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Designing with Free tools in an Open Community: experiences from the Fedora Design Team

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Designing with Free tools in an Open Community: experiences from the Fedora Design Team

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Designing with Free tools in an Open Community: experiences from the Fedora Design Team
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The Fedora Design Team is an Open Community consisting from people from all around the world collaborating on various projects, from desktop wallpapers to posters, icons, website and application mockups, CD/DVD art and more. Everything created by the team is licensed freely, according with Fedora’s foundations: Freedom, Friends, Features, First.
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our experience with and what we do so we have what about here so all this started out as a wiry that
the very founded in the April and the year year 6 of the the new century and there what matters is that it was around 6 theories of are operating cystine and we started as they are keen but era printed later as a design team as our portfolio get get wider and wider than our current team leader is more and you think she's really great art is then that leads us right well we all appreciate the work she's that she's doing for us even tho she is employed in readout for different things and we strongly believe in the Federalist for phonations which are freedom friends features and 1st you can see the our friends at and you can you maybe we do you see that we also promote freedom in our design team and the this this where not exactly easy and you can see that the the very established around 4 8 and grill talk something about why not so fast that I want all the sale of the double diluted
bending was that it was that I think about it the idea is that we don't want on artist but the design has in general for a user interface on disability and don't want to scare them away from 1 of our team that was the purpose of the the bending have the list there some will that was about the guy I said when whenever we had to have a professional designer working girl but that it was in in charge of the local of the distinguishing so she had is a given name the flying height and she was dating good all the process like of would like it not people can and that that 1 the the designed to going after the Marcela and new team on whether somehow offended by this because we believe that these anxieties about people and we believe that our committee should do this in know open not the likelihood of that is the was not think the data back to the community in general all of the agreed idea we like the isn't but not the process this so as long as of the big step forward in the opening of the Federal not the only that solves the but the community in general In this so here's the portfolio review
we started at the beginning with the just the distraught artwork which is wallpaper is some monitors to insulator and splashes for the login managers and something like that but we also known as the time and expanded to doing website graphics from the design of the layout of the web pages to banners and icons for various websites and we also produce marketing can reasonably are also like a CD and DVDs leaves some posters T-shirts you can see 1 only group at the Bryant also some design services people can ask us for for uh for a certain design like to have like items for liberals or Hector go che who for David books and so on and know we also provide a usability and interface design and some of us do also some sigh protects like if across the country name or a comics makes photographic and 2 more maybe this last the release of the of also started making gave Federer designed so which is the spin of Federer at that is is a compilation of tools that the the thing that are very good for artists to work with and we plan to expand it to the even more so that we can work nicely just with the contents of the design so which is on the line DVD and of course we want to have fun and you go stuff and the friends no more a bit about the possibility is we have about these given 1 of the of the final this application but you can call it again uh we are also used you know I what I believe that everyone in the in novel the against you are also used it was mostly for the beginning of what we think of in the materials and also this design competition was featured in scheme was not by the and much about is so we blend then we have a few people in the coming summer not enough but we have also you will develop the skills that is hitting the ball quality give was who wants to learn what blend and build the model and that stuff we are also we use unlike those models like i . e is there's something small but for all of us are having use the need might major many others because of their household absolute like that might be involved in the which we have learned to use them for something goes beyond that but we like them experimentally them and 1 day with have something maybe maybe them world believing in open we still don't require people to use certain applications so if someone in that in 1 is we don't say no don't use water so we just that I will encourage them to use the the POS below we do require that file formats be opened so we again the polygonal there's the government as a consequence they do not identify what the leader of the proprietary those we are also proud that because from 1 8 people forgot that in now they got it so the distributions of systematic errors made up but that using the people that part about this and they can go is is the way to soccer showcase we believe that the and what they are at the bottom and good for the user
adolescent 11 speaking about the file formats is this going on that I I consider look at I believe that everybody had about these people as 1 of the 1st that I continues in notes made their way to the vector graphics years ago at the timing staff in stable wasn't there wasn't I believe it was outside the body you yeah in areas that is so it was impossible to model the that and that it it was made with the in state we had a little Source financing because data format we have we have the items in that in that of the license is GPL but the week content the because the mapping between you and the notes there was a bottle on the also the political look out of what was a one-man project we don't with the after our daughter that the project the nobody nobody goes in the world style and so so we had to abandon the team and the triangle item that is 1 of them is being done it and I consider medical model is working on the needs this is the unofficial is a bank of the project so that is that is you might think of the files and you must have good good lines for the guns had 10 OK so now
let's move on to the collaboration tools use the sins of the whole team is spread all over the world we we have we have contributions from India from Japan from South America North America Europe from Republic here the quiz from linear and so we need some some communication tools that enable us to communicate without worrying about the time zones 1 of these is mailing list which is our mind main communication channel the discussions have been there as important and broadened the important things that happened there is it the next most important 1 and then we have we rarely documented something's uh like and how we do things that there are our sources usually a model of the images we make and it's like this and also we are trying to have to employ fire seen to be a note very well and end Bush established and that are real and what we're trying to get better especially the new sided you next week we're starting to regular Iousy sessions so we'll see how with will work out we also use the ticketing system and concretely track uh that's used mostly for the design the design in design breast we have the use a shared story that's also relatively new it's more convenient and we give for storing sources so we're just transferring cause everything we've created there and the new things are already there so as to boost so all of us are have our blocks and be of course a book about what you do and to the blocks are aggregated on the planet and some of them are also in federal resentment and not regret face-to-face meetings that by the
way that this state that we I should have noted that those socks that far from the perfect so we have to use our colleague of Maureen has the development of more couple of something good which might be maybe a solution that is a web application which was that they improve their communication so you can find what on this this is predicted under heavy water and development let's hope will 1 day you see faithful
so 1 of the things that to poised for all where there are several reasons sleeping doing is they're release on work we are doing therefore the director of the starters vector the process wasn't very good enough and we always been like that and work and so we needed to change it and the latest what we have is some kind of 3 rounds princess uh the 1st round and so the gathering concept some kind of brainstorming we talk about what they argued could look like present some design concepts and such as such thing as a then when 1st of origin of the arise approaching them near selecting 1 of the concepts to go with and improving and Elizabethan more and more and more and as we go to the final release the design must be final and to be based so all everything on the on the final consent that 1 of our has good things we try to do is released early release of and even the art isn't perfect it needs to be included in the distribution so that we can get much more feedback than just discussing and among uh among ourselves on the list or and biases in their idle at time to 4 . 4 to be done is by the job and on some other dust because some other task waiting for it to like creating injuries posters and use such which are based on the wallpaper in these things and the key is the cooperation and found that that is and we
have to heavily for the I don't know that I haven't what then but then we had for the concepts what use of capital was in your gives me see what all and the people behind it it didn't want to let you know the only thing is is that on development and was impossible for us to reach once it is seen the move as the final the and that had to do what I hated and never wanted idea where you had both the decide whether based that was the idea with the frameworks and so we we develop later than are thus it was that when die but only at the bottom of the water and search so now never did that day the then don't there's has been applied what they get and would get on another lesson at the same time who still
less the check source is the area the the graphics when they're the running don't want process someone discovered the capilano need is a unique that material from what give was the blessed beleaguered providing don't want to have undergoing that alternative was so they know his father made by the and if you think the reliability and adding them and get a job likely this is the thing was that was the we but when 1 because by humans on a world where no we will wear suspicious J defined and found that offered all than you that and as a mask it was in the habit of it but the little by system so we have those people they got excited about the last minute and this is Audio Video and the level of resources
finally 1 of the is hot the novel knowledge communities of discussion about using photographic that with photos of people there is a dash about the possibility freedom and the rights of the people in the photos the yeah usually the people in of the middle signers various forms of which impose some restrictions on this are compatible with that of the license plate of Creative Commons Attribution selected from the satellite and then we did not find a solution still thinking about it all but if you look at the same time on the side of the distance and the the people and that with that the image and the image and that
was the new thank thank thank thank you
very much we do again 1 question because I think you you deserve 1 existing wait a 2nd is there someone else amounts ask questions In the back there we go can you come to the front high 1st of all really great stuff that you had the thank you for showing us I was actually curious about determining how do you manage their design process was if you want to so inferences in concepts and a need to keep somewhat an identity that actually come up spontaneously or does that have to be decided in a kind of top-down process and charisma for diagrams and right now only we don't have a our this demands that I constantly you as a means on upstream of it for the that said we are developing new house the Martin using gender of the data and the development of a set of guidelines maybe yeah the uh the aqui canteen was originally based on board that was done by former at Red Hat employee Diana Fung if I recall correctly that had some we don't have put the animals and then we do so obvious sort of already had some there's some there's some style so we just need it to write the guidelines summarize already the style that was already used and the fall with I'm about to be able projects also as I see it is not used by the default full now is just an Austrian project which at some point mediate you get it to the idea thank you very much and thank