How to build your own cloud while staying in business

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How to build your own cloud while staying in business
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While you're reading this, two new Docker PaaS have launched and one existing is shutting down. Doing infrastructure is hard. Doing infrastructure is fun. Maybe it was never harder and more fun then these days. We want to share our personal experiences of how to keep it on the fun side and still take care of the hard things.
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but can the and before you
restart you want to give you a short numbers so here's a little this 1 and this
1 is is coming out of this in some time now as I yeah so it's if anyone of you ever had work was spent most of us this is water so what Ritzer possible and all the phones the stages account of number of providers for Platform as a which is quite impressive and don't expect the number to be that high and I don't know if that's complete but at least from what the absurd so there's so they're all active and can be used in various stages of computer life a lot of our beetle production of but yeah so it's quite an impressive number and if you look at the below trends since the constantly increasing so we are here and all so people have a high demand for this stuff and there this means for them
on the decision you made uh for whatever to choose it is most likely you would ever to you really needs will appear after that decision the yeah that's the upfront and how to draw it on uh the torus scored how to build your own cloud was staying in business this sounds kind of kind of funny and maybe you can compete some of your bingo cards today if you haven't already done it is no yeah so that would be what doesn't because of all it's it's great that you showed up to that audience morning no hope you already at you your 1st coffee we did say as he's there 1 OK so a wire do is talk the 1st the 1st thing we don't know if this talk to to make you feel
bad about seems that we would just want to take you all person journeys through
infrastructure and so on shipping software and I hope you can take some of this stuff with you for your own projects the and so yeah as you made it may have it's about infrastructure and and it was saying it's it's was true for the last year and so many more true than this year you need start a new products and new to and you in charge of provincial infrastructure decisions it's really hot so but the fused media really complex and ask about a ton of options is really hard to decide which options are good for you I was at I don't have enough time to evaluate all of San all I have any
idea how to evaluate some of that's that's an uneasy Tasman 20 years ago or even 10 years ago we just got during somewhere which 1 of our nation's history you prefer on it and you words and chat nowadays refutes quite differently can but it's fun after all fluid useful as it's it's fun and in doing so we don't to can get like if you of deaths in prison why weights from what's and because stock dockers you know when you talk what infrastructure and talking about the is hardly possible holidays and of history great it's a great deal of degraded ecosystems was in a lot of solutions and options so hard on you get your you get your stuff
down but but it's it's a it's all 1 window and it's kind of phenomena lock-in and today we want you to present some some other options how you can yeah choose from from different approaches in not only reliable car and that said we knew like talk we we use stock and production and and for stuff and it's not to discourage users should talk about just to show somewhat options and yet and there's a
task Moria there would show going on right now you not there so you already know that you have to get things done and do we have to get some sun as well the the and yes all of us have to trade some business agency and I know it's not all about finding you have to create some students this can shift and that produces some it will you fall for this you running and the pursuit for
all prefectures no request and it's fun as well but sometimes in the and no no place in a business environment and pragmatic solutions are not bad at all and he has always said we're relying since
stuff so we have those meaningful search and suffer developers by hearts no and we want to give you the impression that's there is of this talk you can go home and don't feel bad about yourself you did yourself and a few bad being 10 years behind to what's going on in the rest of the world
and because you know the the bill is always greener on the other side but we all just aren't some well known it OK and so on the where some challenges opportunities
not as as assertive said earlier doing infrastructure nowadays it's it's kind heart but here we have some opportunities as well to 1st of all the challenges there is an increasing complexity so the stakes are getting bigger and bigger as we would frameworks of of frameworks and so did not only have taken from 0 to have really complex stuff going on the front and spell all this has to be put together somehow and the law of at certain layers you actually development around engine something they have to test all the stuff you've productions there exists and staging stakes yet you name it and you have maybe you running something persons all the stuff in the cloud some of them this on dedicated hardware in all data center of some some maybe house all as all of this at the same time you uh you have that different and moments for you developers the the etc. again this quite options to choose from and yeah and instead so we have to know it some somehow right so we have to to move forwards and create new staff and makes things move
faster on Wednesday attractive to new developers is also the era the crucial task for all of the for most businesses not trying a Newton staff but still attract new people with low was new fancy stuff this all their own quiet corporate context but there was a as some opportunities we got if
research on demand now nowadays so if you imagine if you can get on the various cloud to providers but it's not only so as you go senescence choose student catches databases arising on demand to paid by the all all-white usage so you you're really flexible with this and to users in a flexible way it's their most of the time comes in the API you can use to automate stuff and put together provided the time and uh does a happen now this is really powerful so this is not only unitary guiding the the power of half a peaceful get for the average distance I guess if you if you Netflix data you obviously have different problems but to fall for most projects in the behind reality this is a huge but enough for privacy and but was this comes we can we have to find other ways to use happen 1 is this 1 that 1 way to use this is virtualization quantization and there's even something unique kernelization which all aims to uh get the most out of fuel powerful hardware and that's the center lovers reaching the speaking and um yes has it all opportunities and that's why we're doing this talk and I told you why you doing this organ so we introduce
ourselves that the and the this means that on the left under the as a bus terminals someone's past and I'm doing mainly mainly operate on development and brushes many doing operations and to measure the width of intervals on the OK and
so by switching over to 1 of the things like the the the the the but that because the you no but that the at right so it can the the get into right and in the same way that we ruling scrum theory to that's a couple of years the room like that up so just so you know that we are like really
certified you see idea that it says
certified evidence comics and funeral so you know is real and so just to take your own training the last slide said that because the developer and immigration stuff but come to think of the last like a few months in Java a dog estimated us operations and and failing the rails so and it's really it's not likely that
the in cube orders and and lichens ofEngineering InfoSec changing is a lot about tools so this whole conferences about tools you have like separate tracks for 7 different languages so people don't start fights and let's have a look at those tools and and it's not for it's not called infrastructure engineering for no reason so so we have like a small slight prepared and we begin there
and was confused by keynote with sorry about that what is going on with the that stuff wait a 2nd I have to say at this point it
so how I it take a moment to appreciate the
handcrafted annotations that their sense the as is either a lot of tools with different kinds of scopes singles and they all do if their right exists and it's not about like composition there it's more like coexistence and like integration the lower the body or the horizontally so infrastructure and its tools of kind of moving closer to develop a I mean if you've been in the like operations field for more than 5 years you've probably seen a trends come and go and if his money toward want like talker was for a the operations and you see that drains evolving from the developers and stuff so but especially since like the ascent of goal of language from the the developers stars like at the tools start moving closer to the developed at the same time I give concepts and burning of the developer tools that have more info inference on the and such a tools so and we have to sort out all this mess I mean so if you do that
around use like at least 1 or 2 truth that side and the thing is everybody likes to
have you want to know that 1 tool that there agreed like the use of docket gives part that is like an you to and that would be really great if there would be the 1 tool that solves all these problems the the thing is limited you want to like a small quiz but the and the just think of
1 tool that you really really likes to think of anything you run you know such on any IDE or anything that helps to ships offers to production and then just said in that tool into the bank and read that sense of mouth and think about it that would be so true and I suppose if the DPS if it helps you runs of the production of that sentence was the work we gonna resolve cyclicity in of side so that just just for the sake of the game I the thing is that no matter
which creates you come from they all like they they will look like the artists into and they you the 1 2 and the they could be the right tool for you but they might not be the right tool for another person so so we're both from New we can achieve so for us for example chef or puppet or the way to go because it's cold understand where's you'd probably choose sensible if you like running the patterns that at
so it's all a matter of like choosing the adequate tool and
that there was a size that we should come for what I was about to say and
so I am after all it depends on that using the adequate tool for a job so you have to do to get to solve your problems and you have to you have to have tools and ultimately the flow the problem the I the so this is just a small the scalar but for what we're about to talk about
it I mean you've already read the protein the abstract this story isn't sponsored by radical we're not and affiliated with the Haji?ová just haven't liked to elucidate and that they should um but this is not even born to make specific customers we both do freelance so on development and operations but it all depends on like getting the right tool and the right software and the way right pipeline to the customer and you know all you about 2 year this like subjective so the stories we tell you might not work for you and there's also 1 key thing that you might objects at conferences appear better the then they are in real life so now what we tell you no matter what of talk will tell you this like take a few steps back and they go and whenever I want to hear like stories from the yield will be days and we give around a campfire and and Dirk will together with the and like that
as what the old days of development like so that so there the the the the the the OK the yeah I don't know how many of you a read their so doing doing great staff and
I started to was really and the my my place to go when I when I needed to set up a new Vauxhall installed a
hopeful quality of friend and the red respect I would drive logic and have logic it's the small amounts of reactive anymore and the block of Benjamin knowledge famous for podcasting in their various the and I feel regularly updated so his articles for new always it's releases neo erase releases really releases and um you hadn't really only amount to Donald overseeing compile a set of your compiler onwards examples was not that easy and at that time but the and eventually put some wasn't scripts and the scripts will fade on another machine because of where a some and so this is a summary of the british stuff but but then there was a big and and I couldn't make provision that had 1 machine through them all and share them and keep that a botched it to other people and were chosen them and all we all had the at the same machine and was in place of all the harm but the question remains how did since provisions stuff is going to happen in the coastal but some some stripped being put together and because I'm only a was reading you houses in this provisions that behind the things will operate with institutions or the speech input but what about the right to the the CEO cannot work of
the so in the old days
and they had like manual processes all over the place so like said it sums and hopefully had some really need you hopefully it's some abandoned wiki page from like 3 months ago that work than for 1 machine but nets go there so in the same way that they can change the game for developers puppet were shaft or and the or sold or 0 of like broad salvation to operations because and I remember like 6 or 7 years ago when you would like what happened like magically provision and set up and deploy machines it it was all the same with me like told you
you just like run covered appliance all like butterflies and also In the same way that this change the operation side also experience OK we have to stewing they're like but we have to solve stuff well automation and so on we all happy so the knows of what thank you that
story not true but they know that in the same way that vacancy brought like you at the that developers closer to and the operations side public brought the operations people closer to developments in the way that they had to think about source control they had to think about versioning does offer they had to think about the releasing staff for rolling back changes all
kinds of stuff that wasn't really like in the heart of the operation that and it's all all this just like mundane infrastructure blending so I let's have a closer look at how the land we work in
so let's say during as in
this can be developed and deployed so that that but that but the the and yet it inside my big box and that was set up by the profit or whatever I would run it would go into the lab and just run rate and to hold would come of that in fact this was my brilliant I have to pick a generated through deplored OK so there are let's have a closer
look at this that my code compiler it's this case where all of you know we historical relations that but you you could die you that the building you didn't think it is kind of a compilation step and that although the comes not effect so the the same is true if you're if you're having Adolfo jadedness job finding in front of you the keys we will get to 1 not affect to to move around to force
somewhere to foil is the same in both so I would get the same effect right and whenever I say change some parameters in my my fault I would get in different in in the new artifact it was a new version number and even if a change just just a type fall in the in the in the config file I will produce a new artifact the of elements so and we have stick to suspect now
because now has the same limit for rest of the resource sorry about the microphone striation with that so in the same way that they're told you what would have happened if he'd gone into the book into the box and on start break the produce deviant the archive and the same way you'd have operations writing code that would say ensured that that's that's just the thing of any generic deployment or a configuration management but in the same way that he didn't artifacts that we have like the Ensure latest uh that will take short make sure that the artifact of 2 is reading this version that's there and we'll ensured that the services running so that you know have like 2 different codebase it's kind of like things together and it's and that in the
end of the same thing yeah Europe have a cold steel not really compiler but yield independent and in the end you have 1 artifact which is your that's over
so I kind of like what did being archive is 4 dogs like the actual the the document is the B m more like a real like I machine is kind of like an artifact because you've run code that will that be change state on that machine and even if you throw away the you Bush emission and instances that can but not effect so at if it's your education is a model or like really
really gather together infrastructures already built of a lot of different building blocks so In going with causes won't help here on if you think of like the
the that your stack them they given that 1 of the application there so that's not a problem that you have multiple layers of networking you might have databases and that it is made of storage attached to them and you might monitoring and logging and that's that's quite a lot of building blocks and running changes there but I will at some point become even the very that real pain or you just like I can't be bothered too just like run covered anywhere where things just work so and those are all artifacts so no matter how you put it that's you runs offers of attorneys state and you have to deal with this the and I feel that we are switching back again how
we but not yet we'll switching back again so I can't like I I see yeah so you're ever system may look
something like this and we're not even that talking like is this year this could be any sufficiently is simple at that has like 2 3 different kinds of like libraries included might have legs 110 dependencies might have like dependencies 2 different versions of a database using and answer you end up just like real real mass of dependencies of artifacts of codes this coming from anywhere on the it's like to be them been dense it's a pipeline of archive and there's that no real way the footage that and this is
really really finickiness notorious solution to this problem so some problems get solved by contribution management some problems were solved by giving the developer surreal Good-Turing but the overall things are they still thinking so that's
a good answer the complexity increases but with giving developers more tools with like but the modelling infrastructures cold but because that back in the days you only like through the wall and the other guys have to take care of it and the changing resistance which is something that still happens there's coming I sigh do wrong darker protection by do you like like to know what it means to have like infrastructure that you treat as cattle were suspect that but let's be honest and you probably haven't fully abduction database of over for a new release or but you still have your monetary system of upgraded so we still have to do with writing systems the and bootstrapping still a mess
so so if you see somebody like what's living it happens a puppet of that's still not a good thing to look at so we still have like a real mess um and we're not even sure if you've covered all infrastructure components even if we save infrastructures
code time we come to realize that more and more infrastructures acting like software and we need different kinds of approaches step so what we want is like intersection culture that to some of it but this year we get there so that's a look at the lake 3 a problem at
the switching of you the the it the OK so um real SOS boxes so much shorter earlier you probably will check with with new of service so this is the destination of the you you all get so when you go to wrute woman I by this pseudo earlier we don't want to present 1 mental and but if you uh feeling of culture which consists of so so whatever uh whether you're doing it yourself and not the words used in this is good to have an understanding of how the building blocks are coming together even if you using the past and so this still using EPA's you you got a kind of a when a lot in the year of lease to be wealth of gene-altered is still there uh there's a bad thing for you give to decide on your own uh there's no no law that says that no locking is a bad thing as tho and so we will to prevent you have a mix of tools and so you can use to to makes it work on also and all rely on past OK and so the past checkers
would be where we want to have a distraction NOT so both Americans highly uh there's should be identical this is kind of hot and all experience so because in development you want some more information than production for instance you wanted the bottle enabled and if you change its configuration doesn't mean there's same even if you did a wooden and production and if you're talking and if you're talking about changing 1 1 tiny beating new configuration introducing new artifact running a different artifacts in the development of an inflection so this is a kind of a hard thing to to accomplish but you want to get
as close to the tragedy uh that gets an all this you want to have repeated the bills when you get this goal compile artifacts that this should be automated as good as possible and not depending on whether Bashir compiling it in the large effect will be studied different and the results and the next would be uh that we want to track so that affects the selected and some kind of registry the work and finds a lot efficient them out the use of infrastructure would be great so what bust presented earlier all those little boxes in inside your entire stick would be changed of on any that even the small change of configuration again this is kind of hard for all the database image and throwing away your prevention database it to to treat a parameter scanner of sex but the idea you want to cover the entire stick so from not only uh that suppose that you want to have a network that integrated the configuration unithood database and storage during monitoring of them OK
so the 1st of all we prove the to form repeatable there's and yeah who knows what partial and we we like to use part because uh but there is a flexible tool can boots for various platforms you can build on images of provisions bare-metal machines you can run and all of the major cloud providers and the and that's what we talked about having a flexible tool for the different use cases and so on so all of those look the Jason of the original real right now that's you know you get a glimpse of what's happening here so the all define what type of machine ability in this case we talk about machine learning based on uh would to image are you you running some of the some post-processing all of that is true we should course you know what I want you to all the internal restrict the depends and uh the parts the provision of the block is less than 2 because you should know that so there would be in running time and the results you don't image um anyone in the team could run this command and reproduces the yeah I know the sorry the ability and that's OK that's it but but that's only 1 1 tiny building wrong right that's only do so once all of you to the database of the mortgage so we don't still don't have that interconnected tend to get we need it's as I said we need to focus on set out some database whose all the networks and stuff are yeah and that's where terraform comes in it's also from forced call it's also like factor true that integrates well different providers on different scales to say do we supporters you last fall for instance and other providers all of that shown good coverage but more you
you find the therefore the major are and urban was also you can get uh and as some kind of and the so we have system of image set up
and now we need to to have some constitution groups is a a specific this a firewall room or or database and we'll come out of database and this has to be you get a username and then the choosing of hospitals engine the some all the all the others this is so poorly documented so you can just read the you not familiar with the idea is to get an idea of what's happening in and again we can um we can just executed repeatedly in in this case there 2 steps 1 of sort really important right so 1st we plan what changes will be applied as infrastructure and naturally licenses have to answer to intervene before destroying the task the our yes and no questions continue would God the so as you might have noticed that no user interface or you or graphical you I was was harmed in the making of our artifacts but also to assess like
are independent units so is you can just like integrated enabled guidelines your eyes over you name it I mean think about just picking 1 tool and interchanging that part of your pipeline there for another 2 you could have at any point just like use confirmation for provisioning areas the that seen in different effects of C or the unemployed like run connect and that's where no matter cousin it's like
distributed highly-available descendant waistcoat you know there's a lot of words that trigger I might have served as a consultant but but in the end it's just like the it make strong use of them will run in a way that you want so remember the emission laws have we did not have reflect the the what effect we have like the infrastructure that the upper run on and just now we have the same like Jason style this configuration language and that will make sure that the step is deployed slated for like German-Austrian as if that region is deployed to them like those different that and we have all from the ends that both spin up like a number of front image of the building of a pipeline and say it will spin up 20 in front of that kind so I think of like to terraform assumed and have nothing of like this and transformation of an artifact into running service so that moment interconnects infrastructure with few actual services that here so for now we check that works so
we have like death production parity at least 4 dead those parts of the model into our code but we also have repeatable bills and how we have the really innovative infrastructure because for now we didn't touch anything like the menu manually and so maybe you've noticed and there's still nowhere and and you need not defined like services cover you because that would just like but terminates at the end of our talk so and we use that hard to D avid reader of the words if you remember like a few minutes ago and on the quiz so
for you've just like replace it in your mind to remember the and that's the result the real social but then this simply reported thus anyone know what's in the same and remember what a they I had to look it up this morning as well because the slides a few months old but the key is also just demand and that went on The O'Reilly Radar about 11 years ago right so in 2005 so this remember what you told you earlier little objects at conferences maybe if you're better than you are because this could have been darker this could have been any offense tool that if you encountered in your past like 10 years of software development and we're talking
about a tool that has gone progestins 8 years so nobody remembers that so just take everything you see with a grain of salt and also remember of our
little mitigating earlier of but it's you decide for a tool that any the proper tool will definitely come after you've you've done that this so don't even bother the of the
end and cancer also just don't like by anything from the 1 tools as people so even if like say Dukkha comes with batteries included but interchangeable so if you put in your own batteries you might that doesn't so does like to evaluate what's really good for you and what works for you and if it works it's probably a good solution for you but most of for open like pluggable solutions of the end of the most important part I forgot what you should the cover the shot at free have reshaped positive sector that really work and so in our to we had a small lake but yes saying that that's like good people to like with like butter so we have seen of
approval and I guess domesticus but we don't have circuit of us yet but in the end it comes to appreciating that the tools and you work with really work so those are solutions that work for us and they might not work for you but in the end just I'd appreciate that the small tools that you already have like a value itself
and so yeah and that they think you
have to know few minutes square that for questions on discussion but given my that was
and then you can read the crest they're on the past in the world as the question is how do we deal with box and it will so I mean the tools we introduce our open source software so In the end it comes to like reporting it or like and 9 out of 10 cases just like finding like the actual issue already opened up so so in the end and it's just not keeping up with the major updates on and not having a close look at Aboutrika it's probably all I can in the which is a and again finding work-arounds so whenever there's a there's a Barker and you need this feature you want to have the 2 rounds and have a look around so I follow my my myself but if across the 4 different boxes be fixate on it you have just work around it's it's like any other so far and so and then there's no no suitable literature juice box and I don't think it's it's a good option to just abandon the true because as a back inside you just those a to actively development and active development uh other at once in the main news and triggers and stuff like that and then if not yet sing about changing the true but it's there are issues addressed and if underage were granted to the next release is it 4 questions the the authority of the thing they think it looks like