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Short introduction and last minute changes are announced here
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I I think we're sort of on on time and I'm talking this is burned and he was such obviously because all results so welcome to the edition of all frost comes them time love people have been here before some not
so we give some introduction here we give some makers follows they there is some cancelation talks a which we will tell you later and then just some general information about conference
so will directly hand over to Scott of OK am I learned that no yeah every every even give you a hand parts now have like a Pokémon
policies so as to what we also need a Pokémon policy since we have like a public apology and you're right in front of the buildings so a policies have fun the and this you referred to the notes today by a long
holy about the Internet of Things are as some people call it the Internet of Shh you know what and the
many tomorrow by Leslie hall-stand uh um about how projects uh handle the users and the whole software developers the here is users so today at then tomorrow at 1245 I most of the and today we will have a short introduction hour-by-hour the dean of the University and but last time she and he kept the kept the quite short so we should be fine so old that this for you so 1st of all we have some cool 1st this is
edition which you can buy at the at the entrance to the right hand side of the engines off from the L-View viewed the left hand side uh where we can you can have merchandising starting at 3 30 PM today and ends at the evening for the 1st terms in the way of a social event the
starts a last the last talk of OK fast during the last of which is pretty bad from focus because at that time and there will be a new things we would have sausages and states and stuff like that the the drinks this year are free for all of you but you have to pay for the for the food so we cannot give it all away for free because it's not the 10th anniversary this year um there will be a lot of the things that are using these terms a yeah you have to buy a about a circuit to foods because the allocation doesn't want and all money that's for us so and there will be some cash tests outside we combine it's and and we hope you find in the last years of the Lisbon very communicators it what was having fun so we hope this time was a rock and hopefully you don't have have rain that's all readers call for today and some licentious as usually and drinks can
be bought at the end of the long hallway here the left hand side of things to the right hand side uh coffee specialties a not from 7 principles but had but the K. S. O. and do we have food at the exhibition with the port is that which is directly invite to the engines and this this way called the and so they can buy food during the lunch also think they also some breakfast stuff they already there and there also the smaller social beings
because people want to have things things that you and think they also have the moment coffee at the back there some cool hip called rule coffee stuff I don't know what this and what it will have a wife pets and it's called cool now I think the the word you're looking for is hipster I bet they have like
all you can buy a latter there are
your you have Americano stuff so the the the hit the that must be called school before the distance and the and that's the core of the soul as usually we have a have a hashtag and since we are lazy we use the hash across con and sometimes the the use frost on 11 so the whatever you want and we had some cancelations that from the top prize in that should be in
year right after was canceled due to personal reasons and but we have like we have in the in the skill that's the whole tomorrow I believe in the room 1 but we will have a talk in their by tomorrow so people lined up and on the right side or but in 1 of the apps on schedule the and to their schedules are at the entrance of ritual the as every year we have about the castle and and since last year this is located uh if you come from the and his turn right and then after like 15 meters in the court yards that upon government the ball pits and finally we need your help at this conference is run by 1 and use and we don't have enough so if you have some spare time even if it's an hour 2 we come come to the Abbas room and the want Romans say I want to help and somebody will give you work the so then the big thanks to our sponsors and partners uh which we were
that without them we couldn't make this conference happened and so on
and that's also the part where the University of Applied time comes into place and I musically was but also work at you because without the University of Applied Sciences Conference who would also be happening so uh thank you OK the name of faculty I want to work on your here in the university this is the 11th so frost come and well
I have been here the 1st force comes the actually have tried to start the 1st couple's convey at at at at with some of the students here was the some of the scientific staff and I'm very happy that we actually did it's to make 11 frost cons and as a very my thing also this year this Faculty of Computer Science has his twenties 20th University anniversary and termed it think it is the here we have celebration the rescue of it you know the date the 21 local OK so we have uh we celebrate our 20th sting university when we started here I think it's the Baltic we started with so what 50 students and 2 s I remember right I think 2 professors right now we have about 2 thousand students in computer science and about more than 30 professors here so you see there's also grows and also the frost con we are very happy to host this conference and the supported and I wish you a very nice conference I think you will find very interesting talks I hope you will have very inspiring discussions I hope you will enjoy the very friendly and nice atmosphere at the conference and I hope you all have fewer private guards to pray for that we have nice weather in the evening so that P can't enjoy the socially went outside in our yard so I wish you a nice conference so the of a we have a lot of time so how many questions with you this some then I think you're much and have fun