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How to organize a CoderDojo
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CoderDojo is a worldwide initiative to teach kids how to program. Each one is organized individually and the organizer can choose how to do it. I will show you what we do at our Dojo in Cologne and share tips on how to organize a Dojo :)
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the old and we come to devote being engaged in locus on Titan evidence Mishima's Etzion you are coded Dojos be money all all understood as a mighty beautifuI by giving them if I have to get off the target ever do not model and this last the as mentioned in the program in the program I will be speaking in English because I know for a fact that at least 1 person in the audience the German and Canada I went to kind English very good OK so the rest of the talk will be in English and so on the 1st question you might ask yourself is what is accorded Dogil forming a total doges mainly room to learn it is a room where you go and you can learn anything the I don't know don't of course has something to do with coding so you learn how to code something but for us the following dojo this can mean a lot of things that can becoming electronics that can mean the encryption it can mean a lot of things that have to do with the with computers the Doju and movement is a global thing it there coded notice all over the world it started in Ireland but now there are coded 0 Jews in every continent in an our in the mission of color and odor is to teach young people to to teach kids and so on the slightly older kids to uh to and learn to code and the kids and the Dojos are between 5 and 6 17 years old um but they also notice that's also taking an older kids into their but and grownups into their programmes and bots on the origin original mission was to teach kids OK so that's coded Ojo & i'm because I work for a company called in OQ the I do programming stuff like probably most of you but that's only if you know me and there are a lot of code ago in Germany so that those all the good 0 just I know in Germany there might be more and this is why there's a doubt about at the end of the moles of good Jones and exists some X is just what we were founded this year some exist for many many years of there is 1 of the color dojo that I have the most experience with and that's a good think alone occured because and organizing it for now I'm organizing it for now about 2 and a half years I'm so I can tell you basically anything about this particular Dogil but it's very important that that not every corner dojo is the same thing and recorded Ojo has a lot of freedom how to do what they want to do and found in my opinion that you should when when you want to do a coded Ojo you have to but find that your passion and what you want to teach if your passion is to teach everyone only JavaScript then that's OK that's a valid coded dojo and we call a dojo is very very different son but we need every day some meet every week some it every month some only from time to time and all that is still cordoned 0 the but so about our dojo our dojo was thought founded by any now turn that in 2013 on but of any and a lot to do so she said I can't do this soldier any longer decide to go over the organization of this dojo in 2014 and you have and since then we're doing 1 dojo per month and with few exceptions for example this my uh but normally we had we only use gives the the December dojo because the Christmas this it's hard to find enough mentors on of the shortly before Christmas because of Christmas shopping and stuff like that as we traditionally skip the December slot but all the other ones yeah but we we still do that the the the the OK so that when you want to get started with that your own coded Ojo I think therefore things you need the you need some gold for you know what you want to do you coaches you look at that location or more evidence it's to come to you dojo because without that it would be a lot of code which and so I will talk about how we did it this is not the only way to do it as a set of where you can take it as an inspiration you can also I disagree with me in the question and answer section it on and say like what we want to do it like this you know and so I think this is but away and we can also change approach because we also also open to and adjust our dojo when there are better ideas coming so the main goal is to inspire kids to do programming and technology it's not to teach then everything is made to inspire because in schools a lot of kids are not inspired to get into technology they only learn Excel and Word and they are not inspire the basic there and being like computers up pretty boring and they also our um and way brought to be just consumers of technology they just use programs but they don't create new things they just use software and we want to inspire them to do their own thing with computers whatever that might be that we have some kids that's prefer to do 3 D modeling and that's also cool we we want to support them in that but they most of the time when to do with those 3 D models that they just created and we try to help to help them as well but we're not all of us are a 3 program so it's not always super easy to help them because they have very high demands but we also want in itself them to have fun and to be creative to create whatever they want to create because that's 1 thing that we said just from the beginning we don't have the curriculum that you have to go through like what you and the 1st lesson you have to learn HTML and then JavaScript and then we don't do that we ask if it's what do you want to do here from and so because we think that this will inspire the creativity and sperm they often see what other kids are doing and say I want to do that as well and then and then the next Ojo they have all their ideas and most of them are in a little bit of reach uh and we try to stay at the holiday on them to try to get it done somehow but and 1 goal that we have is to replace all cells we want to replace ourselves with the kids from the 1st generation the so there was should teach the next generation this is a goal we have not reached yet so let's see if we will ever reach it maybe I will still do this when I'm 80 years old but that's OK as well so another thing that you need a coach is because without coaches you have to teach the kids you can also do that all on your own but I think this will soon be a scaling problem but how do you find coaches but I think you should look into user groups if you are attending User Group regularly that's very easy just to give a lightning talk I want to do a dojo who wants to teach and there will be at least 1 person who wants to help you if you are not going to user group you should stop going to user groups and get to know other people because they really wants to do that as well but you can also see that there are quite a few people here there might be other people here who also interesting to doing a accorded the thing
is if you're working at a company then you could ask your colleagues they want to do ecology of and or if you're studying at university you might ask the other people were studying with you he wants to help me and and I found this to be an easy process to find people I want to help and you will have to get a lot of confidence to the people that do that if they say I will come to the next village that they will really come this is the process that takes a little bit of time because otherwise you don't know how many kids you can take into you Dogil uh because you don't know if there are they 10 mental state that work will come but only 5 come so you have a problem but this is the boat what takes a little bit of time but you will get to know which meant us come when they say they can I another we trick to find is to ask you to hear your cat at a conference there are a lot of programmers here but you might let meeting people that are from the city you are living in and they might want to do this this thing with you and so the English excellence in with a chance to do that would be in this room or later at the socializing event maybe you meet people there quite interested in on a lot of but I will repeat the question and uh and the question was if I will moderate that and try to connect you yes at the end of the talk the I would do that OK then and then there's the question how do I find a location and 1st to think this will be simple hard I don't have money to buy you room or something but this is super simple you go to your boss when you ask can I use our office at Saturday's when nobody's working here and was was at the of course and then you have a room the use of open it least true if you're not working in a big and the price setting where there are security things going on but if it's a smaller company I'm confident that this will work another thing that a lot of coders to is talking to schools schools always interested in doing something with tech but and this is a little bit harder if you want to do it on the weekend because means was of closed on the weekend so you have to find someone who will open the school and close it again and and be responsible for everything that breaks uh so this is not super simple about I know a lot of that stuff you do adjusted that to that do that and they are in you that but that it was quite well another way to do it is the I had to go to a hackerspace or make a space of because they the accepts the Euler groups and things like that so they will probably also accept according Joe there are lot of different ways to do that for me it was a really simple idea and I asked my boss at the time and use it and his Director said yes because I really thought that it was a good course to support that and since then we asked the just like other men tossed like this your boss willing to let us work and to the could Builder at your place and but this works quite well all and another 1 that does came to my mind libraries libraries are also very very well equipped for this task because a lot of libraries nowadays they have a computer room or a maker space room where they have 3 D printers and stuff like that and they would love to get people into the library and do interactive things they're not just the reading books so this is also a good way to cooperate we're doing this but every year with library in Cologne and it works very well but it is just that we have to move the Council around because of closing hours of library and stuff like that but you will figure it out and then you have to fight attendees the but then our 1st Dojos we just the ask the mental ask you that they know if they want to come but so this is the big advantage that uh the mental was mainly talk to kids that they already knew that so they felt more confident but for the 1st just when they want to quit teaching and from that point on it was mainly it would have now so those kids said I was at the school Belgium do you want to come with me to the next next odel and then but I mean it was in this case I don't know I gave birth to interviews at local radio stations about although dojo and then in the number of of kids that wants to come although it exploded at so we have more kids wanting to come to our dojo then we could accept so maybe that's not the best idea if you have struggle with getting enough gets into the dojo then it might be a good idea you have to decide for yourself but there was also a family-focused newspaper is called king who are that's some accepts like events for families and events for kids the into the into the catalog and presents them to and families and they also had a little a snippet about us and that also brought in from a few kids that I didn't know about the Dodgers so at this point the highest there was sector so at this point the we are all of our capacity so we have more kids who want to come to each dojo then we can uh handle so this problem is now so us but don't be frustrated when you start when we started we add and most orders with 3 kids at some it only 2 but over time this went up more fast and fast at 1 dojo with 25 kids but and this was a very very the uh interesting don't just we had to run around a lot and was very loud in the room because everyone was so excited and the sound or just even run with me and the way found what people like 50 people hundred people but that's not the kind of those you that I want to run because I want to have like a little bit of like I wanted know everyone in the room and I want to see what everyone is doing a much if you like that kind of thing and you can try that as well you had a question what do you mean mind you find people in the sense book in their own interest and his and others as the the yeah so the idea was to go to you can send them and you like the places for young people to do something the free time but because then you have an automatic audience but can repeating that and you're looking at me like half that's a good point but it's was this point at a location right so this is a very good point and I think that you can also reach kids that you would normally not reach and so this is a very good point and I agree the so yes and and so what we do is that I would the I will answer that in the next slide but it and so our recipe for the good Jones is we need once a month and we need on a Saturday and so we are meeting from 1 PM to 5 PM all the normal Dojos when we have something special something that sometimes as time changes we desire for Saturday because of if we do it in the evening the lot of their cultures would say that so I had a hard day I don't want to do more programming now I want to go to sleep and then you have some people that skip the dojo on quite in close notice that a lot of kids also prefer that because they have to do homework or something in the evening uh so uh Sunday works really well for us but some daughters also do
it in the evening but mostly they do occur at a shorter but go to them because they are because of the evening and the work week so we focus that we have our age group is from 5 to 15 about the core group is from 8 to 15 so that the youngest attend and we have we had this 5 years old and will later show what she build on that day the son we we will probably go up with this number because we will not pick up the kids that are coming to other eligible for a long time and that doesn't make any sense that we meet at the different offices the OB permanent started in the office where I worked and then we started to go to other offices and we have no 1 mentor for 2 kids normally but if something went for a is still men this might change a little bit but we found that for people that are not sperm teachers out for me trained people it is very hard to manage Greek it's it's about how to manage for it but because the thing is that most of the kids that come there they're very interested in learning so if you are sitting there and you're not answering the question of 1 of the kids the other 3 and all board but and this might be a very various training for you that if you have someone a sitting there a I have a question to ask the question to the so we found this to be the best ratio but sometimes John also into 1 9 1 kits thing but as we are at the capacity of we've also done this is also the trick for what for your question how do we do that thing with the laptops and all elemental as being 1 but so we have at least 1 notebook for 2 kids some kids bring down at laptop and they they can use it to but we don't want everyone to have and not notable because some people don't have a noble with something they can't afford all and we don't want to exclude them so we'll but I recommend that if the kids have a notebook at home that they bring it because it's easier to continue their work because if they work on the notebook of men talk and uh that this is something local on the machine they have to have a this state that they put somewhere and then they have to get it running again it's much easier if they can just continue but we don't want to enforce and so a lot of the kids on the book but not all of them the the so what the next the topic but this money of all color Dojos are free to but if you want to go to a codelet anywhere in the world it's free yeah but and Mendelson up 8 none of the men dissipates the organizers on a page from it's a foundation in the callable definitions the foundation of meaning but this is for supporting like conferences vesicle to go to conference and stuff like that but everything but the the members are not paid and the kids do not pay for the the for total so what we decided it if the kids don't pay and we don't give rise or mental so we don't need money so that it's some other just that differently but there are some Dojos in Germany and that's a good that great defined the the because they had the situation that the responses wanted to have some entity that they can give money to but in the end mn stuff like that but we never had this problem at all so we don't do it but it creates more work it creates that situation that you have money that you now need to spend uh we don't want to that and we still want and so we don't handle anyone the only thing we do is that from time to time has come to us and say I think this is also and we want to give you some money can we give you some money and they give us 5 year or something and what we do with that is that we do mentors there's where won't from time to time we needed a a pizza place we need a piece together we did discuss what can we do better what can we do differently but no and we just check with each other and just like yet to um because we like each other for and we like to talking to each other and about that's the only thing it's that they don't get any like HSV in vitro or something like that they just want to give us some money but we don't advertise for that because we don't want anyone to feel like obligated to give us money we don't see that as a good thing but some people just want to do that and we like it's up on OK another thing that both yes we and the 2 on which the system you I will suggest off this rudimentary and this system is me uh I use those stands in front and I ask you what do you want to do and then I know what each of them and 1st moles and then I just sent in there that's my system so I think this will not scale to 50 mentors and 100 kids but for our sizes works very well because I but if there's a Numenta I will always ask them like do you prefer to do web programming or do you do something else and of death and sometimes I always challenged mental was like you know Minecraft right you can do that and the yet that the system can OK the next thing of all this is a way of of the how do we provide beverages and or food or something and we were most of the companies we work that's but provides rings there some of them wanted have money for that and some people so in just a little bit more money so other people can also drink so this works pretty well but for Ford we don't provide food but some kids just being something to each we thought about maybe ask those like you do asking then I'm sure you can bring or something to encourage the walk but yeah some Mendoza like it if you need at their notebooks so uh yeah the and so 1 of the things that we were do this very important for us is that we don't see all Dodger as school and we want this to be as far from school as possible about so 1 of the things I already said as we want but the kids to choose what they want to do we don't force them to that now learn Java or something we want them to ask us pay I want to do a website would do any to learn for that and we want to help them do that also you can stop at any time as a kid you can say I don't want to do anything any more than most of them stop playing Minecraft and and sometimes they got they come back and that's OK because it's Saturday it's your free time and if you want to place a migrant that's totally OK but also the mentor can now concentrate on the other kids so all of this although sometimes also have something to us if the so there is no schedule there's no like you have to do now it's time to get back to the computer we don't do that in but most of the kids in it's more difficult to send them back home and when the over and this is not a huge problem and some Mendel's also forced breaks so Latin after 2 hours they select let's do a little break and walk a little because and yet uh there's so much to to do and there's so much excitement so I what can we do and what do it'll job but you can do a lot of different things and Woodrow and here are some examples uh that we are doing it although draw them and there are infinite the possibilities to do the things antidotal 1 very cool thing
is doing websites websites are something every kid knows because everyone is on the internet all the time in PCs websites that and this is something that a lot of kids ask them the 1st time and they come like I want to build a website or I want to Britain that's also something some kids ask about the website is there like 1 of the most popular things this is an example of a home page that 1 of the kids and has filled the time it's very colorful and all the colors I have picked by the children and 1 of the things that has really really cool like if but kid comes there for the 1st time and doesn't know what to do so we often like what's your favorite website and then as we go into the Web Inspector to a right click and let the kids change the colors of the website and you cannot imagine whole much excitement this cost like I go to school website and now it's not and ugly anymore because it has much cooler colors and and then we have to tell them that the you have only added to the local version and nobody else the lie uh about that they can still save it and show to other people so it's pretty cool but a lot of the kids want to create the the home page force of a page about something they're excited about so this is the home page of Lee he's also in the audience and he has a web page where he also demonstrates like what have I done what already and something of that this is let go but I will show you a longer demo only talking about 1 of that is he uh and that that you can see here but this is for example a page about the favorite books of 1 of the kids from and they also give ratings the thing kinds right if you click on 1 of the things you will see a long description of the book what is very excited about the book earn yet and this here is
often not very good to see that this is a website about the favorite gain of 1 of the kids so it's called are something and and uh it describes all the creatures in the back in the game I don't understand but yes this apparently has a lot of information because the click through the the role of some pages the end of this year is that page about the animals and for and this was our youngest code auditing but I Austria like what what do you want to do and she said I want to do a website said about my favorite animals and so we sat down and that's all we did was we for images and then putting it into the market and all that is that the quiet here is that you know what an H 1 tag is and what and what initiatives and you can make a child very have this winter is still up and is still shown to friends and families of the because she's so excited about this the this website and this is also 1 thing that then I will and come back to later but you will never guess what will excite 1 kid like every kid is excited about something entirely different and some will see this and will be super happy and it will ask you to put war seals on this page because seals are so cute and uh this page will grow and grow and grow and grow and this is again a very simple way to bring someone into creating things because you have creative collage of your favorite images I know there's a copyright issue don't worry about the dates of that from a kid who will silicate then 1 thing that is also pretty
exciting is robots but we haven't done this in the wild because now we use mine the that Mindstorms sought my son so that I'll refer but the name was so but the person who wanted Mindstorms the learner the dojo so we don't have to learn something and but we build robots that played a soccer and that was very exciting I and the thing that was really cool about what's was because they're built using later on the kids that were very at the very young and old we're not interested in programming they could concentrate on building the corpus what and the other kids could concentrate on building the what so there was a dynamic between in the group between the actors and all the kids but then there were also requirement engineering learns there because the other kids like it needs some that's the walk and the other kids were so excited they build the chromosomes in the the robots so another thing that we doing our doges electronics and electronics mostly means someone blinking lights of the a lot of realized because realize the best and so on primary so you to show demonstrations the first one here is uh the the antenna and don't always sorry so that someone wants across the street and press on the button nodes green and it's ready for the cars and it would also go back yeah and it will indeed it will change so now you go across the street again that you can process in the cost and continue and this was a project that they also continued in the dojo up in the next Joe and the mean made it even more fancy with the detection of the finger when you came next to it and like detection it was very fancy but that it's not so easy to demonstrate the them with the other 1 that can have little or sorry there was another 1 that was before if you could do became close with the finger then the lights would go bright and if you move to figure far of the before the way it would change the colors and this was also something that was continued in the next sections are there are a lot of different ways to do this on we knows the rest 3 pies of and 1 thing that is also really amazing if you have kids and you know driven to scratch but a scratch can also control and we know so you can do graphical programming of electronics and this is something that the kids love because some of the kids a common to all Dodger they also know already know scratch and they can continue with that knowledge but my interests firm almost all kids in our dojo love Minecraft some hated and and so for a long time we thought like we want to teach the kids do to programming like of because they excited about my craft and they want me to job programming so we should put that together and for a long time this was very hard because on the way to do Bank of monsters to write job cold that interacts with not documented API said it's not too cool but it's it's hard for someone who really knows how to program so it's not the best way to introduce some someone to programming but something amazing happened something called script craft was script craft is a way to program a lot time drone in your gain by using just 1 and as we already use just a quite a lot of our dojo this was a very nice way to do it and you know you just program entitled drone that flies through the food through the world and that can place but the the blocks so you can build any kind of structures involve kids that was eye-opening because they knew like I can do that myself but now I can do much faster because I can do little robot in my work so this is also something to learn from the future in robot that to take all our jobs so this lesson for life I the this is something that they pass if you want you want to know more about it you can come to me later and it is really easy to get started because the script crop website is very very good there's a tiny book for no teaching kids how to program with this I think so and this that it's very cool um yeah and 1 thing that we also also go up and unbundling for some time is letting kids create their own game but because a lot of kids lofty aims and some of our mental also got into program when there were kids the by program the 1st state so this is something that works quite well and this difference between the 2 program but uh again today and 30 years ago all this is that it's known all 3 D names and stuff like that but we have to lower the expectations for the beginning and the end the so we did who day to D games um and they are still quite far so you can see here the basic principle we have a tiny person that there can collect stars and that it normally is a little bit more fluid but then when screen recording at that makes a little bit but yeah and now we lost the life because we jump on 1 of the better people and we have elected to the Rooms which were all that we just do with the kids and they can be programmed this game they can then start changing things like the how whole much gravity is in the game uh and some kids can need playing with the grant setting for 1 hour no problem they will change it to the highest thing and the lowest thing and say like I can I'll fly I can find more and they will be happy you know you can just let the change 1 value in 1 giant program and everything's fine but some kids want to know more about some kids want to uh make it their own game and there's 1 thing that be 1 of our coaches came up with that of all a dojo was the idea hey let's just but let the kids create their own figures and their own but textures for the and this is very very simple we let them draw it on paper and then we take of both a phone and make a star and the snippet then we go into some of program and scattered out and then we have the figure and this is something that excites the kids because the program the other game they don't have this feeling of ownership because they if they our the foot that the 1st time at the dojo they don't understand that the created this case they see a game but they'd had didn't have the control of what is in the game but if they have all this with all their own images and if their own game and this is something that was really really well and you can also have very young like 7 or 8 years old that that's the cans known to program yet but they can create their own textures and they have their own gain and they what will so to all the friends and uh would be excited so 1 example here is again that
it's the same game but we only always use the same that it's super simple but there some kids like to push up the number of stuff so wanted wanted to go up to 10 thousand and what 1 wants to go to up to a million and a broader crashes by the end of the day this is moderate I would say but but in this game the the figure is . and 5 staff weight but in the origin of facilities have uh uh so uh this I was just so that a small thing it's it works the same way there's on just a much more stars but it is still walk around and jump around but I stopped immediately because the crest but that's OK but that's OK maybe later on the yes
exactly OK so and the us the some examples we also have kids that do and a programming and other things from those on the most to give that already have like previous knowledge and they use them mentors as a help desk like the commons say like I don't understand how I can make 2 things happen at once and they now have to learnable concurrency the yeah uh this is yet a very different approach but I will show a short demo of the 1 of the ads that you has built the
challenge and this is 0 but education but them with the knowledge as back and uh and a J. Crew front end and where you can manage your to do's and you can buy I O a manager someone else has to do is um and that uh what you can see here is that this is 1 of the list lists that you can create multiple lists and it's a very simple and that is the very simple system you can also all but have every task you checked on shape but you can switch between those 2 states so now but it's still to do the end now that it's not and you can switch between both but you can also add more to do this so if you want to and bring out the pressure the against that use the symbol here created of the and that you know how ever bring out the trash trench so to do and you can just change it you can share it with other people you can add other people to the list and they can use it to it can create new lists and switch to other lists and and you can do so From this this created start with a template in mind because the the the touch targets of big so you can touch on it with your finger How because the main use cases a tablet the yeah this is 1 of the example that we have built on the Dojo this has not happened if always uh it happened over multiple Dojos and it's in a follow-up sessions at home and so this is stumbling all he's sitting over there if you and yeah that was a tiny demo I could show you much more but a lot of things are on other people's computers so I can show here and so this is 1 of the things I could show you so through to round up some things for the mentors the 1st tried to not type on the keyboard this is true for mentoring kids this reformatory other people let people type on their own you can tell them like but tied this or Edison recall on here but don't type because this but know if they tied for themselves they have created the software also they will learn much more because they will estate much focus if you just sit there and type and hadn't hadn't habitat but some kids who just like me and I will not pay attention to this person anymore all just don't have yeah terms after it's OK script tells if you are working with the age-old and your program the 1st game gained they will not understand what the function is for if you can pass a function to another function and they will not care skip over the details concentrate on things that are excited to this kid the have but there was something that kids will ask for that every single detail than answer those questions but it's OK to skip things it the main motivation is to get them motivated to and inspired and if they want to learn and then they have to learn more on their own later on but you want to inspire them and you want to answer the questions but don't go into deep philosophical things about testing or something if no 1 a case like this will not go into production or something from about the that OK made another thing uh pet peeve of mine never say somebody's something is easy nothing's easy like programming is hard if you are doing program for a long time you might think this is easy like everyone understands what it is but it's not easy if you're doing it for the 1st time it's hard to and if someone tells you it's easy all you do is tell them they are stupid because they haven't understood it yet you want to tell them don't be scared but this is something different if you say it's easy you just tell them might why don't you understand this and so please don't tell them it's easy just tell them I let me explain to you again or don't be scared of this or as debts go through this up at a slower pace but as I said before you never know what excites a kid I had would not have expected that some kids to play around with gravity settings for 1 hour I would not expected that but it happens and that's if they are excited about that that's super cool but don't assume that because you think something is cool that this is something that they could find school because if your super excited functional programming may the kid is not because they want to get she died so the please keep that in mind and finally I want to say some things I want to but thank Ali for studying the dojo our she asked me in the beginning like do you want to join the thing and that's why I never heard of coded order before and it was super excited for my 1st 3 Dogil to teach kids and that with without here I would not have done this dojam soul think you go to debt to Ali was not here but I still thinking of and thanks to all the mentors because without meant was this would work so we have now about 15 mentors the and the no and most orders we have 8 meant was there and I think that's a super amazing because they give the to teach kids and I'm happy to have all the and each of them is amazing uh then ought to all the companies that let us use the rooms that supercooled ends and yet the and of course all the kids because about that it wouldn't be so much fun so um this is the end of my talk but you can have a little discussion about the that thank you for coming if you would Discussion Thank OK but we will start with questions and then I will we continue with asking who wants to start a Dogil to connect people yes the 1 on the left and the reason is that some of the things that your you OK I am not sure if I understood the the shortcuts to to to want to the 1 make OK so the the main trick to make a dojo continue is to always try to find some there is some written in your dojo if you say we do an occasional dojo then nobody can depend on it so the don't demand has no we do it once a month and the kids started we do would month amongst and there's an expectation there and to get more to to find a good day we don't say like the 2nd set the amount but we do a dual a but the thing to task which suffered most of the mentors have time and try to do that as far as early as possible which is always the case and uh we need to try to have as many mental set at the Dodgers possible that that that as a question OK I want to offer you the cooperation sport finance with clubs in here they have over the training set every day or every 2 days in the week so we could combine this this was a a lot of kids ask us OK I want to code I have to learn it I want it and so on this sort of course website don't have their own website another thing is that we say OK you can start with this limit is is abiding camp happened to this was just 1 time was sold in March 1 time per year but of we so to do this also in the other school but at the science out noise and this and there is business and we get mentors stare in and we make the most of the project is called a cuts on the spot and build but you want to make a the process of coding programming and things like this this is a and think there's a similar idea to asking the unions of and groups because you just like you get people to a place where they already kids and I mean if they're interested I think that's a very good idea so we should talk later give thanks I there's a question over there I think you have to use the microphone there the rules of um I'm a mentor and then again to the core those you against and and we had the same issue with too many kids at some point we had 5 times more kids than we could actually offer a room here and uh what we did to us um because there is a value that that's a 1st basis what we did actually
was the barons who were also mentors could bring their kids they were already enrolled so that we have more mentors and with more mentors we could also offer more coded those you so now we have 2 coated every month wow and it it's a bit different because you have 1 minute to force to kids we often have 5 kids for 1 another because what we actually do is we tried to have gets help each other although if they ask a question they they they put up their hands and we we don't give them the answer we we to we with the term on the hidden hands but we also if we see that someone else already implemented that can explain sometimes it's much better than we can at the technical we we use words that they may not understand then they will not tell you in a so we we tried to and and that helps to have less mentors but still used to guide them because there will be some kids don't uh it will not ask other children so we we just have to use enough to walk around and ask if someone stuck but that's 1 way to do it was that the new coded and other thing that we in other hints that we give to mentors and in that same senses that and I don't see a pretend that you know everything the it's it's often relief for children if they ask help and you don't know he just wanted to some some other mentally even if you know you could do that and you could point to another kids that already has it implements because nobody knows everything that's what we want to know want to tell what we also often do is that we let me just glued together for the solution because we want them to know how to find solutions for questions yes except and this is thing in more questions or comments yeah you can just on the microphone this the I'll keep it there and another thing that we have to do and I assumed that this this was something that every coded those you those the the last 20 minutes we have a demonstration so we have a beaver and everybody who has finished something can demonstrate to the other kids and everybody applauds it's by default and and we also try to motivate children to show off because the children that come to these events often they had to deal with this score higher in the autism spectrum so that's why we want to have them talk about what they do and talk to the children so that's something else of that we started that as well this year I put it in the presentation on we had the problem that's in balls of officers we were at this year they have don't have a pure so we have to during the demonstration and the more like K RT but I agree that it helps a lot because some on the 1 hand it helps the kids that presented because they will I'll gets a recognition for what they did but on the other hand also inspiration for what you can do that the next Ojo because you already know there's something someone there can teach you how to do that and and this is something that works very well for us as well we also tried an introduction of thing where everyone says the name but some kids really like that so we stopped good after the question is meant as bring their own laptops do you recommend some kind of tools so that should should bring circuits can start it's easy you can get started here Mr. 1 to the right then website that Prodi don't want to learn to the only a yes that's it's it's true uh um the i is probably not the best suited to get started on so we are doing 2 different things are 1 of the things we're doing is using the online ID called Cloud 9 but it has the big advantage that if you are working on the computer often of the mental or at the kid wants to continue their work at home all at all you need to do is create a lock-in and they can just looking at home and they have the same thing again they have the same environment and so they can continue on where they were and that we talked about the cloud 92 there were very surprised we do that there's a life preview function and we just use that to host all applications that and so we just do press play and if the kids closed the attitude will just continue working uh so we have hosting all Austin and and the guy people said that this will not always work because at some point we will turn off the preview if it hasn't been useful like but it's fine but uh it's it's at least enough to show its 2 parents and so on and that that siblings and stuff like that so that's a very good with thing the thing is only that but if you are at an office with the wife has not super-stable this and will not be the best experience because bound it needs a stable her connection to work work good the the other set of we using is a pattern but because atom is good for free you can use doesn't solve this text talks it's easy to use and if the kids want to improve it they can install once they don't have the the but we mostly yet just use like what the mental the lights went but mostly not up in x and no ideas and yeah and that's what get to the yes the hi am adam my 1 of 2 all the organizers of Munich coded Ojo who and what we use like is usually for the younger ones we used like what just for giving the idea how I can programs it's a little game where you have to teach the literal what going through the labyrinth and they go up to the point where they have things like how does function so that is the basic principles and the other thing we use the housing crash that like what like what again stretch user not because he also can upload you call them and they can all played on any computer that they have a model to use code or where you can upload a little a few miles CSS and telescope together to build the page and see how these things work together 1 I have a lot of other links where you can do things like that so if you wanna have a look at the user can give OK I will now as of the question answers and go to the part where us who wants to do something with the Dodge about doesn't do you hear it you can raise a hand OK OK so where you from perfect as a college and born I think give you the contact data if you want the and also more and talk to read off OK you this and I know a guy and he's this answer OK 0 out it so I tried to do positive German and city and I didn't manage to get the probability is OK at the question what was not the OK and when you from Zurich I I know someone from 0 in sorry but you can start 1 you know know everything you need as as official coded 0 to website we might find a link to it yes there is then don't yes they're not coded in that is the website for searching notice but you can find someone in there and spoken taken they will probably laugh moment became cakewalk I'm going to say something something that we want to June still markets the 1st note that start later of course called some of you has its own information but I think there's none and enhancing yet so you have to start so it was the which defines who in the world I know I could maybe connected with someone come to me after the talk maybe we can uh many useful as mean OK so uh and that's it for the school of and thank you for coming and I think in terms of 1 of the few