From Fun to Business - How Open Source Changed my Life

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From Fun to Business - How Open Source Changed my Life
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From Fun to Business - How Open Source Changed my Life [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-10 - PythonAnywhere Room] [Rimini, Italy] Coala ( began as a fun project. We never believed there would be anything useful growing out of it - and yet it did. Contributors all over the world came to us and helped creating the community as it is. But how did all of this happen? What does this mean for the main contributors? How can we make a living of an open source project? This talk tells our story. What we did - good and bad things - so we can learn from it. From my personal open source contributions over founding an open source project to building a freelance agency and founding a startup. Participants will learn how they can grow an open source project, automate newcomer processes and gain insights into how they can start making a living of it, possibly founding a company eventually. There is no single recipe for this but we can - and should - exchange the tips and tricks we’ve gained with our ventures. This talk is for entrepreneurs, wanna-be-freelancers and future or past open source project founders. This talk is completely new and has not been presented at any conference yet although it overlaps with previous talks of mine which have received much positive feedback at previous regional PyCons. It will be tested at a local meetup to ensure proper timing
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thank you what I um let's get started so this talk a name from front to business is about many like 3 main things the 1st 1 is the most important thing fun have more fun please this is like my Major call to action I want you to have more fun and and is also a bit about open source so it's a bit about how we grew the quot open source project and and then in the end we will be talking about like yeah what what do you do if your open source project takes over your life and you're like 30 hours a week in your free time um maybe you can try making business with that out while keeping the stuff that makes fun so fun is really essential and that actually means um or it can mean a in my case sometimes making less money can help you making more money per hour like just like do all the stuff that it's fun and if you have like not enough time and people are willing to buy that time is the norm of freelancer as you can just charge more per hour for example so we will be talking about this kind of stuff as well as then being entrepreneur so the the red line through this is basically just my personal story because of I basically started out as a student at at the university and I was bought so when you're born there's basically nothing better you can do with your time than writing operating system right and so that's what I did uh and and that was called yum force yet another free operating system and and that was like a a was a kernel it had it even had like multiprocessing in the end and it was printing ace and bees in parallel on the screen and I was very very axis excitedly showing that to my girlfriend and she was looking at me like a sheep but you know Western and I learned a lot about it and I never regretted doing this kind of projects but what went from this project we have lots of codon was lots of shooting code and a friend I was like hey you wanna join this this is really fun writing operating system kernel and the he was like no way I'm going to try something new python but and I was like very skeptical a language that use indentation and but he did his stuff and then you wrote an you basically the 1st version of quality which was a coat checker that actually already dynamically loaded Python routine that would check my source code because it was also likely and that we read and to go that there be a balloon sight trek from that story what happened then was my introduction to open source and that was a Google Summer of Code G sub uh for those who don't know Google Summer of Code wouldn't use Google Summer of Code great who raises his hand when Austin to raise hand like everyone races and the if you had been work interesting at Google Summer of Code uh for those few didn't raise their hand is a program of Google and they set of scholarships for people students to work on open source projects over the summer at the motor basically flip bits instead of progress and it works pretty well and I had a go with Summer of Code and known uh so I was working with a known I was learning a lot especially what gets uh gets and gives commit messages and more about its so that really shaped the way I am nowadays working and thinking and it was the 1st time I worked on real life project and that and that was way beyond uh university stuff because much of that like especially like how you work together in a team is never being taught properly in universities and all that people know what's the universities seems to be the get flow uh which of all the people think they use but don't use and the other half of the people may be used not enough and but during due to this Google Summer of Code I got involved in open source and eventually we may call out like you proper open source project and we rename it and we rewrote it and all of sudden people became interested and this was really unexpected this whole project was just stand so we can have our fun you see a pattern here right the so the eventually people go interesting interested and helped us during the and because a lot of people are asking also the last time after the talk like what is called but anyway of I would like very very quickly intentional of what callers call I think I mentioned this earlier it analyzes Sulston it finds problems in the source code and it also can fix some of them so it can give you patches is like Elantra but as the enter framework so if we look at the world of Lintas we have lots of different tools like really lots and lots and lots of tools and we have lots of ways to use those tools um and it's basically a lame rewriting Libor office just a spell-checking for
another language which is kind of stupid but that's how the world currently looks like so caught up is a framework that allows you to write code analysis and it gives you the whole user interface for free so you just write logic and what we also did was we wrap the assisting tools so cause 1 central API I can take all tools wrap them to make in can use all those tools in sublime if I want to or maybe directly get the as 0 currently the analyzes provided is for more than 60 languages and if you want to know more country stand which we have in the hall were also some food and at some point we have a problem uh a very comfortable problem to say so that so this is the graph of the get have stars but the contributions that like the number of contributors behaved similarly and uh with programs like Google Summer of Code and with hackathons we had lots lots of people joining the project and a of people also only for a short amount of time um but some not and we had a community that was steadily growing um and week really had a problem off we have those great for all helping us um and they're all busy inviting newcomers assigning them to issues of uh did have permission systems totally broken in case you don't know like you can't give somebody access to take an issue without giving a full right excessive everything but he also you don't want to have all your maintenance have administration excess being able to change everything like inclusion including branch protections I was even I could change that um so with that we have the need for automation and uh also we investigated like what makes people come to open source projects and what makes it easier for them to get started stress for the last thing I basically took like what I learned from the known and what I think that such say went wrong will that could have been better and and if you I'm not presented like a few things a few tips and tricks if you want to if you want to make an open source project if you want to get contributors and it basically is down to make contributions easy and make contributions also rewarding count and because of that in the beginning as a newcomer you have 2 problems you need to fix an issue in a code base that you don't know and it at the same time you also need to learn a new workflow and that is the give workflow usually the workflows in open source projects are like more complicated than what people know from their company or from the university um especially if you have like a proper workflow mean no mergers and fast for us because you want to have your passing Seattle surpassing 1 must and so you can't for example introduce issue levels and that is a very simple tool it basically says like whenever you see a typo in your documentation or anywhere something that is really really simple to fix something that you can you can grab any person on the world tell to victims who can speak a little bit of English tell that person to fix it and that person can fix that issue that's a new um and the newcomer issue is critical so people can learn to get workflow people can learn the git rebase people can learn how they can make pull requests and if they can do all that that's fine then they're done with this in 5 minutes and if not then they learn this and usually like I think almost every country before and that includes experienced people because workflows special every contributor learn something and the next thing is that you also have the problem like you have a few maintenance and you have lots of newcomers at the same time like those newcomers you want them to be part of your community and you want them to grow up and you don't want them to feel like I'm just a contributor and there's those so holy mighty maintenance that so what you can actually do is like let them read you could have a maintenance and maintainers review code of the newcomers because and and the maintenance or maybe more experience but the pure newcomers also providing fresh sites a fresh view on the code and they they are a good complement to each other and at the same time newcomers respected and their opinions are taken into account and then they also grow up faster and they can become the maintenance eventually and this this whole border of main tera newcomers just like give permission thing there's nothing more the um yeah that's so those quotes I sometimes have quotes here the served things like when ask the quot community of all like what's to you like or not like about our newcomer processed we I don't think we have any negative comments on stuff that we did accept that readers are not fast enough that is a problem for us at the moment and so the next thing is the same at a bit in the lines of before we can learn from you concepts like we the Holy my 2 main changes we can learn from the new people especially when it comes for example to the newcomer workflow like how did this go for you did you have any problem where are your problems is like you can
usability test you a newcomer
workflow and then you can make it very easy to contribute and then you can get more contributions it's basically a simple that the so you have to iterate and you have to think like a start and that is a decision that you really have to make the um because you can't really uh progress like super fast with the maximum of power that will be like having all maintenance working on all important features and instead you can decide you don't have to to grow your community and that will cost time it will cost a lot of time for the maintenance and everyone but you will you will grow as a community and you will have to think like a starter his daughter usually is think about like revenue or short term goals they want to
grow as fast as possible and so I think this comparision is like really interesting
thing and that is something that an open-source pretty has to be some what is my priority so eventually and this
became the full-time freedom occupation as I hinted earlier and and now we're getting a bit into the automation part the so we started writing
aid tool that we the pull requests of our people automatically using we already had the code analysis tool I so when use it 1 would have the newcomers automatically being told how your comment messages not import of tags or if you have a training period in your commit message this I like the most common issues for newcomers
are they have to learn the commitments which can or also the Costa and this way newcomers get an instant feedback on get up for the code yeah I don't have a demo for this right now but is is basically
just a bot that automatically commence right in the get up to the and you can go further you can automatically label issues if the issue labels initial text so people don't have access to labeling issues can just mention them in the body and you can build a check what to assign people to issues so they can self assign them without having right access to the ghetto repository I will the lightning talk about the Czech part uh right after the stock in the Latin approximation I and the next steps for us are we you definitely want to look into finding duplicate issues for
example and because the issue Bayes grows and this is all stuff that sucks of maintenance time and that you can automate and so thinking about how can we turn this into business we have this I'm working on this this is so great Stoodley fun but it's not really
sustainable forever open-source community can only go so far with love and error rate the
so I personally starts to go free and that some time the problem of freelancing is it's kind of hope business as the founder of an open source project you usually have something that you can show to people and that definitely works and it's usually being perceived as a very impressive thing although like it's just luck right uh plus a bit of like iterate and take the seriously but this is nothing really special and so what I try to do with my freelance business is um I basically try to make a sustainable business model it so and I tried building this website and this totally failed so and I am the Chairman advertisement right this is a failed product and because I think is awesome force to show things that do not work this was for example like pay where did with open source we can grow open source communities and we have shown success here and we can show off stuff and let's just um tried to build packages that companies would
pay on a monthly basis um that's uh to to help companies
building open-source projects and like we didn't fully checked that business model like to the book with some lean Startup methods but uh I did talk to a few people here and there and we have the website up and and there was no interest at all in this like nothing so we screwed is um and I found a new project uh new products of which is a working on and the piece for start ups which seems to go better but I think 1 lesson here is if things start screwed up just furthermore way like that's OK and then maybe
you waste a bit of time but that's no reason to waste more time right so the so apart from this free of business we're like how can we make it a business that suites more than 1 person is again like how can we make a product also especially a product that is related to Kuala and that is basically what we try with give me what we are actively trying with GID mate um and we're
start up is completely chaotic we have no idea where we going um please do that way and is very fun is exciting no actually a consumer like this
was the oscillation that I talked about earlier so every pull request would get a pull request state and you can you can have
commenced right in the diff that basically show you how to build better source code and and we're not fully sure how we're going to make a working business all of this uh we got some government funding we have a 1st client that pays us for uh get not support for this basically um but it is possible to
go out with open source products to build solutions that are free or at least largely free we're still considering the open-core model which is what get up also there's um but it is possible to do that and I'm saying you can do that and I can do that by you just have to just do it and
and the main lesson is again have fun in whatever you're doing and don't be afraid of and I need a hundred bucks moral my bank account if you really needed and and there may be cases where really matters but the in my case
like it does not really matter I can pay my rent it's not a lot but it works and I can have fun doing what I want and I think that's more important than having
way more money that I would need or can eat
and and that's basically the main message from and with that I'm opening up their own 4 questions and with the and uh if you want to speak more like if there's any questions that we can't talk
about we have a caller stands but in the main hall where all the other stands are am I mostly there and you can approach us with any question you like and I don't know and if it's what you take for our and the blunt right and to just come around the and also consider coming at the hackathon if you wanted to get
hands on on anything call I did major you're on projects
OK so any questions few
think the last authority is the wonderful tool can we have some questions 2 can go form what can you want to add more error allowed the predicted cell we have some units all learn major there's no questions the but if and uh 0 is is there anything that
anyone would like to know I and 1 of the novel all day long with nobody actually wanting to hear more information than we can disclose this and if you have 5 questions yes you just just take some time for the 1st going to come hello
my name's here and all I have the same issue that describe if it had not been allowed to give lot other users you can like the issues all assign choose people to fix I digitally any all all walk forest of like having a box you direction to that will so and so you're you're asking about the promotion problem yes and if we tried any existing bots or a solutions to that I don't know are just wandering because but I think it's a big issue for fall
any community that you're trying to build to like not being blockages because someone decided no this is a feature that is not going to implement like giving
emission fall random people and so do you know the S. like for UNIX executables sorry D. N. A. D. s like for UNIX executables know who but so basically it says like this application has administration rights even if a non administrator runs of right is used for for example past past wt like for changing your password you need access to normally read only 5 g of applications that have Rudick says that otherwise don't have Rudick accepts we basically did the same will give top by having a bot um I I can show you so we have a chat and when newcomers come and the page loads and they have to wait until the page is loaded the and after that
they they basically just let right hello world into the chat and then we have a about the bot has they give have a column that has
full administration rights OK so much for that but the box has again have a column that has full administration rights so you I think I have a little yeah yeah so
when you write world the bots dangers just invite you to the organization and tell you like here take care of that take care of that we have documentation about newcomers guiding everything and and then you can just do horrible as sign me assignment to that it should give me that issue and all those newcomers don't have access to the repository but through that part like this executable which can perform actions for you but only selected the bot can assign people and then you don't have this permission problem
anymore and that this is open source at github . com slash Qualis measure quotable this was I will presented Slater enlightened works this
answer your question I click and take the OK I think burly there waiting for your
lighting docu who had their happens in so uh of thank you so much to last a gay man the in in a lot of