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We will introduce an open platform for Voice Communication Systems for Mission Control. Our own background is Space Mission Control Room Conferencing at the German Space Operations Center. Markus Töpfer
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hi I'm markers a set and then from the model works that's my reported at the and to most probably it's a bit different than what you would expect so it's not about the specifically open-source software it's about an open-source system design and it's about the men aren't architecture a bit more than just the software and I will from talk about this and explain the background and explain what we did all the specified it and why we specify the so the with the public we need the probable case space mission control or what a space using control and how it is done and the German Space Operations Center the that's a picture of the Mission control and was an admission control you have a lot of different positions which are to working on a specific task said who monitored or controlled all and do some holes keeping of a satellite or a space station I know this is a picture of all mankind problems k 1 edge is OK and then and that's the time man but it would launch an order early all but 1 over the positioning of satellite and there a lot of different people work together in the same room and they communicate specifically for the task is each other so we have 1 who is responsible for the power system and other 1 was who was ponder before the example from this fast of another 1 is riskless bond over the whole would mission and a community communicate with each other within that specific tasks that was in the wall and even if they're all in the same room there's a voice communication system to communicate because otherwise it's just too long and the that's why there with a headset and the communication was a people in the controlled together and the Committee communicates the delta of the perform better for example if it is a satellite stop than they need to talk to the people of the long space the and things like that and that's a high activity phase and the launch of a stone and other activities the use of this this of if you are Crown salts operated and and if your for people that communicate different stations to work on handle the trick of also said like this and think like that so the tool give a bit more Introduction to was communication system that is Columbus as an example for voice communication system because that's most probably the most known space missions in Europe and before we start the need to to some yeah some naming convention in the the space industry the voice conference or channel or who is called worst so that's the terminology forced us to introduce it here because I of but during the presentation from time to time and there was a bit nothing more than just worst conference with this some people and for the International Space Station we have set up so that use a very responded before 1 pot and that the Columbus portal which is operated in the Columbus 4th under the space time
is a multinational corporation with a lot of partners outside of Europe and this over former were system perspective yeah connected to all our constant used in and to Moscow these are the main up links to the spatial uh to the stations and in Munich via a hot which connects all other you pin sites for example universities which to some experience on the board of the space station on a industry which is doing some some time passed on board of the space station and that's all connected the wire Munich so that's that the happiest set up and and up in this In Japan but that's not directly connected what system was so knowledge systems used have an operator troops which is using the touch screen To select the communication channel on all was to from use using a headset or sheep and under you will see of there was push to talk the boys we have come to the but later but that's a very important device for voice conferencing systems at stations on tool the system interface looks something similar to this you have you know rewards will set up their selective were so you have different participation states was in war out the strongest this this different so for example participation stages of along you to talk and it's on you and me and another 1 which is the for morning going is only that's in control and another 1 which is not selected thing great but if something like this as an interface and then you talk to other people is an exam is useful and unique and therefore the war schools was number c and we have someone in useful and or a of which has the worst loop enabled for Paul that's why it's shown in green and the skies communicating with someone in Munich about which is listening to the new in tools and a lot of different people are connected to the blueprint and to the 10 combination they just here so and but some it is a flight slide director and the flight director and were a this saying whatever you want to say and the other 1 all the it information where the blue that's a classical conference that's something you can do with each conferencing system which is available that's so nothing special what is this what a specialist that we use what goods in parallel so we have a lot of different more schools which are ripped running in parallel and you'll be able to listen into all of these 4 schools at the same time and the communication is transmitted in parallel that something is a very special for this kind of systems I don't and the other 1 is these participations they just talked about the listen participates in space and you are just allow to monitor so I never talk to enable participation that there are allowed to talk and abortion through and if that the talking stage that's a statement actually talk in order to all that's this this past pushed a populist just talk about so you press a button to enable the microphone and then you talk on that loop which it should you have previously selected for talking that's because accommodation in the worst was very format for you don't want to have some background communication that's going on in a controlled to be transmitted with and what that's why we have these push-to-talk figure which isn't and an active of which is unconnected ctivity to make sure the what was going to talk a little section I could've once the top that so he's and other action which is but despite intention it's not of by chance that these these present the proper the don't get this war based access control
model that if a user which is for example the flight director and the flight panic but
have the permission to talk on that specific voice to some this in a 24 7 operation scenario need several users which are flat directors which has the same commissions said because of the cost to form and the same thing so that's something you will you will know form other administration environments that thing that's nothing very special here at this conference but that's something that you to explain of other the conferences that be defined the label for each for because now all loops connected in interface and
then the use select some of the previous example this the war a from from used which was talking to was awarded in Munich and of those agreements as for example the permission to call the highlighted in in red and it's formulaic position 1 1 In would the it's the same he has a different emission which is just the long morning the blue and the layout that looks different because of different different positions in the layer and so that's something we have to handle it was in that system and that's all war related and each each although each group defines the holds convenient to use for them the many talk about a voice communication system and space using contigs undercover board 0 or the definition is that box defines
and transmit voice that wasn't function a comic communication and the transmission to the space station for example some like that we have the operator
in meaning but to selecting the loop space to prone to talk and but who was transmitted to answer or to use and from there to white sense where the aptly through space station as and it's transmitted to a geostationary satellite and from the geostationary satellite picked was a space that of Virginia there's a lot of the delay within the communication because that it's a very long past and that's how wars is transmitted in and this kind of complete or view about the system this is shown here the so just to summarize all the things you just talk about to get into the next set of 11 administrative and emission management of component and if the user selection or or if you lose a user selection based order transmission component because the users actually choosing to choose wants to hear and which which he is interested in and that's all and what over that of that wanted to be and that was in a coordinated and dedicated word right now and at the moment everything for books is dedicated so it's the completely dedicated system and Mr. by uh by their it works so the the local networks the IT infrastructure of user terminals from the databases of administration bank and every single books related and dedicated and which makes handling such a system very painful but if to know everything from every area and that makes it very difficult could change parts of the system so and that's why we started tool define come on how to build such kind of systems that's where we start the contour we've seen what is really needed is in such system sort of us the basic core functionality for voice communication system and space mission from 4 and the 1st thing you know this is really a specifying what the need what the special is in such an environment and as I said we have a lot of things we transmit between the different stations so we need to have a of the protocol which distributes all of the events of type of Stevenson Department of the surveillance learning the user vet socket connection to do the distribution and and this allows effective comic comic pushes from the server to the client we need to transmit everything related to also orientation and the need to transmit everything related order transmission authorization they have an interface implemented very out all of and and definition created that would in the user credentials what some in this in this case username and password could be other problems and we have fought selection of the you select the reporter actually recognize that would be that the quantity used for the Columbus mission or control room is used for Paris are missing or 1 . 4 was used for some other kind of missions of of whatever mission you have more mission environment set up in no time what is the uh an end-user William speculation of and that we need to support different missions from the 2nd world that's why and we have implemented this Mission selection and the Phoenicians selection we can't which was resolved court begins with the
whole authentication bacon with different missions with the same system this makes up authentication component completely independent and that's no longer dedicated to the war system it's integrated in some other environment for example a central elec infrastructure and things like that result indication now the users able to select the and to log in to the system and get his user interface dication messages we need a
connection to some of the images we cresting all projects which are available from the so so everything which is configured
from from our temple system so reported which is reachable from our central systems that that's present this for every every portable it's reachable from our sentences that with this this this message we can or the user can switch the what they can't or communication uh for authentication and the meaning the user again and I will open with a user can a we have the have the hot indication of the user and there was a wall locking that's the role which adjusted for the with the once once the users performed has long this username and password gets a list of his walls when you select this war and was awarded selectors permissions for example a very easy example is that we have real-time operations and we have simulations and for simulations the use of different voice because they don't want a of the uh simulate something that is critical for example there's down of the space station and then they handle the simulation they don't want to implement of the real operations this the simulations scenario that's why if for example 2 different what 1 has retirement simulation and the user selects whatever he wants to do at that moment so that up to the user and this out this week and from the op indication messages we need and what can be implemented as this the stream of methods so as I said switching the difference of of against and using different several begins from the same central Au-Au distribution system and it can perform and wars which is in emissions for example when you have something was responsible for the power and then very the mean changes for 2002 2 systems for there it's not just responsible before power is also responsible for the I keep systems on board for number because the other guidance this problem down and the conformal whatever the you need to this the tool and you can work in some courses mission to is a cult indication it was the state handling to select of the worst loops and then to select from the audio transmission process with every to select the day be able to switch off along the sagittal to monitor pointed to switch into 2 topics of he states of forward who need to switch
what's a stage which is very easy you send the statutes Rousseau which has a power list this the worst opened a new state and then this new
status the set that's pretty easy and the same a switching and such events are related to all and the volume of rewards you or to 1 or more water and all to switch to the store talking stated these are the arguments we need and this is the state events we can search a was approved by desired state begins at the volume of the water and the consignor the talking stick so we need a particle of this exactly 8 different types of messages to be the voice communication system permission and for and this up for authentication events and for state events typical was communication systems off looking like this so that the design was communication system and the current warm up when all of the still uh the same design yes
user interface may have some some some buttons you click and now that was designed in the fifties and it's still the same designed have them what he did this we just transformed from the new like courses in going from voice transmission technology up tool to implement
specific implementation and emission control yes starting this specific the implementation for the was controlled and design was committed consistent below the of that so that the thing you do just reverse the process and the support of boats we be justified able to move and we have started come some implementations based on 1 of the of this of it's an
awkward her family if the state distribution Mrs. Porter policies they look up its use of tool synchronized different devices state status in different devices this very I
able to building redundancy was in the system just because the the the switch that even the events or different different your eyes is how we do with this we have the states that that is triggered by the user and the user's pressing a button and then on this laptop of the function by press this
clearing such data the server and the server is responding was an OK 1 not of and as you can be blocked in to what the devices for example yes upon and on the left and on the right is voice terminal and he's looking and on both devices employer operating operating just 1 of the device all of these operating the left Congo thinking about it and the status which and the last cons all of this for work example the switched to talk for for the flight director to the right not because not operated but if the if he was the function and pension distribute the function of all user that the states which was called for the port of of the statement and then at the client is with the same state and if I don't have the same state as which to the to the to the state and to implement it is that we can build the system to synchronize automatically or what different devices and after the states which which is actually I want to participate in the book so I
click the blue eye the state should the signal to the struggle Cervantes switching the media communication maybe I need to introduce new documentation before I and what is later so this service changing the media communication past and mixing the channel into the stream which is related to the line than this client on on the left side the new media we end up this synchronized with that state on the other side of the Council client gets a message such state from that user because it's connected to the use forecast and then he checks his user interface and he's quiet I have not clicked to change the state so I got I got the message from the server and then he sending the same message to so again so all the switching the state the service switching the media communication following the the media singing for the for the blind to transmitting the new media to the client and the client is ensuring come in and the that is although change the state of this may be able to synchronize a lot of different devices from almost to the devices the the laptops tablets smartphones smart watches almost 2 bits of us because we just for what those
user portable all user and analytical networks we can have a network connection among languages and why at the connections this select the parts on on on the other side user template which is connected over wireless network and have completely independent network completely independent devices which are synchronised which which distribute the same media and in the case of a failure of 1 component in the system uses just using the other devices and is able to operate further so you don't need to stop the operation because he is a completely indepe independent redundant devices this may be implement redundancy the that's very easy based on our otherwise you will you will you have redundant systems which are hot lentils are hardwired redundancy which is not regret this this is of the so the user loops we use that in addition to the use of support cost is synchronizing rise the worship or cost which is the present information so
whenever a new some members joining the war still so he selected through the money all the things that to talk then this information is distributed to all the other users and all other users can then inform the user is in the user interface that someone you joined divorce to or left the worst of press push to talk in this actually talking on the 4th of and things like that that's the Boston Port cost so we haven't talked about interconnecting or come to the get connected and what you want to have this separator media and signaling passes like for come before you vote work quality of the and and not the people and we have all signaling protocol and the or the use of keeping for transmission of media streams and we want to implement point to point a point in which a point have connections yeah from 1 client wants a or from 1 kind to multiple service you want to implement redundant media connections of for more inclined 2 different media services and all at synchronized overborne signaling server and we want to have that
because we want to be able to implement such kind of so that's where for example of the page 1 on attempt and the usual telephone which is calling to a media server and here was a telephone call you
born media stream and With the use and the 1st you select 1 or whatever you want to hear on the news the this this kind of set up instantly be part of the at the part of communication environment and uh for space mission that what even if you don't have any equipment that can call in and get a link to that page speech suits you want to hear and I you're you're you're able to to to listen to the communication that something which is interesting for example for I for some the public relation events of core and it's also interesting for events there profoundly University that's just some interesting to listen to the communication point experiment is running for example in as a university but they are somehow connected and no they don't have the money that was spend to a dedicated more dedicated infrastructure to communicate with this is the space operations and the but with the such kind of so that we can use the telephone and and and then page and they are able to communicate with this on all sorts of supportive element which we want to have and you're able to all so use redundant media connections with the neckline is such an affordable and that's something we
you try to work on we try to figure out how to voice over Wi-Fi at the time when it never for the clinic for example were the uh this was a way that you can have a dedicated infrastructure dedicated network and which you control was in the world and you can have for example for that communication channel always the tool inform your partner in Houston in for example that your whole system this down the whole network is down you you can't communicate with other well known in the new menu are in use in Europe your on infrastructure but but is a channel at the of as a back up always the use of the public infrastructure and to communicate with the public infrastructure as a backup so that's something here the try to figure out how to use it and hope that and this is enabled us and relevance of this this article article the the gift on the product type development and implement a reference system for the support from the
1st thing we have done this and HMM 5 user interface which is using the party scene to connect media connections
and the web page with some buttons to switch to of the easiest implementation you can imagine that it says the the program and you can select and then the so it suits you you you want and everything the is saying is provided everything you need is provided for just about it as in the port development to figured out that somewhat touch and may be very useful for the use and the can have some new kinds to intake this system for example use some so
some of William down pictures and pinches with this 2 fingers archery salt pork and remain clickers 1 thing on the screen and use other thing to select which also will be want tool we're want to use on the system or reasonable if you just slide array that enable talk was no longer keep for example and not just the button click on the play they give you score of up or down this thing and that's some new index and for the boy and his father was system which wasn't available yet and we have a very very hot conditioning issue at the moment so all new operators are used to consumers 1 it's I was in the system which are implemented in dust you touch screens that means that you have the touch we're just 1 pick on all president and was the consumer devices here or you you are used to to used to multi touch and actions and that needs to be implemented within the next systems for fall of what's communicative or any other systems in which this in the Mission control because the use of the rate of we have done some some 1st design standard and that limitations and test on multiple devices that on untoward and if latter dedicated and version I and and II and development of a dedicated onto a version of that and we are going to develop but on on smart watches we want to use different types of devices as in taking of and indexing of it were system which is completely new the change of the something you can just implement the protocol for all the political defined which is just an open portable and they can use different no different end points and you can over the of of its by the verdict on this of more of that occasion and therefore in all really try to chase the push to talk 1 final pattern press pressing on a smart watch for example and you think it's a smart watches who to talk device playing along with with such kind of devices going they're going 4th system evolution riches all prone and overtures enabling state of the art of user interactions and which
is independent independent not form of not just from a vendor which is independent all the from the operating system and from operated hardware there and that's a design that fits into that important that's why I said that not just the software development process itself system design process we do and for this system design and awkward states this year testing at the moment and the European Astronaut Training Center the yesterday and then in yesterday we have tested communicate
the with the criminologist 1 side the use cases there are some astronauts which train under water some now some external uh the the kid activities or and they tried to operate on the Columbus model under simulated made the you environments and the there of just diving and there some diving instructor to working around and communicate with each other and they use the communication system which is the view of the images showing here all of you to the the the guy was standing has something like I have made my microphone and and if they can't and on the back and you can select some rules it's not just sitting on and off your so sleep patterns to switch that's to a specific was you and this bond worth to talking to a pool our the astronaut is in other words to he's talking just to instructor and with the next words who he's talking to work clean operator for example and astronauts under water and of the the I have the mask and was in the mask layer of a microphone and and that's and that's connected over wired connection to make and and and the spec Anderson connected over a wireless connection to all the guide was working around the pool and that's the use case be reused we have the smartphone is a wireless device it is using a time step and the
collected over Wi-Fi who and we have some cabling tips is not that you are giving the rights on like that and the In the end there's the astronaut underwater hammer and now that I'm not underwater images a microphone and had and and that's actually implemented like this yeah for rustproof parts so this rust price our servants and and other so 1 this 1 is 1 is also the other 1 is our
interface and the interface is using an and audio connection is connected or some pre aims tool 0 monster which is shown here and there and there's operator is walking around the pool and this using his smartphone over violence that and that's the set of the test last each and yesterday we tested the different type of of connection to all of them mask because all of the levels so we need to adjust the limits of all we need to have the right amplification of the signal that we need to have the right call to be transmitted or what was the that's what because that yesterday that the current state of our system so we started with an idea tool to to build the core messages what to implement or to identify the core message for system and and I awkward status that we use these promises and implement a system that uses actually useful for our astronaut training and it's using rustly pies and smart phones sort the very cheap consumer which is used here them because we have the dome port of call and we can implement everything needed in in this context is this is a proper and that's important point of so we we need to have the that other contemplated everyone can implement for example uh make an or the front end 4 communication system for for and all that what we're going to do that's what you want to do we want to what enable everyone to build a voice communication system the Commission from 4 that's why the you the thanks a lot and was representation and now I'm available before part and
the all that let me test this OK so what other clubs what other use cases you can imagine fault walks of set of space control missions and emission control whom scenario because the what usually happens in image of world you have that was committed was approved so you committed a were difficult and them something which images so coming into my very spot from emergency use cases there of course some and emergency summary of some someone who is helping was in that much of the of of helpful and then you organize the samples in a group so you have for example good 7 respect and no another aspect we have 1 for which is responsible to search what the someone who was this and this group is organized in 1 communication hope another cool is helping and the people which are already on the job on the and take the so in a hospital environment and then in the next communication which is organizing efforts on recruitment and uh and um in yet another publication which is organizing there are kind of putting the 2 ends of such kind of because you can you it immediately that's that such a system and that's that's 1 of us and I was not very helpful to have a system you can implement this model because everyone has a smartphone he just connect to the and you support of long and was in the back and so that means situation our people are able to to set up the the groups and and assign someone to a new school and then you can help there was a positive sample the but saying it that's of case OK are there further questions then no so hi how are you doing the audio mixing are using your own softer for that are do you use the already existing other open-source suffer at the moment here using the search it's an open source of that and at the hour of mixing with the red and of so that am I have a question myself my work get a data center environment and this seems like a fantastic tool to use during larger outages where a lot of teams are communicating need to be communicating that saves power outage and then you got storage backends which need to be brought back online and that's interesting too some of the people so I find the multi policies aspect really interesting and how does that work in practice when you have a lot of 506 background chatter loops can use ss change volume and some of them so that sort of our background no least how the how at that work in practice so that's and in independent of each group present independent William setting and you can switch each to it should be different to a different and that's usually i'll call this tunnels for example the space to come to this set of a so there's a high-volume because it's very interesting and then communicated on that everyone once a year and then each user has told who hold to become the flight director is applied directly to the power guy has a portal for the storage and storage and this will persist with a high volume and other nodes which are just interesting therefore nothing special on the hypercube is going on because it would be to along that thank you so any more questions doesn't look like it so thanks a lot markets but just give world a bowls began thank you