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Database High Availability
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Database high availability is no magic anymore. What do you need for high availability. How important are backups? How important is replication? How can you do all this without master downtime? How can you manage high availability with open source / free software tools? The talk will be mostly product independent. Mostly considered database worlds are MariaDB and PostgreSQL.
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thank you here and when shown would modern because the that
made them might little from museum in where my up at besides that by each of its kind of at that site but it might be that more presentable intelligence operation Andrew only a few due west of and and 1 time if staff went for the nth more and so also was here to the west of stuff that the that's only the the if somebody in this room uh who once uh who prefers english OK and I would do it in English and the the so we have delivered problems this Inc the the and you want to the task that I am about that this highway ability so as fusion my slides the only the only valid was the park not without the talk so when I language
um yes my name is the knowledge transfer and then you pull out at sea for my name it's very funny you will find nothing because I married last year or 2 years ago and changed my name when you go for my brother in a new refined 120 pages and long on my Nickerson see you would find it so a lot but today I'm writing a thing Atkins I'm thing attain of a post as my had to be and of course my as well the I am all was time and from 2000 up to 2000 travails was 17 I was part of the PostScript their development team and developed PostgreSQL as so the mostly parser and I worked for my as well and so that was developed by this senior vise and senior apart trainer kind and so on so I am 1 off where the 2 parts and then the role who have developing the experienced the at the post this great project and mines got the so I'm active database business yeah I guess at the beginning of 2000 2001 I am in all salsa communities since 1996 I started with the to be on and so they are I made my diploma in computer sciences the I am a PhD studies there in the content must BigData Geoinformatics Sergio Dr. the measurements of of the US the yeah I'm free answer and I am also also speaker I wide hundreds of articles about after post this my a square and so on so usually ends and that's because all and he said I should not go to will find the common some so we start with high availability even yes firemen he usually of a fast opamp so what do you think my do you need to back up the the result it might be in need there is the heart of of concave so effects any other ideas why do you need to so a because the the 7 the and we have have more the yeah carried out so the Germans colored was king of feeling on so that happened typical mistakes you make by accident she wanted to we insist another set of of the test so about installs a production server of so that still so when you had used for the case that you must your doctor so do you still need to back up when you have a weight system the OK so what what what what I think that was clear the the what
do you need to back up 1 the need to back up your operating system or do you just need to make up the at that time did indeed that's the classical questions What do you but need to back out so you leave the you don't need to back up the operating system because of that I can easily download again and install again and in your version so and that of a system if you want so not really needs tool back up the PostgreSQL on my as good installation because the easily can we install at the what you need to make them about us and that the basis you need to back up but the battle directory all the content of that a directory and the so that you have all your own and before we start to so how often do you need to back the every nite every week every day the and as it depends on and depends on the the emergency or the How importance of the of the importance of your the so when you can live with the fact that you was 1 day of that up than you might need to backup just 1 day the I think the last that hello the whole along for how long how long do you need to slay a pack yes the but interested depends on the wall um because we have lost that you have to remove data we have each lost the and so when when you have a law that says you have to delete uh that the data and they should not be in any back up to so and when you have a backup from today and you make a backup next week and then you make a greedy so in 2 weeks have back ups and you test if she can we store 1 of them the latest 1 you don't need the 1 from today because you have the other 2 so you can delete a whole worldwide so the question is the whole as a whole hopeful How much back groups and all many backups you need how many file system backups you need enter Howell the what's your when men will you we use or did 7 and the don't need them anymore the so I often have this discussion here about uh that that that the in the back I said no because you make a back up and we weak and then you delete your that and you in which the system even when you make it incremental backups every nite incremental backups so and I start today deleting some some well you and upcoming nite that Libya incremented that so my back won't have them to moles the then it won't be in the back up anymore so I don't need to think about it how on I need to well how to get this with that out of the back I don't need to stop accounts for years I'm not sure and banking business if they really need to store backups 10 years or so but the usually you need to to back up you need to have to us we back ups and then you can the we cycle the vector space the and it's a space station and you have a huge database from the and 1 gigabyte you don't want to have a backup from each nite back up the the so in the database about we decide between logical and physical back up and I have to ask what using money out of the no more I came to a few feeling post as well who of you if you think and anything else can I the did you ever use my Escola Maria to be a opposed is so OK if I could have I wouldn't know what to dump OK so that they can back and as a dumb the there are advantages from them there are lots of disadvantages so let's look to the put she puts each offer them at all I'm still it's OK to stand here I don't want to stand in front of my slides that I am the the but when you have when you make timeline the and let's say you make a dump here for example at 2 o'clock in the the nite yeah system to a damn so you have a done 5 from true from last nite 2 o'clock somewhere during the business day you have a big crash flesh in the back center why down not even the match the light ball 1st that any Mosul what mn all you did this classical adopt a margin of 1 0 1 and so we have a question here the so and the class ships but it is sigh at that you need to install back the the the then you can use the Stamp and you will 11 jabbing you'll um these are the down you may have all happy to with this point but not the transaction would not finished so you will have this I'll transactions as they sort 4 CPU was so far processes who vote transactions to the database and you see here user assistance action here won't be in the damp another list section will be in the damn the cost usually in the dump the database systems that bring a snapshot and just take all committed transactions from that time in the dome starts so you have this and that but not the and finish transect and cell and then the Kevin Bacon who lost effectivities so all that you have that mean he had them and yet finished and gone you don't have them you can't be stolen them there that might be a business day the I not said lost that and because as that left the tivities the cost of all what you don't have them a holy day of your business is lost so it's also Monday but this not for example and it's also lot of time because you have to do it again the you and yeah and then after the recovery is done you can rack back on scissors he just sensors that was here so you have to redo all what you did between all maybe you don't really need to really do it then it wasn't important what you do at the holidays but usually you need to read with that the disadvantage of the the as the the et montage of Don that dump was playing a lot is usually is a planar stratified is a text file and you can zip but so it's smaller but in any case it's ladies smaller than then you're Dutch directory when you have indexes on your parents it's very simple of course you have your doctor in your dumb so the table and work on that trying a table spaces the sixers similar the but you don't have a copy of your indexes because dump you will get you just find create index so you don't have any already thought that of your indexes so the damp
space that can use this equation less than about directory the disadvantage if you need to rebuild all indexes and that can needs very very long time and basically a damn this using go on dogmas answer database systems the damned you a single process you can use Montreal sensors that bad each statement is a thing of process so it creates you can't that to create and next more processes the 2 more CPU was so use 1 CPU for next are creation index creation the that's where the problems lie about let's of old on recovery and it might need a very long because you need to rebuild the indexes the the the 2nd this physical backed up so they can back that means you have to physical back of your . 2 directory so you have a copy you have some me a copy of that that's the vector it can reason that can be whatever but you have only a copy emitted in particle and the also spent the and it's also had the idea but you don't need to be a copy it had a big discussion with him so when you read something art in this article it's not for me um that sermons kinetic no you need the other copy that's otherwise it's not a bad so to the convention the so what happens is it came on the you just copy that best estimators of thinking about it just it like some back afterward some of the file system that kept with doing it they just take the pose the that to the gods anything else they just copy it in mind that this is 1 don't make sense because most of you that this is swimming in cash the the optimum the the best path almonds you began in your database fits in Europe and in Europe from so that you have lower database in in RAM memory often it happens most that raises aren't that big and the Ramos very cheap so you have lots of database fits in 1 and that it then it's so you don't need more land because it already is in lab so you have a big catch the stuff is in in the so when you have a copy from the high system yeah the use all this what them around and usually can be started the the systems on who's going to so you need to look you need to use the products of simpler database system to make that up you can do it all or not it depends you can make a cold back as a code that have means few stops the term he's got this that shut them chapter 7 down in data systems Doc Servers system stop and then but the and I stop for the baby usually it waits for our problem transaction on so you have Belton transactions to and then you can make a copy of the that's make however you do it using parsing of what cannot and I know you were had a copy from your doctor directly you can we start the system again the big advantage from having a system copy adapt I take up the L that you have the information about the transaction mark about the transaction solar system now was which transactions are already stored on disk and which transactions are still in 1 the or just in the transaction locked so of the database systems usually just talk to look this every 5 minutes per the right the iteration so the all it's OK when you have and you have a permanent store Dortmund minute permanently stores the transactions in the transaction lock so I just locks the transaction changes and every 5 minutes it can flash although the land dirty pages into onto the disk by duration it says something more continue but 5 minutes is a quote the so what you need is then you can are you sure and so he commented to do it the of you can have you can copy you can back up the trans they should lock because then you have all transactions transaction not be over with me so my baby you can yeah that usually you can configure had at Molly RGB it's never In weighted transaction luck but you refute that that the base outside to heat after some us that's not a good idea because the needs lots of space and a good configure PostgreSQL assist them militant action lot will be although it never 11 minutes but in 10 to 11 minutes so the you need tools back up them to archives them it means you need to copy the transaction up to fight forget all it the in my history you can say on we had to be you can by lot fights usually said to sweet day also depends on a database system so that you have the transaction when you need to restore show you need to me make sure that you transaction logs from the bank would be for art had actually that ridicule after you start the systems that you have a copy of them that you have them so you need to archive them and then manually store Sheffield at them recovery which all you adopted with but you're a banker that's here you also have the least of all the transactions and so you just have lost state the radius between the crash and therefore we can and the system is fully recover that's not so much time so you won't rules what you think the holiday because the cilia there it just need a few minutes we usually solid it depends how much traffic on that your system maybe 1 whole maybe half an hour on my experience as a few minutes I have an example where it was a much more but a few minutes and then the system has become all the transaction logs troops and you can start working and system is up and you didn't lost some sink yeah you already was the transactions that don't finished at press time that's what you lost and you know was the time for recovery with really in the administration needs very cavity that's something beyond the service time but it's not the case for day so um we once we can't we had account that trust for years old and they had all along a transaction locks depends that was on a training get a customer any major economy I k and we didn't look into it to be started the cavity at the beginning in the morning at 9 o'clock and before lunch we looked into it and it was done so the 1st I was up again and they quipster use it again I'll even when you have 2 we use of transactions and just a note that it works just needs delivered longer but it's not the typical use case you here you maybe have a decade from the last she 3 days ago are last week last week already is um where often I see Beckham from last nite so that you don't have so much transactions the that is a fact and you have a very or what the dots of so it
was called back by court that that means I live less activity activity the board
so here yeah Langer time from your back when you have a standard for alignment gigabytes um that a directory it will need some time for copy I want cast the MIT gave me a set of time uh window from 15 minutes and as such store I needed to copy the directory the 800 Gigabytes I said no 1 in the copy needs longer in many RNA a copy to the same this it would need morning on then 15 minutes so it even tho because the database how long this copy needs and that the course of won't do anything to the Conte do any business that that is related the this they want to do it that's what
possible and then he should not just the do by copying the system hearts uh because no you don't know what what happens so the transaction between back up so he our transactions going on so I want to you notice that the to was the system so far and it's not that for what it is they set a flag the accorded that way the 2nd leg when the back-up stopped they are and then you can do the backup of so that a directory all you have to watch for others but they usually do I think so uh yeah that's positively you can do it manually by by stopping happens stop back up and copy it like you want and there's the PG back at which use of thing for Dutch irectly copy and to start pickups about error a better the same as minus former we added the it's not backed up so you need to know the receptors that make up lecture so what is that may go into a transaction not so that the transaction locks no I here's so somewhere in the transactions that reflect here because starts then when you finish your background uh there's a stop selects so the system knows a prior year the bank of starts and you become stops and said it melts the the Sun's action on back that and this is the fun the this is already in in the standard transaction logs because this transaction finished here so it's in the transaction quality so on we start you just the release of the backup menu here where's barrister who is this 1 that has to be like uh Europe with the big up and then you have the chance actions that are that happened with in the time during the time to that you knew that we have that the genes that ends up and after that you just can we store all your other system and police all and your archive transaction lots the and then you're done so here you only have you don't have any activity lost a by the backup assigning it just have lost activities on recovery while you do with heavily so that the best way with the mini mum and lost activities the the other big advantage in but when you think about applications for the tool applications later you can make it back up from he amassed this system with all its and the use of performance tools in your master consider scandal back out and then we start it the on the slaves the but it's something to me
district so how do you have a bank Rebecca this OK want yeah it's like he for further my heating come the the 2nd heating prom some and the cell line my heaping prom fades have to install it sets room a k the the but it would be better to have the 2nd heating bomb pump already installed at the because then adjusted to such a system us up so high availability when talk from high viability there's a definition about it enters divination that you only have always had tool when not to pay out I know that you only have always have to work systems that up to quite immediately can such the duty on that you never have a so some of by by buys its own so that's because it so high availability will hire me really he's got with sweets on us so when Monticello goes you still have to serve as it doesn't matter which 1 failing crashing all you just you have service the maintenance back on the service to do is then have to others so when there there's has been no that next us you might have heard the last you still have is using set up about it's important that you do you have that you make sure that if noticing so that you don't have a single cell over here too so medication concepts you have to alone so about yeah transactions go at Whiting reading in a single of so let's say them forwards technique while implication we don't have fun with occasion anymore today it is a kind of locked shipping what they use before the application but has leading lighting and you have a the the transactions and answer back up and the transactions here in the it's already there it stands by Anderson already is on so the power lines has power and its landing might use they need to do semantics that uh you can use the data the the the the that's long applications the you hot Pk through on occasion as reweighting here writing them that and you are you you to court immediately will eat from the I don't know it um that's hot applications and and master master the master master this they you can read and wants to Bob bows and they will engage in so them the my hair square is talking from a master and slave so where you can why it is the master and the others are slaves but there the they figured out that it's not a Goulet naming be caused when this they get the mass stars it's the master was slave and use them from Europe it's stressed you gets confused the same as the post as contracted with privately instead by but you have the same situation and sent by primary and uh no you get confused so when you when you such just more often uh then and you have to administrators 1 don't know when you speak but family you don't know which 1 is it the old 1 the new 1 called the 1 from last week so it's better to call it all whatever give them names that to make sure that you're sure would you know which 1 it is we're trying at the advantage from the such a system you have 1 last and the 1 on what know that there they who can we the this you can do a load sharing CFO reading you can all you select carries the can channel more summers you can can make a load balancing node sharing a lot balancing think from and the the I have a lot of people who once master master replication occasionally wine and then they say it yeah because of so much why it's on my they want to to share just another from yeah but on riot mass mass isn't good you have the that is why because Israelite from the king forms in direct input and entered with it and you have I O from the input from the other side of the cell she won't gain any I it would not all uh so you just saw this just make balance in the meeting but lighting not on the systems that systems former wide node sharing College class to exact justice systems for example the ROI coach when my as great class but it's not belongs it's not my a squared minus the justice and on product of Neville's of missiles know the name of the all when he was open source it was developed at Ellickson um they look of no i squared in the background snow as good based again Galiano is noise good based so when you have such a exacerbated can chat light usually it's on the noise can it's not that relational databases and Wall so so it may have buzzing Krone methods some colonists cash to I think having Cronus smelly and I don't need to their my lungs to explain it there when the network is down the yeah transaction logs year where your transaction will make a heat and they get more and more I'm of and when the network is so there again or transactions will be sent to the slave or to the other note by the way the way of this it's when we say the word must have ascended to the slave at the same as when sales time uh Sandoz from east to west the the the truth as the slave they go to the master and get them will have the mask of forgetting the transactions this changes it's yeah and that the master slave fits because the master the king and other go to the slave and give him something so using this state has to go to this to the king and to wrong to pick it up the stuff so that our tracks but it's easier to show it that way all the transactions would FIL that as influencing quote since cone synchronous society the by the way we have a dependence flipping I think it's something in the right but I'm so close me it means as you have the when you say comments all usually every state in writing stating names as that you too will is doing a committee at the and he's doing it by automatism but in his they comment the numbers central and also the cation the system will make sure was that heard changes after thought on the desk on the hard disk of each server before I finally you were elected to get back the acknowledgment the in yeah then what really happened when 1 of that great the you never get in acknowledgments because it never stopped on all so and corners commits can and an endless slope traditionally focused on so and you have same needs as my credit card some and Cuomo's by
Lexus what then they do not wait until it's thought in all on on this but it makes and to start on in all the catches of also then you get a but when you have uh even when the network is down here you won't get they can acknowledge and you can't make so who kind of goes on the other disadvantage of saying foremost uh is the speed of light you can calculate it spent I once heard a talk from Christian couldn't talk but he was I it was on 1st going as jumping he had had to work demonstrate the the frequency so the speed of light Standard colleague Greg Smith he mentioned at between bottom are and Amsterdam end I'd pay 1 K collated by 15 thousand kilometers here would have 10 transactions and you measure Bochum once of them and housing and figure out 9 transactions so he really was lots of performance on semicolon synchronous an transactions so all yeah therefore onality you're told where they're easy today with the model on the molten salts 3rd the database relational database systems how to set up a new slave I still use odds of my a terms how to set up a new slaves it's very easy the you can use you can do a hot they have and have had few transactions and then you can recover on the back up and the transactions you just need to say stop system to beautifully interest that system and it will be covered by automatism and then after it and can become us all this it just is now zinc there the new upcoming transactions because of a closed system some applications of funds usually don't make exactly this recovery but actions from the origin and systems for the transaction from 2 righteousness system the so that move bystander how much time do we have left woman is uh OK it's a lot so this is my last slide the by them to pick this set that's what I see well I often in my customers and I have lots of customers they oppose the customer we looked up we have lots of database customers their so when I have as I helped them of the administration of this that the best customers and I've telecommunication custom of on and what I may often see this the that scenario so they have lots of nodes at the from onwards but they have to set up a master master implication but just set up as must the mask the replication but the software only needs them for reading and then we need to really is bounded by a load balancer from all those nodes M. they use kernels come also think this as a where I given IP address to 1 of the nodes so you have I just made an example here with 10 that older Baldrige tool so your application year you Teddy application in the back of a system is on tend not all old ought tool and could makes sure that 10 opponent of tool that node full they get 10 that the product to so as soon as as noted for favorite all either to a service and maintenance workers self the court has a changed and stand at 0 tools we belong to known about and so the transactions they go in here and just went for was back again when you finished upgrading it or whatever it to get all the transactions and they have the same level against so you that up to them as masterminds up for not losing any time so you just have last time I the Coast think is changing the appearance of uh needs to change the appearance on the notes the but the most symbolism it works it works fine end you easily can stop and nodes updated upgrade its what mr or upgrade the full size our sometimes you need to upgrade the operating system because he's the left in the input data on it also so that the reality simple and you don't need to look and tool uh mostly Castile Galileo Allwood and held uh PG PG as they're outside 2 or more DB Koch GB also so you can do it was simple the uh relational systems that's my last slide that's as any questions yeah we will the the it is bit of our students a lot of the universal however the number of molecules you must do more than you lose the rules and the weather it having promised not sink funnels as in for non-CS sorry that was something I miss there that's not think fawning tuning set up through the use of having for yet will so what the use of this year and the utility of the performance so a lot of this of the views of the 10 Don so the question is what about performance I don't have any performance use here it's Lalonde then uh poet that 0 1 microseconds so I was when you have 2 applications is the master-slave you have heard that measurement it was it was I think it was 1 nanosecond or so it was it was x that as so you don't have any performance has to use the word this is you how well a of lot of issues is yes this is used used listen and the low transaction loss between yes what so that's the idea you about their phonetic speed associated that's streets 3 ring stru ruderals reality they are fleeing from that of the 3 and the what's which rules from most lose most through yeah that things that are things that are there is often a group of girls will get and the horizontal and I O C unit will residents on yes when you so you can have a single most of the time you find a replication yeah on which the which the 2 the tools of linear relation fulfilled again uh some of your personal data not to ask for the so now know the no because then kernels command my experiences think almost got them the application areas that can you tell the customer that it really get used for prominence as soon as you are not in the same data center and then they say OK orgasm promises enough so that I really don't have a single pass the muttering central and also replication do you have you know of a case for the clicker the that in the in the season and I hope that the way can you wait for the microphone is the easier because there and speaking the louder because yes so I the death of all the local and the right and I in just a hypothetical low set up uh I'm just wondering if that works based on what you just said
but you just showed and it's imagine I have um high availability and to physical machines act so at dairies replication factor uh between the 2 ends um my sequel for example is planning on both and 1 is actually the Master indeed the there is just on standby time um if if the master crashes uh and um II II and ITT over to the slave and I I get uh in a situation where did transactions with with some trade Jackson's were not committed so in that set uh if I archive to transaction log I could easily um come back to them my own regional and my original data or not the thing is um if if both systems have to same and the same data on disk they have exactly the same states but but at some point it's it crashes and I can I recover a transaction loans the question is what happens with uncommitted transactions on a crash and of course you can't be so any uncommitted quite transactions they're just send cash and they won't go below back as soon as the question of the so but the advantage for them the the then never get and so you never have uncommitted transactions somewhere in the system so it's always have committed transactions but when the system crashed yet uncommitted transactions with the just given all back and the use of and get back so something fate and it's just the thing at transaction so when you have hundreds of actions that are still commented you adjust those 100 transactions in a and yeah the thank you only for the the only for the next said you that this introduces replication between data centers does not go for I O performance numbers a possible thing dataset it would is it possible to make that up to half full signals lies nodes in a data center and have the the same set up and another data center and have an as infamous civilization between the 2 data centers so um we want to calculate sets um that central office OK when you have 15 centimeters of wires between the source the who thought of that you may not be the outline of the rear frame like in that of the of the of the law in the light that you needs and sensors that applications same pattern center usually when you have implications when you have it for the nobility you try to have it in another data center or in another room but in the same room 1 out in the same way but on another power out network or what about him so when you want to fit a so when you ask me personally I would I would ask you walk by and on she was right but we do have some color and wounded in our cell using Microsoft a scale so on just to talk about it and we have the same of database servers into data centers on 1 campus 1 their 7 kilometers between 0 which fiber so we talk about 50 centimeters of fiber or copper feed of light 5 OK and and we have the problem that we're flow systems that rely on a really high availability of the data space so all of we have it was full synchronous centers someone compass which of course and was made a plaster which for the AMS rhymes and all that stuff and it's the case but Microsoft and we have cost you can do a synchronous application to between 2 sets let's just again we was another security aspects we have some concept case but you also still have supremum I need to think about what happens then the wire is this defect the network hey it's what ever what when when when he was saying you have a bit going walking around so all you have a hundred failure of what an amendment Amendment also some idea of informal serves as the you have a lot of failure situation the network can fail all you in in 1 of the few something between in the higher from 1 meant to I all can fail hyperkinetic and you always have that it won't work in because you give me that they cannot instead of not the and chapter you actually paid before it works again and you will lose all transactions and you produce business mistake most cases so when you have about same usually when you have a data set and you want to change wire she knew to call the security and so on it's not that easy and fast so it's not just a call the data center and there those student and in 5 minutes on it's OK my experience with few of you data sent it means I along when you need to have a pass really in the that offend for security reasons the book and so you can if 1 hour before some money will change your life so and you will you a can't do any business in the time that that's related it to the database and the system what happens with the transaction so I think in that direction yeah I usually wait is seen as a In the same data center because you usually have a weight system tool you have a double power line network it metric poetry cations and stuff like this so uh of course you can they'd build on a house because it could be that the North Sea will come after a year or so yeah then there was a question all so which the instance of architecture uh the replication is done by by the middle of which which also offer a demo denouncing likes Saloni for opposed addressed are the types of steady of application we build models in between muscle master are you do agree that so we can have middleware injured motor Austin and then and the obligation to for uh little if feeling this is a the application means you stream the locks time the the you will note that I think is slower and thing that's the 2nd yes the letter arc technology but Evans looks Lonny slaughtered say is that if so it helps for load balancing between the reader and the 2 muscles we can have the other also and we used to in the form of services but just between the muscle muscle 2 uses its kind of hell load but also in both so that's Lonnie air Sony CSL any don't have the feature master master as far as I know find that this time the software from so that when I was heard that also that you can do load balancing but you can unification that's a lie my people offers I can wides text than I can why it's documents or presentation this is just the same software that does use different features and that yes of course the this cell yeah OK you had a question no it's always it's a hand somewhere you know a that many thanks for your for your time I hope you will have a nice weekend at the 1st time enjoy it and I don't know what the next talk they hope that my the next event I don't think so much