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ADEM (Breathe)
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The aim of this project is to create a device that collects air pollution data (PM2.5 and PM10 fine dust) and is mounted on bicycles to crowdsource factual air pollution information in and around the city of Ghent, Belgium.
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so welcome and this talk is about Adam my name is Derek creates a have been here a few times in the past but that was 5 years ago with 2 children I go some way to go over so and but it's nice to be back uh um this time it's about a project that i'm involved with it myself I am I'm a freelance um well system administrator system engineer and so not really something that is related to this project and but anyhow and the project is at dial-up up projected time up is an organization it's a I am a nonprofit organization against which is like as far plop uh it brings people together to work on creating stuff they have the families got directs a treaty printers and CNC freezing she of of events in English like that it's called that in English and but it was based it was founded in 2010 out of it in a different organization but there dairy oriented to becoming from up and then they also do projects so they and from time to time I think twice a year they did think of new projects to do and finding people to and motivating people to to as a volunteer to work on those projects and um these are a citizen projects in the sense that they tried to motivate just citizens not uh professionals uh not uh science people it's not paid for so it's purely for full on a voluntary basis and time of also those workshops uh related to and creating stuff and using the machines and and a lot of other stuff as well also uh around this project management and things that are also needed to to to have successful projects fail also the boot camps they do real gems like 48 hours and and we know gyms and they also pay for a residencies for AFD project FOI asked students and this students at will have a nice idea EDF to To answer to a call for papers they have uh I think 2 apartments where people can can lift so it's usually international people that can add something to time of an at time looking also at something to the project um they also use the space for people for free if you want to have a space where you want to work and so you don't even have to be a member of 2 to make use of their space and their free Friday lunches um it's supported by the city of Ghent and the Flemish government but it's not self-sufficient so did do uh we require you to pay something if you want to make use of the equipments uh on on continuous basis except of course if you're involved in 1 of those creation projects like iron without so here what does it look like it's something like this it's actually much larger but this is a view of what the what it looks like on a busy day and the nice thing obviously is that brings people together so if you're on a lot if you have if you have if you're stuck with something and you can ask anyone using the machines are even technical stuff for explaining something the so it's like for school that's and we very nice because we also designed this instance inside of of time which is also nice because you can do something that looks more professional as well um also designing an article
product design like building cases and stuff like that uh so that's very useful because usually someone is very good at
this stuff the thing and here you have everything mixed so the the goal of the Alan
project is actually to um to monitor the air quality in Ghent specifically in again because we want to start small but that the aim is to to to I give the user direct feedback of the air quality at that location where he is with a little bit of delay probably but it's uh a good enough for people to understand if uh there is a there is an issue with at the air pollution and but it also another uh uh another thing we'd like to do is to collect this information and publish its because we think that opened up the can help governments make better decisions an and so the DID was um uh to create a mobile device that collects information um it's from time to time it uploads it to a central location and the doctor is then because it's raw out the device itself doesn't do a lot of the calculations or or and mathematical or statistical and the uh manipulations we we didn't centrally based on all the information we go an the and obviously the idea is to create public awareness as well and and thanks to some of that that that the marketing people that we also have in the project we have very fancy ideas of trying to get to do the public media because you want to get we really want to to get some air that player on television and stuff like that once we have this thing going and why are we doing it because you can but not not just that the the idea itself actually um originated in the fact that 1 of the the members well 1 of the founders of the dialog project and well delivered a some the baby boy to the to to this world and he had the along problem and he was very early still very sensitive to to air pollution and especially to find dust and this project in and at this moment we are only focusing on what what they call particular method which is fine dust and but obviously once we have this finished and so the 2 seconds revision of this this device we could that's more sensors but the problem so why did we focus on on fine dust is because it's the least known and we have the least out of fine dust so are usually the most C o or an to um and weeks or all those are ozone the these are very easy to to to monitor and there's lots of that around that but practical matters is really something that this you need specific uh calibrated devices which are quite expensive so you know there's not a lot of information about it and it's if there is information is usually an average over a long period and that the thing with air pollution it's it's not about what the average is over a year it's what you have for you are today on a continuous basis so that's why we don't think what the Government is showing is actually relevant to to us to the citizens to to everyone so now that so we live in the beautiful city of which
looks like this uh mn we think it's the most beautiful city in Europe and the world maybe and and we have a lot
of a lot of bicycles is a bit like Amsterdam um it's a students at the a lot of students I think 60 thousand students so the population is 260 60 thousand at those students to it so monetary and thousands of people and the bike is very very much used uh so RID was to make a mobile device to put on a bike and the worried that the
beautiful city also has 2 highways and 1 highway going directly into the city which is part of the problem that we think um and it's you can see that from this this is a picture of the a last year it's it has been renovated while the preferred maybe to have at the demolished instead and and so I live somewhere at the end of that so it's it's green but don't let the the trees full you that doesn't help and so
um in the the big city of Ghent we have only 2 official air pollution stations and they were stripped digit strategically chosen to put somewhere to go I think more than 1 and a half year to decide where to put it far away from have a lot of things that that that create pollution so um and we don't get we don't need to the European levels which I can show you later or quite brought it there was an average for the whole year so it doesn't matter how many spikes 0 and then there are I think 35 you can you can go over the the limits 35 times a year something the an but the as I said those yearly averages don't mean lots and its micro measurement that we actually need so and that's what we want to change and obviously a like I said it's not just particoloured that's uh that makes so that the air quality there are other factors but as I said it's the least known variable the city council um is taking the environment seriously that's what they say so and so we we hope that they do the we'll see there is obviously a
lot of frustration with some people because it might bring the city into a bets negative publicity there's also a some and some negative the negativity from that the article today you all it is a more in German as well that the people that sell houses so they they are afraid that this information will lowered the prices for 4 houses on because usually the prices of the houses there were words the prices are high there is also a lot of pollution because as those places where a lot of traffic or a lot of uh you know that the busses are the Transarc things like that so it's very convenient but also very very well dangerous to help the most important thing about my presentation is infected the the technical side because this is technical conference and this is what a device looks looks like it's it's going to change a bit but this is how it looks like uh it consists of a few things at the
1st talk about it did the goals we have um we want to create an open device that we can and that it became built locally because it the ideas we if we are going to create this this is not something that is specific to can't everybody could help on this could use the same device so we want to build something that everybody can build themselves so 2 components we use should be cheap should be um should be easy to to get hands-on and the code is open-source obviously documentation as open as possible because we have to write the 1st time and the design of the casing it's it's reusing using so the general things that you can buy everywhere with treaty uh printed pieces and it's it's a modular design because obviously people want to have a different combination of things so that the idea is that you can swap drive us of In some later version we can detect which census we have and then will automatically up as we try to reuse as much as possible in open source because we have limited resources of cells as well and we believe in open source of easily and then the most important thing is that the data will be open so it's open for everyone to uh to make use of it error which also has uh that the danger of trapped that at dose people that want to an it is in a bad spot lights can obviously use that that up to manipulated as well and that's why and we have to be very careful to to uh indicate what it is because another set of ICT project we measure stuff but you as you that the information we gotta the is raw data you cannot use it immediately so we hope that by putting this rather out to be also attracts scientifical universities that are going to use this information to do something with that so we have to be careful because it's rather and you as much as we like to the tell people work here and not over there because that's dangerous we cannot simply say that and I will go into that when I could talk about some success
will so this is that the devices was the the 1st prototype when we knew what pieces we we're going to use and the the this is when you're building it and testing stuff once you certain that it works it looks like a like this there
less less so at the this connections well the connections of actually fixed so and what are we using the those that know little bit about have have
seen some things we use the as part of an ESP uh 82 66 which is in fact a beefy chip sets and Wi-Fi chipsets um we started off with something something different the the original idea was to use blue to it for communication and users of the normal microcontroller but this actually quite affordable and with the Wi-Fi on boards we can that we can use Wi-Fi which is much more convenient for something data and back to a whole new service and all of the sensors all at almost all the senses of an eye to see I don't know if it's group how do you call it I square see you have a lot of things so i squared C OK so I remember that a what did you say in the we know that the I think the ICI located the look of yeah yet let me at that big disclaimer I'm not to the mode that the smartest guy in in the team we have I mean uh I I only giants 3 months ago I learned all this stuff by doing it so that I well I know I I square c no but but the and I'm not the right in the driver's myself uh I did to write a lot of the code but not this and and I'm not that's a experience with electronics myself although I'm learning so getting better all the time we're using that p-p'-DDE 840 tool I it's probably not that known because it's very specific to what we're doing and let's say but is done this is in fact the price so the price actually has um resister only to heat of which we're probably going to remove because it's also using a lot of the and the errors in these and it's a whole lot of people this is a black room where is a high sense the um and my sense of and there is in my view that actually bounces off to find this work the it we get an interrupt for each particle that we see and which effect might come back to what I said earlier in the scientific uh value of this and usually this the fine dusts and values that are used are based on uh micrograms per cubic meter and that this only dust particles for a dust particles we actually have to die types of dust particles those at a smaller than 10 micrograms and uh dozat of small about 10 micrometres and those are the smaller than 2 and a half micrometre so uh that's the only 2 factors that we have so we have to do some calculations to and and probably calibration with real and real devices to have a sense of how much how good to the air quality is but it will always be something that uh is relative 2 other devices so we cannot say compared to the official uh way of measuring its this but if we know because we have fixed stations and maybe at some time more fixations that are calibrated if the bike crosses that and its sensors that information and we have hundreds of bytes crossing those we can do statistical analyzes of all information and enter and to compare and then we can say this is better this is worse we don't know exactly how much better or how much worse or we could uh no doubt but not so we wouldn't you with some Solomon article with the uh with some differences well but but it said it will not be real scientific uh or it cannot be used by has rolled out and you know um in the device we we need something to uh to help us um we have I need to know if removing a lot and we also use it to see if it's been shaken because it because of that well MBL connected as well as but obviously we want to know when removing because we want to go into a low battery modes if we're standing still ends
if we're not moving we can also test we feed to see if there is a we see uh we feel as as I did it we know about and to try and get about out an it was a something that I wanted to say but accelerated no that the humidity sensor those you would descent strong effect you made the sensor is there's also uh dust temperature but the accelerator has a temperature sensor as well the air pressure sensor has a temperature sense as well so we have 3 times the same information and the unity is important because uh there is a relation between between fine dust and and humidity so if you want to take that into account as well we need this information at the same place at the same time as as the other information at pressure is the same um the but with the humidity sensor in the air pressure sensor we also want to see if it's raining for instance if we don't know if we can get that out of there and but it may help us to get this information we could obviously also take into account uh other uh weather information that US public like the air where the air is coming from an and the speed of the year uh but at the moment are not taken into account but is something to correlate as well so it would be nice to see if what what what the what influences of error at a certain location on the air pollution and then we have that the the biggest troublemaker in except is a GPS and why is this a big problem um the GPS requires a serial communication and we are limited in the number of uh since we have on this spot phonies B it 266 and it's a it's a pain for us uh so there are GPS GPS devices that have no ITC interface infected this 1 has 1 as well but we cannot make it work for some reason so where we try to connect all space but we cannot don't make it work and if you look on the internet for i to see GPS is they all have this uh lectronic stuff in between to convert between your seal and you like to see so the idea now with a lot of regrets uh because I wanted to keep things simple uh but the only affordable way to do this except for buying the ITC GPS which is quite expensive it that it acts 15 euros of 20 euros on top of uh that the price we a price we have now um so it thinking of using data pull me create a former actually there is a project that creates from for serial tied to see interfaces so it we we're now looking at that but this is the part that is not implemented now infected we're using the GPS with a single interface at the moment and we don't have a bus and that that's how we do it but actually we need 2 pence if we also want to talk to the GPS to configure it properly uh so actually this is the way to go so obviously if you have better ideas in the yes yes indeed and indeed the duration ID was to only have to read from the GPS but the problem is it's something a lot of information is a buffering it's it's makes no sense at all and you can configure the GPS to only give you information every 1 2nd or things like that I can also say I only want this type of information you with the with the more advanced UPS is um but indeed if we can have this 1 process the information we have it in the correct format that we need and yeah yet there the yeah yep it's true M. but that the collocation of the vise will show you later we're using Jesus and for communicating and everything well to the serial console for testing and also to send out of over Wi-Fi so the information about the if you want to know the details about how we start the information you can discuss this later if because we also created something fancy to to use as little storage aspossible at that there's also a weak we are planning to also at the and I to see memory to to have more memory for buffering more information and but at the moment for testing we don't need it yet so as
I showed you this is that the current device the when I joined
there was not lot of coke produced we did have some best code for the individual sense and um when I joined I didn't know what I could help with so I started with documenting everything which is nice because then I know a little bit about the the the different senses and how the project was conceived um but I very quickly started to write the main loop and the main loop is something that is at i knew a little bit of and we know that you have to set up and that the I was called the main loop and but I didn't know how to to get something like this going and when at the 1st 1st time I tried to implement as and if else statements and it was a lot of but interesting because Lawrence is that 2 meters adjusting to learn how would this this would work but then the 2nd revision it became better restarted use cases and then I have an affinity which is probably for most of you a very obvious um do you state-machine a state machine and a state machine Bretton Woods a double cases double as which uh blocks 1 for determining which states in and uh changing states and the other 1 to um Due to have the state transition as well because we want to run something when we are in 1 of the states we want to run something continuously and if we're going to move from 1 state to the other we have to do some preparation of breaking down stuff while removing and so there are if if you look at the code that can go over that in various interest and there is this time and the cherry now so I learned a lot for that as well and the thing is when we start the the device at the start state is actually not real state it's the beginning it's that's that's what we are when we start the device and he quickly goes into sleep mode and depending on information coming from the sensor we go to different we go to different states so if you're in a in sleep mode we're not moving because it moving we go to the GPS dust state if not moving but it was shaken we go to the goldfish state which brings up a we feed uh uh access point we can connect to and then you can be configured as as i these you want to use for a floating about the and you can also say the devices they stationary or not because we also want to have non mobile devices at some point and he also want to know is the device is located in the door or outdoor because we are for the project itself is only interested in outdoor information but as a as a person that I would like to know what the information is in the so that's something that you can configure the config stage and after some time our gaze pressed the whatever we go back to sleep a few more things we enable the GPS and waiting until we get sensible information if we get proper information in a GPS is ready and we're still moving we go into collect states I can show you this but not here because I don't have GPS here um the and I show you because we also added some debugging commands of true deceive you can say ready even though this and uh we fake that moving we think that we have GPS and then we can test going to all this States the same for the Ricci tests if we're uh not moving and the buffer is not empty so we have that uh we'll probably at some periods in here that's from time to time you want to check if we feed because it's very again it's we don't we want to save the battery as much as possible we going to be the test if we have a fix for the the we applied the information um and then we go back and go back to sleep so it's very easily and I wish I had this from the beginning and the 4
my design as I stated earlier the most important thing was got readability because we want people to to help and to to join the project and to be able to adapt it to their own needs it's a simple state machine with state transitions as we call them and yet we we want to have the but i square scanning which may be possible it depends on denial how the whole unique the ideas are about there a problem I but maybe for the sensors that we are at maybe it's possible uh we'll have to see and then even if the ideas are not unique if you know that there are multiple you can tests and you can test the works an and we're working to get happy so as a set of genes open-source um we also have been get help their individual test examples for individual drivers and libraries to to test if our own usually we have rapid libraries for the force sensors if they're working correctly and have to configure wouldn't to this stuff with them we also the PCB
design but the 1st PCB design we have to redo but it looks a bit like this an you can find to I just called guy cut Key we have key got drawings
but really we have to do that so this is that the current status and before I arrived in the projects they already did a lot of selecting sensors and also for the fine dust uh sense there are a few of them and therefore all been tested together with a calibrated device and so I was not part of that but that also took a lot of time to defined what was the best combination of all an and now we're here with who busy doing the 2nd prototype using the GPS III square see here we hope to finish this uh in the next few months to be honest we had hoped to finish the the 1st prototype with everything working uh before the holidays but we didn't make it especially because of that the GPS if we would have made the ice chrissy GPS toward them it could of worked but it seems it's not that easy to do then there are lots of functionality every time we have a meeting and new people joining the meeting they have this same lord new ideas and it's very nice but it doesn't bring us to a working device so while this is very nice and if you have a new ideas let me know because I'm going to make a list of them uh Bishoff get every there is the deviation of discussions we have but 1 of the things that's and that's also why we have this uh this accelerometer is that we can measure if we it on a bike if we have lots of bumps and lots of bikes have also bombs at the same place we can give this information to doze bike organizations that the discuss with the government that the bikes wrote should be better the as I said we want to include more sensor that of sensor information although for some of these we have already have a lot of uh um a lot of devices in Ghent so some of the information is already available but may not be open and we want to support outside and in-house stationary devices as I said that we're living in very close to the end of the highway and there's lots of traffic jams before are House and so it would be nice to know exactly what to do should we open the front windows no I told my wife never opened them except maybe it's specific in and weekends or we always use the back windows and but having that that there would probably also for the awareness create lot of people thinking about what they should do a harder should handle and auto-calibration devices I told you if free pass each other we could you could think of not calibrated the device itself because we only want to have the rod other from the device also because if that information is somehow and not usable because the device somehow broken we want to know we want to see that's the 1 we're trying to put everything together and make checks of that the data quality and there was the idea of if we have this dada which is already properly uh manipulated to get real information out of that we want to be able to have an application that gives you that same information even though you don't need a sense of a new device that would be nice as well it would also be nice to know what times of the day or what days it's better when do what days it's worse and stuff like or what they the influence of the of the weather is and can also to be nice to uh to be able to show that in real time for for instance people that are waiting in the traffic jams scores the traffic jam that they see what the the qualities or even have those devices inside of your car because instead so the car is also not quite healthy and if they know that may be FIL stuff to use the bike there's no problem anymore yeah you while it I'm not sure if this because the find that I don't know if they can fulfill and the ill-defined this is even worse and that's that we cannot measure with this equipment so it so it's even worse and if you know that well I have some slides if we have some time with some questions of the questions that some slides about uh the different types of pollution and the sizes of each because smoke if you're cigarette smokers for about so ultrafine dust in some cases so yeah this is the project information if you're interested in maybe joining a residency because you have a nice idea this is the dial-up information unfortunately well it's mostly Dutch but I think there's some translated stuff but fortunately the websites of the other project which is the website to the public that 1 s in Dutch to get help everything is English but the for the communication to the citizens unfortunately it's Dutch but we have Google Translate because and if you're interested about air quality in general where you're living you can find that information M. and I don't know whether what I should do should that's do 1st questions and then I can show you some some information because when I set we're doing the same against there's a good reason why we do it again again this 1 of the worst in in Western Europe so that's why I think it makes sense to to do this together with Antwerp which is the major the largest city in Flanders it um there's also an interesting project from Switzerland but she's actually predating everything that I find and they have this very massive device with lots of census data the sting almost everything and they have been put on top of the trans um for but continuously I think still and there's a 2nd open science project now uh where they're trying to improve what they're doing but this 1 is nice because it gets all the information for for all the difference pollutant Pope um their pollution and and you can see that if 1 is high usually the others are high as well so they go together uh depending on the source if it's then cars are in the compression it's usually the same thing the
so let me 1st ask if there are any questions and then maybe I can show you some more slides about specific information this the the and using and the the what it's a good yeah uh whether an event loop would be better done as well as sleep loop um I don't know it to be honest the I think for an event loop you have to I think it would be use more battery adenyl I don't know exactly how In even put work in this case he had and at my it's C + + but it's it's the real kind of C + + they do a lot of a lot of things in between so as to make it easier for children or for for grown-ups to the the yet we'll using that and another very good C + + program can deceive but suppose plus for me was also something new but yep the the the the no way the to and what want you find the and yeah yeah so apparently there is any university and pass through it has a project like this as well but you could get in contact with them and it would be nice because it's you EU funded it would be nice to to share information yet I look it the you and so you know and and yeah of that the the the we yeah yeah so the question is um in specifically to the casing but also to other uh information as what if um their conditions change and that obviously that information we gotta is also based on that um yes this is not in this case speed are or wheat air flow or things like that especially if you're inside the house of stationary devices where you may not have enough air flow to get proper information right yes it so that that's why we want to get the raw data the indeed that this speeds and stuff like that we want to get at all so central here so that we can take that into account but we have to do more testing before we can make any conclusive statements of them and I'm not a big that our our even statistical engineer that can that knows how this works but we do have people that have and that have this background that also are part of invented in environmental action groups that have this background and that can do that can't understand that every part of the environment environmental study groups inside of university so they are involved but they're not part of the part of it yet because we don't have that of yet at this moment we are not collecting anything so but yes this is something that we have to take into account and that for a casing itself we have to make sure that the temperature for instance uh is outside temperature and not inside temperature we have to make sure that uh the to the air flow script so this is good enough effect that the design of the casing will do something and I forgot the name was but there is this um consider physics uh I wish I have to add that to my presentation for next time they have to ask my colleagues and there's something where you have different density about all the different size of of the tube that will suck in air there's something in physics that's that will cause this and this is what we're going to use as well so that's the because of demanded the fact that there was an underpressure somewhere it's but I'll have to add that to do the sorry and and I and so why would you 1 of the things we know that if you the what is that you know the the congratulations is the 1st time I hear this idea so I'm going to write it down it's interesting as well special for those action groups yeah some that would be interesting to have as well yeah the of the uh um it depends it it could but it depends on the on the the dust from from the yeah and I was and the yeah yeah the editor device cannot cannot see a secret smoke will no it depends on the size of the of the particles and cigarette smokers I can show you that the show you if
if we could measure at yes so if you look here that the types
of stuff we find in the air um so particulate matter is somewhere here in between this so it's just and uh I think you see all smoke is inside of this and because you're measuring tend to 2 and a half is knowing 10 and node 2 and a half but I don't know what the what the smallest it depends on the on the the light sensor I don't know what the smallest particle is that we can measure that's a that's problem that's what something we have to we have to see for ourselves um but tobacco smoke you see it's it's loss smokers well so I think that's it I don't know I could say we have to test the fact is that when we were testing the the the the sense of inside of time dial-up we also tested it with someone smoking and we could see that the smoking also has those particles that are larger so we could see that smoking that have an effect on the sensor but the question is how much to the influence what you in the small you go deeper it goes into the lungs but also the smaller the particle is so it's a it's a matter it is small you go at the better that that the worse for for the links that's a fact that it goes so goes into the brought to them so if it's very small I don't know exactly which I read about it but I I forgot uh what size it's actually but ill-defined this actually goes into your blood as well so India strain so it that doesn't stick into the links but it goes into your whole body yet it but 1st the and the the the and and it that's a good question we have to is to find out where we have to find out by getting the 1st devices out and testing how well they they behave compared to calibrate the devices that something we have to find and the reason why we chose bikes is because we we think it's better than are others for instance where you have of moral shocks and and is probably the device wears out quicker so we hope that bike so better for that but also because bikes they got a distance so we can we can measure more sight-reading bikes is a good idea but we will have to see how well the device can hold up against shocks weather conditions and stuff like that depends how well a case designed will this yeah the the I yeah yeah definitely so in the winter there's a lot of higher heating from houses I have another slide with the sources of pollution and
uh and see if I can find that 1 in there that that this 1 as
so what what influences pollution of is the industry chorus but also in or heating and which which influences the outdoor air pollution but the if you're cooking can also very very bad don't use candles in house it's it's a I told my wife and we report also that's the vibe Artsy it's not the same feeling and but don't use candles in house ventilation in your house also makes a big difference if you're cooking you should open a window specially if it has the pollution is worse than outside but how do you know right and also don't open your windows in the evening or during the nite because then the houses are being warrants a year the heating your house which causes pollution as well so a lot of people at think traffic jams a soft no no pollution anymore we windows that's that's not the case unfortunately early in the morning it's probably best but because then the dust settles there pollution fine dust pollution is also worse the lower to the ground up because it's a obviously so something to take it to good consideration as well therefore a very nice studies of parts uh the influence of things and in in Antwerpen against the definition but the and hunting against and there were projects where they um they distributed plants uh forced specific period of time and then they did a study on the plans they use this um ferrimagnetic scientific way of measuring finders because findest often also has a small role I or metal pieces that and that that was a way to see you a what the pollution was uh and those studies were very interesting as well because apparently if you if you live on a big road like I'm doing you get a lot of fine dust in front of your house but the street behind that is this depends on the air flow obviously but it's a lot less and that's why I set opened the back sides the winners of the back of your house in front of your house but obviously if you ventilation if you've Althouse like ours the ventilation and probably screws up and the house of and there are also natural sources of pollution obviously which you cannot do anything against ants cars electrical costs are the future had no pollution anymore wrong because the big part of the of the pollution of the tires yes and that the electrical course are more heavily so they have the moment not more pollution from diverse but it's better than combustion engines obviously but still you had a question the you yes I well the heat or not going to use because the heaters actually used to get error into 2011 heaven and air circulation and since removing where using that and also with this physical it went with the stupid thing that also such an error um this we think this would help um but it's true that um to get statistical information out of the senses uh we have to measure for 30 seconds of something so in 30 seconds you already have on a bike you can do in love meters so that's 1 of the concerns so the information we get we have to we have to here we have to we know where we are it's a good thing we know where we where we removed biking so we have an idea of what we have measured but it will not be specific place it will be on the road but if we have enough bytes then this will all fade away and we get better results but your rights and if we don't have that information instantly and it the people yes yes the the in the and they and yeah yep and I've got up and actually going to check but indeed a pump with that cannot do we we also consider doing something like that but it's it's it's too expensive it said breaks eat Mory's because mechanical and stuff like that so we really want to have something cheap and get awareness 1st um so as I said it's not completely scientific it could be improved but the more that we have the benefits um which time do I have it's over so so what did you use what slides they do not see here but is that there's a of additional slides these other
projects that exist the the strawberry plants IV plants there there is a new which collection tubes which is more scientific even for the i don't know how it's called an O 2 what that the pricing so that
the device the president the vise we don't go look at prices because the bill price you can probably we make this less but at the moment at 60 euros and you can see the big the big price consumers
and and then I also have but I put the slides on on the website if you're interested about air pollution at your location you can find that link and you can you can look at but the idea as
you can see we're living here the the not very good um en ts it's a tally and Turkey is very bad but also Eastern Europe is also very bad so the there you go yeah we don't know yeah In general we loose 9 months of alive or the 1 year of her life due to air pollution but that but that due to air pollution but that's an average of course so could be more if you're a smoker it could add up to 10 10 years of your life if you're unlucky if you're lucky you can become 100 years what