Creating printable maps

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Creating printable maps
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There are a lot of online services that produce nice maps from OpenStreetMap data, but only very few that generate output suitable for printing. This talk is going to present MapOSMatic, a service that produces large scale single and multi page high resolution maps.
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the I signed the the so I have here a lot of them all in 1 of the man was a lot of all the war in the war is the and there we were in the war was over the years so long knew all the way so that you can use it for you and I use the who you it on all of the have and more worried about the laws of the wars that the as already showed on the previous slide had been working with OpenStreetMap for quite a while already the and the In all my previous flights I had printed maps of the time was in In my flat so now I wanted to have my own printable didn't map on the map printed map on the wall to the and forgot opportunity to but it all up large printer the being a 1 in Germany 24 inches wide full paper for we the international formats the for pretty good price was all the a model that got out of production so we could get a cheap and so like the finally I could
have my own printed map on my wall this sorry for the benefit quality but you get the idea the the
so what can you do if you want to print OpenStreetMap data symbols plan is
just take a screenshot in that does not really look good on paper at least not a large printers and as you have a very large screen to take a screenshot from so we need a better way to do this
and that is even on the heatmaps but itself is a better way and if
you click all on the chair can in that I can buy you can use the image download and then you can select or a rectangular area and have that exporters PDF or as as we treat so that already gives you better results but the problem with this is still the going 1st advantages the it
supports PGA and as Fiji and PDF so it is printable of but in scalable formats and you can now select the area want you want to print you do not have to rely on what you screen currently shows but the only get the the photos and rendering style even additional thoughts you have on those and or page like the humanitarian style although that's what to style of a lot of what to for printing the for for downloading it's pretty hard to get this rectangular box to the right as because the issue of the paper you want to print off so you always have white borders some solid the the and it's even harder to find the right scale factor for the paper you print the so I the user pixels get too big or too small the letters get too small or too big and some of this you can work around by then taking the of downloaded formal at and so on you some program to edited further like cutting off adjustment and if it's on a paper but it's not really very satisfactory so I was looking for an even better way and 1 of the things that it was a checked all several website that offer to you to create PDFs from OpenStreetMap data you selected on the screen and the best 1 I was I found
was map asthmatic that is a project that offers you several nice things so it's based on MAP makes
so use the same renderer is what was the observed the the the and you can select rectangular area all you can select a city name and is a city name is known the it will automatically if the select an area that fits the whole city the we show that in action in a minute and you have several predefined pay performance so if you select a certain paper former to get a good resolution and a good some factor that fits this paper as that is to the to the the and she can have more than 1 stylesheet installed so you know do not get all stars necessarily that obstacle before has but you get more than just the standard stuff the and if you want you can have it also that generate the street index on the side on the bottom of a map so it finds all the speed in the area is printed and creates an index also looks for some special points of interest like schools and churches puts these on the map to looks like this them here on the bottom the so
this was also already a pretty good solution but it still
had some issues chapter 8 the you can do single-page documents and page atlas like booklets the the and again PDF messages with scalar but now for the disadvantages it is not really maintained anymore it has not seen much love in the last 3 years but which is not an issue by itself but also the use and start using upside and for printing is also 3 years old but and spent a lot of changes in the style of fluid the in Germany trunk roads all not green anymore now the there there's still lot the and worst of all the website has been offline for long periods of time during the last year the a sometimes so several weeks in a row so you can't really rely on this if you want to use the service the and so as this is an open source project and the isn't it up you can install you along the instance but as it is so all by here pretty old installation are pretty old all Linux distribution to install it on if you go by the instructions and then you have to compile a lot of stuff yourself that is actually now the the the available in that they be amended to 1 tool in sufficiently new versions so that should probably whenever necessary and so I've set up my own instance not try to get everything running all on but the occurrence of and most all flow dependencies is it has cannot be solved by simply using the standard belong to Debian packages it's only 1 component burn needs to compile myself because there's the buck fix in there for the that is only fixed in a new version that does was the things in so aren't also by running on installation I could use the current until OpenStreetMap style the the yeah run with all up-to-date tools aren't are also added a feature to be actually select to start sheets so you know basic search at the customer name you can put an overlay about this so if you want to use the standard start just want at some small details you don't have to copy the original style and modify it he just put a 2nd layer on top I give that a transparent background average can be done with it and a fixed so a a lot of small and things on the way that I noticed the the so this is the list of star chiefs are currently have installed like this is standard dose
style to so we are here the the and this also star that comes with his blog map asthmatic and but and there some of the that sites that all openly available and sold the edge must bear as much of them are as I was able to to
so this is my final 1 building topo map that is looks like all official topographic maps in Germany the installation is not complete now because it is missing a control law for i'd information but also already looks pretty good who and
the currently provides to overlay style sheets 1 is also on monophonic and get up there at the the but more detailed rendering for golf courses I'm especially interested in golf but it was the only public moment refined and I created
1 myself the that I use for the printing fire hydrants on top of the map this is this readable this also so there's not much so this is what the complete society it looks like but the only in that point talking points are this is this scientific but says what should be put on the map that only has 1 by symbolizes the and these that response it should just put our the fire and got to png file on the maps was just an image file but should be placed to the the 2nd part is a later and in this way the say use the style we defined above the and the data comes from this database clearly so far from the table all of the points of interest I just want to have all nodes called points that have emergency equals fire hydrant as tag was the old of you of the years so the question because this is the old law make XML format also treats there is a new 1 called as both due to use compass users topic you 1st have to convert to get the codices as into XML and only then they can read it and so here I because this is so such a small started that only has 1 feature I just used a like cement right away the the who the so this is the final
result then we have the basement layer and they have a lot of fire hydrant Americans on top of it the found to the the what now that this quickly switch things now
the the there was no the yeah
the the it doesn't like me can the the the if you're the
the the OK so this is what the web interface looks
like you can either the call the so type a date the so other things in the home using yes so the this is a village I was born in so much so that when this quickly and and yes I don't know whether look up take someone right now I the but it works the this in the they the the so the 1st and select either the city name or if
you switch back here once more the and so on so 0 the the the
but not to own 11 offense so to elect to select area here you need to press control and move the most the kind of doesn't what was 1 hand on the touch that to so this
continue by it this is something that the should be fixed it should remember the the that at at at at all of yeah I tried Saint Augustine it doesn't seem to like blanks city names so the another but report did you that act all right the road's Saint Augustine this this is how it is rendered on OpenStreetMap
up for the the area so what so next to it is the can choose between a full turn the page lay alter the see if it can
get this a bit too large yes so this the full-text lay Alt afoot food page layout we a street and the index on the bottom or on the right hand side
all without speed in index and there's a multi page layout options to the principal at last it aren't the Mexican select which side she to use and to which overlay if you want 1 gun now it calculate stall optimal paper sizes and should I hope it does this yeah yes so the smallest paper at
good fit on would be of being a 5 but you can also select the bigger formants up to a 0 which is a square meter it is all I could that and there's also some international formats to the and you can also say that such portray landscape mode Poland this thing where they had about some of the on what if I wanted to create a ban on the size of the screen display performance all just defined in a configuration file so you can add bigger ones if you want to it's just all arbitrary Pepe the free collection of for so this is the a lot where it top no no you can't edit it why web interface itself predefined of a lot of a show you how to to do your own instance of this and then you can change it an that not only you have on the the the the the that those things in my name but can you say that the so the question was when you have a road printer can you say I want of infinite length subjects them to print the mobile I haven't tried this yet the dialog as soon as this does not fit on any of the pre-defined paper sizes anymore it just says you this there's so many centimeters by so many centimeters take this aura of changes size would be on the has this weird the 3 world we all the that I read these but no is not a sort question was is it possible to haven't stitch so you have several print that they just print out and then you you'd use them together to form a bigger 1 this is not possible so the here but it is possible you for example use like would really it at least offers that I don't know if it really works of well but it offers to print of argumental several smaller pages 1 for the rest of his or her own decisions that many you and is the the the about yeah there's yeah the open-source software for this to you think of the name the door I'm using have to confess amusing act would read it anyway because of the sum of the map styles the other PDF viewers the open source ones Our seemed to have some glitches with some areas that are supposed to be filled by pattern come out black some using a delivery reader anyway for the law of large prints and then it's a feature it's an already in there so now when you think you have everything figured out the press generated and weight usually doesn't take that long this set of network has it to the of yeah so now it has
submitted the print shop to a background daemon standard weights for the background even to complete so we see here there is a of about that is not for the trip and it just shows how many the a jobs in the queue top this arrangement and so that this page refreshes every 10 seconds the to supplement it but and this number you guessed below 0 and the of the was full than if you drop a sexually rendering now can you still see about the surface rendering it should not take much longer now that it shouldn't that famous last words good members in but on a the story of small any
of I do In our beliefs the the this was the background only going on I'm going to cheat a bit now the I have to revert this in case network doesn't play nice so this is the final result as a PDF rendered for paper size 81 1 which is half a square meter this is this size here the and if you select a city name but it also highlights the actual city area and everything around is the gets a slight shadow overlaid and here we have street show index I really showed and also prepared tell the multi page booklet put
so the the if you select more debate should only get a dollar the choice of the forward all 8 5 which is half of a Ford and letter-size paper but In this page down the the bound the don't be confused by the 2nd page being this it 2nd page being emptied the he is in very small print his 2nd page is intentionally left blank the if so it's not the rendering
it's broken then it gives you an overlay purview page which part of the law of the map is on which actual Atlas beta and then you have the the pages all rays showing which page number is to the left to the bottom this is soaked upper left page so there is no left or up page and discontinuous for every they which until you have the street index now and the end on 1 or more separate pages so if you want to have all evocation city printed as little booklets beforehand before you get there or something like that this is also nice option the only even if you have a small printer so all the back to the right screen the so now rendering is
finished and the VIP service even renders as for G such income properties compresses video a PDF and PNG at the same time so you don't have to choose a font you can now download of each formant you want to the the and you also have all list of on
someone used it in between that at a the you have a list of previous of print shops in plant every buttons you can recreate the map of something has changed all you have to start sheets you don't have to enter all these the information again what you want to print you just say recreate the map on more once more a so so much for their hands on the in
Wong too many screens the the so
this is more or less the map was matter to a list of all the so when I started hacking on it and 1 the you directly added to its that interface but they're also did tall slightly different thing the credit and alternative fondant and this is especially meant to create neighborhood plans where you have a map and a list of 1 of the points of interest that you want a mark on the map and have explained in the sidebar so it's a bit like a the role of Marcus 2nd put on Google Maps or on you know if you want to use it was OpenStreetMap so you can place icons on the markers on the map give them a name the take 1 of the previous selected items the and also give the case markers categories so each category has a different color him and when you done pretty of Click on the pin can in the lower left and yeah In the back rounded uses them all mappers metagrammar and and creates a PDF but 1 that does not have the street and here the but the names and I can solve the markers you have put on the map previously so we use this for creating neighborhood maps for refugee shelters in Germany selected people that report a the germ also all the places would this have a rough idea where the the those local transportation and next pharmacy and shops in the neighborhood could be the so of the time they so I'm running own instance as the main instance falls off phone too often Anderson wanted to add my own features in starts and so maybe you wanted to because you maybe don't want rely my instance or as my instance Coventry doesn't cover the full world but on a Germany for capacity reasons you may come out of want to have friends for another country the yet all maybe you want to have it this service running offline so you don't have it sold almost all network or maybe s we have these these refugees of neighborhood maps maybe even the model have these maps online because you don't want to to a publish that here is some the some showed or something ah maybe you want to help fix bugs and that features or maybe you just want because again like I so as this is a mapmaker and solution the obviously need some Mednick itself and you need at least 1 that makes I'll file doesn't have to be in the XML forward it can be in the new account of CSS formant which can can't be converted in the into the older form and many of the all start files that are public you feel little like the the Standard OpenStreetMap long-studied Additional files so for example coastlines all the height information that comes from the nasal Space Shuttle Radar operator the for putting on the control lines because we do not have much hard information involves OpenStreetMap of itself some of these stars also require a lot of other additional files and you need to know the OpenStreetMap data on itself and the import that into posters database so this can be helps you but XML files all the new a more compact prote above 5 format these it usually you need of those and JISC scales and tool for that the so it's a lot of stuff to install around the the ritual installation instructions a pretty good them but there may still be box in there I can only say it works for me so what is if we could automate all this the so the next thing I created was all very grandfather dissolve installation steps automatically and you end up with is all virtual machine that is ready to use the this development face up and running the so everything that is needed is to stop and stop and start of the posters databases set up and preconfigured it is already provided with the data file you put into the this BN directive you before you 1st fired up got it has to have a fixed name data don't always Anderlecht PDA that P bf that is going to change eventually but renaming a file is not that much thank you so and it to make sure that the and the demon and the web server and the that and the interface is up and running the the so all you need to do is to check out that project for this change into a little directory you just checked out all of download some OpenStreetMap data file for example due phobic the has the extract fall all 4 in every country or most countries of the world yes for the taxable yeah from you get lot this is a list of things they have all countries so long as separate fonts to different you have a bigger countries like the Pakistani it the OK for Germany images even split down to to the state level and for some States to the district level the and once he have you find a place so he I said it to the right fine right away you rate went up and then it takes a while and almost a lot of things so tried on the laptop this morning and took 90 minutes to complete but the all of this is automatically so I bet the ordered list only for the data used was only for of the district's I'm from but the data size is not most important thing but takes time in this I would takes time is of money to compile that make myself because that's the 1 component that has 1 block that needs to be fetched that takes a lot of time the and all the extra downloads for all our coastline files and that that takes also note of time at least 1 attribute the and they actually import all of the district and from only was like a 10 minutes of this time complete so import of Germany on this laptop but on the lap of himself not a virtual machine takes the ball 201 or of the limiting factor actually fall importing is memory enough time so long as you have not enough memory is fast when memory runs alternate have to cache of things on disk then it gets so this if but yes on a virtual machine areas this yeah the question was follows running on a virtual
machine affects the spread good so if you have any of and running on our own machine unified overtures sorry yes the on so what I did here is the actual the database data is not in the virtual machine it is on in a shared folder on the host so you might still have I all slowdowns but you at least on run out of space in the virtual machine because well to typical vagrant based boxes are not big enough for this and extending their size is tricky so just Mandel host folder in terms of the data in there yeah yeah so that much for all the tools I use in my created phone in trade but modified there are also some command line tools that can be used at the front unsystematic there is all nicta image is a tool that comes with it a ethnic itself bound Nick for it is a similar tool the stand-alone and has some slightly improved features both also create some maps use the same so fast but as the command line tools you have to figure out all the notices parameters that coordinates stylesheet passes and everything so this is not for for end users develop interface is modest for end users but post this tools also installed in the the 2 machina image so you can use the database important there and such it involved there to play with these if you want to this 1 no then are there is a more powerful tool of this is guess that also can be used to move to the great prince but it is not on a mantra printing it's a complete fool stock so you talk and so printing is just 1 of its aspects not even the main 1 the and not the 1 of the truly 1 so you have quite a learning curve and by could motivate myself to use it yet I may start no because they discovered that map may come to rotate maps so I have 1 case I want to have a map where Knowles is not up but not up but the direct you looking to is up and keep his scandal that map make currently can't the boss patch for that but it was lost the French this and this also also the but application called the perative that is about that so application but also runs on Linux it provides a basic GUI so you sort of see what you're doing but he's still have to interact with it in another command window so you still have to talk a lot the also produces might organize output but the problem with that is it is free to use but it is not open source so if you find 2 problems with that or wanted features you can't and it has last been updated in probably 2013 that was a time in the last update on that page was when you downloaded it the Donald it well Donald archive has a time stamp of 2 2013 from 15 but I think you just recompile at at that point but didn't add anything so this also sort of abandonment by now and the thing about it is it can process so those maximum falls right away with also makes it slow or if you have large expects but if you only have a small area you want a process you don't have to have database in that the import before you can own so merge show the bitmap parts into your maps so you can use bitmaps so provided by sometimes server and then I had you all know the ending on top and it also has direct support for this nasal is on um high data so you can have 2 his shading and contour lines but the it has a menu items for downloading owes and stuff both of them are broken by now because of them seem to use so ordered fuels so you have to manually download XML then loaded into the school and it look nice at 1st but I don't really like to use it and it also only pro-open users PNG and Scalable Vector Graphics so if you wanna have a printer pdf you 1st have to convert this for G into PDF with but that's 1 of the smallest issues with and as we're on the the what originally did was 1st created the SPG files which is the standard version of my prismatic and for the use of refugee enable plants and then using state to add all these markers manually using Inkscape as a the open source vector co-editor and the this term divided all to be actually pretty painful the because Inkscape is a very nice tool but with amount of data produced by by the SPG memory it became almost as slow as I remember that so-called draw to be on 386 was 2 megabytes in which was my 1st drawing program ever so my 1st attempt to solve this was just to reduce the longest I follow by removing suffered a need like specially House Numbers but still editing was so painful like huge drag market it takes a 2nd before it moves on the screen then you see you moved to too far you have to move it back you have to wait another 2nd the finally decided to get rid of this and created this so the that gooey for setting markers that from previous so this works if you have files for optimal maybe R a 3 papers so 40 but 37 centimeters for the A 1 so I have it turned out to be too painful slope yeah so the sun rises printing those and data is a bit harder than showing no so suppose are map on the back all the proper tools to the achieve this all available in open form God they all remind requires some prior set up like importing data setting up upside sheets and using them on the command line is the very comfortable so exposing the and the interface to the the to use them is definitely the right way to use them I think the want parts of the process to get all this morning we're very frustrating but the thing the end results were indeed worth it so that Anne's my talk and I'm ready to answer further questions this year from 2 in the proving last in the a 0 on the 1 hand is now we know
that M C so far in the time probably all of you I I MIT I have a 1 print out so have experience with actually printing the Pfizer generates like handing them to copy shops to print them and I'm in the lucky situation adults along all a 1 printer pretty cheap so can print for myself but dog for printing just filter fights into our PDF viewer and printing work with all of them that was also small glitch with colors and some of the ones I'm using act would read right now but if you use a quad reader to print a PDF it works out of a box at least with is the HP DesignJet I have at home the enough ever tried you have things to a copy shop because so what you hear the kind of guy you will use so there no plan so there is no special features in these PDFs that should prevent them from being printed on the rule of law at the I is what is it that OK we have this more discussion on prices here I don't have experience with this account of like I can only tell that the friends I bought gullible was as it does not model it also fine of 150 euros the current model would be around 2 thousand 200 the maturity costs for regular paper and their regulating it's like 3 to 4 euros per a 1 friend if you do it yourself the of the not you the the have in all of the last um a OK comes from the audience of the highs of the city on X this was a city magazine the someday less year had a report on printing large maps apparently but really you the kind of the world you in and what is the you of what was in the media and of of a lot of parents and community in a quiz that there is no social posts for a suite 42 so the is some experience or printing all large to do large prints on made 2 the cost of about 10 euros for the printing itself onto another 7 euros as a as some high-quality paper was requested in this case you know the idea that you know what I mean so what i the only that the goal is to be made that's the it you the and I have and so you so there is no more than the this means that the the this is a question was what the future requests was to also be able to ah Prince directions long ago a route planning I have been thinking about this but have not looked into a treaty that with should also be possible the I don't know yet how to with that's great idea in the OK for you the all the lines that you use the use of in life and and you want to happens in recent years with for example if you have if you look way you like good as so the question was to Christians actually 1 was ah can the resolution the the controlled was at fixed and the other 1 was can new influence all the grids on the map is so created like using a new grid of the loss of resolution currently is sort of hard coded and it tries to get a good resume vector from the side and currently it is limited that it tries to always have at least a factor of 16 which is pretty pretty to the high resolution and on goal our goal so the root of the solution is a bit variable but it can be controlled in the source code this just no no interface for changing it so it's sort of hard coded audible detected bound for the grid the grid is solvers simple thing the put up it's just sold that in the index can have of this street is included square a 4 so it's not really an easy it's not dog latitude longitude grouped it's also known Uganda it's just from makeshift just to fit the the index and have a certain range of of square size not saying really professional in the hurt a head I so we so can return the map so that such and another action than Moses on top I also is already mentioned that in in passing on a few minutes ago mention cubist uh no it is not possible with his rendering stack the boss a feature request for MAP make a few years ago to support that it was also patch along the feature requests that was supposed implemented not that was very good performance but the working output unfortunately they move the backtracking that they're on track instance then they moved to get up and uh on the way in the attachments to the box will also and by now this has been for years ago so by now also will mirror of the old system they kept running is also lost so I've tried to find some still has all the patch or try to find the origin a lot of the time but so far I couldn't but is that would be very nice especially for enable plans to say this is the direction you're looking into a new standard from the map you don't have to rotate it in your mind because it is not on topic yes is the London city maps have all atomic likeness I wanted to create something like that and find found out no not yet the so any further questions uh 5 minutes left for questions the all we have to look at I don't know how to use it in on the time of the and on the issue of the the problem is that the you always from the time of year you need years this was a question about availability on mentioning that the download service on the OpenStreetMap side is often overloaded off the service I'm running is not as those of Yorkshire this was a bandits problem usually it renders all a single paper show mapped in the between 10 and 30 seconds and also the original side was never overloaded by rendering jobs the problem of the original samples they run of full planets database and they had the database of the several times and so that yeah so you need a lot of disk space and when something very you have to do for reimport which can take several days so I'm only importing all of Germany right now which only takes about an hour on that machine than I just do that mourners on a daily basis so even in my database instance fail started up and running in Oregon but so far I and published it might hit a much it so I don't really know how it will all behave under load but is the maps are cute and then rendered 1 by 1 it has also to control you just may have to raise much longer before the final rendering ready in the term for professional use this to the other