Open source is just about the source, isn't it?

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Open source is just about the source, isn't it?
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Your project's code base is rock solid, you are rolling releases early and often, your test suite is comprehensive and running regularly, your code is well performing without any glitches. Everything is in place that defines a successful open source project - or isn't it? This talk tries to highlight some of the key questions software developers will quickly be faced with when dealing with open source: In addition to coding skills, topics like people management, naming, trademark enforcement, licensing, patents, pr and more become topics to deal with.
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so on the next presentation covers all the complex may be complex the the task of open source projects phase the that's our beyond joint fuel cold and I'm very happy to introduce the use of uh for the presentation and and warm taking on the continuing English because I know at least 1 of the things that has been given below that follows a presentation on if you don't speak English sorry so this is going to be about open source and not just about to the how am I going to tell you something about what open source is all about and after engineered Elastic we do lots of open sewers we've got lock century that could keep on on we've got beads and
elastic sitkoff cause we do all it by Apache license at the apart from that I happen to be director of the patches of 2 Foundation I'm cofounder of Apache mood would you raise your hand if you know the project when that I wanna talk to you why you know it after the presentation I'm apart from that and cofounder of Berlin bus that the conference on all things scalable and storage which happens in Berlin so if n you need an excuse to make your employer paid for a trip in june like sunny denies to Berlin the does this conference the the OK In order to wake
up how many of you are running 0 no open-source project the 1st word no more than half a cake how many of you have ever contributed written nearly everyone then came no speaking of contributions anyone who wrote about an open source project in their blogs now publications press articles whatever but that the did you ever help other users getting started with open source come on among as your hand side I don't this me up to a defending of microphones and asking questions at it nice nearly everyone so how many of you are using open source in your day job keep their hands up if you contribute to open source as part of your day job nearly half of everyone in the kind of sort of H that came the how many of you are using open source in their spare time on this new everyone did it the ugly so why should all of you care about what open source is about apart from the technology behind it let me tell you a story so I convinced my mom
to use you want to several years ago he remembers this user interface that they used very early on and then switched to unity which completely different the police screwed up my mom I would totally would behave in science is not the only 1 of them and she's also a fan of shuttle so after missing a few upgrade cycles we suddenly had to go from 1 version to the other except database schema was incompatible anymore I was really really happy to have my husband to make smoothies some database entries and convert to the new schema jumping several versions the lows Monday lost money still happy and I have is that I have my husband who can do that so if you do use open those in your spare time you definitely want ever know how it works so that you can talk to the right people in order to fix your problems sources you can fix these problems self if you're birth I
if you I've seen quite a few of you UK why using open source is part of your day job essentially this both found to batting a business on an external dependency what happens if this project stops receiving elements of uh yes this stops receiving any security updates what if you need a tiny will change to the project to make it work for you but you don't have the time and skills to do that to yourself can you get project to do it or can you motivate a consultant to do that for you and what happens is this patch after how does it get some applied to upcoming new versions the so I would suggest that even if you're not building open-source yourself about but only using it is still understand how these projects work if you're betting your business on it so you know what's going on last but at least I've seen a few of you have raised your hands on someone asked
whether you run an open source project when you get started coding probably as like most thing you wanna do and you wanna focus on there are a few things to keep in mind even when you started the some the 1st thing that you wanted to think about when starting an open source project in my personal opinion is do the idea that to think about what you goals are was
doing that the they wanted to build a business around that suffers that breaks into an existing market by changing the economics that decision set that goal might have an influence on your decision of a suspect the licensing for instance to they want to collaborate with others have got the same leaders yourself to fix the problems that you have and that others may have so that you don't have to do all the work that may require different community model for instance for ordered simply just wanna build up you'll see we do of and build up your reputation skulls that that also may decide how you run your project the so essentially boils down to how much control do you wanna exercise personally where how robust the you should the project be if you would want to build a company around the project my personal take would be is that you probably wanna control on the direction of the project that at some point is supposed to be a product you don't wanna give up that control if however is this is like I want to build something thing but I wanna collaborate allows us to build something sets bigger than what I could achieve send you would want to think about how robust the project should be how easy it should be for people to contribute and how interesting it should be for people to contribute that OK now what at what factors they think about what's that are not code let's go for the easy ones these are
just the legal ones well I think about copyright put patents and you wanna think about trademarking the but focus on copyright 1st because this is like kind of sort of trivial answers is inspired by a post that was published it can you don't arc essentially what it wanted to slide 1st do I care about any and all of my downstream users including those that use derivatives relations of my software in that case you go for a 2 N. A. M. copy left open source license if you do libraries especially if there are other libraries around that 2 similar stuff go for LGB houses that people decide to use your library if you go for server software is this it brought a uge wealth of discussion around a GPL but if you go for something like the stuff that's going to be hosted somewhere anyways male users typically want run it on their on their own you want at least I'll take a look at ch GPL was a set something for you for everything else go for GPL and you pretty much know set to go it so you see also an option I want as I only 1 inches that's those users get the 4 freedoms that use my very own project that the ideal case for non-copyleft license all when you have something like that well if you build something that's kind teeny tiny issue and you don't care about laws as enforcement anyway go for a non-copyleft to begin was because if you don't enforce its and there's no real reason if you have a libraries of pushes a standard for appearing dear to your heart but which is in widespread yet go for something like the non copies go for some non-copyleft license the and again if you want to have a project that changes established economics non-copyleft especially like save at you after licenses them but well established among businesses so if you wanna drive and some compared can't competitor out of the market my personal choice would be non-copyleft probably Apache license OK so much for the easy stuff software patents any
shy and not going down the string and hold and if you wanna talk software patents
got theory is of his if EPA Lucy do great work of countering software patents asks him about what this is all about the trademarking why should you care
about trademarking but 1st of all what makes a good non Frenchman frenching project name we but when you bolt Yelp 1st open source project it don't want a company to go after you because you're in French French in step trademark even worse you don't want to another open-source project going off to you for inference infringing the project name on the since land told how many of you know the name Hadoop keep your hands up if you know the story behind it the story behind the sir c child of the project's founder had a little of stuff 20 elephant that was called do the cutting once points sentence that children of very good at coming up was non-infringing project names so that's how Hadoop came into existence it's also how much like C and if you go it goes if you're searching for an internet-scale search engine now it is more like crawling in Internet problems young goes with go and have a look at match that used to be the 1st words that's this project found as child I was that so if you have children make a little note of all the rights of the inventor might be useful Monday again I you've got non-infringing greatly why should you continue to connect to care while only ask if you know really take care of your trade market remains a trademark or if you registered so you have to decide if it's OK for people to use cell copies of your software on ebay without mentioning where's that stuff actually comes from like without attribution is typically not a good thing you also need to take decisions like is it OK for pitch fish pedigree of company to use the logo similar as it is the user lower that similar to use them you won't know what they're the models actually created the it OK for you have to take decisions on whether you should register a trademark on not and you will have to find and counter trademark infringing occurrences of name and logo was pretty good for that as if you have like a global alert for your project is good to have anyway because people are discussing a project it's great to have the feedback what people are using it of 4 it's also great for people using a trademark for conferences and you're not involved office is great for you know I'm finding products that I using a trademark the L. without having contacted you 1st the Santini de-identify was a that usages actually infringing so if that if this is a product that's sufficiently similar to your project so that there could be confused confusion it could be infringing the and then you have to actively go out and find fights that infringement from from experience and see patches of a foundation what's usually sufficient is to send a reasonably friendly e-mailed to the personal to the marketing department and tell them like this is our trademark policy you're not following it please fix it typically this is a sufficient if you do it often enough the so much for these illegal stuff this says that easy rules at all fine they going
to go to the slightly messier topic of people aspects the a honestly is I don't believe in
the arm lonely brilliant hacker I believe that the 2 align every 1 of us who writes great software and stands on the shoulders of giants either reusing software houses have build or reusing ideas of others or even better collaborating with other people to also great offers refined aware and was it's not like bright ones so I believe that a project to allow people as debt project I and the
project was that those of single point of failure when it comes to contributors it is pretty high risk it could add Apache we've got the saying of community overcoat what's more portend there's nothing more important center have a vital community behind you on open source project because this is what keeps it the life the so what I'm blaming those people and for them in this community it None of Sol's peoples that should be interesting here to you are potential users of your project but you find some how do you turn them into actual users now and was going to converge at how do you retain that so there's a term for that is called marketing along the how do you do marketing you go to social media you tweet about it you probably is still in hashtag you use a separate Twitter handle for Apache mahogany have c at Apache Mahout Twitter handle which retweets all interesting use that all related to a pension or not the is of the true mentions of your project to find out what people are using it for you get involved in these discussions to find out more why should you do is that 1st of all it's good feedback for your development like what should model people really really interested in on the other hand you will come into the situation where people ask you why should is project class of people doing the and it and not atom at the at that you mount use the hassles and the keep page which was just powered by it was enough alphabetically sorted list of people who admitted or to using Apache Mahout and sometimes they were brave enough to tell us what they were doing this was extremely helpful to answers a question of what the which people are using your project what can I do with look at this as the same results as a real world use cases it 2 is also 1 instance when I went in a practical and in Amsterdam and true at 1 of solar Apache solos users talk about what they did was a project it's typically much more believable much more than I approachable if you're downstream users talk about what they do with your projects and you selling it so if you can get some some of that information on your project public subsets of super nice that the at some point you may wanna decide if you want to run your own conference if you project becomes really really and
successful or you may want leverage at some pre-existing 1 there's a couple things you can do without conferences
you can talk to the press you can write press announcements and hand them out but might make very good that the experiences was talking to high people here in Germany some people it's often support also usually are open to can receiving use if they can publish on their site it helps if these press announcements are generally understandable not just for the hot for geeks of your project the what you can do as well as that of a times and newsmagazine thing will come to you asking for guest articles so you can start writing them yourself it is start reviewing books if you have the time in order to know what other people are writing about your project if you really have lots of time left you can write your own books the or you can start writing a documentation such that it can be published as a book a small and so speaking of writing books and supporting users some of
the downstream users will be happy reading just shows adopts many assembled quite a few people prefer going to conferences like frost come here
being told what's new being told what's interesting so you will end up giving talks at conferences to more important than that you will probably end up talking to people in the
hallway a life I have found in the helpful is to have your presentation by the beginning of a day or at the beginning of the conference even yes that means that people will come to you and ask you questions on your project because it's easier to remember remember me standing here send me remembering everyone in the audience so I am picketers phases but not good enough to remember you what everyone you may end up spending in AdaBoost
answering questions 2 just being available on here trust con you should of course to get ElasticSearch goes outside we've got syllables US was happy to answer any questions and happy to the down channel all of your hands to the the project in company internally so is another booth space the approaches suffer foundations of you check it should check out sick my stickers on the can answer all the questions about Apache the Of course you should also check at the Free Software Foundation boosters this these up just like through my 3 mean favorites end there's many more outside OK over time you will have to do some kind of support but this support look like
you will have people just beginning in your project and you wanna mentors them anyone has
them let just scare them away the there will be questions get come in over and over again and you will have answered them already instead of telling them go to the Frequently Asked Questions page makes us some frequently asked questions page linkable and links them to the correct question the body helpful and for anyone searching for same answer civil fines to correct and detailed answer it without you having to type set up every day it 1 1 hint about that is that if you're at 1st time users and beginners and happy and the might 1 day turn into successful contributors are there any students in this room all people dealing with students are you aware of the Google Summer of Code internships want to the so essentially it's a way of getting a paid to contribute to open source look for not always quite as well paid s waiting for an IT company in say Germany but it gives you the ability to contribute to the trail favorite project and get money into in returns such in in my opinion this quite a nice deal so what we used yes it's only 4 coders unfortunately the that 1 hint
concerning beginners and concerning giving support people may know the user communication channels that you prefer but moment the pet at Apache we've got the same wouldn't have more on the mailing list didn't happen at all but there are people who prefer having their questions and posted in on of unspeakable flow so this paid to spend some time there and fetch users from various they are especially if your goal is to grow your community the speaking of mailing lists the when you create your
project helping out isn't just about providing code samples is also about answering questions so we did at Apache mountains to give out like the commit that Lexie that OK to go and commit to support the subversion xn Nowitzki no just for people answering questions and just for people helping others proxy project because machine learning isn't quite that easy so we've had a chip and a couple people who were into the field and into a new a lot lot of use cases but didn't have the time to contribute code wise but they made great contributions on mailing lists answering questions giving architectural advise etc. so at some point you as if you have a project of your own you wanna rewards at on at to speaking of mailing lists how many of you
speak 1 more language than just English but image everyone so 0 are projects do a great job that come from providing localized resources be mailing lists for people who are so uncomfortable look good communicating in English or whatever is a Protestant native made of languages there are also projects doing a great job at translating documentation just 1 example of this the Apache TBD they've got great documentation and not just in English but also in German and other languages so what despite effects that probably nobody in so installs C that's are off by going to the L. button on the Apache web site people still come back to the Apache web site full documentation which I think is a great thing if especially if you look at some of the major of Big Data projects fair documentations usually is lagging behind quite substantially but there may be users who are not fond off using mailing lists there exist Communication Forum on in this case discussed at Elastic Search which provide get access to those for people who are uncomfortable this using stuff like mailing lists and who would rather prefer to have a discoverable and the interface user interface which also provide a slight channels that gets are marital mailing so that people can interact by the way they want honestly animating this person but at least for less this thing is configured well enough so that I can deal was just using the Rosalyn front front end I will live in to begin this at all but no I'm a convert the OK now you've got potential so now you've got users and
you've got potential contributors to your project tell you turn them into contributors the 1 thing that I found helps us priortization that 1 of the most common questions we got Apache man out was I would contribute what
can I do it we're like me go to the jury check and look for something that looks like it fits you need what's actually usually slightly more effective is to use a project yourself and fix something and script scratch your own itch kind of racial like fix something the box you hard enough and the 2nd most common question you get is when million implemented ship the tracks what's a common answer for that common answer is that just comes sounds pretty
alarm deflect for the defense of go away I don't want that patch what it truly means in the projects that I've been involved as and Larry I don't have the time please help me so it's really an invitation to help the
project out and this is also how the project should be using why should you use it as a defensive strategy if your user actually sits down writing suspension from the very beginning you have no intention of an emerging it or using it then this will turn it into a huge mass and huge miles off and frustration because there's a user who put lots of time and effort probably come spend a lot of time cleaning it up so better tell them up front if you want if you really want set you free to fork the project go ahead but weights this is not the direction that we wanna go to and the know about inviting contributions the what I've variance in
hardly at Apache models that you should be explicit about which kind of contributions you want this is what a Apache around is about machine learning so what people thought we were after was just implementations of new mission machine-learning algorithms the after couple years this was like least wanted patch ever what we wanted was cleanup was more testing was more documentation was help on the mailing list was helpless on public relations was helpless down not helping other users etc. was helpful scaling was helpless benchmarking so at some point I set down in writing is there a call to action happy to help e-mail listing everything that was not writing a new algorithm so it helps to be very explicit about what you want it also helps you to write down how it
contribution actually works like step by step so this is how you check out this is how you communicate is how you build these other tools you need for building and so society contribute your patch the I know several seniors all levels suffer engineers who have no clue how to read a if the great engineers a good do great actual works they do great coding this still don't know how to read a differ and how to read a patch so if you want these people on and if you wanna get some in teach them and train them traps of course as well as to have like of an up-to-date
issue tracker so have a real-time how quick help requests there to track feature discussions there and to make it visible dazzles which problems are being currently worked out or which have been decided as not being on on the road map right now the elect anecdote is that we are at a local had to pick up on in Berlin so long as society goes on to bone and bus words so we had money many non coders here but we also had a few core had occurred as so we ran like a little while what do you wanna do some people wanted to work on the tracks some people wanted to do harm use case of Y what was by far is the task that was most voted for was to get a much you how checking project out building it making a changing contributing to the project looks like and maybe getting clumps of faults the other side of the fence looks like but what does c develop on the other end to patch the so what helpful says Hackathorn was set C had to project had had a few issues in that TaskTrackers that were really trivial they that is a typo in our documentation goes accepted is a little high point all right rather variable name go fix it the people have something come tiny change that probably didn't break anything and they could just walk through that process to get an unfamiliar with that it's like if you're living in those open-source alters feels really natural if you're living in the corporate world there oftentimes code reviews or and even some common practice sustained feel very very scary even to senior person the having these tiny issues that can get people started was very helpful what else
the what do you do if you have someone who submitted the patch here your patch clock's ticking you wanna
get feedback the body will automate as
much as you can to avoid some work on your site and decrease the time to 1st response on Hadoop does a good job was that they've got like patch checkers the checks of all the tests have been submitted if everything is correct style y so no but no human being has to look at that you also want clear rules for what constitutes an APEC acceptable patch that if you say no it's clear why it's another person's issue the I of course people spending a lot of times to work a patch to have it rejected the happy contributors don't go through endless cycles when you do this review relevant remembers that people made users on their copper times so context switching takes time projects move on if it takes couple months to get suspension you may no longer gets the feedback that you need to you if you if this is an interesting patch that's a feedback and changes only on otherwise you may have to meet you have to do is yourself how can you motivate a solid chip chip chocolate I want schools offered
iTunes coupons for doing a patch I don't accept the iTunes coupons for was 1 put to me own was to get this person block about Apache Mahout I was essentially writings Block posed as a guest blog posts anymore each what I got was get got as well for my 1st contribution was
lots of thinkers I got it in the duration that I didn't have to open myself I got it and the complement message loss of the release notes that's just a tape title name mention but if you google for my name of the project is the finer today and it was very helpful to have his name mentioned there In order to justify to my employer why I was doing that because of employer could go out bragging about how 1 of their home and please the sexually inch open source which was then being a consulting company was a big thing of you at you can say thank you like singular gets is so far
above some at some point if people invest too much and you may wanna think about getting some financed getting some funded so how do you get for how do you find payment cis foundations that see whose sole purpose is to funnel purple and money from sponsors to developers the so if we see findings for some projects some for some other projects you can find out and freelance cakes for you collaborators was at a little warning of the SOS prior and project owners and give contributors usually wear
multiple hats my case multiple jackets today I'm brings ElasticSearch check but I'm also talking about my experiences that CSF my experiences in the wider open source ecosystem so always be aware of what happens on you had but I think what OK speaking of funding
but they need funding for you need funding for the machines to host infrastructures like they
should triggers the control you can use canned posting was a self-hosted currently it's but commentaries get up remember that if your this long living get up may not be is the coolest kid in 10 years time so short forged once Wallsend's is no longer so you may think about how easy is it is to move all the assets out of can't hosting and you need time to configure as infrastructure and even if you use get up or even if you use Asia triggers that hosted you still wanna configured to meet your needs probably need machines actually work on yourself sitting in front of you like your laptop and you need to do we need time to this coding rock and any time to
do the non coding so that's why you need finding and most likely there's different sponsors for different points from that list of speaking of finding you can of course Funds ESF it's
hard the if you need help talk to me after my office talk and I can get you on that list another
thing communication you wanna communicate duration very clearly so you can tell
people what's going on I think that it can keep people also hold and stop them from spending time of what you do is actually not what they need and you can embrace people on the pull them in this is top-tier really need from also tell them what your priorities are to avoid discussion about patch because what this better depends on you well definition of quality the so if
you lose if you work in a tiny team 1 1 could make communication is great if team grows systems into mass media and as a skill anymore so you wonder central up so what kind of communication channels can you have you can have meetings in person to rely upon
us you can talk to each other you can see it as a can communicate the topic enforce at the expense of to set up the asynchronous both in time and space they have to ship people to 1 location they also not durable because they have to be repeated for every new union and the project this goes that back we do video chat it's still pretty
high and persistence of faces and all let little as body language it's still kind of pretty expensive to set up because there's still synchronism time imagine having 1 person Australia 1 person in the US got be really tricky but so it needs the technologies some you need get in connection you needed to learn computer if you got someone very internet connections that is probably not an option also it's barely durable imagine having to what all the video chats again when you join the project you're not gonna do that you can go for an online group chat IOC's popular this objectives like whatever this lower bound let's is still on its text only fissile cues like the partners typing right now this was a cheap to set up but it's still synchronous in time and it leads to the client the as rosin durable because against the search logs but it's but trust me it's hard to follow in retrospect says that for our low bandpass takes only 2 to set up and says it families asynchronous so somebody can pose the question somebody can both answer once the online and there's no need for that sentence Centocor and coordinate pretty durable you can search these discussions you can follow archived discussions is pretty nice making this a similar it on except now it's really text only begin user-agent records it's nice because the slope and endless assessing goodness that's durable it's well structured but it's really really fine-grained if you look at the back trickle of ElasticSearch court you will have a hard time figuring out what the strategy is except you know except the houses up triggers being used by the and project have so far higher I like higher level views user can use wiki pages 0 well sometimes structure you can go for web pages but uh which which hopefully a really well structured which features through everything you want which have documentations which have a high level view so what I wanna tell you this user right communication medium for the task at hand and you will have to need all of them you will have to use all of them like if you have a burning conflict where people are fighting each other get someone earlier chapter talked to them to each other it probably sometimes goes both analyst fine sometimes it's just like OK technology failed all 3 must enter product is there was as misinterpretation of states along like when I call my husband and 0 2 tells me is that this line from was busy and intellectually busy but he's just taking away because he's in the meetings like OK we talked in an hour and we figure out 0 2 was a cult but everything is fine no need to earn and communicates through a proton channel anymore what you do want as 1 canonical place for keeping current status where do you go to figure out if a bold failure is fixed already is set on a mailing list is that in the issue tracker is that somewhere else have it in 1 place you want 1 canonical place from documentation no separation there you want 1 of canonical place for tracking previous decisions et Apaches long-term memory is provided through our mailing lists mainly but can be different at different patches but have 1 place where people can go if you put more on the people in is suddenly will think about mental health you will think
about overcommitment 1 thing to avoid I
want to lick could be factor jumping on every task cannot wanna do it 5 months later it's still sitting there this is a couple dozen people who could have done it but didn't do it because you jump on it even fairly that's sitting if you don't do it immediately put maybe someone follows up to avoid getting too much on your plate at some point you will need to tell people my pipeline is full patches well come please help me out I for help cystic few down nice pages specially at Apache on um the main insane and not overcommitting you also have to think about physical health this if you're
thinking and your laptop for hours and
hours and hours sees a good chance that your hands will be very angry was used as a good chance that you're and that will be and this you have got better time carrying my 11 kilogram child old they than sitting in front of my laptop or they of negative words when I'm sitting in front of my laptop body because of huddled together ons is a great keynote at the rumbling bus routes 2 years ago by Eric Evans on Infonomics and what pain he went through by not following says says otherwise if you don't believe my words watch this keynote probably will believe in you will also need to think about project grants as soon as you have several projects
for several people working on your project full-time for newcomers will feel like drinking from a fire hose is they are contributing 8 hours and a 2 year project multiple people so you will need to find a way if you want to have a diverse community to enable those who don't have the time who probably doing it after work would just as a side project at work to follow is what's going on you will also need to talk about ideals Poisson's people would try to destroy culture after
project by trolling or by asking the same questions over and over and being very persistent so you will need to figure out strategies to identify these people the home together together data about what's happening and how much energy is actually training from your project and to kick some art is if must camps diverse the since a few talks 1 by Ben column Sussman then 1 by Brian Fitzpatrick when dealing with poisons people serious a great EU chip recording on talks current top gave at cis wary conference a year a few years ago on what he how would he had dealt with flame marks and breaking communications there's also a nice presentation on the rest community online set talks about how publishing acceptable and unacceptable behavior together was a counter measures that are going to be taken if you breaks this contract can help build a friendly communities and can help keep people out you know do not want because 1 thing to keep in mind as no matter which we'll see the rules set up even if you don't set up any rules who will always always exclude some people and some homes and cultural the world my advice would be to build this culture of consciously to read strategies on how to both the conscious that you will see some cultural below what you also may not be the 1 that you want yeah the finally change management the but the
biggest change in an open source project you know leaves nobody's staring more to prepare you excellent well in advance
it me personally I did Berlin buzzwords 1st time in 2010 was no intention of running this even more than once unfortunately we had attendees who wanted to come back to non was left was a conference said it depended on means doing all the marketing all the outrage also sponsorship fortunately not doing all the accounting that's why had producer a 4 but I still had to do is a part of the talk selection together was a few and as open source contributors who helped me was this conference well-being Simon ourselves 1 being the only not but suddenly we had to find a way to make convent stand on its own feet me personally it took for me personally it took 4 years to get rid of this conference without breaking it so built suspender working from the beginning of the documents from the very beginning and delegate from the beginning and find a way to build a memory a project to do if the trade mostly about delegation and was that it's time for me to wrap up and to start to see it is that
discussion because I want you feedback and I want your own questions the the the only if you're a systems have a microphone well come on so
um what I'd like them to ask you is the especially in the from which is set up of project and uh if you don't have the the right and culture are there any hints you could give us to improve on that respondents about improving countries only by example the I you should be the committee that you coming to the project when the other 1 the optimal results here 1 book by Indians on building successful open-source communities around this among on building successful online communities that you can read where there's actually tools like the unification tools and being transparent and checking that help you do that this is quite a bit of integers that can help you 1 thing that I find halts is to lead by example that was very much the other 1 is on if serious like behavior and to keep the discussion technical but the fallout people on their own behavior and then leave the discussion that to technical topic what also helps in you keep it they sometimes read any all you really upset about it what helps us to take a press walk away from the keyboard come back and red light has this e-mail in sort of like a professional context was keeping most saying around out and keeping all of the writing and what you need for that like this is between between you and on the value just answered and longing for the 1st 3 questions you you should go to the last extension was estimated as as a surprise waiting for you welcome back again think of I wanted to ask them what did work for you based for event management from the infrastructure side I'm been organizing events myself and have been struggling finding open source solution to gather all the details for a conference for example and what they mean is an infrastructure for accounting for managing speakers yeah for managing speakers web site for that I have been so I do have an it even produce items like systems they're using the 1 that I lied from any speaker's perspective is the 1 that frost policy using incentives museums also talk I think today I don't know a lot about what's tools frost on this using so if you don't make it to the spot checks checks the schedules there will be a recording of a in the pocket like grade level right and interest because of the momenta Google Summer of Code and you're doing open eventual and we want to improve and maybe work on and thank this over there so I think you actually inspiring talk some of us just wondering this now very long list of very big words and in the beginning of a you're just 1 coder with 1 idea if the withdrew start means like a moth to overwhelm to take you to to take data processor approach yard recalled luminaries print out of a group-reference before combination of struggling on all the departments it depends on your preference so the way I thought it was applied to my heart was set I tried to find that so my goal was to build something is not necessarily to build a business around and to build something that will be because in the CIS RIS that I did was to find people that on my mind at the moment is the same thing was that we together then it was to figure out the system right a project already the that covers all use case unfortunately there was no deserting said was OK he decided on any license we decide on whole thing and then they go coding and he never forget about getting new people in the so we really have on your on your go own and think there was another question yes the that after something to be amount with of the interesting possible I was wondering if you know what the status because you you spoke about the that is an important 1 to we have to put a question what went solutions otherwise might get lost and that sort of sense but I'm wondering if you know any numbering around many contributions might be lost you you you not entrepreneurs so the Nokia numbers documents is there is no longer about it because of the limited and actually in an interesting study to know you heard get the same company utility ElasticSearch correct to take everything that is used in the whole thing and what you think you going to do that you have to so
they have will not give away because he's working of the universe his sorry in the form of question come on is like a rubik's cubes in our charges as are not talking about sometimes you get from the and this year and 1 thing that we talk about is what 1 would thinking about coding of 1 of them tries to make the number of differences in approach to project as small as possible from established practice seems to me that big advantage is doing the same thing on non-coding side especially if for example you talked about walking people through the committee process don't belong to people who are are familiar with committing to other open-source projects and and procedures for the mileage in making you'll all processed only the different when it's really important to your project all space uh that uh absolutely of wondering really whether you have anything to say about the resources full players Tony hearing that the same ways you could tell be quite a lot of the technical side the technical infrastructure for a project on to the reason my intention of the job is because at time when we created the project fear was a huge amount of genitality relevance so we need that there just a tiny fraction of people who know about machine learning in going from some exotic programming language would be even further reduced communities in the control so that's why we decide for that you know how at for John the reason to go all payments less was because it was a well known involves the national system so that people who get started you know how to get started so you may hate and as much as you hate as you want if you want to make it easy for charges to contribute make your project follows the latent structures as they know where the source code is lying says they know instantly how to get stuff into the RID without reading documentation any additional hurdles makes it even harder for people to get started with so there is a rule of technical choices about what of those really wondering if the the same thing would probably be more we thought processes on the on the normal I was all of us are still the monitoring sites of making it as you see for people to apply their knowledge from other projects on the moment inside use on the coding site and we'll you talk about using them skills that are common in technical and my so for some of the topics i've been talking about you don't see a lot of it on commonalities between projects I only have experiences in the atoms in the loss except of course so it may well be so that similar processes exist was in the dating community Frederick community and what have you I can't talk about that here this is a currently not my and when I found helpful when getting started this project is to write down some of these services when I started patchiness in was wouldn't nodes that such I did find that oftentimes trying link for catching that Jenkins what you find is the documentation is not adapting in behind the patent and finds the thinking of the patterns of definitions not helpful so you need some of the documentation on how things work it does help to look across boundaries if your was India's effort does help to have some insight into other communities what I did realize from my own background sets this kind of looking behind the scenes pretty time consuming so I've got some insight into the lemniscal community by virtue of having constant was inches community at some insight into the office of each is because they are also in Berlin and I don't know some of these people this is how it works but it is time consuming and this I know few people who have experienced community like crossing boundaries and comparing things and how things work but that's that's definitely something that I would find interesting and OK the the wanting a gimmick governing all questions but you can talk to the agents this so you will be around on your balls of for the remainder of the day I lose children's room you lines of deepening with me and if you see the little and then the same as the patterning I'm probably not far away from all right then once again thanks for use in my hand and uh thank you very much