The Geodata Agency's Data Distribution Platform

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The Geodata Agency's Data Distribution Platform
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Digital distribution of geodata makes it possible to improve the efficiency and accuracy of our professional users' data collections on an ongoing basis. The Agency's Digital Map Supply is a national infrastructure to distribute geospatial data to all kind of users. Subscribers to the Digital Map Supply receive their geodata via web services, eliminating shipping time and resources. All services are based on OGC standards e.g. WFS, WMTS, WMS and WCS. Furthermore the Digital Map Supply exposes a range of REST and SOAP services for geocoding, address searches etc. As part of the common public-sector eGOVERNMENT strategy 2011-2015, the government and Local Government Denmark have agreed on a basic data programme. The programme contains a number of specific improvements and initiatives in public-sector basic data, which will underpin greater efficiency and growth. The Digital Map Supply is the infrastructure that is used to supply the geospatial data to public agencies, end users, private companies etc. Furthermore the Digital Map Supply also supports a number of INSPIRE compliant services that The Geodata Agency is responsible of - such as a cadastral WFS. The presentation will show the architecture behind the Digital Map Supply including the number of open source components such as PostGIS, MapServer, GeoWebCache and GeoServer. The Digital Map Supply has been in service for more than ten years and the architecture has evolved during that time moving from commercial software to open source software. Moreover the presentation will outline the future of the Digital Map Supply including the migration to a new, common National distribution platform for all common public-sector data.
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it must be because the background in the UK on the victim leading to the Ministry of Finance said the about on the basis of usual at the Dean to some my guilty that people who said he have taken in the questions were about to to show you what the conducted in the breaking into the water at the base
at the time that the British representation that the June the agency who will not be allowed to private messages are could speak for all of which of the 2 is that the programme that will have allow lot 2nd that this is a Peugeot and then at the end of the lives of highlighting the future
and that is exactly what the clients are hard to sort this out as a bit of this and the other measures that the agency had not decided to build a new life and there produce mapping reproduced in so from the 1st week that a new strategy and a completely new world station this at a time like this is a tragic day the 1st leg of about underestimate background specialized jettisoned and management before that are 1 with just off both commercial and public with all the sort of book that this was a show of proliferation 11 that you can see from this is that we are advantage of data driven alkalisation from the data that the social data collection to that there is a process in place of visualization and end using data applications and the data of this Putian so that some of the decisions in Show all right so that the programme about the
project and the 1st about the government of will released this open data programs basic for everyone and the Ministry of Finance who want the job of this which is legally allowed not behind this and said that they don't do it because find they should they said that they say that the incident obviously
fuel for which it supplies of growth and efficiency the proposals
for the private sector its growth the public sector insufficient to use the site to make rivals Magnum released on data the book this
overview of the basic public data is information about people its information that this was its sort of property information its at the stage where the liberals and the latest data and obviously it's all about the extent of the nation or so the data to a ourselves and we play a key role in this Strand Data Initiative the giant panda is this
for a few days to rather based not the about what is going to create a highly solution that of this financial incentive for Solution of levels of his without release of published by information about where we will collect from the fact that the later and
that it was quite interesting prestigious that part of the year but would rather than what they are based on a complete of the 2 cultures and Distributed that reduced to datasets and its can be used commissioned says it will launch a touch as part of a review by the people acknowledged that the data comes from the at the data and how to get to the use that the service in the UK some that the 2 of us and we ask for that much but that was a huge change of how we used to be generous update if you this dispute
about which are and and just
about a should be so lucky that that that was a bit too complicated from this morning instead of the sale will said that by the end of a week of distributing flat passes with furniture and we do need to be a lot massive amounts of data showed him like a
hawk was based in the UK a year and this is more than likely that the sugar if you like me have to put that to the culture of a table the show with a well with the alliance with the page with India on information you will each of us and it's a problem that day which but that we will use of that 2 of that information about the status of the platforms and Ikea and have a nice work we have that as well and that should be good luck in proved that kind of information into a basket you can have regenerated generated datasets national nationwide dataset because of the size of the biggest thing you are within your own Projections and collected the thought of a good thing she also statement different to the says that the agency had problems with the way the people out there that you can cheque out the country and has a huge advantage we also have to pay the profession uses of we have pulled out of plans to use this to be that it is usually the services a way out of the page with into the or a different services how to connect out of the produced it all information to in order to to you should data in different music systems if we have set had to help you help political power plant that we do have provinciality he features primarily for a profession uses weakened by the loss of a national datasets people life to be because of the success of with activities subscribe to to 2 of the songs and the part of the data is his is updated of Japan everything we do have the information about what you should data provided they have a right to be so you today will struggling treacherous as a bit of a struggle but want to help all customers about a public sector customers about an Islamist require about the infrastructure of the century we have about 100 offers showing the data because the data was released the tried to scaloppine time says today we have a 100 for the 1st we understand yet last week new should be into a 100 of the law and that if that's quite a lot of sugar and on the other hand side of the front page of much worse because of infrastructure provider is the best to work with strategic what we were with the family and the pressure they could actually like just about the same number of what you can be sure that it is a good deal of protracted is divided which all the transfer of funds and the majority of distribution at full back in the centre usual which also without policies and the USA compilers up that's what they do say that the use natural for the demands of the USA and and you cash W has a wicked looking into 2 cash to she will be pretending that will not be used in such as well with coach misses the usual that was commissioned from the bench find them out as a commercial product use of the ability depending on in spite of being a model of what we chose to have a set of political used for so long things were set piece something we developed from scratch available the but that taking and massively every day and you just want to the shootings yesterday they have got quite a few should use of protocol struck which was well said the man was detained it is basically a good used to digest Masinloc files reduced to succeed gigabytes not funds the commission is not about to let the side down request will that it the was 1st issued conclude that this is a record of information should be treated as which uses from which uses to show struck out to choose to analyze information about 2 of the collapse of those we have quite futures were offered by the state for a Workshop and repeat and we have just which brought of to get off with a win over West as well which opened what information which use of the views of the island were needed to review which well ahead of the testers undivided we have different computation charged with to use a little light on the early in the largest ever that we could not win the gold medal and will to use of that England puppets automatic appointed on Fault Cerberus 1940 pop into production yet and Iwelumo that that last week and the last Thursday it found that the move the front page of the Nationwide newspapers which it says like look if you're have discovered the flat the time the extremely that some people group with a two hour as part of a satellite just what got them a tree and a little bit more about how it would look less about when he will be the highlight of the trip to keep up in the peak hours we got 17 requests from the 2nd that doubled to could be another which again said that the city was built in the 1st place a Case of
the accident in the place of growth the usual globalisation about this and that is how we look at the way we do things opened unit agency of which is open to the idea of the data collection of the data we have had a number of different production system in which they take a bit of a different production environment so that is produced in 1 system things to the debate about to talking about computer system is set up at the top of quite a number of years is that the odd data comes from a different production system all go into what we call the June databank scope the and the appeal of heavy uses of it and he was talking about that only a 3rd of all new cars and to make sure that we believe we have the right the distribution of bonds with todays which the house and that was a do that was to keep the later but after what they and before its and spoon into the distribution of England's called have changed that some of which are due to have contributed a text of the at system that had data is move through the system and recently about because the Jews is based around a full of application pasta and that's not about to change but we need to realise that we have to go so that I need to be able to stay out of a federal as well so it is that we need to push less of a threat because it distribution databases on a trip on the approaches we have to have a lot about the state of the species in the UK of the fact that if you are interested in the going Highland we change from for a change of coach huge approaches which that time tomorrow afternoon in the lunch break at that time that the 2 and a new goal to taking to the back of a spoon so that the public would not that good and end a week with plenty to do all right so if the today's programme changed our world quite grammatically on the side of the of the
season statistics are had and if you look at the way he likes to say that the number of users that we have a new team is comes from the growing and then we have almost half absent users who founded the 1st we had a few 100 should not which was at the start the 1st and that the state was still growing quite significantly and and that's on top it is actually the number of Belarus we get a lot of shops and could be a major datasets is basically 1 vast but it was the 3rd time data hours of coming here on told Sir Andrew uses obviously we have a happy uses this a set piece of the island is that new approach we community and and that he could not be on the bench in the 2nd half the 1st day we had the best as he collected to turn it into a bike discs in the West where he showed a good start to get on with it from Workshop said that they say is a was read well on to give a lot of information into 2 of the 3 points on the news of the deal that would have followed it as well as much
about the man still increasing about giant which is in the middle of the summer vacation we moved in we have 120 on 120 million request that and that is necessary amount request that we had there only that the 2 thousand 8 people who know me know like Kate and so we are in regular weekly which include new new Year and the and that into prospective was a stop of such as a change should all kinds of the British team say that as the had been page chief of right W in this country that they choose to they have provided the 1st is a danger of the bet that by day should be day the 2 next stop equivalent to meet the at the June meeting season tabloid newspapers and and not unlike
like that this time they were right and that it will eventually come to the opposite of
much of request upping page views but in the West in the top system that coverage in the news a lot of us up to a point about this the most you should do it has roughly 5 billion views about the strength with which the 1 2 billion request within 2 thousand 30 to eventually to use a certain amount of requests although which uses in this year of the floated the idea of small country about 5 million people and is quite massive interested quite massive data mulch we actually pushing a tree structure talk of
the future but the tragedy of the ability to choose to my future and the future of the species that all the political advantage into the open data programs that would be stupid if want it to look into that you come
into the shoppe to that it actually which will be good in have looking at it said that 1 of the initiatives in this programme is to build a common distribution infrastructure up on top of that the basic Beethoven and the country got distribution solution but public and distribution platform quite at it
as a lighthouse to complete a new infrastructure every week of the Government's latest who had that they say will be pushing the into that so so everybody using database the only 1 place to go with the outcome of a piano would become way of of collecting the
process and that's why it is that he could be a dialogue with 5 so that companies in the beginning it is a measure of finance to are attractive this week just 1 out of 5 agencies in this and the into some of them are so large that should systems do not have to talk contracted sitting at the time of going to bed details about in the
press as well as label in the issues that really but we should not be in a commercial for a lot of time sitting on a side table to what goes on my son occasionally people sweating and working area help of the city as a dialogue with the bat and other the off by about what they see as its quiet and but we believe it is good to see a lot of value because this is kind of like a house that had been done before and in the not so that the child was dialogue you to make sure that we had be approved the right demands and requesting in the UK but the mandate that was mentioning uses may not next year but that where we expect to sign a contract with 1 of these by would
have trouble with that the police in many ways it is part of that said city in the and to a lesser degree in the history of violence and because the house is a kind that is about a lot of things precautions to be to be made to make sure that everything is completely confidential which could be document that sort of place that would be the only 1 that has led to the that it is massive so I'd like head to show that people are going to stay for the application of coming but shoes model pages with solutions descriptions of prizes and the Duchess and the and the sale of its US based at the the piece is actually the big review to the diminish financial uses this figure said that she's calculating the things they want to be his as well but the that
this column distribution local they supply only what to to the to life about the city the ball production Systems complete said that should the Bank will be completed on touch but that Lewis will make up for the slide cuts will move out of could not distribution at Wimbledon for the 1st databases into a house and then we will make sure that the data is almost updated but and stabilize and the
settlement and that's something that that we need to do what you like is a fighting the only knows that if you take that you got a job at the back of a lorry in the City is that the less certain the illusion that you to make to to clean up
at what kind of system the ability to move out of the
system dependencies systems that uses to some of the group that suicide into the database so he made a complete mapping of losses and and public integrated to use of ideas about how could system landscape applied to remember that could just be that and then take the 1st set values and living in the house and is that a lot of stuff going somewhere in the basement or in the field of play and the
and the and the Indian in this comes before global obviously the amount of what they see data or to use the responsible for all data for all which uses less about it and we don't want to have a translated but that would use is already which may be of the order with the public and a way that the public that his got under way on the back of the Ministry of Finance and and the and the basic state of used to make sure that women like the election but the that the group companies like to do the sort infrastructure is is going to live up to what he has to do to make sure that this will be used to make sure that the problem will event as technology advanced just the demands of all so that school as quite simply them in the hope open data programme and not only for spatial Tuesday should say above they and they basic data it away from the spot we have this of
quite interesting and then to play well the citizens of a few of them this way and the with you if you look at the good but the expected that millions teams in the top is a total of just that or data mornings some 95 per cent of the data in the US economy is to be called as or a data that that his best work of reaching the 2nd round of the World established that the programme would set up that the 1st part of the city that would have sold although he added that 25 from public that we can work with a group of quiet and refused to let it go commercial jet that and company is working with choice as measured by the end of the companies the of Kevin and you have and Data Systems after to the size of the
side for the 1st hour
policy and so popular that we had and 2 thousand to ahead the that what the annual conference of the vision of the
world 120 people this year and the beginning world 28 at odds with the 1st of what will be its quite happy of hiding in the back of it should be said in the phone book and I'm not the
kind of environment reasons why the end of the world which often to 2 players of the world in future is that the answer lies in the region to to keep a high availability of acute very stable at all you as much about 1 of the best known of the body says we are hitting with and even 100 per cent of all time which is quite a bit of a possible because of the amazing to be able to to do with the rest of of the European Commission to provide strong spending into to address the issue which passengers when we have a huge with salt all right but the pressures of his
move to see this 1 the solution so it was all of which we have come to show on its we get her 2nd visit the his today is projected and its bid at the end of his 1 million in the 12 13 days from now on I will be huge cake for the agency and have been should be bigger than the judges in the country so that back to show that they were through the hand of the local questions and reading of suprisingly disguised as well and how many and request from on said year talk moved out July we got the 120 million request our services and how many of your 100 43 servers comedy and those who worked on a lot of the old adage that you request out its icon will remember how be that is understand to request is quite a bit and Douglas is also quite a bit of a shock to his duties as its could including the city passenger Huiying system where you can order towns and you go and data-processing and then they get something Kennedy in the coming back and we can download a is not not quite sure what it was to have something was which publishes its feature the just system under the Christians the man who can do it said the number of but using presentation of the journal Science that the facility was do it seems to me that you wouldn't be positioned to help the community almost all the interested opens to see and 0 can take up to go to look you would be 1 of the decision to go to the gloom and doom decision to strengthen the law was data and find new ways to use systems and the and the position and head had to come to that the fact that some of the money presented to suffer because of the use of choice of have and that is usually used to sort out the problem was that as the equivalent of 10 per cent were getting 5 different companies to to get that bit of the solution of the some of them is that they have provided so if they have been selected with the ministry of finance at the end of purchase of the Pentagon and was last over the sub-grid in that at all that we have a lot of which would be the medical mapping authorities on the choice of applications that you get a lot national are usually talk conduct was good with the body take the PM but I said You choosing still has a long way from what it was something scriptwriting illiquid expensive footage is over other books about some yesterday as a model that is that of the air which because we have of the stakes is we which would be about what we want and we don't her Romania's that and it in the benchmark a week which saw the which was actually wanted to do that for us so that we use the term to of the bench loan and and the amount of money that that was the 1st step is actually not a that competitive over before information we get out of it it's just a great questions about his ability research into the benefit of this to restrict the growth and officials in economy there are huge place behind this out in the late great details about the deal could be become the 1st on Monday local contenders for a benchmark study of highly but but there are data due to be voted the 1st holiday with in the number of viewers who had huge responsibility to the show for all the good that kind of attitude issues that point that I couldn't quite see the number of the duration into going into the chaotic last Christian because she was mentioned in the media the and Secret because that it is just 1 of many that the agency's support was you also you consider becoming a sponsor if you have conceded just be using schools in the UK will also help you to get more information for your position and we are the 1st visit to the looking only about making a shows you chapter and signed up for the 1st of the 2 months ago so I would like this to his favourite of this into my head high this because I have to go had a few because some of the shine off a chance to win the and the skirt and they don't you to join me in a number of celebrities