Digital photography workflow on Linux with darktable

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Digital photography workflow on Linux with darktable

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Digital photography workflow on Linux with darktable
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State of the art digital photography workflow on Linux and how darktable finally makes it possible.
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so I a man analytics on the but couldn't and
the inspection my 4th time intelligence so I figure out that I might as well so stock myself and you can hear and stemmed from
2 you and until you about something because what the hell so today and that dark table which is a digital photography workflow application is quite new tools so I think about but it's stuck to his definition of what is actually work full widening use instruct workflow is how we get the job done so a digital photography worked full tool is how we get on our digital photography job done right so this is a quite new application the project started the round of January of February last year but by a German prodigy gold behind and it's all just lost interest she was also joined by Henley I consists of and little later passed and the balloon cost yesterday but this stock actually contributed a lot of improvement of metric matters as of all the cameras so or what other actually highlights all these applications so 1st of all as he got it is workflow tuned all that in many many more things actually found about this application I could talk about it follows but since selecting took so long I'm going to but short and sweet so how happy and I go think about dark table is that it's not a deeper channel is something and seeks to be channel it's 32 float the channel and works and let go space it also you and since lamp is not actually the best of color space for every task and therefore every testing you to choose Gulf presence use best adults use LC age was basically use a lamp in polar coordinates but which also means that . table is age the already from ground up it also and it's not just ready actually improves index broke experts flow the frame images and text books the axes are injured but another good thing is that well you know that when you work in a high bit depth but on the whole image start rating insight into that in a minute still stake in an insane amount of memory so dark table operator works with meat maps so basically creates a square all 1300 sides large and verbs and so it's it's not as slow as it could be yeah there is a yet another great thing about dark table it's completely it says a complete blogging architecture for both light table and doctrine and as for actually reusing all libraries it's it can lies only brought which used lot the liberal divide the serial and other lens funds for fixing of the and distortions and of course it uses X. you to dealing with all the matter dealt so on a think such as . table just social demonstration all or OK so we will so what you see here
is the table it's just an example of the socialist from icons or sold how you start working with a whole new session news the in land you go 3 your it's it's an example of how you set some for example gold labels like a good lot from if it's the image of the radio if it's your own you should see the moon between the process and the girls sessions can be quite large especially if you should awaiting like with some 5 from the guests and so on so hating develop trading thread labels all right or it could be marked green and the and that it's ready so on let's have a look at the other of well like as that everything is completely plugin-based ahead of so have all these kinds of things taking and so on it's very very basic but folks just like that you just double clique select something double clique of node doubletree never mind so on like is that there are no workflow on using problem because you need to drop in to get a job done very fast so that you can almost to the other counter all to experiments and enhance the profile or just to go ahead and have something family so the good thing is that a lot you can copy of all the development of settings and pass them into the shelter so if you have 1 like for example session winning goal in and then all those who have different types of lighting and it's just it and it's all in just 1 session so all you need is to preserve just 1 go back and copy and past all the images we all that much of these developments settings so let's go as guilt doctrine the all
right so on but what you see is basically all existing i such that if you can so what which is the use of well not quite owners of the the accentual essential appliances exposure why balance you have also wide curve which depends on the device you use you can actually choose between profiles so you have sheerer nickel like genome yields like so like and so on but since the scissors center dark tables to have the sharp employing in neighbor enabled by default because the little bit of fun shop must must all with all small values are usually does bitches group so about the other a central point of
of of sort of those essential point in this cruel is probably retained you immediately notice that what it has to used let us anything what does it look like the this small active zones yes so this is actually the 3rd application that uses the very same concept the first one being of course dependent concept developed by that of seeking the hope is present here and the 2nd application is that panoramas teacher but you can get more than that how about golden spiral triangles whatever it is that actually part by another new the new contributor his name was undertaken in sky so that's essential plug-ins not the rapidly once playing like local contrast yeah there were here it's it's based on the conscious adaptive histogram equalization algorithm don't ask me what is the use of what it is I am just having to use it in some cases because it makes very nice all kinds of pictures especially when Council landscape this is not the landscape all by either a well it depends on your point of view so well it all good thing about dark table another group thing yet another good thing about the table that that lies on a very modern scientific researchers like for example the edge that wouldn't have nowhere else school in the room lasts a graph in last years graph paper which basically get the use of this nice saying that works from separately so you can sharpen it because the the left parties logisticians and the right part of small features very small morphogen see you can find in fact do things like apart from the fact that with just 1 spline yeah and this allows planners that should be used in other my blogging which gold gold was reserves I think I I
have to the roles for example because I realized when I came to
themselves so that I don't have that picture with
mean that that plugin is actually upper and cancer from originally comes from blender so
yes and find and since we are thinking about
blended a while have best but as a above background is so what I'm not sure about it was about the projection but the background behind but some is I should have blue ridge and it's not like so we pick a goal here the splicing of of a little bit lost in
the English version of the user interface sorry so I will never mind 0 yeah here so you can kind of see that color by different by whom a colonist you and chlorides things so it's not seen LCH goals place like this so what to do here is we basically did the color
of the background and the rule of law governments and what you get is of bus some state and out of the burka yeah so all that and there is a number of different of plug-ins are in the project the goal them artistic like like the Newton you can see it
here actually it's Split toning is still there and believe me at all rover is much better in light from because it's possible that many settings not just 1 tiny godawful and there is just 1 more like and I can mention the premier complexity does is very low level saying called birth so what you do here is to use them as I can matters are enabling hot pixels or image in green accrue polation so below last the very last thing since I've got both half mean he is a process that's a very hot of St. which is what you can do is basically create % of through automatically almost automatic applied to pictures with particular features so for example if you have a of for a for a for a given focal range pleasant camera you you you can choose a political % for lens distortion all 4th particle exposure and you so you can define the particularly the and so on so those chose sampling is up to you what you do with the application so on there are there are a couple of unfinished features this is called transfer awakening where you can and also gets dark able to analyze 1 picture and apply them all told officials or to another picture and there there is another fusion works by Henrique it's remote captured so all in the future of the planet is should the plug-in to employ its because can basically create your own like it's already rate for the 1st product lines but it's more than the international like India so that's basically it if you have any questions come up thank you