The Youth Hostel

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The Youth Hostel
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I will discuss how it took me nearly 25 years to produce a 40-page book: the writing, typesetting and binding of my mock–mock-epic poem The Youth Hostel, and how this led to my hacking on LaTeX font support, taking over the maintainership of psutils, becoming a Debian Maintainer, and working for Google. On the way, I found that the opposites of Larry Wall's cardinal virtues of the programmer can also be virtuous.
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0 well 1 to the last session of the day uh um the next up room endomysial we're talking about the the challenges in captioning priority getting in Europe the writings to come out beautiful fell on paper the focus the thank you very much for all try not to keep you too long from your do not they are just a few words about myself to try to explain what might be otherwise a rather perplexing talk the final few Fred introductory slide I might have thought uh 1 might describe as something of a portfolio career my main employer currently the Roman Catholic Church saying uh in the Choir of Westminster Cathedral in London and terms the before that I spent the previous 30 years working for a spin off which was nationalized by the English government about 500 years ago and the church of England hum by the studied computer science at Cambridge University the but just before that and I was fortunate enough that high school to have the compulsory historical and literary studies and even I mostly specialized in scientific subjects and done you'll see in a moment how that comes into the subject all the the work I'm about to describe so say just to give you a quick outline of the talk I've already given you some personal context and then going to talk about a short well not quite so short period that I wrote many years ago the and the bulk of the talk the is about 7 technical matters that arose as a result of tried typeset this poem in a particular way by which let me 1st into later and then into various parts of the the Free Software universe and and then I'll end up by getting uh a little bit philosophical and talking about how this relates to Larry Wall's cardinal virtues of the program and also a word of about proprietary software but say the central subject of this talk is a poem I wrote so it's not a very long time it's about 272 lines long which is a lot shorter than I don't know the Odyssey and say and cervical 40 pages which so far but I think I'm nearly finished has taken me almost 24 years to write for and it's a satirical mock epic i which is almost entirely true but footnoted prefaced and with the publishers forward but I made up Jesus so slightly unusual right way around and and of course the 1st question uh that 1 might reasonably ask after seeing that summaries modelis does this have to do with free software even as all this fascinating subject for a talk well of course like all and the the computer scientists uh by education I decided I would type set this work with later and it's some modest moderately complicated uh bitter typesetting We 26 different packages and and in particular some challenges in the actual the nitty-gritty of the setting the to the fine details with some unsupported cliffs that later doesn't normally have to deal with to drool because in some cases they didn't even exist in fonts to typesetters and of course to print and this is all because I was placing my book design as indeed stunned the poetry which makes it out on on a on an 18th century model which will come to in a moment and that left me with quite a lot of hacking to do the 1st is that came about this is
me about 24 years again the the as you can see already thinking deeply about how well thank you to typeset this that I haven't yet started to write and and that was the year that I started my university education and at
Cambridge university and I spent a lot of my time in this place which is the chapel of San John's College where uh we would sing uh evensong which is an english invention it's a sort of mashup off the Catholic officers of the hours of vespers in the late afternoon and
complex but in the late evening and it it's sort of and meets halfway the sort of about just before suppertime conveniently so that some In the old days when all the men in college because of course until 1982 you there were only men in the college on which occasion he was the year I went there to sing as a boy in 10 years before I started as an undergraduate the new in those days and all the men would have to a gate to even every day it's mandatory so there's enough them it's sitting there for about 150 scholars and and then they would get a full and have said well by the time I was there quite often outnumbered the worshippers the and we looked something like that
can instantly this picture was taken while I was in the choir the time the any member the quandle today I must have been away that day the but the actual
patent withstand inspired by quite a different vacation we used to talk frequently to the Netherlands and it was in the winter of 1992 that we may want to connect all the 1st of my time as an undergraduate which made a lasting impression on me
how might it was in particular we state any useful so as far as I can render looked something like this all I have to say in the interests of strict truth but this particularly youth hostel is not in the Netherlands like this is just a picture that seemed about right the the that was 1
part of the inspiration and then the other part historical this is the title page of a work by Alex on the part the 18th century English poet called the
Dunciad I said this is a mock epic it is a sort of sat on them based on the Gilead Homer's Iliad the and it was pretty much an attack by Pope on all the rifles other poets and journalists critics of his day him he detested and then the rate with a great many nodes but which he claimed to be by someone called Scribbler us but were in fact all written by him so this is where we begin to see where I got 1 idea for my work and as you can see this is a if I if a maybe with a little bit of assistance from zoom function here yes that's so maybe that's that's that's not that's not assist that's the opposite of system such
that can so 17 29 maybe there exists a 1729 edition which makes the wonders of modern technology 1 can find
but on in the Internet Archive no yes dear so this is this really
where all us began the long that say this will be familiar the German speakers of course in a somewhat restricted form but historically this is really you might almost say greek thing released it comes to us in the same form in modern Greek so here we have a terminal sigma terminal lowercase sigma but which has more than a passing resemblance to the modern and here we haven't a nonterminal which can be an initial medial cygnus that sickness anywhere but the middle of the work anywhere but the end the word at which doesn't bear any
resemblance to along this but has exactly the same function save them until the late 18th century English was typeset set with 2 different is and so here's a couple of examples where you can see that in the capital all at the end
of a word it looks pretty familiar and all the rest the time he looks rather like a bear and again if I can take the this time slightly more
than but yes will yeah that he looked at very carefully you'll see that it's not quite enough because the bar any sticks out on the left the now I didn't want to have
to tie these sperm old manually indeed of the time I started typesetting it the book I didn't even really have that option because some although you now have a unique code point some forms which even have the M P long as in the right position I didn't so I started types you look in 1998 I finish writing 1997 so that to unify years and then the real fun began and I'm at that point there was a package Caslon which have been written a couple of years earlier which you see a day because from forms and which comes if you get all the experts sets we long answers and and it had uh sufficient rules for when to use which essen used various bits of arcane tech magic so you could type in an ordinary text and it will work out with you switch S that was nice the but then unfortunately as I said typesetting took me quite a long time and by late 2012 when I kind when I wanna when it was time to do what I thought of the time was a final printing and the package the Council on the their longer existed existed and I also discovered that I needed some extra bliss so panel authors about final because this is 20 16 now and I I already admitted that I still have finished this but well I had to have
made 3 attempts entitled to finish this book and he was my 1st my 1st attempt was to have a data and I hear some of the people who came to the to and a lot of you feature in some sense in the book because they're all not original tall back in use of this dinner was held in 2013 in the woods clustering appropriately enough the room In John's College named after William Wordsworth who was a course English poet uh who rate rather more than
I did have rather better quality in a much shorter time I might say and so that was that was great fun but unfortunately it didn't actually get make me finish the book I was able supply everyone with proof some I don't many useful corrections but I did not come up with a finished product and there is the dean of college
reading a bit about him while I'm In the studying the proof in the background for the
so I had this defunct font package which are all the needed to typeset my book this is 2012 Articles by then we had looked at which has pretty good support for OpenType fonts including all sorts of extra features like ultimate uh place and historical ligatures and ligatures of other sorts so why didn't I just use that well I had to go to but I couldn't get it to work and done I got all probably get back to that 1 day because I probably ought to be up to date with my phone technology so I went back to my script the fonts and done the ancient fondants package for later and PDF technique and then I have around with and the various tools for 1 has for turning the the script forms into textual form metric files and Tech virtual font files and was able in the end to reverse engineer and the original package for which I will say was able to getting calling in contact with its authority even he'd lost the souls and so he was very helpful and sympathetic the time but unfortunately but I had to do that and and and so on and of course I'm I had to have have a play with some with with text font encodings effect this enough material here a form another talk of which really should have been given about 12 years ago because really 1 shouldn't be doing this sort of thing anymore as I say we should be using OpenType on but I couldn't get it to work in this case but I II III that 20 16 is not the time to give a talk about some text from packages and an and font encoding insight on many gained
into that so so I I mentioned a moment ago that I needed some extra glyphs so let's just see
what was actually going on that actually to be hard to do on the beaver because of the resolution the 1 day just before dinner I mentioned I the my proofs on my screen at a very high resolution and I noticed something which I'm going to make you will make this by the powerful it is because I think it's actually detectable on this low resolution display but if you look very carefully then you will see that in the essays by sorry yes yes x i literature in the word succession the filter so the ligature is the 1 that I drew while I say true by religious took apart the ritual characters and put them back together into a new of ligature yeah and then the lower 1 has a slightly more boulders in to the 2nd s and the reason for that is that the fonts uh the typo graph is that a
baby are 8 I it would it would be unfair to say they were being lazy because what they did was actually very clever they set up the metrics of the form so that if you had an the a double as ligature this is actually a double as literature and then you put it next to it all I the doctor the would overlap at the end of the yes and look pretty good unless obsessive Englishman happened to take a magnifying glass to at about 800 % in his PDF viewer say obviously I'm since I was since I wanted to and make visit a physical book which would have to that would be it I'm not gonna go through a process on once on that I had to improve on that say and we the so obviously I busted out from torture which at the
time was the only uh
really sort of comprehensive free software performed editor that's that's milonga case actually but it's still pretty good so this is my 1st side project the the generates 2013 I I 1st and a little bit of work on all all form for dried might be using it to try to understand why I was having trouble with a type I am particularly the historical features but and I on I just happen to look at some of its source code and found a comment that was a bit misleading so I clarified the comment so that was my 1st mistake and it turns out I'm in July I the reconstructed in history from looking at some the gate amid fault forge in July 2013 I I I I went I went a bit further I should touched the at the code for the 1st time I did a little bit a tidying of and then the next year by which time I'd already used from forged to draw my 2 extra glyphs a long long double assign a long double itself beautiful but then them that 1 day in 2014 I I've from Fort my founded the entire interface was using and the new uniform which is a wonderful and from the last resort which has a clear for every single unit carried K . 2 may updated every time there's a new version of you to get it but you really don't want it in your user interface and the reason and that this had happened was because of mistake bits of configuration of involved voters results it so I I fixed pattern and after that it was all downhill I found myself doing all sorts of General page cleanup and simplification of all boards that had nothing to do with anything I was actually using it for the a couple of months later what Dave Crossland here is a great an energetic and workers and activist free fonts but invited me to work on which later which is something completely different different window I should just
quickly this is this is when you've advertising break I should just say that if you if your if your tool interested In amazing things you can do with fonts these days you should definitely have a look at most half later this is the template adopt home and it's still somewhat of a pretty sight but the basic idea is that you can have 2 fonts here we have a rate a slap light and rotates light balls which you probably can't quite see considered tiny letters that what you should be up to the before if I move the slider it changes the font and such she generating that's almost fly and 19 general and the later is a set of technologies for making font families that are essentially parametric rather like you may think since I've been talking about speculates throughout this talk uh the original computer modern fonts the updated in such a way that they're easier to use for the title refers to today a probably letters used like bold moves to actually programming manifolds in a sort of dialect of the least all all all Metafont or whatever and said would rather
have something of bit more graphical there there's no there's metabolism the at which I should also say
is is is uh involves a we was conceived originally by Simon the user interface by it seeking has mostly been programmed by the indefatigable last sister say back to late 2012 and the more urgent problem I had just before this time didn't which was supposed to be my way finishing the book was that I could actually print out the book which is for a document that is supposed to be printed and bound and available for people to handle was a bit of a disaster and not turned out to be but because of a bug In the PDF um printing stack at the time I at least in in the current whatever current was was the current version of the ability that would probably be imprecise at the times and since it's late 2012 and that was not something I had the ability to fix that in in a couple of days saved our Iives fight the use of clever work around which was instead to print from PostScript the and turn yes tells is is a uh an excellent suite of programs you for manipulating PostScript and so I thought I would use them to uh we get my pasted pages and arrange them in a book that like a preprint neatly as a booklet that people could have at the dinner unfortunately it turned out was but that point P as tells had a bug when printing them cannot so you want to print I in my case something like a 5
pages on of a 42 which are then folded To make a booklet and that's the value of this way so I fixed the bug the banana I had another bad moment because I it is to the package was no longer maintained upstream so I got to work
I added all the patches that they're being put it over the years of my re raise a lot of the documentation I re the build system I I used to live paper everywhere so that you could use human readable paper sizes like a foreign 5 rather than having to give dimensions in . 4 millimeters or something like that and and I will save managed to them simplify decayed some water I mean you know the the the upshot Indian was I became the maintainer of PS it'll so accidently while writing a book and that's a 6 months of employment working on Saturdays and I submit acquired made ownership of the free software package hopes and and also there was 1 1 more loss about which was a after all this duplex printing of PostScript didn't work so I had to manually duplex having spent I a great deal of money and printer with the duplex units size mentioned it for the which is what it was at the time at a dead in specific library for describing page size is very simple just have a list of paper sizes and their dimensions in various units in might be mm 0 . 4 inches depending on the natural unit for the paper size so you probably describe a 40 mm and US letter-size regions for example that was led by the we and the example that he was on maintained for several years by the time I got my hands on it as you can see where this is going and say it was an optional dependency of tell sometime tells was a portable package live paper with any intended for deviance um but I thought would be nice if it didn't have to be optional so again I applied or would've been patches yes they would have been patches even though was a there native package by adding more paper sizes there of course nice list you could find in places like Wikipedia some ideas that she surprising this all of that you might think that there be pretty much infinite number of paper sizes and then they probably use in reality but I could only find about decreases your 40 by uh the searching for various places on the internet and by no update the build system removed k at all see support because a program was written long enough ago that it's still supporting pre and C compilers rewrite the documentation simplify configuration as you can see list goes on and on hope 1 nice thing was actually this on on modern a new Linux systems the turns out that you can get the default
paper size for a particular locale I both from a from a non-standard uh um a local setting L C underscore paper and although unfortunates mainly integral numbers which is unfortunate because because but not all paper sizes our we are a expressible is an integral number mm in particular US letter-size I but that's another story but anyways it's it's it's it's nice because impact because now you don't touch you need to configure a default paper size there is assuming your using your newly calls default which is going to be the case for 99 . 9 % of users you can just read that promises to all my rewrite simple the on this is a C library what's going on here the well the there were a few things I want to achieve here the simplification I managed to get the the the this package which was a pretty
trivial job right taking a list all of our paper make paper size names and dimensions and you can match the dimensions to a size all find those dimensions from a size that's all you really want to do have user settings and and the system default and that was nearly 50 well getting all the 50 hundred lines of code in C and I reduced at about 150 and people but obviously I got rid of lots of bugs and because everyone knows that if you delete carried you remove books as well and done made accessible for other languages because the previous because it paper really walls just a C library and has said he wants to access from many other language you have to write you have to use a binding Mr. Justice to to to to to the library uh and now of course uh do you have the opposite problem that you have a small executive all which is very easy to use for most languages because running it with some command-line arguments and you get back the results and that sort of thing that's quite safe to do in the are all all say how I solve that problem in movement at the same time keep people civil because I think I think I think again it's a very reasonable assumption that if you are running on a particular computer system a program that needs also the user about paper sizes you've probably got L. installed hold later I decided to write px and poultry but I'm not going to that story today so don't worry I'm so on and finally on these nested died so I've gone from uh uncle gone from wanting to print a book to I maintain EPS details to uh in pretty much maintaining the paper and rewrite it and now I'd like to share this work with other people inflicted on the rest of the world so I thought that this if I want to get paid printed and also help update PST tools and deviance no I better to become a Debian maintainer but and because it wasn't something anyone else is going to be interested in with the basically maintained packages hello and the efforts of non-specialist in the room I should say about Debian maintainers not say things that we develop a safe of is not small
somebody with a of rate on on on on the uh important matters and and and sort of high-level access is basically a sort of supervised access to definitely so this point I should just make it abolishment to working seconding my did it made an application under the tutelage of 4 finding my gpgpu twice because of confusion over how long it had to be and I did not seem to attract but sometimes and that 1 was just about what where 2 different places in the dead in with different informational how long a maintain a key had to be this work is still ongoing so if you are interested in very old and paper-based things from come on hoping to get into debt in unstable in the next a few months on so that the
uh that was that that not so takes up to the end of 2014 all save them a relay trustful have finished the book so I thought I Shabanov again and that was the the next day was this talk because I thought well if I had to get told which would be nice to actually show a book then on the finish the book right what you almost works a more on that later but I'm sorry this but if you read my summary waiting to see an actual book some I don't have 1 today but I did and usually 1 1 uh looks into that but the morals of project when your sure is absolutely a fair hello going some evidence that I I think I have the got sufficiently stand that I can do that now but and and that as I was thinking about colonies it occurred to me same but this has something to do with the cardinal virtues of the program as laid out famously by Larry Wall in his book and the appropriate time to programming told yes programming public homolog anyway say that this lady with surveys to uh slightly rusty in their memory of programming Perl and the 3 cardinal virtues the program of listeners in patients and hubris than would how all those pertain to this project 1 by 1 State and I'm a great believer in dating back to the sources are checking that you I have remembered correctly what you mean by a term that's important so I that she found the quite from the 2nd edition of programming 12 laziness is defined by Larry Wall and his co-authors as the quality that makes you go to great effort to reduce the overall energy expenditure it makes you right labor-saving programs that other people find useful and document what you wrote so you don't have to answer many questions about it hence the 1st virtue of a program as well as far as what I try to do with the various projects are described I would say I have tried to be lazy I can say also that it didn't feel like that at the time I'm not sure quite high you deploy this virtue to poetry arguably from poetic point of view I've done a ridiculous amount of work of them matching writing words but I think anyone in the audience who is familiar with procrastinating I will recognize the temptation to getting involved in inside projects say 2nd virtue in patients taken protein from Perl Programming Perl the anger when you say you feel when the computer is being lazy which is a nice 7 it is recursion this makes you write programs that they just react needs but actually anticipate them to same I would argue that again but a large part of the work I did on the the typesetting the belonging with precisely with this in mind there are all sorts of rules as a bit of a wonderful blog post I used I which you will find if you search for rules for long s where someone actually went and looked at a great number of old books and deduced because maybe as far as we can tell a really write it down deduced the rules for when you use the longest when you the short S because although what I said at the beginning is basically true that use the long s everywhere except to the end of a word the short at the end of word the it turns out the quantity exceptions but whether to do with particular letters such as using the shortest before a B or at a and they're also rules about what you have to do with hyphenation all that sort of thing so it's really not the sort of thing you want to manually choosing between the 2 versions the less you really want the computer literate and hence you want the computer not be lazy and do all the work for you so on the other hand I did wait an awfully long time uh for the support to be written in the 1st place come and then I waited up so long as he became obsolete against and you could argue that's a bit too much patience to find hubris say programming code and it says if you press the quality that makes you write and maintain programs with other people would want to say bad things about but while it's interesting to read that the I actually thought that it meant something a bit different which proof over the years them you can easily forget the original sense of the text that you read them because I think they're often and people use but refer to hubris uh as a shorthand for it's sometimes a good idea to do something new that's not really what I what Larry Bull saying here at school and so apologies for contradicting the published talk abstract in the sense that some actually having having read that again I have to say that think I've gone against the tools I although you and possibly other people will want to say bad things about with maybe else uses the programs in the course about x say bad things about it said possibly not and writing programs the so obscure that maybe also say bad things about them I would necessary advise them I my eyes as it also the beginning I would say a word about some proprietary carried now that the any proprietary code of action mentioned in this talk is the day the Council and and so and I would just say that that is that I I think I the rebels count is carried 1 a poverty of a practical point of view of course the software problems as opposed to old-fashioned pieces of metal do actually come under copyright law the role of and not just designed by law and so on although you Adobe Caslon was issued in 1990 and I think 1992 was updated I'm it still would be out of copyright until Disney Corporation finally fails to persuade the US Congress to extend the copyright on Mickey Mouse is and Satan was it's daily it's copyright will be for a very long time but despite that pain in the neck
the sometimes uh a proprietary codices Alireza areas and you have to kind of try and work with it but the biggest the the most obvious example in this case being all I need to make some changes to the form phi needed some extra click and of course I called distributed as extra breath so what I do In the Adobe Caslon LaTeX package which I contributed my longest support to if I simply give on how you might use a font editor to recreate the cliffs if you want and if you don't put in that effort then you can still have all the extra long a support without by 2 extra ligatures and that's fine say degrades nicely but course 1 nice thing holistic your thinking long-term please see in any particular case that you can beat proprietary code in a sense by ship patients because eventually the copyright will run out and all they often of course 1 dies before that point which is sad but identical so realistically I would love to have a free alternative to day because all I only used it because I couldn't find uh free typeface there had an 18th century style was actually drawn I found several as it just been point as the stand for books so that if you wanted to make a book but looked as that was made in the 18th century rather than just in the 18th century style they would be fine and and of course with full support for the long essay say with all link with all the extra ligatures and so you i is anyone the use of such a thing I'd love to hear about it so you um by the end of any of take and at the end of at the end of almost the least we 18th century have a moral so I've I've got several from my last 24 years of experience with this project them the 1st thing I just said proprietary carries pain and the falsum more engineering but not which is why the they can they come under the heading of code I'm waiting often helps save my I've given some examples where it held like this an example where it helped didn't actually help because it too much weighting can be a bad thing but and it was amazing how many of my little typesetting problems were solved by packages that were written long long after I started the project I I think this value and allowing your passions let's say to mutate say and this is of course 1 way to Cape if you're waiting it's a is another way to cope with your procrastinating and but the fact that I enjoyed by writing poetry making a book and also hacking on various bits of free software that I think made the overall experience Baltimore I interesting and even as I said earlier it with my it with my work on metabolite reason resulted in some employment which is a bit of an not think for something to come out of trying to imitate an 18th century poet that so that was that was that those sorts sort of for fun and for profit and then all all the programming sigh old carried by I said here old code repaid new efforts come on I think but also most carried repays effort he if you if you if you put effort into improving and maintaining extending carried you you you you should expect to get something out of that and I'll just enjoy enjoyed doing it the but I think old code has some particular advantages because as I say the abandoned projects on especially those started years ago are often simple and small and then not false moving targets so stepping up to help them can be very easy because this this this this may be 1 maintain a left alone they maintain as a toll so you don't have to engage with lots of process and and you can just stop by fixing a few small things I think you sold a pattern in the various projects I was involved in it makes the started with a small fixed and then turned into something larger I although I as I think of also illustrated it can end with you the taking on perhaps rather more responsibility you might intended that might be a good thing to and but I said that this but but but I think this this this pointless with uh a complicated like that if you look at if you look any system especially 1 based on free software you'll find that most of the efforts is that the bleeding edge I think the and with a few exceptions such as say the Linux kernel itself is not so much effort right in the call has lots of lots of lots of code that is doesn't not perhaps need a great deal of effort is quite happy but on the other hand am an awful lot of long-standing books that annoying people this is kind of fossilized this have familiar work-arounds but 1 of the 6 1 or 2 that make the world a slightly less the slightly more uh reduce the friction of the free software world and finally of course I am not forgetting uh that there are other things that the code which is sort where I started the for say you that my final attempt to finish the book from I came up with the just before they're just in the last few weeks just just as I was starting to write this talk and and in the end the most effective way to finish it proved to be not to finish it same as I said the other big that Glaser beginning the domain name but offer typesetting project was to have a physical book that's actually a sewn into signatures which small numbers of pages folded together and you then say together into a larger book combined and in leather perhaps or cloth and done I realized that a course in the 18th century where every page had to be laboriously say that with metal type but by hand you probably have to print all the books in a print run from the same set of pages but in the 21st century where undermined printing that's the 1 that I'm sort of keeping 21st century technology but with a laser printer it doesn't really matter and so now I just decided well if I didn't have any dreadful
errors I could just carry on tweaking the text every time I print out a new copy the rather than trying to copy away I can keep making to slightly different books so that if you remember that photograph all the people around who were at that dinner 3 years ago each of whom paid in their ticket price for a copy of the book that will now be getting slightly different versions of the book which I hate will amuse them so I have as all of our sulfur uh and uh the eh Friday when I when I uh well that's that's histories and electrical shot up in traveling quite alot lot is as of yesterday and my has 5 copies sitting uh 0 my desk I'm ready to get to the point of I hate to you and accelerate some often get up to more like 25 is how many of you have found next week and and so I should have in in in that set about 6 or 7 different editions all in the 1st print run which is a nice 21st century thing to be of the so it is so I give you a flavor of what
I've actually produced I'm engaged you tune to forms so I think I just about enough time I haven't seen 1 of these calls yes and I'm just now see what I have 15 minutes left which is definitely long enough for this and 1 or 2 questions on going to show you what it looks like and and and and and to read to you what you can see as well and just the poetry not was not footnotes and if you cannot if you can see these numbers but were aligned to 140
which is quite close to the end I I did describe the poem as a mock mock epic because uh way if if we go back to the original course electric we might expect to be several books log certainly several thousand lines on a very serious subject like walls between the gods or heroes all that sort of thing it involve lots of ships and horses and and thoughts and that sort of thing on to a mock epic likely mock epic of popes that I showed you the density at is this is still a quite a long denied that the but onset comes in 3 books and these are still well over a thousand lines long and is not actually about God's but it's the itself about pretend got slight the goddess Dulness for example and the DOM status ends with a wonderful scene in which you would quite easily recreate this in in this room if only you have the user is our LightSwitch that is this is this is this selects with size of workers and it's so here we are the last 2 lines vi hands great banner lets the curtains
full and the universal darkness Barry all come can that's not theirs say that it has a certain it has a certain something it's it's it's it's very much following the the the rest of the scale of epic poetry even if I'm by introducing characters such as the goddess Dulness is not being entirely serious said the mortgage well in these hostels the action takes place over a single nite the quot arrives at the youth hostel they stay the nite there and in the morning ladies against I'm not a great deal actually happens and and save and mock mock epic it's smaller it's less serious and here's the scene where the choir having spent the nite in the fossil and having waited with some trepidation for their uh for their catch to arrive to take them on to the next you finally they're sitting there is you have to imagine that uh somewhat sort of drab day in December in the Netherlands and not not look good drab days in December or the exclusive preserve or even a defining feature of benevolence just that this it happens that this just happened to be 1 of those days of an and and sitting there with with with with suitcases and sort of thing in his youth hostel in which incidentally we were the only people stay they they've been specially for us in the middle of December it's not really the time of year the fossils and and here's what happens but stay so far off is heard a tiny hum allowed to the fly when if the strong with brittle wings the is more sound of purpose thus the complete or very tones indeed it's wealth it grows the choir begins to heat FIL suddenly a small boy explain his wrecks these wrecks if you if you the stadium high should insert here that Rex was the coach driver such a rapid and location do we see as if the quot singers minded was the sleep and role of coach the desperate quiet boarded instead a chariot of fire now like a charioteer directs yells hold tight and with a raw data viewing out of sight woman boy most solemnly this law from that day for youth hostels to as nature stuff of actually and to find lodging more commodious kind for 1st in Holland Serbia's lost leafy Bowers then needs step Putten's bottle banks and flowers they carried in the future who can say In what Arcadian palaces they'll stay in what palatial arcades they may find 90 tyranny from floorings stay grind
to but now holidays told all your respond In short it is time to call an end to farm so we must find a moral the but we may as much in spirit as in heart began normally a good humor from all us rise but only learning the costs tools may Friday the and not the 1st you full but like the dog strive air to seek those things which are above where Christ sits there may all we up would tend to and at the last to him in heaven and rather appropriately for back some water
heavenly pointing ending there's lots lies right he in on an airplane I match the cabin crew surprise 1 ring the bell when they came instead of asking for a cup of water of something that I also what's sending this plane defining the conventional when you in this position a finishing a work on board a boat or a plane rather than signing it with the places you sign it with the name of the vessel so there she's Virgin Atlantic rainbows lady September the 16th 1997 I just want to say some extra Acknowledgements as well as they I
thanked already during the talk for the various bits of people that help various bits of people struggle for sorry uh I'll I'll dies was a big thank you to the 1st 11 for having me and in particular for the immense hospitality but that making this uh that that that that is that the data that you the that's the organizers sharing and at making them coming here are extremely easy as well as very pleasant and there 2 . Peter the suggesting that might apply to tell this detail in this talk in the 1st place which I told him and in a popping in Cambridge last november and he stopped me and I thought it was just because he was they maybe was because he was terribly board but I thought it was just that is only you should you should the 1st column talk about that say and if you have any if I hadn't told pique your interest in seeing how this turns out to then do the following what is in the C. 3 D I always tweet with a tag youth hostel whenever I have anything to say about that so you don't have to read everything else I said and then apply hope all actually have a Finnish-Russian very similar although I as I said and the focus is very much on making a real physical book in the 1st instance on model civil quite a lot of effort into the PDF version I will continue to improve on that and as uh the paper version is finished and it will become a more purely electronic work and there is actually a murder mystery hidden in the footnotes which I haven't alluded to because there wasn't any time that time that's that's I say if anyone has any
questions it by the delighted to take them
in the 5 minutes remaining the but the 1 question I'm hearing is can we go now you just here this please have a wonderful time was ah and sorry sorry the the I um with with the text the available to the public at some point yes and say there's as a sort the question I II doubles and which 1 was amplified the question was will text available to the public and that is 1 reason I 1 additional reasons to uh to to to follow the project is that is that a i it will be in fact all the final version of the slides which I'll make available through the conference site as well as for ease of finding that will have a link to some version of the text um might yes yes absolutely yeah I that that the and indeed that's largely the point electronic version is to have a version like to share with everyone 2 and didn't come to a discrete is again has got at the White House physical covered and and indeed on the murder mystery I alluded to but it is not is any hinted at in this book and that's that's the topic of my next work which come by extrapolation will be available in about 50 years the if is actually you've been a wonderful audience thank you very much for your