but it's not the worst of the worst so installations as quite
easy and you can download the Tigers or you can it so from Kate to put the Tories that you download and to find information to degree where for
more information can the site and it's all about them
joins the presentation of the press and half some here to the players and the game of the in the case the question was what I'd Camcam always use of so maybe you know and use of a hand and that has meant restoration back and well too old to provide also rise successfully applications and it has a front and that can be exploited overlayer Applications so we want was by the way we are independent from the W S service provider so you can integrated only ominous from maps of accused to use over the dozen Amanda you could do it in the juice of you could be in for external W as well but we have to was on his to do before for the setting out you point functionality which is not you connect with those providers but may be too much of what education would in choose but that's OK because of the huge amount of pressure and we will keep the ball in the nett worth of the life out in the end we are there there are 2 test and some OK and
Alice that of Professor of like can the shows and allow a review could make simple analysis and at the moment but as early as if you were offered only of Mosul maybe you could she was editing also functionality but we don't have this classification and managing to create a chance we had it in him to win maybe that's at the moment that we have to I'm really implementation of that we we have had the forum have been that the 2 were to get it right and that 3 as well because it in the early part of the Met and the version you could likened to a surge in a special framework you can be fined your real before the house was in the area and the results are you would only say that the results in the match because W last summer called the filter added to the kidnap progressed but we did not provide that and made look provided by integrate the and it's much easier to define the creative and and it was if you use the word but in maybe we are at the moment the point that we want to bring all the basic functionality to and 3 and a before was all the things that are cast was which were using them will be before that they are satisfied and get the best functionality but that will be told to rebuild the before the look how we zooms extended it has created applications to ended standards the number of birds in the trees began the the move will try to build this OK so the question was how can extend or if you have was met by Maj official cities his to extend the ban it he has to stand up and get out of the way we are concentrated on Symphony and we have had this fumbled philosophies now when we are extent and that and the application what more functionality really Thesis of the Bible and also feel as well so he would implemented a system for the public at the application by the and Ohio simple it is to do some loyalists are available to those with a things in the a year in the UK over a for him to do so do it for you