How we changed openSUSE developement

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How we changed openSUSE developement
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Developing Linux distribution is not easy, everybody wants to use for something else. Some people want the latest and greatest and some want to avoid changes and live with only bugfixes forever. In openSUSE project, we changed the way we do our distribution last year to address both those needs and this talk will describe what we did and how.
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the OK so I am about thank you for
coming thank you for being invested in open and and am here at all to tell you how all over the set of all the mainly last year but to be right working like dogs for quite some time well for quite a quite some time we're
getting into this direction and the now quite some stuff
changed my name is semiconscious here I'm on all of this is a contributor and I'm also a member of opens board I would all like to stand we tell us what actually is open to as approaching just also reminder that we are not just a linear distribution the dueling system version the but it units in I should have don't might invite phi of can and
and will you the in
and now nobody will bother us again that at the of in our
main goal as opens the project is promoted the use of Flynn's everywhere and the are doing this division as I said that we are also doing got by some tools around the distribution not just the distribution is there a list of some of the projects that are not part of open source said project in general terms you might have heard of some of them might not not all but some of them are interesting and we will be talking about some of them little bit more in details later on the I so now I read this distribution out there is facing the similar forces that outlines to rip it apart and NGOs forces and
mainly to my lungs
there's people that would like to have a little more really new stuff that I'm looking for a new instance greatest and there are people that I'm looking for stable distribution and these 2 forces are actually going against each other in most cases and we have somebody like got some leading edge crazies this guy's so I don't like that all software that was released Montego because it's to all and boring and does not everybody has it that they were the standard was released yesterday because they want to be the 1st to running it and discover what's new and they care about new features and it doesn't work in thus water them that much but because he had tomorrow
those annually so it might work better tomorrow and my break something else but never mind there's still tomorrow and they're excited about every other day this out there and for them the only viable solution is throwing Greece because so the everything else is stalled and boring and for migrant blind stuff like that so they don't care about small more issues as long as they are able to updates to do newer stuff and get something 6 that's 1 side the spectrum on the other hand we have some this morning
parts that that really taking stuff they 1 of the stuff the way it used to be when they were young and unlike any changes and so want to install the system and don't statutes and the just get some small black fixes but no new features no change in behavior where is something that I can depend on for years and don't have to learn anything new and that everything will work always the same and they yeah while some people call it production some people around going to communities in production but it's called Agile nowadays you deploy as soon as you have something that builds an this it's more the right
thing so here we have these 2 guys that that while 2 types of guys that 1 computes local that things and the distribution for everybody has to address both of them 1 of them wants or recycle basically every other day idyllic to releases every day or something like that and the other guys so 1 so while plans in a few years at Phelps so how to deal with it around z doesn't it by creating 2 different distributions we don't let them bus apart and you have to distributions that work together and then that address both issues 1 of them is called opens a
tumbling it's our early distribution always changing always find always so only new features are always new box and always fixing bugs that was there yesterday by adding code different bucks you so with a bit of history it looks started to a long time ago but go by that got man it was meant to be a rolling distribution that was kind of stable the and initially it was just and only people on the stable distributions so we had a stable distribution and then we had and only pour right that go to make the changes from our development of each of these kind expected to be stable it would put them there and I'll we get something that will scan a stable but that every time we released a new distribution there was dying out because elite in the stuff that wasn't strip kept later on the introduced us some changes to our development model of all of this is a factory which is the development version that made it quite stable and actually made it more stable
than the old tumbling and while in November or Florida than 214 also believed was replaced by this new model of development so how did make game more stable all yeah now
the extensively used some of the tools that I mentioned in the beginning it can work only thanks to open both service and open Q and what I don't an yes the site question so who always here opens the user
it is OK not many so the rest of you probably don't know this dose so I'll let me briefly introduce and obvious or open the
service is open source new server it's focused mainly on Baker jinx so it can do we can basically be packages that allow its breaks all the dependencies now when you change for example SSL it up to Europe rebuild of editing that depends on open of the make sure that there maybe I maybe I works together and it published so only the some long governed repositories it understands what repositories are how to publish data and and although it this spot of open to the ecosystem it that doesn't work only with IBM's but it can also create a debian pages it can create OWL packages for our clinics it can now create Uysal style also fruit 5 systems and while some of that I don't even know about and it's quite extensible so if you are running some where the distribution that we don't have support for yet it's so are quite easy to add support for new distribution it just needs to implement how to write recipes for your packaging and how to export some dependencies so it can what did it supports so basically you have a server that
that at a meeting and then you have a bunch of those nodes that it's actually both staff it has about interface it has CLI tool and if you want to know more there's only that you can use and right
I learn more I
can try to lose item
of my flights the I wanted to show it
estimates then this is my and the net book so there be bent of modification bubbling up maybe at the end of the presentation I will turn on the Wi-Fi and show you how it looks in our in real life so obvious is 1 thing it the constantly belts our pages allows us to create plenty of repositories and the publishers but he's for us and makes it really easy to handle thousands and the tens of thousands of refugees concept the building the building flowing in multiple directions article started building can change wait for factory yeah yeah or Emily then we has opened you that's so some kind of genetic testing tool but it's some mostly focused on this thing of operating systems not typical usage how we use it as well it starts a biennium and how it pushes some input into DBN attracts the output looks at the screen space a screenshots and tries to hold much is left tried to find some patterns in the screenshots and then decides whether it works or not you can use of cellphones all tool on watching some commands and it can compare just parts of the screen so it can look for something I didn't know where the window will pop up in a window manager you can try to search for it to and we have for example whole insulation process of open as scripted in this tool so all whenever the change anything this to
lower run now his ition process for every possible God consideration of the installation and we we are making sure that installation works but there's so like KDD known data itself and it did have arrived or whatever and you can also make out some fuzzy comparison so if you want to know it doesn't matter that much the font changes but if you like it can be strict and how it's actually nowadays not used only by us but our colleagues at federal I using it nowadays as well and it can cannot that's not only opens it but I know that there is some proof of concept all testing of for example on the right and I think somebody even tried to our running Windows in there so this those are a great we have something to test the distribution and make sure that it works and we have something that can build bundled packages and make repositories and basically creates division so let's put it together and we get which somebody you and in these so how was how factories devil the basically than as I was saying that we have all these repositories that can be do not in OBS pretty easily are we had opens the factory and now we have to have some package that the package always at some level project where changes get submitted when I maintain well developed project or the package that leads to the changes you can imagine like workers from the top so they accepted the changes and post them to factor then it got to some levelsof review and and that infected and then it broke something completely unrelated and we had to fix it so that was the way how factories to be broken quite often and on I yeah if you are all looking for rolling distribution you go and online you there are some small blocks if you get
updates quite often and what that speaks but if we push for example new GCC and it breaks half of the distribution and we cannot tell release energy in love then we view of a that have so we change this process to something going on little bit more complicated get the
there's no from as point of view it's still mostly the same the while you still have your package that you branched and you still submitted to the devil project that all land them over from the whole project submitted to factory it doesn't go directly to the developer well do the it and that has been now some staging Bridget before robbery we tried to build this package and pages that depends on it from factory also so we can discover the potential but the issues and well we find out whether there about learning needs is not enough so far well when it bills to be submitted to open QA for some testing tool see whether it actually also rounds and lots and only when it passes then we merge its defectors if it does or doesn't bounce you
have to fix so somebody has to fix the mobile smoke in there and only after that it gets merged so for example if there is a new GCC it's ends up in state project for quite a long time until and I think it's the parents the for release and in meantime we get some fixes yet always look like this in the this allows you to store or on our unsecured it updates work out there about this term also all how do we update packages so of unrelated projects there's not only 1 stage in project-based multiple staging projects so you can still send updates for I could use the time what this package that go and while this change gets merged into factories there are no factory gets rebuilt published but before it goes to the users just to make sure we're on its to open calais again new more testing to make sure that everything works and then use so it's a bit a complicated process that luckily for us most of this stuff is done by computer so as it suggests some but is it is going on somewhere
so some numbers but when we started stumbling possible quite popular then what is it's operated can atleast then we changed their factory it got stable and people started to like it emulates to new factories because he got the growing distribution that is really fast recalling but there are still quite stable thanks a lot doing that he had so we don't make such that also and even if we do we don't break it all we don't make the major stuff because for major stuff we have about this this is in OpenCV and it you I you we somehow widely for a rolling this religious divisions we is 3 times a week we changed the kernel and the bond that's 46 packages that's quite the morning weak well not only is something like this 5 races to kernels and 300 pages there if you want to see busy Rico Baker local and now we have a KDD or known that means what if life then there's thousand of packages updated and changed the for so to this so sales sales part of the problem the
get out of only to cover all this
leading edge phrases but what about people who only know 1 of the old production systems all morning production systems so what what these guys actually long they want along the cycle along sample or good maintenance Donald after the newest and the greatest there are still stable at the end day still won't quite some pages back then so luckily for us we have versus and it helped us In that about because they actually do missed distribution for this 2 warring kind of guys they have have persistent enterprise that is for people that don't want to update and articles what different stuff like that so they the sources of Sicilians enterprise including all patches and including all security updates and that the could do some kind of slender less or something like that with that but they decided to do something completely different something because better we hope and because we want down more they could use C C is Suffolk was ready for on our companies sold or set of packages is limited to what they require because the support is
certainly longer it's not feasible to support for everything everything and this enterprise customers don't care about the KDE plasma but they care about storage and databases and this that is not that visible so we can help each other they can provide us with some something technical base of the IRA going through it builds on top of it 17 new packages that we are going to take stuff from upstream and and and began you win but you so we have no done believe which has subbundle packages rolling then we have open society that has some thousands of pages as well that all it has shared core which assumes enterprise and the shared core yet between the Bantustans enterprise as a price has some specific packages is on top of it that are they targeting the enterprise customers fight stop and whatever and the know so we have this over the set Dumbledore destroying and that we are taking go changes from all this is a tumbleweed into our stable distributions of for example in KDD
sometimes the known but the stuff and that in all the tumbleweed as soon as they are released from time to time we will do pick something and put it into our stable distribution and then it became part of the French coded the shares with SE sometimes if it is something that's the doesn't care just placing the and we go on and on and on and on and we started with
this on the the fortitude 1 which was our 1st communities or and how we had open so so to the the 13 point 2 and then the started doing a new distribution and the quality of a society and we started to return number 42 . 1 because we like what the word anybody knows what would you do it all yet the answer to all questions and actually we have quite history with this number because 1st of so so distribution that was actually on distribution than my sister was 4 . 2 and 1st Iast margin the this is our graphical conservation till was was 0 . 42 so we have
we have quite a habit of starting reported to as and it's actually makes sense in this case because we're basing it on those same shared core that has so sleep 12 so called all it massacres ponds because the division is the vision the the so you can figure out which city we have based on so little happen and then a the see 13 well on at that point we will create you share goal that is that of the based on open a set of elite and on this church god we roll the world both slide 13 and leap forward to clean 0 and from then on we will be still getting uh shape picking some updates from and the lead end up looking for what as substantive review updating the core slightly but it does little by little nobody changes nothing go it scare people keeping think stable and boring for everybody it and you so what we ended up that we have already cycle based on sleep long which is pretty conservative it's about down 1 year to the service pack it so you have 1 year where there are but fixes and then there's just small changes so that in the scary you have long support over 3 years we have a well maintained and stable core which is so kernel Judith and stuff like that so if you are running server and your core baggage is unstable and to be constant do is a start with Italy's packages like your favorite commonality text
editor we can update it an open society because how do every every service that without actually making because stability of the whole system so you get newer and other meta pages for this standard is not that important but the important stuff stay stable 1st release of will from last year in November 2015 15 and currently we are I think better write but a new when we are about to enter phase for for to do the points to which is just all little incremental update on double 42 . 1 so instead of called making 1 distribution for everybody the spit it into 2 distributions that the match our who don't groups indicted on the end so much better while we did also some other
changes we found out that nobody's using guile 32 bits and doubt but too much nobody was using collide cities soul interaction of fleet we basically dropped support for 2 2 debates and life cities as long as nobody picks it up and since we've of shaking things up but we did also something else uh redeployed to some translation to this is so generator translation tool it's called red light it's a LED-based translation that it's running multiple gates and you can use just to get you to have to use left but it's so nice and easy because and users can submit suggestions for translations and status can just pick them up so hopefully we'll get to but that's a detail distribution and everything goes back directed to the diesel again attitude that
helps us while eliminate some various off entry and down makes it easier for people to contribute to open season the so
that's all I have some slides but I can ask you for questions and I will turn on Wi-Fi and show you the website that I was talking about so we can start my questions if you have any no questions again let's turn on my
and see what look pops up
when the fact that it we yeah I think are the year no no those heels engaging put it also has a low of on the back of the people of all nations and peoples and you will be able to say that the baby is in the we have you were you going to do and a new OK so the question is so how a the question is so you know that there are if you have so if you are deploying quite some changes using girl stuff like puppet chef and on Signal and what not what whether we saw somebody using co QA to test those changes for I haven't seen it personally it might be possible to use it but how do you may idea behind the open a is that are is our you get to test the use of the phrase the users facing and mostly just stuff that you are talking about the cell system management staff are you are configuring stuff that is so not that user-visible mostly it's so much easier to test it without of graphical user interface and to test it dulled by doing some unit testing don't know domain that issue trying to address it opened QA is that you can to unit test that that all user interface for Hebrew offices working or you can 1 that easily Our it's really hard to best that that you can install distribution and up often it's all ended up so all the appropriate can be used not there I think you can do it it's easier we tell tests tailored to your services because it's mostly those so now mostly you are deploying some service that has some API was something that both you and your deploying best emissions OK then then it so then this still might have been so what it let's start by computing a met OK so this is a how Bayesian
looks like that of the hassle so all results of something someone failing so much so some of the same and so create and take a look at and and what you mistake
look here we can see that there are no test results are not just 1 thing about that although some multiple standard that was best fit we can see what was working what was not working and it's yeah if
you take out the gum the we can see and there a series of screenshots the commanding what was going on and what will saw the beam on pressing and tone orange 1 was solved by saying we can take a
closer look and here's the doesn't work on that thing but in general there is this yellow line that you can connect to the left or to the right and you can see what's the difference before between the URI result and that the room there's all in this case so there is no the blue rectangle that we were gonna something that even the 4 and in this case didn't matched up the this is so surreal
about certain yeah
and yet the of
this 1 did we're looking call but it just works but display so fellow somewhere and when we have a it is lot in that up and QA stake in gasses of screenshots and looking for stuff in those green jobs and the interesting part in the comments and there is also you know the deal of whole installation process so they're going to take a look at how insulation is done as a side effect of knowing tests for the installation this the
we in not this is how OBS looks
like well it's quite busy residency and down we have up until of projects all pages are divided into projects of there are submitted quest that
can go between don't those projects 1 of those projects so open the Chooser an the story you can see something you project the on prisoners interface for managing all this packages but mostly fewer Middleburg you get really you can get to really fast accustomed to the Life stuff it works basically a like the as the and on date it has its own version control system the where you just committees changes to the packages in those idiots published you it to submit somewhere in the end the blade I
will show you the upstream 1 and right yeah it's basically websites translation to where you hello languages makes societies change and changes goes directly into the gate is in the bank and so them developers doesn't have any overhead 3 managing translations somewhere in some to it drowns directly on top of their industry and on the OK so some more questions now that you
see some pictures but the nothing this will you all the or the the meeting OK so what we are using for translation before red light and we have some as and 3 where we have to export US strings to when our translators solved it to whatever they wanted the those strings sold them downloaded the and back and all the some of them committed it directly but now it's still required somebody to explore this links to the school well in our case as in a positive way and most changes back so nowadays we are just running through that can warrant of authority extreme uh that kind simplifies the staff and minutes the need for the somebody's to imagine Darren back and makes just this latest as possible for of you the yeah they were in the what so on the get what we were looking at some other systems as well I think that a has of some I don't know what there is also for the lighting USA yeah we found out that this 1 works the best for our use cases there there utilization tools out there we like this 1 the most of the time what the OK all right so this no and this kind of know that that actually I'm a the structure of the state of the in on on think in rocks that thinking sir rule that were the how much Germany's systems and opens the well at least I have evolved because German community no I mean I think so it I would say GmbH exists I believe so I think it's still it is still GmbH it way it so we had some but not OK I have my so i it I know that they're not Beckham explain that it is an atom like so for the recording I will try to explain the causes of GmbH is a company that dog is still exist and never stop existing and it was bought by an nowhere little was then both by Attachmate company of these were both American and then at this rate company was both by and I might have focus which is so of britain company and and In all there is some of the well was trying to merge is then fork decided that it would be better to run this is a quite separately from other businesses because that of multiple businesses and I think you might have focuses is still the censuses surround pretty much independently all from the other parts of the company so yeah its since they still there no better than ever and die yeah headquarters sources is back to normal it so we had more we still have plenty of Germans is we have also plenty of other people while other nationalities and we have all as society have hundreds committed around the world so when we have flow all the everybody can join so we have it it so at so at questions no then thank you for attention if I get interstates cry opens as a we have a was down there that is i it's we have plenty of goodies so there by hand as more but they did it