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Phatch is a user friendly, cross-platform Photo Batch Processor and EXIF Renamer with a nice graphical user interface. Phatch handles all popular image formats and can duplicate (sub)folder hierarchies. It can batch resize, rotate, apply shadows, perspective, rounded corners and many more actions – in minutes instead of the hours or days needed to do so manually.
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and 1 of the leading a lot of this method of money the it is also being in the variant of the beginning it looks like and is the stadium just affect the rest of your and as you these are only used for how is this side of the and there has long been defined using the this is not very little so we get the rest of the and the last 1 is the latest version of the this this is the last quarter of year in which a lot of to online and in the in the old was that the Sun is all I in the region another thing is that you and you can and also to the side of the question of how you interact with the power of the yeah so that so in the end you know anything on the lower end of the world and you can also use prefetch with 1 click of the bottom uh and the same is true for ImageMagick thing which possible image novels possible infection and also uses of certain tools of things gaping gimp in the background and I will come back on that later yeah these or more actions which were possible um so you can buy for these ingredients into a nice recipe and
uh for example at what they used a lot in this presentation to eat my own dog food is uh here you see how it works the 1st action is the wrong direction then it that's a reflection than it saves the image so that's what they use for most of my screen shots to make them look nice and and if that's too much work for you you can even
be more lazy because such can you offer a menu of pre have cooked recipes for example
to make batch budgens therefore your websites always to make a Polaroid's or to turn your images in 3 D objects with Blender uh and so on this will this allows you to save uh a lot of time because of thing you can do for 1 image you can also do for thousands images does the amount of images that don't matter anymore I will give you quick
demo but have of you can start such just from
the menu so um if you start by adding
actions for example I will very quickly demonstrates because of so many
actions you can feel the results so we do a
reflection um we put it in a perspective and to we of course will
save it so this is the action is uh
to better overview would what happened so I just would reflection perspective and see if I can just drag pictures on it and fill budgets and to
do the result is safe from the fetch folded
in in Europe uh on your desktop You can
change that do and if all you want let's say
that I'm not happy with the perspective I can click
here and choose different projection and
that again and you have to say of data to so
this is just this just to demonstrate how easy it is to just to quickly puyallup something together and apply it to an amount of pictures that you want I can
also so if you're uh can also demonstrate
library then and for example let's
usable right and do show it can batch
images will drop to images on it and then it'll
batch them and display them in the Federal or
maybe thank this yeah displays and on the on the desert
them so um you see with just some clicks you
can do very nice effects for a lot of images at same time and it will give you a nice notification station
yeah you can also order and effects on the server so you don't see it doesn't depend on the user interface you can executed directly so or you can keep axis and user interface and infamous server and fetch also now has emission spectra um before dimensions but could only 1 and the 1 image at a time and but now you can uh James Schmidt that also in the image Inspector off 1 photo off of a whole row of photos and I can Mariel sniffling tool demonstration of that would it be so
you open the emission spectra and I take a
just a photo and they can go to the exit made
that and then for example those go to the data I see it's at the bones and it says Wednesday when for example I change today you will see that the they switch to 1st day so also the older older values are connected to together so also new in this
version is that you have much more visual feedback so you have a preview dialog so far is of the masker action at all for the highlighted section uh as I said such can
interact with the different 3 graphics software so and this means it's also can much more formants so it can open game uh files and it can open all files the 0 it can process batch process as Fiji files into bit maps with Inkscape because if you uh try to do this with ImageMagick you gives very but results because image ImageMagick content billed as features of landscape and ImageMagick also allows almost any file from to be added from movies formed files uh PDF and so on uh this is an overview of the
ImageMagick actions well you can't read to but I will give some examples so the image
magic has its own ball right action which you can use as well or pencil sketch actions
and this is for example done with Blender and you
can apply that to any amount of photos you want to the blood action works that you choose the objects right now we have 6 objects and then also
with p should I look you can easily choose you don't specify the demand for degrees you just need to choose if you point you want if you want you can change the the axis that's that's not really and what's also new for the latest version is
that we've been working on cross-platform sport in our kitchen and following the Human Interface Guidelines of each platform so
here you see the the results there's 1 mistake I think Apple people will see it don't open but among tool toolbox is a use since me should never do that on apple will remove it they have their own rules you see for example stations
in action we use uh and want to use a new investigation system on the Mac use GroEL and Windows doesn't have its own systems so we provide custom solutions this the Windows
installer it's available now uh it's not typically available because we want to get feedback from that at this stage is there any people here there are still using Windows again get it from the from the Windows installer from the same for the Mac installed and so that's that 1st version
starts out as a private project but now we are free to for developers and it's growing every day
so if you want to contribute to your welcome to join us and and yeah I don't think there's
time for questions maybe if there's 1 question I'm happy to answer and bold does give there's a word should because it was just as often the 1st thing is 1 question the Holyoke is getting ready yes so it looks like this can be used to call other programs like another programs called this for instances and pretty easy to use that's also possible I mean you can do it from the government blind and also you can do it as a Python API I think quick and put