Multi-threading programming and parenting processes

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Multi-threading programming and parenting processes

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Multi-threading programming and parenting processes
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Becoming a parent is an step in many people’s life path that will arrive sooner or later, suddenly changing all your priorities. What before was critical might become less important, but what will not change is your need to work.
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thank you the welcome all ready for the after
lunch presentation essential so next we going to have interprocess communication and talk in the new about the fox system cause side from the description and know just joking around negative you you know something about that about the parenting process and I'm worried that we have had at year because a speaker so please give in the long run of the thank
so you with the things and then of multithreading pulp query in the room please and this is me and then we talk about parenting processes or yeah you know because most of us have fought this they I didn't muscle more engineer science ever some been working databases data analytics platforms science as at the very beginning of my career used to you at a graph that promote flows than probably most of you know force them discovered the brother of this conference I didn't know about it you should go to Belgium the 1st weekend of February it enemies minutes the best conference ever with respect to frost that it's as a very good yes and of disease and just putting all the time i'd like to enjoy my life you know with me keep with my wife TV movies seriously use a lot of running before when I got more time and guess that's physically the we we so we phrase that they will have always
know that kind of thing and I come from Spain I collected from acetyl 9 I've been told by many of my to my friends I'm the fastest speaker they ever met so it has less he said once the me and I if I stick the fight against the there's something that slowdowns slowdown in I was so yes the 2nd
disclaimer is we had ended this into
this topic on everything that involve kids the brings Osama bin and and this for me is like religion was born to know everyone has an opinion and is the Istanbul about it this talk includes my personal experiences opinions ideas and some numbers may not months when a person of the reality so welcome to the bias the the we're gonna be talking basically about what is sovereignty and today and what are we doing work in the day um whether provides a few numbers about what the cheaper ending and having child Indians I some of them come out of sample that they meet a few weeks ago so uh contributions mostly from the community and as the sharing 1 of the thing that you me the most is about society expectations it seems that we do but because all the ones all those expect us to do I I mean of talking about the start ups and company culture means and do for us and see what it's about what we can do and should do about it the so standing about whatever engineering of sovereign
general means for us today basically we finds over and you will find some were from our refrigerator with an affine sovereign our computers and Internet it's a lot of what we do have a strong impact the what other people this is actually feeding and doing every day at the and for all a lot of us summaries a Bayesian is a patient from I've been doing with computer science I was a small child dealing with the C B C
128 Whittaker said and all these things there and while might brothers were obtained from the and most of you might think that this early said but for me this approach Superfund and yet so it's a passionate would because a job is overhauling with I 1 thing that we have defined it in our In this this change things change extremely fast and change anything so we have tennis required claim to be learning and constantly learning and improving yourself every day so what we just learned at the university then years after doesn't mean anything because you know when I was at the university edge was starting knowledge I list here and we even have several framework for free on gas we really to keep up learning anything the but this has a wife a strong hate it looks like that we have to be programming at work and we estimate Bremen afterward the gods we should have a portfolio somehow because when we face job advertising they taught us what do you do do you have a given a file and I find this to be the beginning because expression for me as a human being don't just enjoyed the running you know 8 hours a day I like to go running I like to spend time with my cute tentatively Institute so this makes me I sometimes the the less the billing candidate for some jobs because I don't have an awesome have a in so that is how works more you have to life your programming life from work afterward integer yet proof and other important enough stuff that happens in our job vs. over years this status distinction between what we call last week or last developers we go last engineers do we think that our job is grasp you job because this gives to come to really different company company there's no how so I like to see that this was not distributed ultimi and and science the more stuff around what we do every day on the
our job is highly rewarding especially when we fix features or a piece of meat had less when we think something and make something work it unless this feeling is something that I like a lot and the maybe this is gonna Dutch some feelings on here but our company called the use of dynamite able we aren't all that we I mean just hikers whenever but we understand that we have a brilliant when will people but when angle it is so important in our kind of you know making us feel
special everyone enough so this is so our our jobs usually mean and at so our kind companies that always mail sent me the we have the amount of women what is extended sense because we have diversity we don't have that is this different opinions the more facts we like to be focused if we
had decided is very bad related to this is so there are here culture but I
like to define and then and you give them a say I mean I I guess all of you blew all nite to finish our work of the 13 the university diamonds some of you like you know you have to meet a deadline and stayed up a review a long time and word that it was necessary when I see myself in the university for example when I was
studying I've never the this all nite just or kind of hero because minutes but it's if you plan to work properly now you can about it but it's it's how we work usually we were days we have to be long hours the I know the rest of Germany but I find crazy in
Berlin that this happens a lot this we have a lot of the river working hours a sale of my colleagues but now but when it was 1st moved to Germany by starting work at 10 and 11 is staying 8 so have you not depend on the company's but that especially start-ups oralism the rivers and working hours yeah Los of fact about would be
doing our job was always our job staff working around it address for is that we don't have we are not able to generate enough
interest on the ensuing because you know and that's again I don't really know the numbers in Germany inspection 1st 1 is not the right place to say that because we have a lot of kids walking around here it's amazing but for example the number of people willing to load to university in restaurant and willing to engage in in computer science is going is going down and then this is a fact that happened and we have to think about it yes to so these were kind of that does the speech and then if they fast description of what we do at work and how we work the before we move forward and would like to think about 1 thing
about what we do when and why we do it as this we define ourselves by what we do it is we asked our colleagues or we met a person for 1st time we cannot assign each other in on the sovereignty area system data mostly the July and why then we can develop solar you fashion designer you know you are 180 that technical less technical Otididae that is very important and and
when you we exclude or work and other things the yeah we kind of lost this definition of ourselves so
after this kind of fast um Spanish enough of but what we do at work and that the war did we defined ourselves tennis shops stuff so about companies and our industry and companies are extremely diverse but usually In all the company's the culture is defined and by the funders by the founders and I am very likely the water the company that the founders decided to build
distributed from the very beginning and and this makes for magical working and about half but it's working in the USA and Ellen both works in the 17 but some other companies because of fear because of lack of task whatever they wanted to be in the same office and images doesn't makes sense for your work they wanted you to stay there there's a nice article about from the BBS about the lack of trust on work into mold and it's really in what your daily life now it is important that if you are in the company and then you know that way on that is important is that the right culture the other thing that happened at 2 to me where the sort of time to Berlin 40 also uses when you build them a static that end you money the you want to work a lot of forest didn't adapt and this makes sense I am so taking the right amount of people to live that it's the it's kind of a savage important and at all many of you for example may know but working more than a given amount of hours in Germany is illegal so it's important to know your right here something that title traffic is about to start upstairs to definition any standard affirmation and my question is I wanna civil war without we should hello or any common have a job that's good money do you know from customers and services customers but the pull of these kind of helps the is it is so high culture of ago when water company and that's list we might have different standards of what to know but to the demands and the company and we actually have because I'm lucky that I've warden places that you busy you got a task assigned and you're measure for by your task in your job done but that in basis not that long working hours and you have to be there and now scientists do important to know what kind of thing during the but so the we the by this thought about birds or what do we get a
company and I see if some of you he the brewing bonded child of the universe being already and some of you have made right after the University of of companies given Berlin commanded year and ping-pong table right mean I've seen that acceptable but if a company's being in our from this idea holder of the of defective please always provided or so tight and more or less and the plasma lending in other areas like linking our when he's listen more to 3 years ago is less common that a horse ups and and that usually run after hours so these mindig after the even longer than I tend to have somebody is but I might have a daycare but video a 1 talking about a
culture as a said before not everyone is is used to build remote working or working from home I not quite sure about the rest of Germany for sure but an oversupply and ends not like this and and looking for remote work actually is something that we let to define your own peace in your own work the the and I and as I said before that this article from the BBC is there is not no suggesting a flexible work and it's really really interesting to read the cost M. it really does assume that we don't do much to do with the more remote work because we as
you know address so now it's really important when you educated company that this isn't that is important facts on the
management and companies as said before I the we use the use this in gas high care I mean maybe it is fact and some people that and this I know this is changing because for example at my company of company I I work for his face this discussion bring General I still see a lot of ads that tried to affect people I always had this able
lighting idea the and last but not least we are we might not be hiring the right people at given and to the ages the because some for some people we ask readers questions we have coming the height we we on higher women at a given ages ago cemented pregnant with we have higher man after an hour 45 years it got another might forget all the history behind them in on but they get experience so the sometimes it is in companies and it's it's very sad the especially coming out of
me when I like the what other things not just being an the leading for my job the word life is very important so as much as part of times what companies can be too on that's on that area have and most of them are terrifies me that the same questions how much work lines what does it mean for everyone and I'm sure
that the if someone here word violent means in this belief and for each 1 of us for some of us might be like that my company that he worked on open source for some of us maybe that I wanted was sports and to up myself from next year the or I want rule the door and very much on now so the I don't know about any company said at the beginning but was life balance in start ups in Berlin or corporate companies in Barcelona sex usually means that for example the the elaborates time that and he was working with rights from 9 to 7 the we still hours spring from 97 means that if you have 1 hour commute you go back to work at home at 9 PM if you have ties for example this is known way something that scales so discover Creek gossip thing and to most of my friends when got child they on working freelance for individual companies impersonator and that's why because the word like finances and so and so after
somewhere company is a little bit about what actually having child's our means and and we do like forever basis by we have 1 and a weight than the 1 for this and so I'm busy and I'm going to be extremely busy and isn't as and as some of you are a half-dozen having a child is a change emitting general rules applied so it's been it's similar from from 1 time to another 1 you for it I know the history that some
parents tell me that the sleep for a long time and they likely because after 2 months of my kid was sleeping 8 hours so the but it's very challenging thing from last but not least everyone likes the way they do it and inexorable go about it the they tell you the listings things that way that way and you have your own ideas and for 2 it's an online process that you are changing every day and and you are at the low end of things so that it's not under the blame for for after a while they you out you feed them and they go to
kindergarten it but we justify 1 before and then all the rest of Germany but in Berlin it's extremely challenging an imbecile exist in the more challenging so and the guilt after then they get
sick some they can take to get sick you are still reading and go to work and you get to the game and the doctors so this means that you asked a lot of things and you after after the bold yourselves had to be proficient at work the after the Buddha says to be good at home it ejected but something
that really amazed me from Germany is this picture I see so many diets in Berlin then with the kids in and the day around the graph as it up this is not immediately personal or the the lecture is it that you that things and is amazing because this means that you and 1 more thing your kids addition you on 1 involved on what they do and this is less common in business and in Germany the is 1 thing that everyone have to think about themselves what do we do
we do we must more nest integer and as I said before time management when you get
a keeps stuff trees so you have less time you have to be time is used as a barrister restored just to get word and if you happen to have this and they was like we have in Barcelona from 9 to 7 a slight I'm mad missing bond and to 1 thing that up live off of mine time in Berlin as for and what they do is they physical introduce amount of hours they were together in shared all this stuff happened so
that it's that important thing and then and then units so happening that it's still women as taking all the care and all the that 1 means having a child but that per this time and I kitchen of a lot the about might my time management skills after going keep it going and a modular less
someone that sitting down there can hide it we discuss the ones that you about botanist anyone else it's but and this is very important to understand from the very beginning how N. empathy should never be forgotten no when you out all this because in but for work because they need you and your teens and embassy in your word for you that you get a circuit didn't it up yes and so after can of a
few things about the binding is the I wanted the most history thinking areas on his 1 such and such a such society expectations are I guess this happens getting Germany like it happened in Barcelona we will expect you to those things 1 way the for example I we bought for our kids we went to this fashion show in Berlin and we bought this year protection
stuff now we are going magicians to Barcelona and the we will get this predictions that we got the fireworks and and some kind of crazy dancing on the fireworks that we do and so and summer and the short of my family will tell me and my friend will tell me what effectively and crazy given the latter hitting Germany's Illawarra all people in the factual and all of you even though that that the speaker in Indonesia showing Berlin but then again when you should protect your kids years because this is very allowed in so it would unlock things sorry this has failed so it's it's easy to interact you is we it might be in a body I find it very nice you know that we don't know what what what I was sent explain with this was that not done society expects you to do stuff in in invested a are 1 consist of an emer another I the so for example um Skinner Fiscalis get school scandal in Barcelona you're expecting tool the have here kid stay at lunch time because Dolores and if both of you after work the In July half of around you you have to let things and then this is not a stew glove like in Germany so but you expected it care tasks I
am I I I guess all of you found this to this solution I Q I take this 25 that when we do all this caring stuff is usually done by women the even if in Germany was that a lesser role in I see a lot of manpower stake in the sense of getting the key to the doctor or or getting the key to the daycare and involving discussed I the 1 that you guys who in the like daycare skating Germany I the and it's it's very important that everyone is in most these ideas specially our of no I thing that draft love me crazy there's the differences when we access to financial benefits here I usually and that's my friend Roman take 2 months out
and women take just months and because many you still get a lot of more money so at the end of of society's forcing us the women to stay longer and joint and enough out of this equation the computers is work now and I can be more
strong descendants because it's not low still well known about way you wonder about this is that is and not from the 2nd Republic in Spain and that was basically a fight between bread right hand people unless fundable and this says that go labor off a fire is as important as the summary that that the blue-collar worker gets but he might think was as should your rights and forces and if should have to know your duties of spontaneous I've seen acceptable of people than doing what I should say in in Berlin even if that technical I've seen so many people that doing and and died because you know we can discover women doing the whole isn't either we can go back to work often have to officer and and there is 1 or something that they know from Berlin of from Germany's kinda can
can get the money when your kids out because you can get you know get out of work to I guess is have happens here really but
haven't all what more immersed so my congratulations all these grandfather spin glass and and when actually being fathers again because we have to work 12 hours a day sorry is that what happens and in Spain it happens a lot the so can we do things yeah we can
encourage remote working again work-from-home policies that are easy and that and other bullshit for people to ask for it so we can have empathy because it's probably 1 employees asking to stay home because of affected because have as it did not big because this lady the front office yes and 1 very important thing is to
that it is about time about time that new when you still have this scandal your meetings this steadily Armenians at 7 PM earlier will never be there because have this going to bed dense that everyone has to do with the kids and is using a scandal property recording planning and a single Scalia communication helps a lot the but this is having a slope more
time the more time sphere money out this is very important for me because what's in that happened after you have the ball this pressure to people to people is that they run out so between your company they are not happy in the anymore so you lost but in part of was 1st that tells you money to train and do not useful and after the of some deep of be fast
for people body is for you was apparent I strongly favor when will die breast anatomy would have to look the from and only a kind of thing that I will see is told to us many divorced possible because you can get or some ideas on how to deal with the of time to challenge in talented and but weak few
numbers that from this ball the run on the Internet so 91
% male dancers snipers and we men much as the industry what else can I say I would love to get more women but the by way before I forget this is kind of think you if they are nice to look looking to me over the internet because they get to the end of the day this is the she was the Master of Disaster spreading this is a toll of internet and think it over again of 350 people and this is this
stuff well the center it around Jiminy with our 5 5 56 % an 11
% from Spain and and 7 % of you saw from use is meant like Germany's good span is that and user is worse so you get a beta of and thank you westerns about if you did that in the left part hold on the average being 1 month and 6 months and you can kind of see here that you can put a lot more options but it basically matches my feeling that most of man takes between 0 0 0 and 2 months off absence we know the and if you do but in the less I the
part of the bundle lives we kind of worried about this 40 per cent here because if most of this is main this means that we may never took any but the less interesting and if your partner do
but in the list for whole lot this residue shows a 70 per cent of women that I really want 1 1st this was a male and the when going back to work how just the word ours yes both 70 % also it's very interesting when both Cantonese hours because both of not excluded the toward yes economy 11 % mostly I guess humanity all the women and no 72 % interesting number from this is if you get family nearby a lot I mean a symbol in my family's 108 and 1 thousand and 100 kilometers away so you know what gets challenging but merely 62 per cent of people got family nearby somehow but what enlightenments kids think it's really an
amazing this is defined cent to be even more like good I wonder if his 2nd numbers is because most of my colleagues answer from elastic at please having remote or work from home policy that 74 per cent wanted amazing and we all should have this stuff policies as we'll see later access to day-care methods 80 per cent of known wife so challenging it and then 1 thing that they is I put that on the
index stuff that people can write whatever they want and stuff that the world that is being wilderness flexibility and remote work and was from easy indeed slow demand so if you have a company of the balls on a man or you're in a management decision doing stuff like this helps that your employees tubes happy and Dunbar about actually quit what can be improved a company or connected they care I always wondered why if we get people with child and this is a complicated thing you can do that even you have to didn't they care like for example the duality Milan get and call your beginning nearby and say OK can we make that kind of built with you you have a happy fathers and mothers will come back to word and will be it comes down because they key is actually enable data on physically the 2nd 1 is that in the sense that human beings comes after that this is really you know even if it in business as we ended with humans so when we forget that is that is based on the following we are I mean we are not good um and 1 that it's very interesting to me a pleasant got a lot of discussion to which everyone this that I sometimes speed is not so
unhealthy the bow but notice state succeeding and still moving out but is not good enough to have to estimate of the care of having a warm whatever defamatory like here here we got this elderly only on 1 came to the rights and that the when they have the daycare things for the conference is also going on in that you can have it on some more perilous from a tell me
anything why months in the sense that a scandal and not that's you said but haven't the fall of sentences to be full-time John Maillard years while we extend that women this time but merely is not at the something that really amazing at least Quebec have a strong modern you plan close to the general 1 it in in North America it can and last but I really want share disadvantages importance the management and company were not understanding it was amazing this stressful and difficult I often wonder if my I often wonder if I would have been a bit of patent and my child will have had a stronger stock if awarded for a migrant lead and humans realizing that is to me said so you you are actually in a position to change stuff do it or if you can talk to your and the or management whatever it into some important just quite coping numbers about from now to this occurred in the the it on intimate you get 1 but i've child's even we get so less in Barcelona and just to wrap up and finish we all have been gives laughing pions what stressed the I don't want to see more parents want stressed my having kids because it's kind of a common responsibility because at the end of the day it was gonna be or pensions our kids and yeah so it's very important and is the building that that it was kind of it in the the 1st of all I think about the nation's 1st
them here to take a question I have to write Michaeli she got this thing with the Western implement this tentative to see this actually makes use a because they
wanted to get out of life actually won this condition the permanent is 3rd distracted so after you case if it kills the
old well here it is then how do you do that I haven't yet another between the I and I'm working on that we have an office in Berlin by I source of science is to have a him of the but it makes sense that destructive it to this challenging some my whole history here in this right improving the because stressful and you might actually lose talent in order to last no and the analysis of residence will win is living why is that so so we use the world uh this afternoon that uh we have a list of movies and when around you see 1 time the constraints on the line of and it's easy to figure out so once again thank you very much FIL