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Inkscape for everybody
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Inkscape’s popularity is growing day by day. How do we help new users master the tool? How do we welcome these users and invite them to participate in the community and contribute their art, their bug reports and their ideas to help us innovate? This talk briefly summarises the available resources out there from online tutorials, screen-casts, channels & forums to the offline books, magazines, courses, classes and user groups. Half talk, half debate, this session aims to set the scene for a discussion on the issues of supporting new users, and explore ways to do it better by sharing ideas and working together.
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you beginning and actually have good this claim this is my
talk although I've made the slides and presented organized the this is this is that is actually a really
good idea of by good colleague free software colleague meaning we work together but we do work together and donor Benjamin and that she could make it to the liver graphics meaning but as she really wanted this feedback from you guys so if we could raise alerts and I could see everybody's and this will eventually be an open discussion and so if we can that fun so a bit of introduction to to people who have not many yet please meet me and then the nosy guy uh but through and when the design and you can directly in front of that i've include but with John over there and we finally got the the words out looking kind of Inkscape uh since about that the fulcrum study but and also public and which is a publishing tool chain and that's I think a spoken that about 2 0 GMT k so I did also 3 really ugly forms there open for library and a good and also many many Bedford is known for and all of these are declared as public domain although Flickr does not let you actually declared public demand so let this be my publications are much weaker it's yours and you can see it you once again if that makes any sense at all so I'm afraid that through a series of coincidences in the past 4 years I've been living in 4 Asian countries and Australia is an Asian country that were included ahead and I know moving to product so occurred work for this guy the and I told him I wouldn't put this
slide up and I Ruby on Rails development labs based Englander China very cool place Oracle projects as you would a chat about the intensities of living in that region and the immense possibilities that other things up would love to have these conversations in a month of
the working for this guy and this is the file and I'll be making this is this your product usually a little differently and a little bit easier to to use so this is a landscape talk
and it's easy to see that escape loves everybody landscape is uh not 1 of the tools that was made with an agenda but it just happens to have picked up so many things from the free software community things give loves you the incidents so you you
living skip to people he actually know about Inkscape lasts lever graphics meeting that I was in here a lot of people said look to talk to too technical I really just need an introduction to these tools and when we have to find out more wanna know where to go so and this is going to be a sort of a brief overview of the universe of the Inkscape community learning modest ecosystem OK things get users SPG as
its base format and he is good for your health father and get corrupted it's completely standardized you can compose of really determine really compelling images with a small fire footprint with style of creative potential and and you have the ability to use intermediaries software every doesn't seem well out of the pieces of software at the conference and you're not locked into To Inkscape you can obviously if something better comes along you can you can use it or better yet you can use other things while using Inkscape as well certainly chemical that
I have but if your 1st coming intended to being scared projects you have maybe a few more questions than 0 it's good because it based on STG but how do I get from not knowing how to create a circle to making something really shiny and pretty and then and of good essay as a as a designer myself my abilities have grown pretty much from the ridiculously terrible 2 mediocre at best for that journey has been with Inkscape the hallway and learnt Ingram with the tool and I would like every everybody had to have the opportunity to which you do and I'm going to hopefully make it easier so 1st set up what we got a
learning scheme that he can it's a dialog this is screencasts this is on YouTube or anywhere else and this is a great way to passively learned Inkscape adjusting government 1 you don't have to actually read anything you know enough to switch a brain on you can just see stuff happen and it's pretty and then you know how to this is this is a so this is my number 1 recommendation for the 2 generation just go through this channel the easiest way to get them also how to get help from
actual people making a huge economy not give you the answer you need it although sometimes does you can use the real-time media crowdsource like straight away ask a question and to the rest of the world and you don't have to know acid you can ask on Twitter you can go 1 identical you can actually find the human being using Inkscape announcement question that's me please you can also
do that less time but still very important pools of knowledge and that's the social groups and mailing lists while they may not be the friendliest thing to somebody who's never join the mailing list before especially when they enter the e-mail address and the next day they have 400 . complaints about what external CSS doesn't work but it is really good to be asked to read archives and it is really good to have to ask the question to a group of people come and you get empathetic responses because Inkscape community is that is that good also flicker you see something pretty by the comments was made in Inkscape make sure you ask and so the idea is that escape is not trying to uh creates a you know the being scared community it's actually distributed throughout the world all of these resources are all over the place and that's the way people wanna findings and hopefully we can
help a books there are too many good Inkscape books to mention I We Eurobond you at the end of what a good book so we have an official book and it is the best and so that's how you learn but learning Inkscape isn't
enough I mean nobody wants to reinvent the wheel but I don't expect everybody to to to want to become the next step in Rembrandt for anything that I'm actually really bad your and there and so many ways you can leverage this new technology and new media and creates a really compelling artistic pieces was really creative design and some really effective things with just using stuff from the open Web and things to SVG and think stating Inkscape being the democratize tool of choice for creating so many things that we can we can actually do that 1st 1 of
course is props good but if you sick of during the guy carrying a briefcase just such guy getting a briefcase think there's 1 but if you if you if you if you mentioned
flower there's like like here thousands so get also but also we keep wikipedia and you've got the contributors are requirements you have to make sure that if it is going to be best represented in a vector form and it has to be in the form of like SCG and not just an open format like SCG but as so which is head it looks so much like it is not funny so this is fantastic and I don't think that's trademarked but I just pulled it off and put on that I think all of Wikipedia's licenses Wikipedia bias say my apologies I guess that attribution so that people have also there is
the critical means Web which is loose assets that have pushed all around but what people declaring that their Creative Commons license if you if you see it and you call with the with the terms you can use other people's work and you should use other people's work because it's it's a big shot up to them right area of the validation of other people's abilities and it's also a time saver for you certainly NASA nested effects so that's
all about how you help you and so people always ask especially when I live in China and try preaching skate what's interfere with the you get out of this and I mean to me as in developer if and and pretty distance lately said but reports with
nothing's frustrating you enough time I'm motivated users spending enough for the consideration of what is going wrong alright the perfect but report Yucca could be such a person it's fantastic to have such a really active community creating such really really really good really really good descriptive bug reports on mentioning expected functionality desired functionality what exactly happened even going so far as to trace the problem with good with good software some people even do harm swap code fixes because there's some point it's the kind of it's the it's the kind of insight to users that many other development channels wouldn't have and I mean it's just it's pervasive to us in the source but to somebody new to the technology it's actually quite amazing and that can do that feature requests and so
on everybody once upon a and but for that ideas work there is absolutely nothing wrong with uh pitching a feature request and you can find out how things go website but I encourage everybody to because it's not like you just using skip you can use Inkscape and then you can say well how about this and that might be the idea that saves everybody else all time have
massive props to Google Summer of Code if you really really really really really want to make things get better you can nominate or even on a rather request proposal for Google Summer of Code project I love that company because they have made so many good features and graphics software it is possibly the single biggest fiscal contribution to our industry and is totally appreciated that is cool the sad reality as Inkscape is relatively
unknown to the population at large we don't have uh marketing agenda we don't necessarily you do you use the right kind of stuff when it comes to getting a message out there which is very lucky for what we have got because it happens to be a free tool that we can ride that horse all the time we want to how we want to have this tool used by the largest number of people make this tool very good tools so it's pretty it's pretty of discussion but so what I'd like to do now is open up the floor about
what he was experiences how you started learning Inkscape what was the most valuable resource to you what your current of frustrations are interacting with Inkscape as a community and and we wanna sort of like and group think so if you have a lot of good at this i Etherpad URL delete stuff that stuff it's actually got the notes for this talk written down there and there's a few Eurobonds in there so you know that's for the the general keeping but I just wanna like opening up to comments not just questions from everybody here because I'm not meant to be yeah but it means that lets them so that they could thank so I don't think skate but no good at all what they really annoys me in still the way the Inkscape mutates things that I'm of developer and designer 1 actually designer and developer in but I like to draw things Inkscape and when I've drawn
something I've done something via code brain and Inkscape he doesn't preserve it as a serious serious problem for me and also that I whenever I'm downloading a file because they are manipulating what by the text that right and so what I download a file from Wikipedia for coming from you in a number of learning there's also its action is all sorts of SCG popping up his clip-art popping up optical part is just 1 of many now which is also but it's got the so occurring in the namespace it's got all this other stuff and it's not usually set to 100 % 100 % with a few box is usually set to a fixed size which is I have to manually bring all that stuff out and 2 D false should be in my opinion the default should be make it as where the as possible makers reusable as possible in Inkscape needs to work and also needs be friendlier to tool other things in the cool chain like 1 of you be taking this thing and this thing I draw inputting into something to to animated I need to keep the in the in the semantics of a circle or semantics of things at and 1st of all all 30 points that you just mentioned I agree with him and then actually agree on this isn't an Inkscape we that this is isn't Inkscape feedback session this is how I learnt I think state how I want to encounter things get but just to quickly and the the question is as a personal pain point I care about the fidelity of the SVG files more than anybody else I'm sure I have big stolen and killed to get lived Croker and hour's Fiji rendering an external style sheets and it's still we we we still haven't done enough to be of the pool in external CSS to be up to get rid of the ID and you know the volume but Michael idea from you know when we are kind of like took this stuff everywhere and the unit duplicated gradient issues kind of back up like there's a few there's a few things where if you're thinking about it as a web object the escape doesn't right because we also have to think about it as a creative canvas and that chemist has to be fast and unobtrusive we don't wanna hold up the user retirement hey guess what actually vertigo shaping like this do you want it to be that shape would you want making new shakers unit change that be really weirded out when the ship starts changing as well that that kind of thing that's uh that's going to take a lot of arguing and that's not what we're here for I'd like to elect and and can summon sum in a story of how they encountered Inkscape anyway of this this guarantee know all about because but I will not do so at my sort of my studies with people loops that it took be so long I was just them the looks freebies user for a long time and not my assistant FIL started to emerge and our findings can like 2 thousand and 6 different to those 5 so it was just being from the but for but yeah that was yeah that was a bit earlier probably now so I do those some of my best work with using and now I know it's not so hard to improve escape but my only complaints my only complaint ever it with the OK well for the guy who fix problems just write to my version because I think is very important to the point you you said is a very popular is true or exists if you doing in the village community open-source community but I I think there's a huge opportunity in the market and these are matters uh without AUC in any 2 versions of the book I think the guys the guys to behind the project to create jobs and all and look for for future versions so there there is bills for the Mac and I know a lot of people are saying in native code that is actually native built but it's slower than running effects so that we can play over that 1 In yeah correct yeah you can exactly solve about that I mean becomes really the tool kit like I mean so and I really wish I that was that was the case but that's very cool I have to say like my immediate and my became my immediate story uh which is right study traditional animation 2002 thousand 2 . 3 D and 2 D and cell and it was really cool time for me to do was the king when it came to animation but everybody knew the web was where all of the creative you had to be and I was using flash about uh I was interested in any to let's again my hands on I encountered uh I encountered an environment where I had to use Linux what to do with development did not have a choice and that not only really frustrated me but that also have piqued my aggressive OK well if if I have to do this then I make them have to fix the problems and the source of the body in the solar interior shapes rendering quite fast and I thought that it it's in a matter of months before this thing takes off but the was allowed to listen to it's been too long and we're now at a very mature point we do have a good offering for the population at large and we decide to get like a bit of ethnography happening like and find out exactly why and what and people and so anybody else have any other comments or ideas about how we can get up there you like to share a story of how I started to love Inkscape it's mainly because of the and the lack of implementation of my wishes to give and I was doing a lot of mock ups in there for a long time and there was a request to have a really simple grouping of layers in given so you have control of minimum having an individual elements separated but still be able to move the whole thing and is 1 thing and Inkscape had simple groups but with a very elegant an elegant way of working inside a group you enter a group and then you can work with the individual objects and then exit the group and work with the whole thing as a single object that thing along just made me redo all my markups inside skewed and I want to look the yeah that's true the selection code is currently that's also and but does anybody else have uh an idea for how we can really get the message out this is more of a a question of how and why haven't I encountered anybody and turned the tide
of Inkscape and that's like my question and answer site outside from English-speaking people in using the Internet and a few other things it is available across from the uh have a search for a speed you google at where in SVG pops up in something like a 3rd of the of the SPG things about are really 2 cricket and like you know like they end up versus of 0 1 abomination that know how loss of the people using as G 2 to in using Inkscape this specifically using Inkscape to draw the shapes share so maybe finding a niche communities where they when they really want to control the workflows might might be a way of doing that freedom of came to me and said I hate what you know nobody's give the news industry program is I think it's pretty cool and reading the press illustrate that I was talking to right and finally he is revealed he had no idea was SVG he knew was an SVG that he had no idea the Inkscape was at the Fiji he was just using it because it was a free call opens with some really surprised to hear that people arguing it could because I hear about a lot maybe it's Ms. selection bias that let me let me cover about that there is absolutely no you are quantifiable data that says that people are adopting skate in fact there isn't so much data to counter to the opposite and that there a perception thing where we are not you know we're not there yet we're up to do that I would love to absolutely anything so the things work the yes so a face and this conference wants but quite a few other times it's like what we started with the tools that we learned at school and so universities university labs or whatever and they're trying to use tools that have foot after the students modern world so therefore they have to teach in industry standards and therefore we have to teach what then in with those programs find people who are frustrated by that who have have other pieces that they can talk to get into trial and allowed to say yes you can find a whole lot scale the spaniel and cost you nothing against wall and then get into the 1st semester and then going to tell the other teachers not so think if you it's a basic payment thing right you get a few active teachers me a what features that you have thousands of students and then some is popular people use it because the landed at school I'm sorry to I totally I totally agree and I'm very optimistic about that particular issue the early adoption issue of getting people in when they're young that kind of unit camel cigarettes strategy of the that's the thing that's got me really parliament is that I think computing is a paradigm is really changing and the whole concept of all users in escaped 0 use In a tool number x and it's it's it's not going to be that brand association anymore we've we've seen so many creative things just today with people of abstracted their workflows into countless tools to create possibilities that they could never do before and I think that once that becomes the consensus you have an idea and then you do your idea rather than you open up your tool and see what you can do you how we're going to get into a state of unique and creative consensus that the workflow and that is not necessarily this tool is the industry standard and that that may make and that make a hungry population of creative professionals and creative amateurs so you can like everything that's not a problem in the next 3 years we take 1 last question yeah actually it's more of a building on what said last year and of human Montreal the woman who taught me 1st you designed as and taught me how to use Illustrator should and she was really come to that using Inkscape and she had said of the the metaphor before having possible time of trying sort of man and luckily for her she brought relapse of long and there were people variables to delta but not everyone has the opportunity and I think that we this sounds awful that we can't underestimated people's inability to actually do the things that we take for granted it's harder than it looks to installing see accuracy normal normal user used to double clicking the button and then pressing the next button and we have a it the other than than all the way to do so he wanders from that we can only have 1 values and that gives last 1 I could not get a job McGill we from all the ball ball this ball Baker gene and doing for left friends so all out there is probably a little misunderstanding between the user community and the developers community the thing that the Baltic up menu of software projects that a primary written for is that developers actually don't work by the Windows or Mac we have all perhaps picks it up brought from John rules there is no all developers crops only Inkscape who uses max so but if anybody is living soul step in and help with that would be very grateful all actually i the bright center altered gold but actually rolled the ball both exactly on that because there was 1 of those who tried to create in sky built from Mac she failed but should document of all his other force as the next person was able to go even further soul of that way if you know if you can come from you but know even if you frail you can help us to help you and the very same thing actually is bulging because of as far as I remember mom of you develop a special convened also except from the thought so all of this is also 1 of the reasons why doesn't fold minus 0 on during the and we so that's the part that you sure and all just to add 1 other quick comment there is a bit of a cultural divide between that the user and the developer community were very lucky to be having conferences like this so we can all get together but what I do wanna stresses there's a whole lot of contribution the People do make an outside of the project and I think it came down to the talk with the free software in Vietnam and hit on the head there is no I am in Inkscape develop are like there is no we don't wanna create certification or anything like that but it's a title anybody can come out it's a title anybody can claim I mean you've opened Inkscape you can now beginning skate develop you win so you can help the website you can be like that go to person and you look at design form you can you can take that claim no one's going to refute it at all this is an open community and we don't hold any brand capital in that title so please you will instead developers demons