Free Graphics Programming, experiences & thoughts

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Free Graphics Programming, experiences & thoughts
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A year at programming for graphic|product design with free softwares and freedom in mind.
Keywords Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) Libre and Open Source graphics software
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again besides career research that I worked on a couple of project this and if it from something like consistent across the ground and and related to an expansive coding related to graphic design and graphic the design in general and maybe a bit more than that so have a list in fact analysts of programs and were
that's not all programs and some of you remember don't of because of and 1 and when so under the first one I don't know no I think yeah so an entire was the the 1st programmer and I worked on it was at that time true children to have the typesetting programs without any the idea was that I didn't want to do is Texas at this moment but I and the managed and imaginary of what should be welcome post and I had the idea was was not possible to achieve this by using a base engine and text processing text processing in a way that you have text a collection of shots and you want to turn it into a collection of beliefs so my idea it was in that that was to well some changes it was a program
actually you have something like a cast and on the 10 so the collections OK it was like the making or how you do this by an attorney so and I wanted so to to get something like like that at
the end thing which is we discuss is done when the efficiency of the PDF generation 712
like 1st program the of his lecture old
plain text with OK I I wanted to to to have something that and it turned out when I a most speaking with a friend friend good about this program that I wanted to show you where it is this program
that I had to combine it again and I voted maybe 3 or 4 years ago was characters what did the early years of 54 for and
nowadays you can compile it anymore so there is no it was it you know because the there a Q ion count a void pointer anymore so the end of the program is completely broken and and I had the choice to to fix it just to accept that this nostalgia typesetting is over and I just have to to develop a and up there it's a bit sample to switch but is it was it the work on the time so that means this that was from metrics
I presented a couple of time and energy and and after this I stopped working on grateful almost 1 year the some 0 I don't mind that is to continue the work metrics and we here we can work was a nice project about what to do to make it really uh widely used and best from manager in the world and I think we were quite excited and and it was really nice to to come marked to for months weeks in this atmosphere so and we should be matrix before I should the from metrics that I want to just because something else that happens on single when we were in Vietnam was the we we had a workshop and during this workshop we wanted to show website of values and related projects
and 1 of them was formed metrics and and this moment was what I discovered on the full its website is in of decide website West someone and someone who is not an example could be so so of that it's it's it's so example couldn't related to from Matisse I don't want to speak at plants that fall metrics has been the 1 would documented from matrix in the 1st place and the way they did was so so crazy because it's it was when we were already uh really maybe the 0 . cents and I was in a rush working and he told me many 100 or 200 times with the documentation I wrote please read the condition of world what do you think and should they before really is this presentation as said OK I would weigh that's what you know how we are we don't I want to cop was the plantations so I started to read the documentation and in fact this the condition was 1st before the condition of from matrix in every detail is it was crazy because of a low if some of you use for the metrics above that is something like this the big may see below the features are independent everywhere and the is covered everything and it's sort it out every mechanism in the program and double that wrote a beautiful text that freedom typesetting and 4th free forms so it was like lack I want sex so involved this is being 1 half here since when is a bit rate is less than 0 . 6 the projection of the active at the moment because its principal developer Camacho is either busy with other things submission trunk is currently seeking 150 commits away from or 0 . 6 and features a rather simplified user interface was 2 new features like name could dance the new user intent has not yet finished with some of the formant that's currently being flooding windows uncertainty we will finish the changes in UI the command anomalies than exertion so it was really crazy to have broken in writing memories we didn't of conduct for almost 6 months now and it said is now so I we show you some of this stuff this is
floating window you can type sitting in front of a princess if you like it so the main the pose of the
changes in and Informatics was to to make it's pretty straightforward to define a font and not to do dig into menus it's twice as so no the whole thing is to display forms and the most phones because and time and this means to users to filter this form very 0 is in the don't know but the few this a large amount of forms to make it possible to to rule it out by the data to someone you want to use in your work so I will just present that everything from the past is to there and the new stuff in the future the filter is the way that you you select something like that and a certain mentality as of tribute and you stand it is based on top of the window maybe it's not the best idea is what we have and this type of of research is uh tags and attributes constitute a few things that could have your own list of forms and is shown is shown that can be any of maybe something like they had some reason long subset of forms that you can explore all to define some assumption so how it was that you I would remove this the larger wonderful like we have more than 7 for forms and if i want to filter out free forms I applied this feedback to the list and this in turn is constituted by 2 research is 1 the following a free license the free keywords in the license fee and of limit and have font and open world so it's something like care of us when I say I'm looking for a free from 1 job I can just go to if you don't afree and see what happens and I can refine this shows but saying I want to and the Committee of free from something that not normally it's a bit more than that because to to be able to to make it so uh to 2 of under under the subset of fault I have to 2 buttons on and not which is a HMM subsets of the time but I didn't find a way and it's it's the purpose of my talk hope I didn't find a way to to articulate nicely my attempt to do something with is quite personal about programming and to make it a valuable to everybody so you can say that the cyclones and the to the way the that ispresented phase 2 to spread among user because I presented a program like a lot of times to the problem just don't understand them get what what would they have to do with this program so I tried the mold but it's all I have a sentence and limited what it's not that OK I tried a lot and I still don't managed to to get something working so I I would was that said this class is the same as the software produced a success as a software out where it was my point for folk matters so I can show a couple of things that I find really nice is the new let's say free please what makes a deserve when are I like them into 2 it's stuff like like the text is written as long as you like that 1 it's nice and the charts of you I didn't change and this the new this is the way and this is what I mean when I say I felt to to make its really really nice for user that they have to manage that as there but I like the overall design of the dispense but it when that's and another thing in the same vein is something like the there is a new space managing
despite the specimen will continue and I don't know if you remember I remember that so this this said they the module in charge of writing this specimen books was something very flexible the no that was downplayed and you would expand the user to write down plates due to our actual specimen books and it failed completely because nobody in from rot Voltaire such a dumb place so now it's everything is uploaded so it is my choice my 12 I find 7 before I will distinguishing itself why can't continue to sell the least and then sent from the man's
history like my meeting was there was a group that really the 1st the 1st class the 1st class it was that had like it was the workshop
while this 1 is it was a workshop about their and inductive liberation face and we have a great time is a lot of people is a lot of uh tweets with the use of these T 2 spectral the that as and nucleosomes scans it's it's it was really really really nice let's maybe 2 or 3 months later we're being
asked to to do an exhibition In announcing friends and we thought it would be nice to
have the same set up as for that this works the the diversion face worship but you can stay to we couldn't stay for 2 weeks in the gallery to to make this work so the idea was at this moment to you all do the the software we used in the workshop into the new software able to run the workshop alone but it was not that there was a mix of actual marketing and rowing and the program and the the Olsen communicate communicates through the scanner so this is the this is part of the system I think this 1 so Nancy in 2 uh just to to render
the thing that the person faced alone so you get something some ships in black paper scan it and you know you don't have any temperature the going into the scanner onto the scanner and who you will you answer the questions of Nancy like this and the it's it's a mix of english and french as was really nice in ASCII out and new when at the end of the process their so that the during can is inserted into its so it's traced inserted into a formal living recognition phase and as a newcomer to the president said yes at this time was a suppression 7 also have before the submission to itself or and after that you can download the new form because it was the it was you knew it was coming in and it does create and on the server to the regenerate based on the new UFO for font and 7 so it wasn't that the Nancy answers and a partner now Fonzie from the is built on the same the I want to say that but on the same text I would say because all the component we have here can be reused to to be scanned from programs so that's what we did last so from is the From is a
scan from programs and we can deform Chris Fonzie like the fault we were displayed yesterday this was yesterday and I want to show you the 1st formed review with that so from is the Commission 1 to again falls because the graphic design in single cells is another it's 10
10 10 10 and in the treatment uh in 1st instance to to do there forms for coming books like this kind of falls within the quality of the the contours is not critical even the spacing was a bit want to say that it was not very good but in the end when we worked a lot with this program for used 3 4 or 5 commingled forms it was it was really nice because before this program and the uh the process to to make this font was we they some really long and when we present in this program to do partner for this business association she fuels like amazed because she's send the the the scans in the morning and the afternoon shed the font size was like also fast all the data about this coming from the problem that the program the specificity of this that the 1st iteration of further from the west to provides the 1st time since in order to have this the and if you remember you can have an independent type some kind of function to of the 2nd 1 and and the the the performance it was being implementing a discounter of function to to write a proper feature files to to make at random so when it's displayed many it's this 1 is working yeah I think it works the I don't know and and and shoe it the as in precision where is it and that the 2 s are not the same because it turns around 1 3 or 4 of the so it was fun and how to continue and Fonseca directly tools different and maybe so now they have some kind of a key in in just this is this you so we have been asked and German-made working and this kind of today we would say for the next event of cool and this can the medial and it goes consider and it's the idea is to to cross this this program is that this act which is an OCR program and to make it possible to just have scans of of loops and automatically process them to exports performance the text and you will need of this form of this and this text so this is the that the next it works if the if at the end of this class is uh at our it works it was mainly but it was in history from another party facts but
were so the latest for the right and I would be
shortened for the for the right but it's interesting because the all point to just take a look for it's not only the program I do for a designer working with words and she is not in the place of the told into a digital picture but when I spoke to work and explain how it was important to to to do free software for creating design Exeter Exeter she understood there was something here and assessment to collaborate for for project will prozac and should be at the ready different find now I didn't know notice to you if you have a set thank you the the excuse me it's not well prepared of transitions if a dividend of the really want OK if it's right it's like to chew to
explore the patterns made out of the that coming from their there there OK let's say you have the to call and the dual you might you make a right a of it and if it makes about slack time and they should change
that the weight the but then doesn't fit and it's send something and you can explore that gender and there's something because you have this this this way in digital images you you will every time go this way like this can line and this is the most profitable and on translation in this lecture you text but that that when this way and it's the same for for this right so the the the threat go this way so this is this something that you can explore a continuum to show was this is from 0 again that the is what's interesting is the collaboration true to redesign the objective and so my links
you can I have them all by places angle we
have to handle again from to right the example it's
a program some kind of program like really inspired inspired by some kind of lecture what is almost the same with the differences 1 is that what you have here as the text input the commands is that programming language like by it's a it's a text so the subtext of commands and adjusted many of you could say substrate but you have a dictionary where you can change and can add yes it's keyword and when when does it means that this text is out of the fire exported by not export is saved by phone forced to describe the belief that this 1 and you can in fact not languages I want to and like people because it was done for in my opinion to 2 the workshops to to to give workshops to explain what were the relationships between the text and the text the graphical output grammar and a dictionary and on 11 and the codec Churkin because it just for once the commands to qt duty there a graphical framework like when you have a complete as it translates into a cubic to called into t which is the seat as well but it was finalized that states for pitched work workshop we get with this program people came and ask for something something and something else and because it's the purpose of this about all you have is easier pitch in and because it's the the the the the point of this this workshop this program workshop disposal program to to to deal with the text and to make people unaware of digital can show into with this digital culture we would come from this text is simple thing texts this actually called and running this program and there's something like the went from the states to the text of the code and coming back to this day when we try something as it's all of these said to remember member toward OK anyway so that I won't present everything we did was they used this program it's it's it's it's huge in fact because there there there was no maybe I can stop him because the end of the list yeah so
that yes it says that my work thank and Bilmes would changed and the was to come and see the language Houston PostScript and look for shot now and and pass uniformly can now John yeah this
now is just this I mean is just a list rules line yeah how my head when I was in the works so I say that it is vocabulary as being of the 10 1st time for PostScript has exactly the same that you can find in every every graphic from and it's to extend the what said digit but could
we have of the 1st phase the world how that is opposed to preference was which news but all of lies to continue to work with digital graphic and now we can of this country and we can have it in there is visiting this is some of the same we don't see image of the same terminology everywhere and we we can because I can work is in the linguistics of whatever Pieter QTR was a mastery at all but it was the same thing and you'll you'll never lost into the language of something because you know what's what's the Digital Shape what's according to what's of stroke widths a few words yeah that's what I want to to chair was people when I show this this is program but I didn't say what's important at 1st I didn't want to implement of some kind of PostScript interpreter because PostScript is a programming languages not this that when we were speaking this program friends at the end of that in that last time we added something to the the commands the possible commands someone asks for variable so and the newcomer can still variables into the the program to reuse them later in the in the text so this text this that is a little by little and by its users new users turning to kind of programming language it's something like and I want to explore this process this sort of so it's a it's a really quick question it is and I'm actually looking for someone the with the high programming skills that's what makes moment are you sure that anyway the it whether this process remains I want to generate identify kinds somewhat differently in this section reminds you take the of the fight some enemy turn it them to something which is randomized but not randomized sites had I thought maybe this is the kind of product that may interest you that's all you had and this film was it involves the syntax analysis but this is next there was no I don't know it's it's who ate I We will going to give there were with this program and we don't know where it's going to in it's it's it's standard it shows up this something new this so what was the output of the workshops like the output of to worship I was looking for the output to worship but I didn't find it it was like an and know uh what was it was like I love Vietnam was an art in in the middle for the most the master exposes 3 but it was the this is an anecdote but that that the actual output of the workshop was like some In the worship in Vietnam so the in Indian and was very interesting because when we when this workshop was people would not speaking that told English so we use this dictionary true because OK we use the dictionary as the they respond to can to communicate and because I was looking at for constructing under the Global Services and after that we had the full text meaning this all kind of thing this an immediate nannies and we can we can start to communicate by means of my writing this text and doing stuff it was you because it's the actual output of the the the workshop but I I don't know reason because it's a mess of from maybe we can finish thank you that and groups yeah that's something it's it's it's something I wrote maybe it's it's not it's not well at it's a it's like so far as to all of the ones will release source code then did the library where we can force a sensitivity France to and maybe even more than that it's only to disclose this study history to me it's form 1st to use the label that the community for the warm welcome I received when I came to you thank you