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Designing in the open: Mozilla Community Design

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Designing in the open: Mozilla Community Design
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Elio will introduce the new Mozilla Community Design initaitve, how it works in the open and how it raises the importance of design in open source projects by empowering non technical people to contribute.
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but so all these diverse around around but for the most it all speakers this morning In light of everybody yesterday there like a few people as the over but of course that's and that's part of open source run so I'm not have operationally I'm designer I'll to don't work from until so if you think like Hey I can do that that's not true every 1 of us can start contributing so I'm going to talk about how we do open design it until I not only but also about a few of my experiences in our communities the the the but so a bit about me I'm a speaker at once a lot so far
modulo some nice to bring me here and to speak about open design at most I was a representative in all beyond not base here although I can speak pretty German so if you have any question also the feel free to say to me in German I am the photo of for a design it's a start up focus only on free open source is so projects which need help can compress it to us and we have a we work with Inkscape and gimme and it's really help also a lot of open source project which like design and don't know where to go because agencies you might have a different way of dealing with the the and I'm a board member of let's space is 1 of the few hackerspaces in Albania and also in the community manager on-site point 2nd so web a portal for web developers so there's this thing that comes in many open
source communities people perceive the idea of open source that it's all the code right so if you do it open source you put your cold in some we repo and it's like it's open magic way right but I believe that's not only the case of resources much bigger movements and especially with free software like I don't wanna go into the debate about free suffered open-source excuse me beforehand do that and but I believe that's been you have to offer also other contributors not only programmers the chance to coach source universe don't have technical knowledge the show so we thought the same in many other communities and I was trying to help a lot of communities to offer the sparse for people like me who don't know how to cook the the there's think with designers and
developers the have they can communicate well with each other sometimes because they only have different perspectives on things for designers priorities might be another priority is to develop a set for example if you get an open-source sperm the problem up there the chances are it the user experience might not be the best because designers warrants involved into that but I can totally understand why not because we are quite a bit arrogant and sometimes we want our thing to get to get done and the way we wanted to be without leaving so much feedback to the community and this is due to the fact that the free software and open source movement started like 30 years ago with the other 3 some foundation and that the it will designers were so interested in that right and developers had had a much bigger head start than us and so they could really learn from scratch how to deal with these issues please well designers well we got into the play a bit later like of a few years ago where bigger companies like rats hats or Susa recognize that this we need to push much bigger efforts into that and I really had to see that also other more grass-roots projects but some importance of this the so this this some background why we might not work together that the best in the but there's a lot of space for improvement and there's this problem with us we don't have much empathy
we don't care so much about what other people think of our work we read I have been arrogant as I said but once this gets so once we move this aspect of our character so we can work much closer together and I really need to appreciate developers here because they're much use work in the open designers are and I believe that the key advantage you half as developpers but so the 1st things we need to change is a mind shift it's not using get getopt or not it's not using that software not as mind shift in our minds set to have mind empathy which I believe it's quite important thing in our problem source communities the so the as is different as
insular comic here there's open source of there's design design might be a premium service it might be tailored to something what the designer believes you need to open source is like a let's go and see where we end up right so how do you combine these 2 things this this was a big question of my when I joined like 4 years ago the community in open source communities and I was like OK now I have to hold this I I like design I like open source that 1 jack of all trades I don't like that I don't wanna do everything in open source communities and so we have 2 of the wider combined his fault but I was like struggling quiet for a long time how to do that to the so 1 of the 1st steps I
took to improve this was to to get out of his mind said that hey this is my word please don't abuse it don't don't use it take permission we and when I started to let go of this it felt really good because people started to appreciate it way more they used to work they didn't abuse it I was like OK OK people are using this work quite nicely they didn't do anything the bad stuff with that so I was like really surprised how how well it worked worked out so I started to like about this mind-set way more and it's 1 of the concrete
things you can do to to improve this is use Creative Commons licenses is it's the equivalent of GPL licenses but for creative works so it really it really works great 1st designers and while we could be afraid that people would abuse this work usually the opposite happens so if you're a music fan for example there's this band called 9 inch nails might and 2 of the album's release under a Creative Commons licenses for non-commercial viewed downloaded for free to listen and like people where like water alcohol why do they do that right they don't get in my office just lose it for free but many jails afterwards analyzed the downloads statistics and analyzes where they was downloaded from and later on they taught in these places with MOS ballots came from and it was hugely successful although there all ones were free and Oakley incomes licenses so this really challenges to the classic way of doing creative work or even business commercial commercialized so before we started flashing like open licenses they don't do money they don't make might we can't live with that we need to think of alternative ways how we can deal with that today the so the or a year ago
I stumbled upon some fellow guys at a conference like this in Berlin and they were doing design and it's there were like having this group of sources I was so surprised because I never heard of that I was labeled for almost 3 years and like no 1 told me about this had this exists right and these guys were doing great stuff their website was completely on get top the design where Open Data Open Source projects could request designed from the and they would do it and this was like really Division I had but I didn't have the guts to make this happen because I was thinking OK I'm alone why should I cannot do this alone so as I saw that there are people who are thinking in a similar manner than I do I got really motivated and I starlight contributing and I started like talking to these guys and well I became part of all sources design as well to so this is from the past
experience of knowing more about modular these are 25 not done by the whole community there are more by the whole community this 25 low was done by me in the past 3 years for different modes of projects and 12 so many people might expect that OK and employee can do that I'm not employee I'm a normal consider just like everyone of us here so I don't know I really got that got that got the chance to work closer with the with a huge project like until lot and because the creative team was doing for corporation Foundation stuff they didn't have the time to do all of this we need a more volunteers and like people appreciated that and I took some time off to do all of this stuff and really was worth it the was great for example I was I was like I was doing a logo for India and an Indian communities like it so far away and you would never get the chance to do that we was still there are some
important lessons here which I'm going to talk to the now and we how we do design that means a lot so going to stop here for a 2nd if you have this question please interrupt me otherwise we can also discuss later on the but so we start open design of modular there was a huge need
for design and like people requested me personally hail can do that hey look into this place it was fun because I could like put a lot of stuff in my rhizomania work from and so this and that but that is not the right thing in community right so I pushed to create a group that's most allow where volunteers together and they could talk with staff and like to design work and contribute just like you contribute a patch to Firefox would make design more efficient and employees and
volunteers are contributors could work together and stuff so we do not have only them separately but a lot of projects would be a collaborative effort between both sets so we had we wanted to have a central place where everyone could request so it would not be on backchannels back and forth on e-mails or similar we and and and and 1 of the biggest importance things I believe we we wanted to do was having desires work with them the employees work with contributors so it would be it would mean that their contribution was really important was not just OK play with this and the has a is was really important aspect to get all contributors center into this the and will last but not least we want to has to be tractable everything transfer and we would see what someone would grass it that would make sense it we should work on that the so the tools we use was again have rapport the it's not a priest of open source so I guess but the stuff all posted on there is free and open source it went really well for us some people would have needed to learn how to query issues for presence stop but it was not a big issue we would like mostly discuss on issues on accomplishes sending and we also of scores is a form it's a web-based forum where people can discuss and what the 1 to 1 of the most important aspects worse having a magical you would get together at a conference video conference call and like there would be like 5 to 20 people talking about design of Godzilla and this was really great because I we could like talk face-to-face occured virtual of course with them the big mines behind 5 of slower for example or other designers and this was really motivating for a lot of people including me so if you know the the this was the you the bed of the 1st meeting where
everyone was signing their names it's really diverse so many colors so many people it was like OK well I don't expect this to be that the so a lot of people joined a lot of people wanted to help with that a a lot of people had an opinion on that so really felt great to get it's going to finally so this is our get out if you
want to get out at some of the leisurely design Our issues are over there people can request different design requests logos banners and similar and we would discuss on that whether that makes sense to do sometimes people request logos for everything in it and we want to discuss that 1st do you really need a logo the because right out of the way we have like 2 and logos does make sense really to have a lower for every single little project because like people would see that global and sediments of but that's what what's was bothering us later on that's said that was a small problem and especially in many countries people don't get the relation between onto on Firefox and people really don't know the model does other stuff apart Firefox so if we want to show people a we do also other things than 5 x we and I going to show you 2 examples here the
1st example is a small request from India there was this there was this community you wanted to do their Indian media and they needed Ustica for about so they could give it out to all the British press put on laptops and similar so the believe was pretty straightforward the side information and the deadline the deadline was very reasonable over 3 4 weeks time so are we started doing it but and then there were so undesirable like came up with a constant for
this this is a building in India in the city where the need I would help place I'm sorry I'm not very geographically accurate the but he started with this concept and we like the ping-pong some feedback over this so we work together with me and some other people and the final result was that's so this was a sticker which we created for this is 1 of the smaller request is nice use
requests but it was a very clip that has a very efficient effort which we've just finished in like 2 3 days and it well the Indians have a sticker now for them you so this really great the but there is also something bigger than this which was not
as easy as you see this was a quite easy request but it's 1 of the bigger and the biggest challenge we had and will probably have an X years well we are doing a redesign so it In a few months you will not see them onto logo as it
works we have a problem with no no right now which some people might not recognize but we don't have that I can we have only the n which we gets you to buy Mars so you by Mars and 1 point because mn ends it was like very similar to eminem anyway that's a long story so we wanted to create a new brand identity and like really expressive would otherwise to people the so we want a block open design and it's we model I than agency Johnson banks to the design working with the creative team working with the community so it was really really interesting because and agency he was doing that but the community would like to give feedback and comment and like get involved in all the decisions so this was 1 of the uh if you use cases were source design would be applied to keep the such a big organization them of the earnings yet something as a said what's
wrong with it now is that we don't have an IQ like the because brands can be recognized by a small little the viking Nikon whatever in very small spaces yet we did get that from someone wrote to me so that should happen anyway p so we want to do that a but about 2 months ago in London
we had the animals all that's where over at 2 thousand and 1 thousand 300 people would mean up and with it this gallery they'll design gallery where people could come see the concepts of all are we branding and common what they like about to resemble a where concepts about the fight that modular needs to fight for doing that what we do some people support that some people not they would like put passed its on it with comments some other where like doing the good so we've so Mozilla was for them some someone who was doing good for for the Internet and like 5 other concepts people people would express like physically I would like to pit possible path and passed it on the wall and they would say what they like about in 1 not so this was like of crossing borders not only virtually but all to physically there will that there were over 200 people there commenting and all that really great the CEOs people see you work the and not so these are some of the early concepts
that carried to to see that would so I be different than what you're used to and but this is not final this SNR concepts which people will comment on which you can really comment on on the block after after this feel free to to go to the website and comments and we're going to choose what direction will take this will take quite some time we'll get out of this 7 concepts will get 3 concepts in September and we'll have a final result in December so that people like you and all other contributors will shape all of this now but so you can you are free to get involved even tho
if you're not a designer also developer we always need help from programmers to coat some image generators for example or other stuff and if you have an opinion which I believe all of you do on the lower designs concepts you take a few free to go to a block of designer and just comments on your favorite the least favorite design with which we have to say about that at all OK all few cons will be taken into account and will shape the Muslim brand according to what the community wants so yes design can be open source as well it's not only about coat it's also
about other non-technical contribution busses design so xm you're doing an open source project that hope you take this into account and think that not only the colonies to be open but maybe also other respects thank you very much and I hope that you enjoyed it ends please if you have any
questions but I'll also very much some of the questions at this point what what I'd like to ask is how many people are how many people are actually involved in the process you just described yes from the community size there like that an active designers and and maybe a few more designers who gets who become active from time to time and well there's the AUC which is to the word so the creating and if you come all the people who are commenting on but how do you like the brand or what if you pay play it could be easily a thousand but on the other hand some which school you mean but they're like hardly working actively working on that are like 20 30 people OK now you are completely globally distributed cos it's distributed teams also other some uh do make some intermediate also some conferences for this specific topic as well as I'm sorry like me and they all have this work I'll always yields meet up in a single place that what that's 1 of the events where all of us meet the bottom part of that's everything is happening digital virtually and yet we are distributed we have like designers from the rest of Latin America Europe India Malaysia also Indonesia and there a the OK and but if you did your contact details some um what would you recommend so as a 1st step if you want to contribute to your to your project this time is it's a good idea to a context someone you know why of is group to reach out on some of our means what is your recommendation I personally prefer would people like just start to ask questions you talk because this things will not to me personally on this would I will not give you break with this because I'm not a community in the community the community so it would be the best way to reach out so an issue on the top of a common which what if you don't feel comfortable with that view results to each person groups OK question how do you evaluate of feedback I mean from my possible experience for on when you deal with online design where that's basically all the metals possible taste everyone can have an opinion on that's treaty when enough like a very vocal minority light and pulled something down were some specific up did you just read through the course and thought it put it into from statistical the so that's a very interesting question actually and it's very very for example so in general we would add
a comment actually had reason behind because if you say OK I don't like that because it's us well sorry that's not helpful if you say like we had problems like this on the 1st of all OK that looks like the milestone sound OK that makes sense OK I don't get why you get that feeling and we take this into account or like we had some some some comments about that I feel like this used to be rather to light being watched instead of watching the watchers like so these are kinds Java constructed which which are helpful and it seems like this is too powerful this is too simple this too complex doesn't really help so also design is not is not 100 % a matter of taste there are a few things which are which are psychological Winter scientific and when people are starting to to reason with this kind of arguments we have sort discussion and it usually ends up really really productive so yeah that's how we deal with and any other questions arising of this In this case pendulum once again thank you very much it