The future of private clouds

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The future of private clouds
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Last June, Nextcloud started as an ownCloud fork; a first release came less than two weeks later! Today, plans are already taking shape. Where is the project going? Key for Nextcloud is community: working, in the open, with others. We'll talk about calendar and contacts, communication and productivity, enterprise functionality, upgrading, distribution packaging and more.
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welcome everyone and next talk is a by your sports leader was announced in right arm about the future of private clouds and in particular the Protocol next slide fi ivory 1 so um quick agenda 1st ever talk about well what and
then a little bit of history and today and then of course we'll get to the future I will try not to finish much too late or much too early and if you have questions at any point please just wave at me which you get my attention at some point and then you can ask the question like a lot more than all the questions at the end so just interrupted subproblem for don't see you you UPL apparently the camera was the microphone what catch it so that's good right if you words about myself and have been around open source and 2008 issue at 1st the Dutchman break a community beggarman recommend latent reform and now well there are multiple successors to the projects and then I got involved in KB promo and basically 1st and writing articles for the news sites and give talks at conferences more more later really building you know a bit of a marketing team and and trying to get a lot of articles written in various websites you know given talks of various events the and I really like doing that and you know I really thought it would make a difference and I still do actually I think off really important I went to the point where I quit my job but Royal Bank of Scotland angle job but the government organizations because again we 48 holidays a year which is perfect for visiting conferences so it wasn't a brilliant career move perhaps but it turned out that she not be so bad because whose Linux hired me to community manager for pursues so essentially got to do what I did so much more free time paid those really grades and that for years and then my old buddy Frank asked me to join ownCloud this community manager which and and this for about 3 and a half or 2 of you think in well in the next slides where i do more marketing staff in general be live Berlin and the pictures years mobile and for those of you who know it you should have realized that by now this is where I come from which is a little islands in the south west of the Netherlands my wallet come from a proud lineage of farmers and I didn't really fall into that tradition as you can see so the so let's talk a little bit and about privacy 4 minutes so it's posts know them by then unless you've been living under a rock somewhere you should know that basically governments your own and foreign governments and companies and criminals they're all trying to figure out what to do what to buying Y you're buying it and what to do with it and was a lot of stuff and of course so do criminal organizations and apparently terrorists no in no small part due to government policy we're all quite filled to all these parties because the government want us to be vulnerable to them they won't be able to spy on us and well I guess it's simply not that important for them that this also means we can be spied on by everybody else and the parameters that is of course that's even our government say they wanna do that to basically catch criminals governments and corrupt government officials themselves as well as big companies that of of the nasty stuff a criminal organizations and terrorist they don't have a problem with the surveillance because as is often said so if you don't have anything to hide what I worried about obviously these organizations and people have something to hide and thus they do the fact that perhaps about privacy would be privacy at protecting software for example if you without low it's that's not really a problem for people who do illegal stuff anyway so this these limitations on privacy they are basically the only we make life difficult for journalists and grassroots political organizations charities and small companies the and while the thing is of course these are all very easy to deal with once you have all the data because at some point in your life you will do probably frequently small things that if there would have been police close by they could have been difficult about it is the 1 and 2 I just as they want to the thing is that everything you do is recorded somewhere sometimes someplace and somebody has access to death then whenever they wanna be difficult to you they can be as big problem in sub necessarily but people don't read that stuff it's just that you can catch people doing the things I remember that's and I think it was all opposing was put behind bars for the murders and all the other criminal activity but for text so this is the thing if you are a journalist and the government doesn't like you are they will pick you up for being a journalist there would look you up for that they were locked up for basically anything else they could find a and the more surveillance there is the more chance there is that they will get some so this is a problem so I think so we need to own data now we need to replace privacy views of sources from Google
Apple DrawBox Microsoft and these other organizations and this is what Maxwell these boats are getting a bit of history behind us later on but in general it aims to the place the services so you can have 1 place where communication we have a data we work on your documents and even if the stored somewhere else you should be able to get them from experts have single convenient place that you can exosphere variety of clients and browsers and because people won't use it if it can't connect with other things so obviously Next club service can connect to water next cell surface as well as for example piety around cloud systems the no of course if you want to replace the services from Google and
Apple and Microsoft it's quite a challenge because I don't think we should ask from people to give up a lot and to be able to use the services are the door actually by that today of a couple of other people you know if you will buy a and if you really care about cameras in the file the maybe you would buy from that is not a very good father dozen to browsing very well it does that network connection all itself but a really good camera maybe you would buy it but I don't think that generally speaking it will be successful products it has to be good enough on and have a good time and then you would buy it and this is the same with the services being you know open source being privacy where yes it's a feature and it's something people care about but do they care about it and not to drop everything else away to not care about anything else about the ease of use about features just the privacy I mean this is not going to be successful product that you need to be good enough of everything you need to have features in to be easy to use so this is very important for us had to be easy to use product and to have features that's were trying to replace an easy way because otherwise it's not going anywhere I think this is important now obviously it can 1 apply but it can
also run on the supercluster from millions of users and that case arcitecture looks a bit like this it's a little more complicated and but the principles are very much the same as the same software and just more scalable the the now again if there are questions please ask more so a little bit of history the so in 2010 and the
I was at the KDD of events in some Diego Camp KDE the 2nd Katie events in the US the first one the was in Jamaica I can tell you something it was nice but it didn't really know much that Jamaica on the other hand uh some Diego did have banana bungalow which was very awesome beach hospital for servers which is where we were staying it was quite interesting events that I was staying there actually with Frank sharing the room there was quite cool and and events he announced a new projects and that you all know ozone clouds you might know it's it and the goal was to replace Dropbox Google Drive and these others because it looked like people are putting more and more of the data into the clouds and you know as I mentioned earlier this is a privacy issue and this is the thing Frank wanted to we started working on that AC here and the 1st meet up which happened in 2010 as well later in that year and the 1st 5 people started working on it's actually I think 4 of them are still with us today in the 50 and the lost interest in the subject some years ago so and he and others uh it grew get bigger and more people started using it more people started developing on it and in 2011 and Frank together with some other people started a company with the goal to accelerate the development of this tool at the idea was if we got companies who who need of course roughly the same things and details on the price your sleep control of the data so the bill product for them and that's why we get money which we use to pay people to write more a GPL open-source good coat the the that's when when and West work really well so in 2014 he asked me I'm sorry I don't wanna mean of course that's me being hired conceals milestone it's just relevant for story and the 2014 he asked me to join the company I thought about that's I mean I was working at at the time and while it was quite some stuff that had happened in the last couple months I was actually thinking about so far I have been thinking about leaving and then actually had decided I should stay and then you know you get a call with another job offer that's kind complicated but don't have some friends are for example the your grief co-founded efforts of the ASR what he thought and you know he said well on 1 hand doing cool stuff on the other hand you know and I don't like to see a lay the code license agreement it's not a fair deal and in venture capital always puts we're pressure on a company this this is gonna make you do that stuff the to adopt a frankness said builds and these available for concerned something I've been blogging against God licensing agreement not too long ago I mean making people sign over the codes the ones to accompany without basically getting anything back it's still pretty fair right i mean multi and I think is his name from my my SQL and I've heard that if you pour enough beer and him he will call the people who signed it's idiots for working for for free that's not nice at approach should be a friend said well I the great that it's a compromise I mean in the end it's what's happening today is that about a dozen programmers get paid to write a GPL coat no yes but due to the structure and the way it works I don't control the company anymore if he ever did and and the and yes the CLA
that's maybe not as good as it could be but it's
working and it's a fair deal we don't do a huge amount of proprietary stuff of only little open but almost everything is open when a few proprietary bits so it's a fair deal of so I Joint we discuss seal a bit later as well and I mean there are always ways to improve it make it actually fair deal but this was not really possible basically at the time and and and Frank said look in our if things don't work out and let's say something horrible happens Oracle comes to advise the company 10 says OK from now on it over the list community crap I will just go proprietary closed source splices allows today they can do that now but at that point a lot of good code has been written manufactured all just quit enough for will make a copy of the project we continue the and you know move forward again the well 1st of all I a GPL was basically an insurance against something that's happening the so that they made 2016 and Frank quits on clouds and while over a month later start a new company to bear with me and about a dozen other developers home where many cases from the beginning of started so our work on this volunteers the and because basically Frank decided that song covers along with the best way to fulfill his vision of building in software that's supposed to replace Google now we've talked a lot about to details about that's a which I won't rehash here but this is what was decided
the the so the new company doesn't come out of the bill the next part is basically spin-off of structure a sort again a company and that has been developing financial software and communications software since about 1995 so they have a long history and they're managing director is an news must who is the founder of Red Hat Germany and later sold it to red Hat the and they have started about 4 years ago a projects to basically free peoples communication because everybody's using technologies like Skype and these as you can do calls of what's out there and most of our technologies and but of course this old especially these days is routed via Microsoft service and our places you can argue whether that's very privacy where I can tell you meals cares very deeply about privacy the to a point where we are absolutely forbidden to use things like sky 5 personally think that's you know Microsoft is not probably spending too much time listening at the my conversations the 1st half of please the and this project of course was free open-source because if you want to really protect people's privacy and mean sure what's they use and on encryption but can you check that can you see if before it end-to-end encrypted it's not 1st sent to the server somewhere you can't really because it's all about the
source and so you can't truly provides a private secure service if it's closed off at least in my opinion so this was open source is where party based which makes it peer-to-peer half and it's free and unencrypted with while encryption keys that are we all share a lot I'll also screen of flagrant the so the bonds a year ago they started a project to Kickstarter to create a box the this books to this is a 10 by 10 by 10 centimeter aluminum Cuba when it's in its has a um accustomed on board it's a costly designs and encryption chips a probably don't gets the details right here but this is designed to facilitate secure communication so the idea is you just put in the box in your full of medium company or at home that connected to the network and then via box you can have you communication for the people about I think it can handle about 10 or 20 at conference calls with each 10 but ticipants at same time so for a small company and it's actually quite sufficient to use it the and when you're talking with people you often also on work together with them and then it's nice to be able to exchange files so that wouldn't happen box we I wrote a book about this actually an last December so this Kickstarter succeeded in this start to create a box and they have
been sold out ever since so sorry if you want 1 it might take a while but this was doing really well and well this is what we basically partnered with I and the Springboks business so decided the part where we develop speak me software as part of next so we responsible for developing source 40 boxes the results both directly via partners all over the world do companies and individuals who will care about keeping the data and communication security the we had to for a flat Due to the CLA
out we didn't wanna work for free for that so we forks and wild Frank said he made a mistake back in the day of not putting the name that he came up with in a foundation so it was not independent of the company it was not owned by the community that by the company so no matter how many people the would like a different I we have to come had to come up with a new name we won't make that mistake again by the way this time we will set up a foundation and it will over the next so well June 2nd we announced a a new company and we we plans to do 1st release in loss sometime July and we didn't get to do that because there are such huge response from users customers and also contributors that basic everybody started coding like crazy and in 12 days later we released next slide line with already a bunch of nice features on top of that but I'm glad that it was built on and then we moved on on next week will release next 10 with a lot more features so I will talk about that and show you some and we have a very ambitious role of of 11 and the end of this year a lot less and well this is a graph of flower development is going he see that is pretty much stable and I think the fork is somewhere will somewhere here the the doesn't really show on the graph under any questions the ships easy difficult critical are so that's really fast what yes
we will come with an updated replace it X 5 of course this as to the question well I only 3 books how easy is it to replace it with next class so you don't have to we do that for you in any more questions yes you the and the ghost adults ones and twos just make no sense and we decided to just skip that and just go all release I mean there's no difference between 9 0 this was the same amount of time there's no difference between 0 and 1 9 0 0 and 9 1 in terms of how big it is in terms of how much about fix it has they're just all equal an hour decided to just go for a whole numbers it's a pretty arbitrary decision honestly it's no better or worse but it's such a little complicated right now of upgrading so that the different story details anymore then today
so for now about 20 people that's of
course that the company that 2 of them don't have the picture-taking at and at
the level of people in the community or helping us this is not the whole group but a
lot of them they include ourselves and while we're working of course and I felt that we did release
candidates and I think last Thursday so the really should be done come out next week and over features um left have to look at that look like for you guys yes
left there are and the features that a part of upstream and so about 9 1 on the right the features that we are that's in the weak sense so it introduces 2 factor authentication I'll show you in a a couple of minutes so we the brute force protection to that to basically improved security and there's a bunch of improvements to Federation so 1 of those is that when you share of federated share from 1 server to the next year federation is you can connect of you're and let's say and you're have that's not survive I haven't next follows me and by simply typing my name my next wrote address and underscore federated qualities like an e-mail address and I will just get a notification all my next server and I can see the files that you share with me this is really important to of course make basically a bunch of people who run next clouds be able to collaborate with each other as easily as they would if the world from books it's pretty much the same experience and once the server has 1 connected with another server Dave exchange and so that you can have to complete the names of the use of all that serve this Federation of critical feature yes so well and well it's peer-to-peer because it's server-to-server because the 2 servers are when the files are the the well as user you connect to the server by the the web interface um and then the service talk directly to each other to get a files so and the thing was if you would have the Federated share from that say from you and I I would then share it to you then whenever you would axis that file it would 1st your server will talk to mine get the file ask for a file my fervent server would ask for a file from you the file can get it to you that's of very efficient so all of the changes is now the next 10 they just you'll just talk to each other and to service and nice improvement there is that and if you removed remove this link it used to be the Federation was connected to shed links so you credit that link of a file and federated share the Woodberry moved to shared linked federated would also disappear that shouldn't be the case of course that now works properly the so there are some of the small you have proven to move faster and more reliable than 1 normal another feature wanna talk about a permanent filings and this is an improvement in the files at and I will get to that basically wanna go to some screenshots part the least because of the two-factor authentication we now have at best words who's if an application does support two-factor authentication we have enabled they can created an at specific password the all the uh the next 10 unique sites we have features like some old identication as James notifications which basically makes windows that will drive a lot more performant a scalable and there's a new monitoring and also show you some screenshots we had a couple of customers ask for that for lectures control which can limit basically uh according to certain rules who has access to files I will show that want to say without
taking I have some improvements to the admin page and there are lots of small chance changes all over but these are I think the big ones any more questions yes this is a
a set of things that a and the only thing that will stop you so you like in you will directly get a link to the image that I'm not aware of any plans however it sounds like a feature that could be uh that of course they're gallery at maintain their work for us and he still work on the gallery of course so an update to do that that will help of course with things like this now yes and I the yeah so the improvements of Federation
yes they are um as you can see it's basically all on the server itself that handles it's a little more clever the some of the features might require support in both but then it will still work as so so frank and you guys know paideia it's not a false share open source surface and Frank worked with them to get a federated clouds here and protocol implemented a paideia was well and so it works with them and it just has to stay backward-compatible of course as the specification and we basically gave specification of what we have developed a two-way collaboration of universities and other organizations to care about these things called Open Cloud match the and there it is developed and maintained so it's specification that is maintained power by number 3rd party so we just have to specification better more clever way and obviously for next out 11 we have quite a few plants on improving on Federation especially which we will then you can do together with the Open Cup match the so this is to factor out indication it's pretty
familiar I think if you have Google Authenticator for example and the UK use that so the way it is done it's it's plugin-based of written by Christopher and costs and Christoph has a bunch of these potential partners you can use in his get have rebounded isn't yet built in so if you have installed next 10 on when you do install it you have to then get 1 of these plug-ins to get for example Google Authenticator support and if you have a card reader which you would like to support you will have to write 1 of these programs for that's to be able to supported it now this is a session management that you get once you are of a bunch
of people logged in we now show your accounts that are logged in like if you have your your mobile clients and year-end and what clients and maybe a laptop and desktop for example
you can see these that the active and of course check if 1 of them suddenly is in China then maybe you know somebody got access to your system in a way that might not be what you want of saying China evil could be the US to the and there's at passwords again this is what you need for applications that don't support the two-factor
authentication if you come to that's they you need to generate an app specific password which is very long and the less secure the connection that specific application Annex out 11 we will introduce and also at permissions here so if you have created that specific password for example for your calendar application that it will not be able to access your files because color application should be accessing your files and if it does it might actually be hacked by someone and if you have a file access application that can't get the contact data because again it should that's coming next 11 and of this year the files that the last couple of improvements here that I
think I actually quite nice 1 of them is that when you try to drag and drop files it will move to few port so that you can actually also dragon drop on the big 4 lists of annoyed to hell out of me personally so quite happy with that improvement from I felt 11 we actually plan on building and some files move or false cut paste functionality in so that you can more easily more files between folders was 1 of the requested feature another nice thing is that it remembers the sort settings pre user so you don't have to kick sort every time you go there and then we see the mouse here works yes so there's this little linked item and this gives you a permanent link is actually really nice if you have a file share with a bunch of people that you work with regularly now the thing is the way next father sharing is rather than just stupidly putting every sharing a special set Fuller it allows you to put this shared files that you see from other people wherever you like so when for example a colleague has a file that he has in you know works such projects 16 has slashed in all important files and he shares with you then 1st of all that come in your home directory on any place where you add that you have a figure pressure should go initially and they compute it's in your documents slash customer 16 slash important file folder but in if the colleague at I just put the file in that folder and it's named acts and you know here's the and browser like the link to go there immediately all that's not gonna work because he has different URL into browser thing you do even earlier you on the same server the files in different places so there's a link you can actually give a direct and working link because this link has a unique file ID and they can always meet the open the file not meant for the initial sharing you still just share file first one shared in my experience of Austin ended up using the another step link to get people to actually directly into the file because otherwise you need to tell gets and full of marketing that's um says graphics those documents websites less somewhere this like going using file-sharing software why it's so complicated directly share and talk about it so this is very nice I think not improvement lot but not lost or at least we have actually fix their preview text files so you can see them that is a feature that was asked for by some lab accuses including universities if you have a very large number of users on your system and it's nice to know what the lotus that's generated by the system so you can see hey there seems to be something going wrong I need to check if do something about it or maybe you know I have too many users on this system need to opt more hardware or put users on the system the so we created a monitoring apps that shows you things like users look then the number of shares in some PHP and database storage information but it can also connect to an external monitoring tool so if you use something like an ideal for example to monitor your network you can just point to this and you get a nice and set of information that allows you to keep an eye on this and create graphs over the days and weeks and see like OK now everybody starts to download stuff on Friday morning and or is not active and we can't that's probably not surprised I this is so this available next week I know I was wrong now this is also and then and this is for lectures control so the idea is that you create a set of rules an ever file fits the rules of access to it is blocked and let's say your company and you'll have and and police are in the group of the personnel management of the personality view of the set at HRT and people in nature are they handle the private data via least so whenever data PLoS spreadsheet with like for itself financial information this should be shared to US office in any way that should never be accessible from there so you are the rule that says OK view from the Xs and from the US you know and and the file is in that group then you know you don't get access to a not from the group you can also opt tags so you can say OK if a file is an image that opposed by certain Grouper's applauded by certain device like the iPhone or if it's that's from a certain you know geographic location etc. etc. they you give a certain tactile it To make a filter on the status OK now and these files are not allowed to be accessed from this set of rules can seek can create very specific in a set of rules that make sure that you know certain things are are not possible and that includes for attention so you can basically people figure that's when somebody uploads an image that is bigger than 10 megabytes between on and the integral test than data files are deleted and then they this yeah people in the test group there less about these big files but you don't really need them permanently Johnson at the the most of so this is the automated tagging and frolics control attention features but for last but not least we include a little at juice report this is
disabled by default but if you wanna help us improve next flat for all of you these in Ireland this will give us some usage information about a server you can preview it before it sent and this helps us to determine for example how many people use certain features and that way we can make sure that we developed the way people in I wanted to be developed the there was 10 any questions the the best I
there is here but the the the the the this so this so you're saying that covers more bags coats in the past the I the the I started using on Cardinals graph 6 and I have encountered some serious issues as well I mean almost nothing is perfect but as of today it is working for about 10 million users that universities research institutions financial companies etc. I'm fairly certain that's even though nothing's perfect this isn't any worse than basically any other major enterprise software I think in many ways is better honestly but this is also why you buy support contract right we fix your stuff the again I don't wanna say there were no black starbucks everywhere but the novel this and Hey I know when it is not true so the the question was if next files is in that they been repository is not at the moment and this was quite a thing from clouds that said we don't wanna repeat or talk about we've decided to work with this solutions and let work with them to develop packages so we've already done this with Fedora as samples and what was but do the greatest maps to the and we would definitely 1 work of deviance and no 1 of the points is the ability to skip releases on land rights because if you have deviance stable and then deviance stable minus 1 unit of greater must and you know there are 8 leases between the 2 on Cloud on next slide polices in there you have to upgrade to each of them in between to be able to get the new 1 because you have to this is the way In a can't skip releases amount at the moment this doesn't work obviously and so OK here for the yes this is awful you we all
know and the you know so he mentioned those those this is a pain and if you miss something everything breaks etc. yes so this is all the schedule for next from 11 we wanna be able to upgrade anything from anywhere so being able to operate and skip releases should not be a problem with the success yes I know it is great disquiet also but it's also a lot of work I would appreciate both help and testing because this is really hard to do this is why we had a little bit of us kerfuffle with deviance because they were basically building this themselves the ability to skip releases going from I think of 7 2 9 or 10 or even you are in 1 go and to put it mildly we felt very uncomfortable about that because we wouldn't trust ourselves being able to do that so we didn't think they could that but we said that's and then they got very upset we might have been nicer know but cannot describe some back and forth and then w drops and quot and so I hope that's with this feature and of 11 ability to skip releases will the suitable again for a distribution of deviance stable good and deviance Taylor's on a problem or testing I because at some point you will get to that new release a less of course you get something that you mentioned which is that the accidentally you get to release in and talk to me that is really nasty again that should be solved this as well at the same time of course the great process is nasty and difficult so again this weekend use testing so now in the and the only way to make sure something work for you is if you test that anymore questions yes the it any plans other disciplines yes working on that will soon release branded version any more questions what model all linear everything in the next election the yeah OK cool
1 more 1 more 1 more yes uh how you have
value group at the you as a grading from 0 clouds to next cloud now it's nothing special it's the same right now and were actually working with unhcr out to make it possible to all them greater however side great you wanna call it to go back but and that's not there yet this thing that should be the little guy yes slum or the mobile the well we have an Android client already and I was clients world of our clients will the almost about the costs of the Android client is fully free because that to be honest it is completely developed by volunteers from the real the with a little bit of help the Duma really awesome job that the development speed has increased significantly in my opinion it's really an awesome client you can use the phone cloud to it really nice so I suggest to try it and the and I was quite is developed by partner from us and they developed in called cryptic clouds which worked with a number of Our clouds including on clouds and a it's a special next out version that Kline does cost money then again if you use an I. OSI kind of keep thinking it's your own fault own faults I will find it difficult to feel sorry for that they don't even allowing the GPL like at the store that points the but maybe I'm anti-elitist now to I so the 1st week of this month we did meet up at Stuttgart had about 30
and committee members and people from the company of course get together this is a picture from a barbecue not everybody could make it but also very nice barbecue you don't see any of the meat and I'll just the people the and the dog is missing we have a picture where the dock while some sitting in a very shameful situation just a form of the camera kind of photo bombing us all but Simon further hasn't been released can't use it I have to use the proper picture and he was of really great meeting and in that we discuss strategy in the future on next clouds and where we wanted to go and 1 of the things that was done there was of course to make a plan it does features for the upcoming release and I will be happy to share in so 1 of the big
features I already did a blog about this is new apps store the all let's saw was getting quite long in the tooth and was missing a lot of features that we wanted to opt for a very very very long time as our community members have been working on a replacement for quite a while and we are now at a point where said OK this is good enough we will not put next 10 because the having features so Bacon last minute that's not a good way of getting stables also to users but we will immediately make available for next of 11 so that from day 1 so basically we get to test it so until December it will have had quite some nice testing so it's it's also true picture in a minutes but it's a it's a big improvement it allows a lot of features also especially for the developers for example automatically you know you upload to power of all of that and then that will check if the apple actually work attracts a lot of you know things if you have to write versions of have everything all figured well so this also make sure that people are less likely to download something that will work on the version the it even allows to check what next of 1st year running and sending you know the version of that is the new versions of compatible if your next suffers for example this the kind of features that's quite nice and make steps or a lot more usable now I already said federation we definitely 1 improved Federation bring it to a new level now we old Federation was you can share between 2 survive but you need somebody to know somebody's head right quality and then we shared address books which you can enable disable is not been of course but if you know somebody by name and maybe even the analysis Twitter account or the Google + account of something but you don't know the federated cloud at the you still can't share with them unless 1st asked now we worked on a solution for that's basically a central lookup server that will again of the of course privacy 1st allow people to search for other uses it irrespective of the next observed their own if the service connected to this lookup server and then you can say OK you know this person I I recognize that Twitter handle you verify yourself with the lookup server using and services like Twitter for example so that analysis that that person really is of the same things to be and that way you can and share files that person what and you have now reasonably sure that is who he was he claims to be the and there are a bunch of smaller improvements but I think this is really a cool improvement for a lot of home users the some security work that working on like as we already mentioned like the permissions for apps to make sure that in other countries do random stuff on and communication integration so we're talked about speed books obviously this is an important subject for us we need to integrate a freak me you know web conferencing super secure end-to-end encrypted very deeply in next class and was deeply integrated I mean if you for example are working on a file and somebody commented on the file they think it's really outrageous what they just said you should be able to click on a little of a terror and call them right away from within next slide this kind of stuff that we wanna make possible so we'll have to see how far we get with 11 because this is a very big task but as you will and I'll show some screenshots of them and a lot but not least of data as well as we talked about already you wanna be able to skip releases because this will make it a lot easier for both the customers are a lot of our customers they use next plot for a long time they want to be able to install it and just use it for 5 years without having to upgrades every 6 or 9 or 12 months the and obviously this is something we wanna bring to them as well they care about this a lot the ability to just skip releases and just go to the new was released after 5 years well so this is an important the price feature but again also for distributions this is the absorbed in it looks a lot more modern I would say you go Logan via
you get have accounts so that makes it also easier don't need to create another account of another website if you just wouldn't get up then there is a simple just to test out there again for an end user if you use the app islation interface for within next filed the only thing you would really notice is that some more reliable and it will work even if you're virgin behind which is currently in problematic that can deliver the wrong map this is pretty we integrated so I wrote a
big and manual on how to integrate speak me into your next class so if you have it running already you can go to next slide that Web RTC and then you can learn all about how to integrate it's it's complicated and obviously working hard to make it a lot simpler to do that this is 1 of the things you want change and the other thing I wanna work on obviously is to integrate a deeper from user experience perspective was now because it would be the right writing speaking in PHP for real-time communication PHP is not very suitable so the question was if you done integrated without separate me that's multiplied it's and it's the parts of it possible that it will never really be that can a very good solution but we can make it a lot easier to so speaking it's a statement of color born and before and we worked of color born to create a very easy-to-use doctor and that's the only way to Sokolov born was down at the source code compiler it's and so let's of cigarettes and then it would work and so when we partnered with them but for us it's very important of course to make these things accessible to the community it's nice it we get packages for customers but also want to have a solution from user for all of you so we worked with that we actually built the Doppler image and then they continued working on that and make that available for everyone including and i've manual so you can actually easily installed called moral line or unified server around and its documents real-time it's a surrealist preach right now you need to compile it if you look at my manual that Pilot yourself my friend so this is obviously 1 of the 1st things you on effects and there's already of the container and the manual points to it but I haven't really of data that and we done it yet to really make its obvious how to use them but I will soon the so make it as easy as possible but said it will never be a matter of just go into the up storing clicking on the name of that and down that's just it's technically not possible subtly for both of these the so there was a little bit about the future of next clout and in general you now good replace the
surfaces and if you wanna held and make a difference to very soon and the 4 weeks we have conference in Berlin where we will discuss these and many other things break of course help code to make it better at to perfect make sure that works to the next and you try to use it at any more questions because this it's in the this is this collaboration helicopter company a tiny little bits but not too much said the well of the the all the technical level there's some collaboration I would we need to figure out some things there because we like to you know be open I mean again it's all realty the business side only I really like how for example Susan red had work together and the sales obviously competes because well that's their job but on the development level you will see the license and so the developers give presentations at the door events and I think that we awesome and it will be nice to get to the point at some point but what will have to see we also want to try to keep some compatibility but that of course requires risk
development pays on both sides of to see yes you know some the the past the that's aggressive sales and have obviously we set from day 1 we have gotten a huge amount of response from customers all over and some of those used on cloud of course but there that's not something I think to discuss here the yes he also did you a and web see so the question is is pretty we use an existing of communication and the answer is yes Web party for what what you yes the new law you the I have absolutely no idea what the question is how does it communicates with the server I don't know and my knowledge goes as far as had to install it and that it's a go at it and know that it works from that point on sorry Alan look into that I need to get a bit of a briefing on how the technology side of that works you still so that a come yes and the do you the so the question is ownCloud support for Windows is next going to return this was and is all about PHP support Windows which is to put it very mildly substandard at least for the things we needed to do which has to do with 4 file system and stuff like that and it's just entirely and supported to do the things that we needed to do that was BUT manner were basically we have have to develop and maintain a completely separate file interaction layer which is just suicidal and super flow it to the point where running next slots or on clout only when all windows in the virtual machine on Linux so like having a virtual machine of Linux running on Windows would be lot faster the use it natively so that points people should just rather than a the the if I wrote the book boast about it and why it was from this is it I don't think of him alright reminder put a link to a blog posts about dropped features and release notes thank you no that's a good point it's a good point that's an synoviocytes I apologize Bell right any more questions yes the the yeah so deeper integration of address book and calendar yes apps African lutely are we didn't actually I didn't have it in my neat little list but it's so high on the agenda yes so we will integrates basically whenever you see an avatar that should be connected to the address book which in turn should be connected to separate me so this is in between there so you click on the effort part you know you see my address you can immediately please send an e-mail sent the text message called as a crutch basically make it really 1 integrated whole and the graphical 1 and 2 like if there's not notification from a calendar should show up you should be able to log files to you not case your to your calendar items things like that a lot of this work is planned for 11 but also after 11 of course maybe it's yeah you think should work as seamless as possible of course the any more questions is this the plans for a federation of calendars yeah that's a good question and I'm not aware of any well actually there probably are plans for that the question justice when the because dead it's all on wrote that the diocese so I don't know what the time on that this the this is indeed something that would be very nice to have but there's a whole bunch of color and context features that know model work on and this is something and in the coming months we will keep hiring people and look and people to work on those things I think this meeting just to get an idea of how this works well we did so were you know 20 or 2 people in the room both employees and volunteers because again the way we work doesn't matter we will basically brainstorm on features and then just say who wants to work on what and then both volunteers and police said OK this is something you know our work on and obviously the brainstorm of features would come based on regression customers requests from users as things develop think need to be done and the way we planned the time of the employees is in such a way that they get a significant amount of time the plants obviously again if there are important customer needs and please the posh Boston all the time dedicated to work on that and all our engineers have to do or form have to help and support so our our support for customers is basically that direct contacts with engineers rather than having layer in between but we keep time open so that they can work on things that they consider important technical debt for example or work with community members on features that committee members want to implement but need help with things like that so this now makes it a more collaborative way of working yes I actually want to make some graphs of that at some point in the future and this is a good question the question was how much of the code is under paid people how much more volunteers but the thing is I I have some graphs for some of that but I don't have a full overview this the problem I mean you know this is statistics it's always a pain in the ass to get something that's actually representative of reality and never trust sadistic shouldn't Dr. yourself as a sign and if you look at next got 4 which is well within the core our next observer I think it's called officially I think the majority is done by paid people the but it relies a lot on apps that are outside of the server at a Calderon and mail out they're even still maintained 10 and worked on and on cloud GitHub repository and we contribute to that and work on that people working on that because they so those are not covered under the CIA laced there isn't really a problem with that as long as nobody gets blocked from working more things on there other shenanigans this probably might not change so you need to take into account if you wanna see of course but balances between community and company and well that's hard because his report stores all over and so I need to spend some more time on the that's but for core I think it's I don't know maybe 2 thirds this company 3rd community or something I oriented to look at this any more questions
yes this is the real thing is there we might make a redirects but in the end so works everybody knows that now let's break it the anymore questions yes we the so the question is if you look at Google and of course also apple and draw walks and these companies to have a huge number of engineers working on security for you which keeps the data quite safe yes maybe dated cells have access to it as well as to Governments and whoever else is paying enough but at least it's reasonably safe from your neighbor the that's true now 1st of all next slide is pretty dense secure we have uh in the open-source world pretty much the highest qt by bounty program you can earn up to 5 thousand euros if you find a bug a security issue in next exports and this closer to us but that is of course still nothing compared to 104 thousand you get for finding Q box Google and a lot of people I got pretty rich in doing that it so is a good point and the thing is with Google you already know where the data is and if you pay enough you can quite easily gets all the open markets probably away in to such an account and goes into you to target while was next clouds if you really wanna keep secure you run the data on server you could figure it so that it only accepts you know a certain number of IP addresses and things like that you can actually make it very very secure and there is In know that does create quite a barrier think for other people like your neighbor so decide to come in and packets so it depends bit I think also on the skills of yourself or the people that you paid to run your next server with regards to security if there good I think you can get to a point where it is a security of more security should limit certain things and Google need to keep open and out of a great answer I guess but it's the best I can do it's complicated this is the answer so I have to keep it that this thank you very much hope you enjoy the thank