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SVG - News and Plans
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everyone so this is meant to just be a five minute talk
but I will have a little panel afterwards so these are all the slides and provide prepared so we represent the SVG Working Group and there's a few more people means that you were group with we several of them uh and so we had a lot of people talking about various parts of CGA today have in the in the open source implementations and we want to clarify where we are as a standards body as a group where we have a planet leading SCG and where we plan on helping you that was previously so the news plants In this slide show courses and this teaching naturally can just about so of course it has anyone here been living under a rock for the last here so OK if you have your excellent so SCG it the 1st browser implementations native pressure implantation was an
course in Firefox followed soon after that and in when kids with what Safari and Chrome after that obviously that Adobe as Adobe SVG readers reader was probably the 1st so complete as Fiji implementation but uh in terms of browsers this is worse than is also on proprietary evil mobile devices like the iPod you even as was declared and scripting not the iPod of automated pod touch this on the test but it's on the the iPhone and there was some other standard performance on and there was a big problem though because what there was an elephant in the room which none of you use that some people out there use those internet explorer and as of a few months ago they announced that it indeed STG will be in an explorer 9 hardware-accelerated no less so that came as a
surprise to some of us so SVG Tiny or a
G 1 . 2 we just completed SVG Tiny 1 . 2 will last year yeah yeah and December of 2002 9 year and so that that's sort the mobile implantation of CG in the time between when SVG Tiny 1 . 2 started and when it is achieved 21 . 2 didn't like 5 or 6 years and of course browser mobile browsers they were all capable of doing SVG for 1 . 1 at that point so of SVG 1 . 2 full is that you guys don't have struck the SPG 1 . 2 at all with regards to the standard what usually concentrating on is moving forward from here so why is it that
because it had a lot of data use cases requirements of things that were introduced for standalone things rather than being the integrated use of the web platform and taking advantage of the the of the new API so the new context be obviously HTML 5 and C is a sum cameras all have this graphical aspects to them that we were working with that we're that s he she needs to be reevaluated in terms of what you can do about registered so also there's a lot of of scripting API that were planned for SVG 1 . 2 4 and we moved those into different groups and we've started with new groups with the things we didn't plan on doing and also there's a lot of descriptive eyes that the browser holes are a part helping to to move forward so and also got a different constituency of the group of before it was we can have the browser vendors involved and now we do we have all the browser vendors and what we were starting to get more authoring tool vendors involved at the leaves recommitted to SCG in terms of the authoring environment of those Kevin Lynch the CTO actually demonstrated to SCG authoring on in the keynote of Google I O a couple weeks ago that was pretty cool but there's another authoring tool that that really needs to to really have representation on the SVG Working Group and using so can few but slackers and join the SVG Working Group is for so as the G 2 is what we should be
talking about I heard some you talking about SVG 1 . 2 when this feature attitudes to some of those features
have been have been folded in but we also have new course so so again we want to integrate more closely with regional vivant then other stuff that's going to be 3 and other places we are going to cancel the bravest that down into a core specification that's interoperably implemented among browsers and and authoring tools and that in the also have supplementary modules of some of the stuff that was an SVG 1 . 1 Full might make into module part of that is like filters for example when acting really filters or moving them into spec where you where CSS can use filters that SCG filters in HTML as well right so we're moving filters animation transforms so we have this new a group called the ethics task force and it's a joint group with CSS Working Group always working and gradients transforms animation things that are sort of joined things that always give orders using not just those using SVG although we all know all cover should be using sell something more also we really stronger focus on testing interoperability because right now people are a little bit concerned about where they can use what feature CG word in that by having a much more complete test suites and much better interoperability between browsers so that comes into part of that consent participation of the developers remains the and that was the invention that and we need design the use case requirements were not asking to completely reinvent messaging but we are really interested in what people using for today where they see gaps and where they can use it to so
how do you participate I take the product of literacy process Republic Working Group is a mailing list which is for what concerns the need of G . org you can follow us on Twitter or identical and we also have a blog which we don't do very often but we're trying to be better about the news out there so in were also obviously here of so here the error goes from Johnson what from was alone is not here today you'll probably be here he was here before you probably hear tomorrow in the graph so from Canada 100 English from result in a back injury so he's not here today but sequential tomorrow letter from Rosenthal from Adobe crystalline of the trees in your Chris induction so in were also we were starting a new thing called an open face-to-face state so we we have face-to-face meetings to to talk about the 2 just basically get together and solve issues and it's with the refunding really productive in addition to the top of this that we do so where actually had been 1 minute create lists have been very busy and an organizer there will be anybody still here on Monday you can come to a face-to-face meeting and just see how just how the Committee of the working group actually works and so that's on Monday and you just contact me can of your organization of moral stimulus Fiji open we're using things would think about having this so it is that 1 of the candidates set at the end it's worth thinking about having like the Open face-to-face day as a regular feature of the of the SPG face things when we call OK with with with means like we did with sodium so with the conference psychology and so so that the public can actually get more involved or directly the argues so here the few events
that you should be aware of so as open is in this late
august to september 1st in Paris and and we will again be having a face-to-face
meeting there and this is the speech is my talk on behalf of the slide so I'm doing of the Web directions is a conference in London and under really doing of abuse speaking on STG there from June 8th to 11th in London
and there is actually there was just a of this this is not quite announced yet to be announced a couple days there's a contest for you were developer designers make web content on the Web Directions Conferences along with Microsoft is having a contest to make a lot of progress lighter so like of scientists that's progress forest and that sort of thing and you can if you look for the no-bid Sherlock contest you should find it in the it begins June 11 and you can get a violent book you expect 316 legal mindstorms and also other software so where the hardware like legal and maintenance of so I'm I'm almost done and this is an example of a slider will that's the sort of thing outside of a progress bar this sort of thing but much prettier than that that that that they were looking for and now this followed
a link and radical back paralegal back this process alter but no intruders into an old and have all all options all options list that's me means actually just like that yeah OK and finally this
is nothing new this achievement doesn't do with from are some
some of you may have a tension at an earlier session of about a the some some doing audio things and we there was a Mozilla community project to put audio control in the browser including audio synthesis and so I I found these guys have that well we have had to be 3 C so that we created an audio incubator group that's also public group and that's just open for musicians and engineers users anybody who is who has some stake in will of the state of well audio it is going to do this and have some working here this process so this is not
the build now now it's broke this only works especially as a special build of most that actually has an audio API and have this if you are my blog you can actually see this working with a special filament tells you where to download it but it plays music it's generated synthesized music in the in the branch but but we think of OK so that's me
and this Chris so if you have if you're interested in purchasing SVG Working Group contact 1 of us and we can put you in touch with the the right sort of we push on the right track that's all
said thank you for your attention and now I'm going to reintroduce these guys with these guys introduce themselves and if you that any questions for the SVG Working Group like what our next plans are things like that then play on the we're going to introduce the I'm crystalline still at this is my 3rd and yet this methodology and I must say this is an expert but the next conference and and generally include serious it's really great to come here and see the the energy and that's something new projects and never heard of simplicity of presentation costs content that so this is really a matter of convenience and a number of agreements co-hosts so we could actually so I could get approval trouble approval to come coming and among other things yeah so I know what I do it w 3 c and I was actually 1 of the people who started Cascading Style Sheets was 1st share that sometimes Cascading Style Sheets troops and I kicked off an idea in 2001 to diseases 2 . 1 to standardize the bits that really work and unfortunately still indirect 10 years later so that we ship early and often not the more interesting and the most recent refinement is the funds within groups so a new way of sending funds electrical what powerful weapons from from and it's not format has been determined cells that but but that's interesting this new stuff use I'll be profound use commercial fonts whether licenses actually explicitly says you can do this you can put phone on the web and that other people use it for you being a website that from is not
actually impossible before always possible in PDF you can invent thing and that the web doesn't do embedding linking so this different and it's different things so it's interesting to see that happen finally 10 years after I really wanted to but at least it's working so that's what I do when have unwanted Rosenthal from Adobe Systems and my responsibilities Adobe are around find basically the person the W is responsible for PDF as a language and a technology and a big part of my
doing that is to go out into the world and participate in various standards organizations out to see that
pdf and related technologies are adopted in utilized in
and around the world so SCG being a vector graphics format is extremely important to us now which is why I participate in this organization in addition to having been involved with it back when it was still PGM ML at Adobe before we got involved with the w 3 c at the time I also due color works are represented every with the ICC other groups such as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute of but certainly my main work is with the ISO their national standards organization which is the group where pdf and its subsets have been standardized for over 10 years now since 1999 was actually the 1st PDF international standard and 1 less thing before all pass the microphone on is just echo what Doug said which is about participation in and certainly in the STG groups but also we've heard I use a use of cholera and all sorts of other open standards in many many of your projects which is great than as as someone who spends his life doing open standards that's wonderful to see that used across the board and as widely as it is in the labor graphics community but I will echo dogs words participate on an open standard is not open if we don't get feedback from everyone now otherwise if it if it's the whole by and and honestly if it's a whole bunch of commercial your close proprietary developers were making the standard you're not gonna be happy with the you may not be happy with I take advantage of that take advantage of them being open standards in common and participate you know but only on a mailing list and you can make the meetings that's still more participation then just not being involved at all and getting stuck with whatever we come up with so please consider the so called all forms the please please participate and you talked about talk to myself talk any of us about how you get involved few so under Chavez emitted only I I had I had a svg where that's located in the I've made the grass online help represent cannon on the STG Working Group I Canon as a japanese company loves standards and wherever possible they we will use as an open standard rather than that lead to lower their proprietary 1 so this means that this is a lot yes the is in a very pretty this something I think we 7 and then sometimes have a bit of I I think he has a working now FIL interplay play Mary had the if I work yeah it was I think that the but this is why is has progressed so far there because we've got people like him on the groove of the and ISA care likes to use our is there's reversible rather than use proprietary 1 and i which is why we're here on the Working Group II in particular can and has interests on us using vector graphics the 3 D effects how that currently I myself Presley have an interesting fact composing effects and filter effects in SPG inside to work on that area then it and if if you want to know is the way that the technology go is a very here in the audience has a cannon and so on that's about a year old roughly you are the year insult up ceilings are used either also out but what Beauchemin day you have an SPG runner-up so that's the so that that's the way that the for the user interface so that's the where the the technologies used on on our and so on and 2 of the generic hi to those of you that don't know me I am miracles from now on I'm not currently chairing the city working group but have a culture as well but he is on hiatus for all 3 so so the book basis no yeah so anyway I do my work for a proper software so not an open source the company although we do have some parts that are open source like the dragonfly debugging environment ouch anyone can contribute to which by the way is really handy for debugging as and I encourage you to try it out I was the person but the the prototype implementation of the CGE engine can operate on was a couple years back on but I think we probably rewritten the whole thing out of my Mohammadi times but every right improve so things quite a bit so it's so it's that fun progress and on getting faster and more stable and more fully-featured with every new release the goes out so I'm doing more of graphical type of work it operates on developing been people involved for example with the the web fonts support this well surrendering texts the fonts and making sure that all time as well as doing lots of different graphics stuff for countless a this just use patterns so so yes so we actually we only have a few minutes I guess but if there are any questions the audience may be so we could pop up Oregon and finish but I see Dave Crossland Dave Crossland with their gut Fiji the performance of the web and what work was kind of future that I don't see
what will face the form and for especially maligned scripts at SPG forms has low potential I think so the CG fonts started as a the kind of SCG from started off as a compromise solution the idea was that designers would do 1 of 2 ways that either assume the form was on the client system and output text and be disappointed although convert all it text to curves and retain the access to content and there is no longer texts and you couldn't you can select you can search and it was useless so we wanted CD from spin middle ground is less OK cos remember where those curves can from keep the text around it we usually that that sort of solution and and particularly for for mobile where often the the implementation don't have access to the system it doesn't have formed so there is only 1 font installed so if you wanted any sort of graphic variety that's actually a CG fonts we look also things like um iTunes users the funds apparently a lot of and so that's why the difference was designed to do had fairly minimal nationalization sublime useful unit enables you can have a quest for new compact you want but honestly had a higher rate forms to have a couple linguistic things but not very much whereas spoken type has got a huge amounts of internationalization since the message whatever was started it's really taken over the world it's like you have lots and lots more features and that's always the way the industry's going this way these small recitations is going so we want to use that want to capitalize on what so for general text display in multiple languages what is the way to go because he remember PostScript and Type 3 fonts is essentially the way you do the watermarking stuff that's like you know random numbers and and and we have stuff from doing anything you want the you can possibly John PostScript it's that sort of thing that we think of CG fonts morning towards and also the dynamic aspect arrested you introduce responses to events has animation it has so so if you want to do a that stretches and moves around and and tables and whatever that's so that's the differences can be good for us to release which are differentiated so use the appropriate tool for the job that's essentially the future of the 2 former that the short answer is uh that matter in exploring the Mozilla norm zone is particularly interested in message fonts so right now that's probably features can go into a module it may not be part of the core of CG to also it the more people bring the use case requirements and tell browser vendors yes we do want this feature and yes this can do things that for us that what that what can do the more pressure this put and to to actually support popular and animal thing and so Dave's talked you have this thing of the center line and then using that to so generate the rest of the font by putting it to put in them across all a simple way to do it in a little things we essentially saying here's the skeleton and stretching with endures things I'm applying set of processes to it much like your Python generated type font if you have an API to then get out of the glyph outlines and show them into the rendering that would be an interesting way forward and then doesn't have to be implemented because you're essentially using this is part of interactivity and you generating content which is then basic paths which the browsers can display that's what I will do so that just as a follow-up interview is that's different sort of 1 of the body in a separate model I would suggest that the basic just past this description of this uh be kept in this just on and then the likelihood of this being generic blocks of us to g as a separate model will we will try to push that forward Chris but use cases I was particularly interested in something which I don't know if that makes sense for it the view see but I really hate that will notice of might say but I don't really like uh that the box model and I would like to use SPG to sort of bypass that underlie layouts in the areas that and I don't know how and to what extent that's possible with the the current specification or if what's the does make sense if you could me for a for HTML they'll so so previously CSS was for them in 1 partition and introduce another place don't keep it structure up on the but with with the integration and I was talking about that means that you can you can do much more you can take these bits of the assassin conservation and so on so forth so yet he want to lay out your stuff differently you can have absence script patched together but if you want to basically generates message in offline Institute into document and the dominant have a display like that yeah you can do that absolutely so so that is actually part of the integration of H 5 is mixing SPG in into H 2 now into in HTML Fiji that in mind both ways so that we would ever again that was gasses of operas gets himself in in an explorer said they're really interested in what I would love to see that I guess is like a kind of Inkscape that does that looking at you guys know that there will be possible that like you know because then there is potential for having like a Michael selected go we way of dealing with of web content which does sort of not so the other questions 1 more so I have a question about of kind about web video as well as hello the free and open source community connects with what you guys do corporate interests but with the web video of
hold the bocca last few weeks so he our friend here is like no no are the Adobe question but
I I I I think it would be interesting to hear guys take on that and also how these
different communities here at this conference how they are
driving and or implement things iteratee driven by corporations that create centers
and then use organizations like be 3 C 2
move that agenda forward in and this like you I will not take the 2nd half of the time at least from my
company I can't speak for other commercial enterprises breakfast before my company but if we do we working in various different ways with respect open standards 1 of them is it use examples what we do with pdf which is we had a standard that we felt in the industry felt had reached maturity I after almost 15 years of existence and we thought it was time for us to relinquish control of that and turn it over to the world at large to drive it forward are so the initial release of that 3 ISO 32 thousand part 1 is exactly what Adobe had done technical but what's happened since then over the last couple of years since it became a standard has been driven entirely by the industry and we have now received of almost a dozen new features of a part of the next generation of which all came from various other organizations countries individuals etc. so now it becomes this world wide direction so from our standpoint it's we developed the technology as far as we have on another 1 is XMP which is the metadata technology supported by many of the projects here we just announced that were turning out over to the ISO was well when they've accepted so it's going to go as it exists today because that's what already in use around the world in in your projects and everything and in the future will be driven by the people to participate so our goal is to start with what exists and then let's see where the world is going to take it of entities you have a little bit of a different process we don't know could rubber-stamp specifications we don't we we like SCG started as a submission from Adobe submission from Microsoft a few others in small others emissions at the end of can we we were those into something every can with with the to a consensus process sometimes things are really widely deployed in so it and so we actually do try keep as much backwards compatibility but where it doesn't make sense for the open web that's where we that's where we change things and is is reduced to a product of a bunch of a company's doing things they already had been coming in and so that sort of so we have we are so but we are but we do take submissions from members this so it's a great in that way the various book or I think we're out of time thank you very very much in the