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Where is this IoT bus taking us?

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Where is this IoT bus taking us?
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We now live in a golden age where computational power has gotten so cheap, and so low energy that computers are now entering into everything. We now have devices that can sit on your wrist for days alerting you to dynamic events, keep track of your motion and steps, connect to the wireless networks and report all this data, as well as bluetooth enabled pregnancy tests. Lets explore this new world we are entering in both it's glory and it's bizzare, and realizing just exactly how much power we have both for good, and evil and how being open about things, hardware and software, can help us all.
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to say this will end up then started here the we'll start all the way back to the beginning with the the and this was not exactly an Internet of Things was just the thing at the time because it was the 1st general-purpose computing device the and as you can see it was huge it was big and he told the entire room took like 2 or 3 people actually program program in and ran at the walking speed of you know 0 point very negligible megahertz on and the sum rate as a you know that that this is a device that actually defined every computing device that is common sense and even you know 20 years later at the ENIAC act this is 5 megabytes of storage it's the you know the and loading this onto a large cargo jet at the time I accents rates anemic projections and I just a word kernel airplane at 5 megabytes of that how many people when you snap a picture generate more than 5 megabytes of data if the entire rooms to be raising so you can't even fit you know something that a your camera your cell phone cameras generating onto 1 of these I mean every time I step of a picture of 1 of my my real camera is isn't 26 nights and would need find 5 or 6 of these things just to store the bloody image if and this is the internet quite literally in March of 1977 you can draw on the entire Internet on a piece of paper and in unison is you know 20 years even after the the picture I just showed you and hate it it's not very being but everybody understood at that point and everything that is on that and this is literally the the dawn of Internet of Things this is good old rock at this is that the prelude to the all the internet and this is what we were all this this is how you know what has started the fundamental creation of the Internet of Things the and this is where we are we got cell phones that have more computational capacity that every computer that existed until the late 19 eighties and that's in your pocket the let alone just a GPU itself that to make the little animations and Pokémon go dance around and you know you for a Pokémon balls at the just it's mind-boggling how much power is a cell phone these days storage so I showed you a picture of 5 megabytes then the smallest unit of storage removable-storage that you can get your hands on easily these days is 200 gigabytes in a micro SD card form factor that's not something that's have there a 3rd the size of a postage stamp that's holding 200 gigabytes of storage the Internet has grown at just a little bit that is this is an attempt to map the internet in
2011 it's gotten bigger sense them what the and the problem is is that this is all technology that was their 5 minutes ago everything is changing so rapidly these days that even trying to describe what is currently out there is outdated because you know storage you know I when I double checked this earlier today to enter gigabytes of storage may event that the maximum you can abort within the last 5 minutes although it is a Saturday on somebody could have announced an even bigger job chunk of storage the Internet has grown so astronomically since 2011 and diverse in that picture that it can't even really be display and there are so many nodes now on the internet particularly with the advent of IPV 6 but it's it's hard to even fathom the number of devices that are getting connected to the Internet and the number of cell phones are out there I mean how many people have a drawer full of cell phones that they just thrown away because they still have down on them and they don't wanna like do anything with the this I'm sure everybody in this room has a total somewhere and I do but to now actually the lower right now
kind of but this is headed because really this is the I O t box and know what's coming what's around the corner why is all being done and what's all broken with and what can we do about the that's the that's the interesting part here so I don't this is a really simple device to plug it and either a gas line electrical main you turn it on it
makes things hot the and you turn it off before your house burned down this really great idea so what's the 1 thing we should do that to to you because that's a great idea is they can turn it on and off remotely with my thought because that's not a bad idea at all the
government because the 1st thing you do when you get up in the morning as know pull your phone at like I want
coffee the honestly I can't actually see anybody doing that I'm not sure that the phone works before the copies that had so you got kind of a chicken and egg problem I need to turn the coffee maker on but I the crackpots again a device that makes things get hot controlled by yourself I barely onions the and and then eventually often in the island he really is pervading everything so you knocked out but through the kitchen gadgets you 1st response in the last 6 months I believe came out with a Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy tester this is a almost the restrictive of it's a 20 dollar pregnancy tester this is literally for way Bluetooth low energy divides the 1 time we use and if you're at home and at the device the of finding a pregnant and actually be a possible all this information on your your cell phone giving you offers for in diapers and you know where to go and all these kinds of things and it's an absolutely brilliant and a horrible idea at the same time and and I would I would love to have been 1 of the party meetings were some because so we won't have a Bluetooth well energy device with a microcontroller to this whole thing because of the amount of technology that is required to get from that I didn't to read out even the dad off of the test strip if astronomically amazing at the end it a this is medical this modern medical science I where a technology is actually capable of doing on the spot reading of information and then sending it to yourself undescended coupons I to and of course you know with this being Internet of Things attacks the cloud and reports back to 1st report 1st response of of a bunch of different things under look at another device on that and I'm not including in here for a very specific reasons if you're very curious go and take a look at some of the other talks from Defcon this year and another very personal device known that was found to be our while at while was being used was actually reporting data back to the parent company this is incredibly private information and it's being reported back up to the company and these things exist we get the you know they can the medical line we've got these figures how many people want something that's connected directly to your heart be being controlled via Bluetooth and that's a great idea right has securely onward and I wanna give me the Bluetooth password really if could not take taken so but but but but but but and then a OK you know you that you know medical devices but you know Pollock and curiosity how many people have 8 digital lock on houses at home and what 1 of the ways now as after the fact that have to about it is that the Internet parents that that that that that that the the but I mean know technology is now literally opening doors for us the the book yeah you walk out of the but the powers and I can't open up from as at the end you know they are in the same vein as the door locks we've got power outlet
you know these devices that connect in between you know like your refrigerator and a wall outlet and and and what's the worst possible thing that can go wrong with with a power of being connected to the Internet the and actually answer that question because it's really really horrible so I the so the worst thing that could possibly happen if you have this thing up the refrigerator you see that but mama because it's actually happening is somebody both the refrigerator times at all this that that at at I wish you like uh what does not work you figure out what's going on you turn it back on and then sum the bumps of again and the whole thing turns up at which point the this part didn't happen yet botulism poisoning because everything the refrigerator goes bad and data he died but and thinking of refrigerators the internet connected referred to how many people are had ever even seen an Internet-connected refrigerator and people want an interactive referred to honestly the 1 get why do you want it it nice follow all nice toy I'm sure the people out there there's a lot of other people that was very nice . 2 years ago our God every Internet-connected fridge in the world was used as a spam really the who could think of a that's really really nice tool and that at of but I mean it you know it'll display your calendar it'll tell you when on the next soccer game is and it will tell you exactly what that little blue pill that we all desperately so desperately need art is and where we can buy it on the internet because it's totally not fake it's on the internet it and and and and and this is just the default security missions because it was a web browser on people go browse the Internet from the refrigerator the do about it then know you push the doorbell and lets you know is there and you can hear this can like the door locks and our and TVs our TVs the people of his party I'm sorry that that that that that can be have cameras on them a anybody up on 1 right so he's going to admit that he's probably been infected with a virus honesty and is streaming everything streaming himself sitting on the couch watching TV only just begun all you're better than most people that that that that on the formula and the digress from the TV is a little bit because it this is going to be kind of a digression and for everything here it's connected things a scary the really really scary because once the connected to the internet and they have a tendency for a variety of reasons to want to dial back home somewhere or give you access to the internet I mean this is kind of the Internet of Things and the Internet is a really dangerous place it is a surprisingly dangerous place Mehrabian of people setting up spam relays on the refrigerator the and and you know be uh you know there's a lot of new evidence that's coming out about smart walks being openable from the internet yeah ovens and crock pots accidently burning things down and this is this you know 1 of the things that we've got a thing really started thinking about as we build these devices is I'm teasing gone away that's it's gonna get more pervasive like it the 1st steps the from how many people heard about the birth of the recent issue with uh I believe it's the nest and with specific the nest just completely weeding out turning off the heat in the winter is that you know a couple people heard about this if you haven't it's actually really interesting article on the look it up but the the short answer is there was offered by the and it just turned out he in thousands of homes in the middle of winter because I won't lead burst pipes and people freezing to death and you know pets freezing because they were left in our house that they believe is going to be here in I units there's no the definitely some interesting aspects to that at all that and again so we just talked about the list of which you note that dangerous let's talk about a smoke detector that's connected to the Internet what could possibly go wrong and and everybody's been woken up by that it's all I swear it 3 and every single time this happened spray and the battery once it's gone often yourself detector so what happens if you have we can just you for about what I like every 20 minutes the there or or you know silently not tell you when is actually a fire or their current outside or something and then the this and promised any learnability not besides that long the monitors connected to the Internet this that you plug in your file in the the the headphone jack on the left there i and you plug it in the temperature and people by this is the the connected to a cell phone if you do I really need upload that might temperature being 98 point something or other in the magical Fahrenheit system that apparently is medical b understand the rear the sorry I'm from America and try to work of the it the or what happens when you pull the others that I don't know actually a lot I would not recommend wine all he only your smartphone or a maybe and the work that way that the short something out everything will explode we you know who get hot at that point the but and what the slides of for no other reason than it's just a joke about random products that exist I and I will get and the device that everybody will
recognize this is 1 of the greatest I devices in the world the link system you wrt 54 G. L. you know how many things that 54 jails been plugged into and out of 2 and made do things everything the United States thermometers rumors he never seen our a your T. 54 geo-learning running around a room by using the the nice it's an amazing thing to look for the videos on YouTube I wish I could actually show them but I didn't think that the but these are 1 of the the the most I mean that there and that the 254 for GL is indicative of a device that everybody has and you know everybody in this room probably understand how works and the people know how and network what's actually and I'll get mirrors triggers people of throughput of the audience razor him how many people they think that everybody else in the world better understand how this works all no 1 knows you take that who the added the and you know and I put this up here for very specific reasons and I've got a few more devices and a shorter but every 1 of these devices wants to be on the internet but nobody knows hunting finger that except for about the you know 3 quarters of people in this world that you get hit by a bus because that would we wouldn't the world would lose a great many people look at along so all these devices figure out really neat ways the dial back home usually but it by setting up a reverse of proxy mate ial back out and then they connect to some magical central server so that your your cellphone when you're standing here and here in Germany and talk to your device that sitting in Portland Oregon the because they are not doing that over a VPN in 1 begins are hard evidence of up on that except for the 3 quarters of people in this room and to well it's just usability issues you know you most normal users are you know they don't understand the net works very well and you and some that in our own fault for making that was hard and some of us just because networks are hard on and companies want to make you know everybody you know want to be able to control their thermostat from the phone they want to be able to control the right he can you know the IP cameras were the random outlets the coffee maker assuming they're not 1st thing in the morning on you know it and they wanna be overshadowed denied leave the stove on the many people have would would have loved to have had a delayed leave the stove on Apr the from where going away a couple people is that is I mean you know the the convenience factor for a lot of these devices really is there the Internet is is actually bringing something to these devices that didn't exist before and it is really important and really powerful except for the coffee I still try again don't understand I the you the the the the the smart outlets I mean a lot of these outlets even include devices to monitor energy usage and if they you know they reach some you know magical level that turn things off I mean I know people who are working these up a soldering irons to prevent themselves were accidently burning down you know uh that their shops and labs I know people who were or had been up to you know all kinds of different things for the either CT purposes of monitoring purposes or even just you know so why not in that room just an internal the because you know every carries a cell phone around with them all the time this is the most wonderfully trackable device in the universe constantly broadcasting Wi-Fi constantly broadcasting cell signaling constantly and for most people constantly broadcasting of Bluetooth low energy or at least would you know if you have the right centers around your house you could pinpoint yourself with in you know inches inside your house you could you know turn devices on magically as you wander from room to room because you know that both a brilliant idea and 1 of the scariest things I could even remotely think and that's it that's and people of that you only make 3 of us in the entire world how of that they they use more American than that almost everybody has 1 of these devices and a really neat thing is is I can be of absolute jerk right now and promising program on my my cell phone and everything that this room will get sink to the club and I have never seen you before in my life and there's another 1 over here and I've never seen you before in my life and yet my cellphone will pull that off of the device that you were carrying on you to do all of that through it which means that I also have all of your data how often is that but if you have a look at the the it will be the last of the the but
but but and I mean and some of it that's even have VOM rudimentary ability to track and where you're at not quite GPS accuracy but they can I give you you know you walk like this way we need the really complicated accelerometers and and you can do dead reckoning based on a really good at accelerometer which means that all that doubt about where you then you have about 2 I mean for all I know you know I like I could pull the that and you could you could have been at McDonald's an hour ago probably worked on to you when I talk with but you know I and you know a lot of the interval energy devices the other actually do this they do no authentication they just broadcast information you know specifically when the missing but er that now that that did at the system just inquiries are you affected I would like your dad think gives the all data and I uploaded to the court we understand that our little party might just collected at now to be fair all and getting is a unique idea step the generally your step out west and yeah OK fine but I've got a unique ID which means that I can track you the effect of up and if I have a bit of a network of devices that victims people into Florida I could fall Europe and yet but these certainly not really great devices that but living at about 1 on me and what was the
conference organizers alerted me to the serotonin
about science this is a Wi-Fi-enabled at here so in this will monitor with your pet eats how much needs and then it will dispense based on various criteria that's built into it and it's connected to the Internet and and the thing about this for a minute but all you know I'm out on vacation for a weekend and finally you have something food great with speed and someone except what happens when it doesn't the fighter for like a week because you're not all right understand the I'm not advocating that by any stretch of the imagination I think that's horrible idea but the and of course from the the from the king of this morning everybody plays bottom under right a reasonable right what about you know how can 1 go do it invites because of that guess this that in breast like that used to be the but you know we we've now got gains their generating chunks of forward I hope you play the game I mean this is like a controller this is just like a watch the dead you know when you wander around and you get near problem on your phone then tells the what you hear about much and you 1st about the catch at all it does it is currently a Bluetooth low-energy but and by the end a small by agreement this is the Internet of Things view the things you're building right now and these are the things the actually and these are obviously all things that are making it to market it is that there are things like Kickstarter and Indiegogo and everybody and with it would have an idea I don't suffer work is putting these things out and families are absolutely amazing I don't want you know at a library to think that I'm drawing these up their time to mark them all and kind of mocking them but some of these devices are genuinely amazing devices and in the Fitbit is actually got you know more people to go into exercise by gamifying on exercise that I've seen in yeah ever in my entire life and never seen a device that's actually been successful in getting people to go and walk a hypothetical 10 thousand steps we can argue about the accuracy of the 10 thousand Steps later the and you know that there's there's people who were not taking and moderately odd even just the the the home on going to be blank work I and control systems you know people are
actually you know monitoring and watching what their and their houses and their buildings do better and they're they're making changes either to save energy would realize 0 I really don't need the air-conditioning on today which astronomer because all these devices and the uses a brilliant plan and by the apart really I had the devices about brilliant and horrible all the same time there's really no way to get around this that I I have I he devices sitting in my house right now I've got a bunch of IP-based cameras on you know in IP-based errors are made
in China in a way where they claim they're not
the is a relevant bromium China and all phone home the I've turned off everything for these that uh every medical jet parts I can find the firm were and are all still trying to funnel and what I know this because this through the moment of the LAN firewall the view also it couldn't connect to the Internet and I watched all the of the attempted traffic failed and if these are brand name cameras are all trained from home all trying to tell the company that made them something and I have no idea what it is yeah they're not supposed to be going home any of their I've got a as he waited for which it can actually was the way it's 1 of the low power on home automation tight control systems these days that the entire device lives in my house runs on my network it's great it's also contained except for 1 small piece it connects to the Internet to do authentication I can't authenticate to my local device without going to a cloud provider that the the manufacturer provides log into their website at which point it redirects the back to the unit in my house what could possibly go wrong with that entire OK and by the way you can't control anything less relevant I've been having with that particular manufacturing that for a while they're not that of and the like that but on there 1 thing here and the power and most everybody in this room
really isn't it I find this particularly amazingly you know we're were different or even just on it just is yeah these are the things that are here to help the us actually solve all these problems because these devices are being manufactured and that only people I mean you've all got solvents in here how many of you have on your how many you have a marshmallow on your device the so all the people who have their hands up 80 per cent of them lowered for the people at home how many of you have on was only for Martian but completely valid but again we have a lollipop maneuver not many take out the and the you have no idea what version and writers is on your phone well the but I have you have 6 which is marginal the with the effect of how many of you have 5 acts something we just get that a lollipop sorry the the numbers are or how is it really can something go and talk to a bring to about the 3rd the naming scheme is I don't understand it but the any service where you work on I mean I I I accept the on the you know the obvious paid to me not that I think that they did but now we're like on a completely different letter of the alphabet and I don't I I I mean you run out of 4 . something on and that's that was asking present but 3 if any of you want you please just give me your cellphone I would give you a new 1 that's half of really we want use something what we use 1 or seriously of mono he might not always 29 dollars US of the and you can run marginal what 0 you are really saying is that you haven't got a security updates in like 4 years for 5 years of did you have any kernel security more like kernels security vulnerabilities there then since then but you can my will did that did the user browser on for you How many people think that's a really bad idea the effect you're all right if if if if the at and I'm writing on it if for no other reason that I wanna use that as a point here is that you devices are not getting may you know and all all those devices that I showed the by companies and they all have 1 real big goal making things get it out there so you buy it and then move on to the next 1 because supports really really hard In the long run you know the car companies cell phone manufacturers nobody remaining even you know computer manufacturers in the general sense I don't want to support things for you know more than a very small amount of time little cost to them and you're buying devices at the lowest possible cost already which means the margin just basically don't exist and so they're they're they're want to support these devices for a long period of time is basically 0 so and this presents an obvious from because then you end up with cell phones that are running Android 2 . something when running grade 6 . something I know what I mean the absolutist as but that the the number of things that have change urban fixed storm if you have been found to be a problem in those in those 4 intervening versions of at least 4 years and it's more like 5 with to something our this has happened since it's crazy talk and yet you know there's still people unfortunately running around for whatever reason I I had no idea we for it is other than it's probably really nice phone interpolar has a weight of real keyboard and yet the fact that a half of the real key managed I miss real keyboards and so on you will yeah but my title has not gotten better without a keyboard 10 days with it said that I be running a cell phone with 2 on but but here's a here's what 1 of the biggest things that's going to help all us in this is not a surprise to any of the others in this remaining you're you're at an open-source convention of the conference we'll get open it opens it if everything was open source we did we store and fixing the because at some point we all want to just go and fix things you want did make a battery wanna change things but open source only want so much if you got access to the underlying hardware and he knew with lots of uncertainty you can actually get even read on yourself on that you and but they believe that as a much smaller a handful of people who said that they had 100 times for any phone in general and it makes it really hard did they get access to these things give you know again companies don't open these protocols they were don't open up the the hard work except that that's 1 of the things that can save us uh from the impending mass that that we're all looking at open source harbor honey even even heard of open source our on colored with Michael he said that up and explain on open-source Harris is 1 of the things that it makes everything easier gives you really great starting point to build your own devices from and honestly it once a company stops learning to support something why would they want to make an open-source harbor because then you know people are going to go off at any is there going to maintain it that merely that also means that you're not going to buy the latest greatest widget that they put up form of and is it advantage here that use open source software specifically the word Foundation power that middle were Foundation which have to be a member of on and even more which is another open harbor platform is that these are devices that are out there you know people are taking in using in all kinds of ways and you've got companies are making open-source hardware and using open source software and putting everything out there so people can build stuff seed and in fact that the device up the the uh the red PCB is actually a small microcontroller Publius PET 266 when a guess what it's really great for internal kind if some Wi-Fi to built into honest to god of the full Wi-Fi stack including access point the entire world at least in US dollars was 1499 when I looked at it yesterday 14 99 for an entire so you you get the other that just the model itself on that specific break you can get the chip that runs all of that for 5 dollars I mean what what when and and even less if you know what the this might not be an official here's the 266 from that we answer they do all come from China and uh yeah marketed often that at I'm not going to get into that I'm sorry what is this gets back to the others in the back to the brain and the does demise the the the double the cost of the pregnancy test and 10 dollars to 20 dollars to the to add the the extra functionality but this is why they can do that is the hardware is so bloody cheap we literally living in a golden age of computational performance so he had only those for
nobody cares about that IDV 6 saying except you know everybody that should care about if we think that from the yellow and we're literally living in a goal a golden age of computational performance and cost and if you go back to the when computers 1st exist world 1st media this is a computer that would have taken up probably more than this 1 in floor space and the amount of power and cost to run it was just astronomical and nowadays we have more computational power In my watch the nodes to stood in the row Android somewhat more computational power and that exist in the in the in the in the near in fact not only more computational power in life that that existed in the media and these are devices that were buying phone up a pittance for computational capacity and is PD 266 is i it's probably faster than the 386 with you know a lot of a screw up programming on and yet I did my dad for as little as 5 dollars I can stick it into pregnancy tests and literally thrown away because it is now searching and in a way to think about that for a minute computation computational power has gotten so cheap we can literally use it once and for all and the this is how is is not defined as a golden age for everything we're doing and 1 of the most frightening things I could ever say is we're you know we're at the point they were computation our computational capacity is that it's terms of but and here's why hope those things actually the no this doesn't work please don't
try this at home and we do like these sorts of things really badly if you think of the and who was that the and further you too young to realize that the soul is that's a parallel port connected to the error a parallel port no modem adapter that's connected to a serial or parallel the serial port adapter that connected to a serial port appears to adaptor that's connected to appear students do USB adapter that's connected to a USB flash drive you know that this really doesn't work I'm not even sure the power flows properly through that he and I think the power that comes out of a pearl 12 all such really document will flashed to hit but you know a and the reason open source software and hardware is really going to change that uh is not only changing the world as it is that a lot of the devices that you know that are in the Internet of Things are coming out of or or Italy's vaguely related to the other the the open-source harbor that exists is because people are taking all these devices of doing things differently then what they manufacture actually intended I mean how many people honest to goodness properly that that would low-energy device that's in the pregnancy test that was actually intended for a pregnancy test device people would even thought of that and it's absolutely brilliant yet but take a Bluetooth low-energy device and this and that yes we could have still greater than a given coupons or they the the ketone fridge or the content of the I mean how many of you back something on
texture 0 come on don't lie but just because it didn't show up at your house doesn't mean that you didn't back in the this the OK fine but then you know that there's a lot of the I mean people are just coming up with ideas and these are the small existed before but computing a mean things about about so cheap and so easy to do either because open harbor now exists and is of making this more approachable on that make you have morphogens shot people or the whole or from the harbor perspective offers no more approachable do that open-source software on the sample pervasive and everywhere but these are things that would yeah everybody's got everybody using a and they're going to take every piece of ITER suffer heart women use in ways that we never even of match and the people in the world forgive we right the harbor people in the audience right and it's really got and I and actually suffer a person it's turned into a harbor persons and we're to be talking a topic on which is now the is in Delaware really talk to you about this weird at the transistor that I found and everybody's like what kinds of the that where's my formally on but it turned out how many people in the seen the code used in ways they would never have you thought of why now that can't be this all I can work on that really boring things the Muriel of gasses but what that at the I'm sorry this is really the i got really needs storage stuff that I'm working on if you wanna come help with this at least probable rotted storage which is by definition on the but I mean go find it adding that even suffered being used in ways and nobody even remotely and in the harbor boards that I had been making lately it takes me 12 different programs they get an image to add a taxi showing up on a piece of a a half of however you just add that might even an outline for a PCB it takes me 12 programs and I'm sure that when the get out of 10 of those programs that you probably 11 of those on never thought they'd using PCB design and the Inkscape gamma the image magic the and maybe some PCB design tools OK so results are designed to fit the of the fact that the but that everything that we do and everything that we touch these days is when used ways that were never went understand or that we're never going to predict which leads into 2 obvious statements the 1st is stop believing that you know where I users are going to do with your software and start listening to them because they're going to things that make no sense to you and even after features that this seems absolutely ludicrous but it may just be that your tool is less bad than everything else they can use the and that's why the trained to solve their own problems with and to just don't be open to the possibility that you know what l touched on then again the magical of the Linux and representations in honor of that back I because if things are open we at least have the power to fix that I'm sure nobody in this room has never run into a bug on a piece of software that the using and immediately Don out screamed bloody murder with the pageant submitted at no 1 right no 1 good because I'm sure I've received so that's something like think on but it added for doing this in the open and were doing this and harbor and doing this and for we actually have a chance to fix things which means that all those weird common accounts I had about devices earlier even if they're not fixable when the device comes out if we have the opportunity to go and fix them later this means that we as an entire society are safer and better off and again everything is going to be used in ways you never even remotely thought of this is a conference badge an electronic conference badge that is that as that was from a security conference 2 years ago at a conference someone turn it into a quantum and and this about it flew and then there's a video on youtube that flying and I can't and I honestly while doing this provision I could not think of a better example of people would use things in ways that you would never even really thought of as a conference that has a bunch of blinking LED is and some touch pad areas and some through whole pins that you can catch more things to it and what it is that we and the fluid a new idea this the but I want I want people to start thinking about not what they're trying to do but what other devices or the soffit could be used for yeah yeah don't don't ignore your for your major focus But except
that the world is changing it will always be changing and people are going to do things in ways that you would have never expected and I'm running slightly faster so hopefully you guys have a lot of questions and not about the flaming at octopus with the uh
replica canine sitting next to it this is that where you can ask us about it to I will happily answer them like the United the I did not know the giant 20 so question comments that photograph was taken at the San Francisco Maker Faire I believe 3 years ago 2 years ago so that is the where you get 1 the that they answer him if it did you can build the octopus you have to
know the sentences that yet again so that the question is then we get that how is open hardware save us from the secure area that the lack of security that may be coming out with existing device so depending on how this all works it can't because a lot of companies are not when open source their designs are not going to give you the ability to to to do anything with uh with the designs and this is kind while I pointed out that you're t 54 G L is because links is never an expected anybody to go and start modifying the firmer on the device and yet the did you have people I mean every people like us in this room were dedicated enough to go there's Linux and this then I want to be able to control I need to be able to change and they went and they open the device this figuring this out open harbor makes it easier because at least at some point you can publish all of this and you can save everybody in this room and absolute a ton of time and effort reverse-engineering what's already been made I'm not saying that you know what a product and that it has to be immediately open source hardware you know maybe you run a cycle that every 2 or 3 years as a as a device you know literally falls out of favor out of use you open source the design because then at that point but for Germany's who's got the the the imprinted out you know something found he could at least try enough is that you know opens that's open you know our of inspect every piece of hardware he could actually try and get marginal running on the device but the in all likelihood because the device has been closed the manufacture doesn't wanna supported anymore and probably have to people who worked on a particular platform of gone from a company there's no mind share laughter to even remotely go and work on that device so I'm I'm making an advocacy uh and advocacy play here for open harbor because it gives everybody a chance maybe not necessarily right at the beginning but it eventually to be able to go in and modify and change things that that's beneficial but you know all the a and B if a company starts from about a point of Open Hardware you this actually encourages them to come back and give it back to the open world mean that there there from companies are taking on I can't speak to this we are that they're taking the middle aboard they're putting it in the products right now on and the changing facts about the work but also giving those changes back mean the kind required to because of our licensing this work CC BY SA so that magical essay that means they have to give it back finally the GPL but some but it but these companies are still making money on product you the manufacturing things and yet you don't just you know it because anybody can take this make themselves these companies are still making money they're still seeing a profit so this kind of start putting a nail in the coffin of all if we open this up whatever make the so I and kind a roundabout way today dance your question but it's the on the all to we the what so you the and that so many paraphrases slightly on what is my understanding of open hardware with respect to the chips themselves and whether the chips or whether I would consider chips that may have open data sheets that you can go and look at it to be open or not that that's kind of writing this year you're talking about you know is there is there even that the point of is it better to do it on the FPGA route where you may control more the hardware Sahaba design so I actually follow the the open source for associations are pretty closely on for my personal belief and arms generally speaking I see open hardware something that I can go and I can modify and I can change on my own i which is you know kind of you know what the GPL says about software anyway but that doesn't necessarily mean that you know things like the Atom chip that's on the minimal you know yes most of the uh the specs for that particular chipper the known but things like you know frankly the microcode is not you know that make it but that make the I the intelligent that's used on it's not suitable for a bit harder that ends up in a in a mostly religious arguments over whether you believe that and you know that any closed peace means you can uh because the entire designer and I I would argue it does not because frankly building that you know the a and that an open hardware design and I can pick and choose what pieces I put on there that also means that I have the ability to choose what pieces may or may not work for me so let's you know let's say the transistor it doesn't have an opening up data sheet for my purposes I can at least the I these have the opportunity or the the possibility of going in finding another 1 that may have a more open data sheet that basically a transistors 3 pieces to it it's kind of hard do not understand what it is but a you know you can still this any piece of the design exactly that you're going to be able to find everything and that would work for you probably you know maybe maybe not it's a tough call the you so you Oh no no I I would absolutely include things like get PGA is in the open harbor movements you know that that I mean that they're just another piece that may or may not be on your design and mean you replace the entire you CPU on from a lot of the the open boards now with an FPGA and you control the entire world and put quotes on the the SSE itself on the other a I'm not saying that we are not saying that an FPGA is exclusive open hardware and I'm not saying that the rebate I Caesar exclusive and everything is in that space and I know that all of the theory of if you a I a In this I agree with you know and again it's going to come back to some of my commentary about a the normal user but you know what what I would like my devices really does really not to call home there's a lot of people who I mean my mind I have multiple the lands my my home network I'm really we're though and I accept that I'm like normal people are over there and I'm somewhere in the next county over the in comparison to how my network is set up I and I agree you I I would like the option that they did really tell these companies I really don't want to call home really I'm going to go live in my own little microcosm but that's I am the outlier in this case I'm not the moment I'm not the normal situation on but it would be awfully nice if I had you know more direct access over the this offered stack read the harbor stack that exists in these devices so they could go into stable that modify or just you know write my own you know i piece that from a cameras for instance the area of more personally I would pay substantially more but as far as I can tell in a lot of cases these options don't even exist so a at this point my my choices I can't get the feature I actually want which means I'm going to go and pay the cheapest amounts that I can for to accomplish labels and then you take the a giant band hammer of my firewall and turn off the the ability to go on the Internet and so and yes that's results and functionality what you lights 0 yes I I I absolutely I absolutely most I I don't know how I didn't put it in a negative light bulb of up there arms and yes I I completely forgot to add this that if you really wanna see some the most interesting acts in the world goal of uh hats for the internet that labeled those things are some of the most read to a suite of badly hurt to face this in the war of but the really cool by you could have would you lights nationwide international why worldwide I start to get the sadly it in the that that there may be enough infected labels out there that that could actually be done at this point it anyone else questions comments and I'll be around so if you've got anything more specific you want everything about by all means otherwise I will give you back the I believe like 3 minutes for 5 minutes of your day