Collaborative intellectual property

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Collaborative intellectual property
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This session shows how when we put together Free software, free content and open hardware, we get something that we can call: “Collaborative intellectual property.”
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hello my name is was that it was the 1st time to the thing to talk about integer programming to understand this concept is very important solve 1st about the difference between right altitude we can see
out of the it's about who made something of could write it is way you will use solver and call you work so we can say that could write emerged as an induced revision but
sometimes the people who are very confused the concept of right we and it's appropriate if we take the log of the and then we can see that the intellectual property itself conformed by 2 main branches 1 needs it induces pre and the other 1 is copyrights he said in appropriate we have the reference patent industries with DDT most layout designs of integrated into grids and the special case of states inside the cell of this software further and we need in the it's identical right we have the scientific workers afterwards literally literary awards musical worlds cinematographic works and in the case of colonial the countries there is some so now that we make use this morning the should we can start the analysis of the collaborative Digital properties if we take that 2 of the there we can see that the collaborative interval really it's it's quite similar to that of intellectual property the difference is that in inside the induced we have they often have and something that I hold collinearity ranks in the residential called right so we have 3 for the free content of the free culture and if the knowledge when a talk all frequent inspections talking about getting works and afterwards literary musical works and cinematographic works so now we can do and anybody more the analysis so the result of all the cells the founding of 4 freedoms use In this study copy share modified versions the we're talking about this result from the I am talking especially that of all of the words license that use the credit comes license that the samples of the the that you're rules data the website that's share music in the internet actually that share multimedia files LibriVox venture out influence in the cold Freemason that come comprise the I've works mainly with the open source of results and when we talk about all the hard work and good examples will be doing the wiring and of when I'm talking of the frequent short it good examples would be the on the already this equal to log on and when interlinking of all free knowledge and talking of all of the products like Open Knowledge Foundation of goods or consumption MIT quiz of course work in would you as the and finally when interlinking of altered collaborate sequential calling for entities referenced this concept of the so-called I know the manipulation of the contextualization of any relevant the users of consumers of song prior to the In 1 good example of this strategy there was this
strategy of entities that they are from all of you you were so that if you do not animation with that all into the they promise you to what the broadcast during animation which so many people all of
a crazy you start off with the local TV and they use it in the at the time of the channel and the examples all of the
manipulation of the brown it's they who
moved out of date change all the time and the in commemoration of the special and the
and that someone is I don't want to community at each look in team and can create the all right e-mail so here we have a few examples in the local of the roads in and the revolt in means is a wrote in the video you know making and the will that so I would like to talk about the logic of the reference in the face of so over here if we think about the it we can say that they refer to the ownership or exclusively the flat something is saying this is not and you must request permission because you before you can use In the case of the many free software products and then invite invite the community to develop a new version of the image of the project for a included in the next version of the the prior in a few the examples of the society this gene In this last day kind to the
community to that will be all other versions at and then the community choose the downward that the they rely the same for the
community of land we have here a few
rules this graph and finally In this case we
use the same strategy for selects as I was forewarned in there is that of this amazing progress
so I would like to finish with that 1 1 more acceptable I'm using all the kids Asia network In disease are from the international Foundation that that were willing to
bet at Texas the scientists and they they share and others the signs in only the the credit problems license so old people from you countries for all of the material world can do it all of the science and use because the ideology of these these conditions it's create solutions for their natural disasters for how's this for people leading into the world countries and poor countries so here you can see a few examples of these designs in that many of them are these designers and architects I not only sharing with all of war so I finish here this is month
presentation the time is so short 1 and 2