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Scribus is an Open Source program that brings award-winning professional page layout to Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4/eComStation and Windows desktops with a combination of “press-ready” output and new approaches to page layout. Underneath the modern and user friendly interface, Scribus supports professional publishing features, such as CMYK color, separations, Spot Colors, ICC color management and versatile PDF creation.
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welcome everybody uh 1st of
a big round of applause for off and get the rest of the bunch of the folks here piano fabric who put together a really terrific LG and I can say that knowing what it takes to put together a developer conference myself had civic into this without making too much noise OK and then have amounts like cases I'm not
that sorry so that well we decided to live on the bleeding
edge which is going to what yesterday's SVN because it's got a lot agrees in itself things may correct actually employed assured that if I did a couple things that it would crash reviewers but any case just to give you a little background about scribers Frenchman here to the left of me is the original project in what people 2001 yeah April much of object March and just by chance I found scribers in the summer of 2001 and started sending their ideas and comments and playing with it and what not and the 1st thing in France and was will come back to right a PageMaker important like well OK let me describe the the inside of a PageMaker file it's a 2 by 3 meter a poster with a very complicated a flow chart with all kinds of different connectors as in 6 point type that's the inside of a PageMaker file which is why it's get
Torres always had notorious reputation for being crash-prone an unrecoverable when it crashed In any case since then we've got a real team and describe as is now I would consider pre-mature project with a huge community around it which is really helped to make the the described growth and is giving us the developers of a lot of with really great ideas it is
true we've had recently had some problems with that ports for some reason or another some developers I have no problems I had problems with this this morning although the actually since I got here but usually at home on my workstation home which runs linux spent no trouble at all it's actually very strong very very stable and usable which is fun to be able have a bleeding edge the application that's got lots of new features Babel run actually quite stable the other thing is the 1 3 7 version which will have about the next day or so that is based on Qt 4 um and the Mac version that actually is quite stable and reusable by using work all the time
OK and communications document no this is now this is gonna be it will actually comparison and this is a new
feature that they're the mesh and gradients now this is the way described as what importance and AI files and if you notice when zoom a little bit to the words in the the different see how these lines are breaking up
a nice smooth display analysis what and all that's just which you may also stuff that should the if you
if you look at the is applied to females move gradient although there are no and its exact implementation of the we've most gradient future FIL also not review we have some rough edges of importing most of these stars in the box by the OK the result requests something in so far all ready as for you exposed to the PostScript rocks OK fairly we can do that for as we deal with that all these things that the it's good folks all of the only regulated and the whole region doing so we 1 of the things that's important node ecocity given ideas that because of this it simplifies the importance of structural out that a lot better and makes rendering once we have the rendering sorted out in the back end it allows the describe to render actually more complex file quicker because of this version here on the Mac has 20 700 polygons that 1 has 90 so that simplifies the 5 people is because of all of these of doing of actually a polygon and I need to up all of the steps of a lot of all 4 models lots of polygons and is the new version it's only 1 polygonal
proven most gradient Carlos as for as many as you like OK then the that something what 1 of the
1 year right what are the other things that some of the new tools that are inscribed this is for example we have an picture browser and what's nice about it is when you when you browse the pictures he worked as linear worked an hour ago there we go OK we can preview the images OK we go here information that's a screenshot of a crash OK there's my little dog let's see if we Click on more as we select each image we get all that the
native data inside the finally click quick answer gravel pictures they're done now that's that's a worker picture
as it only that stuff 1 of the things that I can't show
you here but it will be available is you build availability of support for downloading symbol files and to extend their support for that to make those patterns imported automatically um looking at the pictures back 1 other thing I want to while the other things we're doing is the is new enhancements to PDF now now we always know
scribers has always been a pretty robust solution and 1 thing that to make clear privacy is the is the PDF exporter itself its own private library it does it relies on go script only for importing in certain cases and to render other PDFs that are embedded in describes document so for example when we click we go exporters PDF this new image this new options in this
version of Sybase for example we got a general we now support different versions of PDF new it versions of last at that technical management and the other 1 the both to review and no there
we go as you can see now we support pdfx 1 and PD effects for we've supported Pd pdfx 3 for a long long long time but pdfx 1 is right now a very common uh print workflow environment we have some new documents we can we have some new but the effects for all presentation PDFs and we can control the visual appearance of the R. N. of the viewer a lot easier the France's new in this part we change some of the best for where is had these new features here and you can insert the Japanese JavaScript which can be 1 when the document is opened and the P. attackers opened OK we're going with that 5 minutes for questions now OK we can take questions as a friend and I will be happy to answer questions at the foci Oprah of balloon effect on the 4 C. C. C. this is so whole core team of schemas in the room and behind the table I think it's time to ask 3 questions who would like to start anyone the tumor I thought that was to ask libraries of matches and bookshop the docket to watch stopped and never change of level was Donald only like there was a moment the schedule for the future of our Lord reliable programmatic but with the standard with fashion will add our target word of course well that there are 2 important beauty of emotional or when you're looking at Shippingport nuchal PDF input appear in the PDF and what we call yes only this is the world that you think I'm working on the backup machine as part of the problem the the main machine been given me problems or we can follow from section it is preparing the PDF important maybe days person wants to ask questions I am I was wearing that but of the states is
described as with long documents if you have some sort of standard pages there hasn't been a couple of things
this is ongoing work in the text engine speed up text display and the way that text rendering happens is and this year was ended up doing that the text display and historically and I can tell you from a professional standpoint even with other applications outside of scribes this was recommended to all my clients that they work in chapter format and combined at the end and we still recommend that with inscribed as or within the clients that use other proprietary page-layout applications that for example if your book is going to be to 300 pages that you work chapter-by-chapter single files merge them all at the end and then create your single pdf and as a number reasons for doing that but it makes a makes 5 it works better on network we multiple previous more than 1 user using 1 of several fire if more than 1 person working on the same project it makes the programs more responsive the files smaller and etc cetera just a good it's a good general recommended workflows lobbing everything into 1 huge file and opening and closing in saving it every time this to 300 pages Snyder practiced matter will use in design with use quietly described as it's it's not a good idea in general yes Andreas OK so 1 of the reasons what Putin wasn't telling moral text citizens tree roses that I was being lazy last year and I still have to implement this topic promise of velocity and so it's still Rogan and we have to do some work on the ground and refactoring to get also put on the text and but to explore its system a variety of hopefully this that speed no longer commands thank you this is the last question this when I'm trying to find the right place to get the latest from from private from also was can we we use which question I should check out and which branch from which apostrophe and so what is the best and latest and most feature for so if coach repulsion where checked for case there's a simple answer that is the right now 1 3 7 1 1 3 8 1 3 9 etc. become 1 for that will become the new stables practices right now that's getting really no features except for same backwards from 1 5 1 5 is where all the new goodies are going the options are for example both the deviance developer who packages for domain and he went to he regularly has a 1 3 6 1 3 7 versions of the next and we call it the unstable version and Development version 1 3 7 is which will be out in the data to that's the unstable version but it will be 1 4 that's a very usable stable for the most part uh feature complete they'll be no new features going into the to play with all the new goodies you need to get 1 5 and that you only can get from SVM we not packaging that at all the unstable version 1 3 7 generally have a package for all latest distributions and Mac OS X and John Dalli regularly provides Windows snapshots and on a Mac I consider that actually the 2 1 3 ladies 1 3 6 1 3 7 versions are actually the best to use act for data thank you that you this so the source is uh you can find links in the docks docs scribers that you'll find all the info you need to get subversion and combine to the matter what platform and it is it's itself and uh and of eclectic proposed uh to these the demoing 4 in the afternoon breaks QSAR think people can come up to you and talk about their workflows to think there's lots of designers using schemas here that would like to speak about how and they work and how they are you see this so I would invite you to do that to this team is very present in the top floor in the afternoon break so I would like to have 1 more for students to know who they are