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The unrelenting progress of design in open source

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OK so good morning everybody at some times of the artist and cofounder of hit a product of 2 category uh and I have prepared like kind of food fighters of the call talk as an intruder in this community that there so many designers here so I referred to give you make a different point of view on on how we live in the company that officers will will will evolution and and and we'll be in the future so 1st of all the then I read about well so I
studied computer science and I'm I would assert is saying when the you know the developer was kind of cool so we would like discovering the informatics and we were discovering like Hakas how these conserved and the resistive bad that was cool enough to to your films and books and so on uh at the end of the in the university but after the university you put a street I die and become the Korean developer no no that kind of cool if they know whether they are mad about the movement of these atoms here a study informatics computer science because I didn't believe there was another option for me because the same study were not of the cell I will really hard to find break of places that you how design I realize now that it was a really really great this because I wouldn't in full of engineers and know how things work and uh below the designed later this is very important when so when you start using a service or product or grow so there is a quote by teacher by a professor at the university there is that in 19th-century acuta was defined by the 20th century due to abide semeiotic you to have 2 twenties it 20 once substantially will be defined binding interface and is my for quelled ever because it's like saying that we all people that are in the room right now would be defining the future and that's kind of how great approaching to right so we is is so central to to be working the developing a user interfaces or interfaces that that has not be on screen like for example square for Paris they're
changing the way we interact with money he's as being Asahara is they they attain a whole thing toward their great in a different interface for for doing things that have to endure has saying how
people communicate how media publish their content so they have interface to say so what is a different way to interact with technology content people horrible will last
which is 1 of them was a stress a use case Friday's annual the wiser to put in your head and Europe to look only read down with it but heating in the winter with information to so um I think that when when
we started building something 0 when when I start you to think about the sign that the main role is to improve the people right is to make people that by using the prior using during interphase values and your technology trading every single thing that you that you think income on building will start from from this so this isn't the main goal of over everything that we do now so our CEO how the how idea is here as we were allowed to the upper from so he he did this kind of cool called is like videos no 1 is no 1 would occasion with a million bottles that the million apps with just 1 model this kind of restricting how we believe that the dual industries and a change in the future so this is gonna be democratizing a lot so a lot of people is going to have access to all these technologies for this kind of important as we build interfaces are allotted to those particular cases and this is very very important because then you need to to start a protein open source at a different thing so we'll go back later to the slides but you need to start building products not only technology of libraries were off of work um so I think that in the university again I have the feeling that we were using others because it was free were receiving and we were have any money but I really think that we are using a piece of because we really believe that is the that others a so for is going to change and the war and we are gonna by by contributing all to the same piece of so where we can create a better at the the uh pieces that so that I think that that the hitting the way we perceive it so this is 1 of my 1st could there is post you is that people who ignore the sign that the most people so if we are competing with commercial solutions will have to start behaving like the do not in terms of saying ranges of hiring a lot of people in terms of wherever so we will start will have to start assigning products will have to start in that a way but worrying about how to design things to this uh a real
use this average here um I deities and application that allows you to do position error due to should you buy it for 1 1000 some backs and and you receive Fekete and a farmer receiver keeping in the house and were were Bluetooth receiver RGB isn't enough on the application and on a tablet with an application is still in its so that media developer uh uh did these and then she starts sending it to people so farmers receive the key they through all pieces together and they call a digital working so this kind of thing that you just a farmer is trying to to to interact with technology so we would like hades working uh have you corrected it correctly yes I do have you ever cheated on I do and so on so did they indicate that was in terms of this product of Inglewood there had the farmer because he was so far away so that he decided to implement a set of sounds there were reflecting on the to status of was set up so if we use treated out it makes sorry if it you know it makes a sound if you just plug GPS and image other sound US black there'd be able to receive a makes a different sound so he asked people to call him when they've been close to the device so they could deny him that would be something that normally happens to these guys say that of money by not having to go there and then it take a look at what was what wrong with this over undergrowth interesting is that this guy was that it was not add add add sign he said developers peace order lead developer encounter the re has the side us at the site product and the many theories about the of they decided that developers we to must different we're really super people so we are aim to to solve their problems we are aiming to find solutions to particular problems so and with with quick utterly so we will we think we start thinking about how to the world we wanted to
to dedicate have different things so that we we set our we really didn't we we were that sat a table we were that good at doing prototypes that we thought the a set of things that we wanted to achieve we discover that that made made asked you to create a design-driven combining because we our objectives were really tradition people so the 1st of them is that we wanted to prove decision-making by creating a good tool for analyzing numbers relation they Tomas and with these we 1 of the main objective for us was to have people there is creating alright based in combining stories with important stuff to we wanted not only people that is the values that that has some skills on the geo f thing do we wanted journalist scientific people uh we we wanted the signer that storytellers wherever the user-to-user to pathway so we need to to to design it in a way that anyone that they do like they use excel or on the basis of what they call you Scott the so the 1st thing that we that we are trying to use it to remove or is between people and data by humanizing the relation that you have with the data so nobody understand ionic suffice with with self 1 million rows and I think it doesn't work and uh on so we wanted to create a user interface that humanity that makes it more natural to interact with the latent thing was that we wanted to tune dataset into it yet so we really believe that open data is a change wardrobe and improvement of the way that we're that we're working with each other we wanted to do in the proper way so we we don't we want the people to put data as a CSV files PDF files on the internet we want them to to be creating a EPA and points so we want to we cool query them in any more integrated applications to feet and so I wanted to I know people uh to focus on problem-solving we wanted to of developers to build applications on top of the platform so they they have not to worry about maintaining oppose yeah uses stellation our servers or distributing tyres or wherever they can't just focus on on solving a problem that they they are experts on it so they're kind of phi principles
on the sign there really spread under combining that area every single person in the company has been aware of their pre symbols so use this is kind of a system but I wanted to say would you engage you engage in the hope of pit you so 1st of all is that design process starts the about more on or even in a wiki so uh 1 of the main things that that I really hate uh of the signers is that we try to all the complex the things that we do so we try to defend ourselves ourselves by saying that we are doing some crazy stuff we're researching a lot of things happen and that's not the reality and some things we do at most of the times we we don't do it like that we we yes try different options we just take the 1 that we let's more and then we implement so when not to start number 1 on a more friendly environment for people that is not a skill later decided that is wiki page and the harbor of that law where we'll although our ideas so this is for example 1 we it based on all wonderful
report is all everything starts encounter these just takes defining some kind of requirements I we study stars in need and burned that this is created by by the Polish carrier which is or is not only tighter but he's that he doesn't know I I think he doesn't know he doesn't want to recognize is that um to the simple 1 is
that this thing is improved the war flow with varying complexity so for as this is state of the most important things on on your right side so we really want to remove friction between data on people so I'm very
proud of these features because he was invited by me I
have to say is this disclaimer is the only feature
that that you have an army to call me to production actually but is it wrong about it I a go
at it for a while because I want you guys to lobby
doesn't do so the cells and you just take your file drug repeating during that
were only getting import the of the right
it's a it's a it's not her target so but this is this kind of stupid because
in terms of implementation this is really really
easy very saying in the way that people interact with the
government I remember we were with a client on a on a very fancy house in the
late this air force for the number and
he was like you know what would be amazing if I called 200 file and all but we
wait this is this is working as a laborer there was little surface so this kind of of the
most so that is the smallest
Futurum permitted Academy maybe but is 1 of
was a people next more so and the
thing about this principle is that we need to implement the sample of technology that will allows us to scale to infinity so everything got the resistance equal encounters users so if you don't know how to how to called courtesy says you can always use it we set to the always generate pregenerated by clicking some balance by Durandal father to can actually air improving yes go in that users are implementing some of the those some tricks that this statement crew prepare for the for the past OK
so 1 of the most important things is that for example we are now implementing Victor rendering continuity and of that we go out to the vendor of rendering the spouse events so what happen when you put the mouse and on a point so we all want to point to progress on a shining alluded to kind of these cancels 0 effect so we are implementing Dallas unaccountably extensions so you can use it on the counter editor but you can also they cut us users
editor but you can also click some buttons activate was not like really bore of working with him for Windows this is kind of the worst thing to cold and among basis so we wanted to to simplified by adding some some parameters so for the renounceable opener at times we make it really easy but
also uh very scalable because you can always goes female is powering during for we know how to do what I use that we start to an atom in our a of people at the user you guessed just except a few buttons but if you want to can go farther by by working with standard that for us the sky we don't implement
anything that is not based on those technologies because we are afraid of that like the idea and not not a scaling by the pro has to scale so the 3rd 1 is that
design is about the scene where PCs it is uploaded to the space so instead of when you are designed we're building up as a so where you have to have to think any of us as a pure thing I mean if you read your finger implementing a future the 1st thing you have to do is how is how is this feature the impact the product so you have to think not only about the user interface you have to think about the whole to have to think about every single line of code that you generate with a new feature is the line of code that you have to mundane so it is important to think of something the same as well the deleting to 1 of the most important exercise is that we do all our with continuity is about removing stuff so then we have lives that's how we more happy than that these very important is like adding more features is not necessarily the same more or designing the sometimes you really want to focus in on a particular thing and and it pretty good um With these life 1 because it improves my life I gave you something that you like it a lot just copied so I mean about doing in are in doing this is pretty good so we copy that for example
these this lack is the basis of our that we use for for the heat at but cooler and more expensive of course so this is lattice that has these height in feature that is really that you go unmixing mall at x of a similar the caller ID translates to all to small books so we set up the school whistle implement these in our countries use this editor so now when you call that color because like surrounded by piece collar area suggesting that you get up and they can be fun editor for that called uh we designers tend to think that people analysis that this is a mess but not trust me know if you don't do that people will end goal in a corner of like ff below 0 which is a really horrible 1 0 at 5 0 0 which is really horrible 1 0 0 0 which is the worst so so these has served as uh and and the best 1 to do need
people who want to at a high level of who can go all the way down to the this is very very important so we try to hire people on the team that it even if they are engineers or salespeople or wherever we need them to to focus on a small details because I mean the sign is tail so we want people to love and to implement things in a high level of quality but we need them to to think about the the complete view of the so this is his very very important so on my talk was about How to kind of create like at the sign SignWriting combining without needing having the same so what I wanted to to the idea is that you don't like to have you need to hire the signer in order to have a silver that is this sign in that way so you just need to change the individual mind so just for computing a if
we won't designed to be as far from the focus of we need to define it correctly so I am going to define and decide chorus topographies for their forms functions under or wherever to design is much more than that sign is how you think and your product design is how you communicate the constraining and also how people will will interact with the so this is is really I just hobbled next forcefully we we assert our opinion about I we have more designers to be aware that there previous is on the presence of work by this is key because if not I think that all the cells will not be the enough when have this critical mass that we'll need for to to be that can assist successful with our polar on the diesel figuring that the use of it which is I have a couple comments and questions from so 1st of all I when a friend I am cartographer myself argues the currently a little in the past but when a friend had to make a map with with who had no mappings parents had to make a map and think of parody be right away thought like you know google of fusion tables NGO commons so we try a few different things and ended on current be because it's really the only thing that does what you do and you do it well and so I really like the principles of laying out a very easy entry point you know and then being able to dig down and might use currency assessed very well done for that but having said that I take issue a little bit with you know I get my hackles up anyone's at any time someone says you can think about projections Bob and answer me is you know a situation where you are in a position to be educating people write about good design principles in particular in relation to cartographic principles on projections huge problem in in open source and in any of you know modern you know open source circles source code coding are you know when mapping stuff and so on so I guess you know in terms of making just for example making a corporate map on on web mercator right has huge our theoretical problems with it has some huge like problems with misleading concepts on that you're communicating people so so have you thought about like what you're building as a platform for educational not talking about like teaching people that the equations to read a projection you know like like teaching people appropriate matters I have you thought about it as an in that from that angle that frame of this is we we do so we started with women data we started to remove all complexity behind projections because we we want people to create lovesmary way so we can engage them because they're creating a a little blobs so there would have been to improve prevent so is something that we are aware of and didn't really do and is something that we will we will take off in in in the mid term I would say that we will start working with a mean given this and we also want to to update on the poles of for sample and we we know that without with limited and you count on and also to provide more more insights about what amount will be the best for you but the great interest for the part about yet so yeah it was that new prisons during that period sensing there to get more of the colors this work here so thank you very much
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Titel The unrelenting progress of design in open source
Serientitel FOSS4G 2014 Portland
Autor Leiva, Sergio
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/31747
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produzent FOSS4G
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Produktionsjahr 2014
Produktionsort Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Open source geospatial is in an Enlightenment era regarding design; many teams are breaking away from tradition and embracing simple, clean, and usable interfaces. For a long time though, open source geospatial software, and geospatial software in general, seemed to pay little attention to the knowledge of the design community. Here, I will discuss why design has taken a backseat for such a long history and what is suddenly changing that brings it to the forefront. I will also talk some about the design decisions that have gone into the CartoDB user interface and many of the mapping options we help our users find. This talk will focus both on the history of design in open source geospatial software and where it is heading in the future. We will also talk about how design itself is inherently open and how we are working to improve open source software design through our own contributions and through this discussion of our process.
Schlagwörter design
user interface

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