Styling TeX documents with Batch Commander

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Styling TeX documents with Batch Commander
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Batch Commander is a tool that provides a graphical interface for styling (La)TeX documents. While the plaintext-based nature of TeX is ideal for automated typesetting, Batch Commander provides a GUI for editing document styles visually, instead of manually editing style files and recompiling. A quick previewing system and support for extensions make Batch Commander worth a look for anyone using TeX, LaTeX or ConTeXt for their own work.
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and then going to show this and application that will be used for the 1st time in and so this is the premier of sorts and that of the models and just going to show you what it's all about so 1st of for those not in the know what this
text data is the typesetting system that is quite different from what you might be used to with the with the model like this goes with a very specific we were able to every and as take you actually time right text files specifically model files and then to output and you're finished got this is the default
appearance of the generated document might take it it's usually used as other the academic field students and 2 types thesis and academic papers but it's quite useful for designers as well but it does have quite learning curve is due to the fact that it's quite different the way that we that designers usually approach typesetting it can be something of a stretch to get used and so the way as I
mentioned with the take is that instead of continually editing the document and finally exporting it to PDF just edit text files and then you pass a text files to programme to the computer so that it will just crunch them and spit out the PDF using that pdfTeX package and
then the great thing about text is that it's you just
use text indices planes that plain text files in the fancy editors although you can find them and you can certainly use them but you can you just need your own text editor and then run your stuff through
it they're not so good part of the course it's relative is that it's all texts and it it's kind of
hard to and sometimes if you come from a graphic designer background to just get used to it as a way of working just with command line and text editors and it's great for writing documents if you want to write for an right in your text marking it up saying this is this quotation This is a footnote it's really good to be able to just use text but for styling documents as you will see it that it's not so handy to just be working with texts a
good analogy for document creation and styling processes can be uh the website making you do the HTML file where you specify what is what and then in the CSS file if you say how it will look like text it's pretty
much that it can be pretty much the same workflow you do it Tec file which will be the content and then the style of which will be the style definitions and Indian you you end up with a PDF document this is
what the textile definitions will look like it there might look weird but the rule is simple just keep error values this is that the value of this property is that and maybe we can do something with and and so but how can we bring
probably bring something to selling tech namely think of gooey which might be something that's some have strong feelings for and some against because we all know that Greece can really be affects your
experience something especially when you're in such a clean and Zen tool aspect if you try to stick to call we inferred as the example of links which to the going to protect it can pretty much take out a lot of the experience for
and so for this family of love and a long time ago covered the most gentleman who has been filming there our talks came up with this program called batch command which is here is an example of it and you just opened text files and you had a way to generate a cool where you could specify which properties you want to be able to change in the and then from there you would run the and that the program you click that Run button and it would generate your style for and then output your text document which will make it really really anti establishment later but which then leads me to the next point if you can't maybe you're familiar with what you're seeing there this version of the batch commander was done with the toolkit called revolution which is based on Apple's HyperCard which is proprietary and kind of obscure and and so I to care of the job of taking it into a more open framework so and I have read on
it batch commander in Python and duty and so
what I'm going to show now is a video because in no demos will definitely not work especially in the context of a short this is an attack Document simple tech document that I opened with G and just your
regular thick document and I just have this 1 this thing in my computer and then right now all the
opening batch commander and I'll show you how you can
actually take care of the styling of the document in
probably nicer way this is batch commended on this
on the talk you can see and what you can choose the document that you're opening the name of the the self all that you'll be creating and the name of the output file and then below you have the interface which I'll explain later is generated just by text files as well and these corresponds to all the to several of the tech uh possibilities of the 1 I decide to stop and actually running then we have the data files which are the files that generates the interface so now you opened up file and then select
the self-help India felt and then you just 1 and then we
have a PDF preview that will show us right away
he it done it's done a three-page document in 1 10th of a 2nd and this is the final PDF this is not a preview that's also probably worth mentioning so out changing the text with values and then run and you can see the difference and this is actually the output to get the final pdf so there's no intermediate steps here just taking care of the final documents and you can run it again and fiddle with the controls which is handier than editing style text file and running text all over and repeating this process over over and over you can also change the units the next to the values to specify how the should look to know we are going back to the to the initial value and now here comes the fun part thank you which is immediately we were we had been clicking run all the time but now the changes are just instantaneous you can just see the gift is being generated every every time you click on the button because take is really fast and lends itself to this kind of approach can change parameters like the paragraph the heights paragraph advances and many others that you can find in the tech reference and that you can you can just play with something that edited text file doesn't lend itself to do and that you've seen that the controls are generated by text files which have a very simple markup which also shown moment and you can create a toggle boxes color boxes and number 2 values and choice values the color boxes on what something really happy with you can actually type of color names and they will keep updating the conscious of this part of
the this is this is the market that you would use to generate interface by the command this is a markup language called which it's pre-cluster Jason and you just have to specify you can recognize that the maximum and minimum value the default units decimal points and so on this is how it is you would specify total books on and off this choice books all just just got to 5
minutes and then it's actually working really nicely so
far in this are the next steps for the 1st time it would be really nice to have keyboard control not have to drag the mouse around and you could actually solution stuff with the keyword would be really nice to to some 130 hackers were around and definitely really want to meet you because there some stuff that could be definitely made and the nice thing about this approach is basically but commanders generating text files so you can you can use this to move to for an engine that's based on text files were working like POV-Ray which is a 3 D engines at that just takes this text file and renders its with 3 D commands and renders it and batch command the cover also did a version that would to cooperate in this is 1 of the next step it also can be used for a Python script support and is I use this with the issue about which shelves should show tomorrow at but so that in the you can for instance generates a Python script with just variables variable definitions and then imported from another conference with in that way you can say change the variables in real time with that and that actually works on it would be nice to have attacked love your as well because sex creates really useful lots and right now the program doesn't have them and the PDF Viewer is really simple really simple stuff it's based on popular and that and it could definitely use some work but like I said this project this really recent and that's something that
what would ask if you if you have any interest in text or in typesetting really tried a that's the websites and we need users to try this and tell us what's wrong to follow but sort just send feedback that would be really great and there was hope you like and you have