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Puredyne is the USB-bootable GNU/Linux operating system for creative media. It is a live distribution, you don’t need to install anything – simply boot your computer using a USB key or CD/DVD and you’re ready to start using software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast, Csound, Fluxus, Processing, Arduino, Gimp, Inkscape and much more.
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OK hi my name is and again going to try to to talk
to you very quickly about pure roll dying so
Westfield I and the line is it's alive distribution which is basically an operating system that can run either on what in the medium so hard on the CD DVD USB key and we want it to be some kind of saying based system for all media artists and designers something very basic simple on which poor can be is a bit on um the blue line is is quite beyond a all made by artists and designers and musician and all of us of our it's a ProbLog program or computer scientists and we landed the the hard and so we used to align 2 to make that's how it started is very practical it's it's a tool it's not meant to be a denoising all of them but this DVD of full of also application that you can check in it's something that we actually really we use the way has been developed was exactly through own practice so that being several iterations for example workshops so at the beginning July started because we need to have some kind of this environment on which the people at teaching to could go back home with their whole to kids and I don't have to worry about instilling Unix from scratch all this this kind of things also because a lot of the traditional material of the workshop all what was done during the workshop could be found by in in almost our context um and then because at home yeah it's also mean in our almost we started to use it as as our default installation of the full system which gives quite a bit of a boost in the in the project because we where able board to to fix things quickly because we had a direct interest in the working correctly and then we started to use that to to following these fall project for installation and again he was the project and was pretty new the new directions and so so far the original version of of July was and sketched on them on the nor the life of the city project combined with and and then we full virus reason we moved on to the Ugandan resistance to convention would you get meso and they can put it there was so named because it was expect and and then we said was switched to to win to some and the latest stable is there isn't going to with the digamma LiveScript is so and therefore it will lead to the end the because it was getting streams support for us to come to invest time in maintaining all and give you their back bottom packaging and things like this it was much more easier for us to work with the with 2 snapshots but we kept the began as a as an isolated system environment and so inside she will define what you have is that we did up everything that is for the pension three-sigma might something serious but with things quite good to have a good rest media environment that can run on whether old hardware and also because all the optimization that you will see all the but elected to and 3 will be of the you run the same system that are the 1st dimension of the we have a real time camera and the windows knowledge of this stuff is excessive because a good compromise between something there is user friendly and uh that bring about the usual metaphor that people are used to node but we slowly push them to use it for WM also when they start to to use pure land special because of all the program for example is perfect when you have to run this additional might performances um the applications on the systems are made of so again life although this the beginnings of the system we going to the different it was a story from to for for the application and then we went to most for that has a few more and then the child which is if you know a bit about 1 by and when to you know where to begin with on buy ketchup was so we will we put everything there that we find that we think is either not bycatch too well you know of all
missing all 4 ideas reasons so group
very quickly the small and you know to
completely so yeah that's that's we would like to get something
like that you get statistics and some of the data and then so this way is quite simple or in the next 4 years we have some option to which your different languages
and then subdivided boots and that's the usual by constant but well you know it's putting um well wise change we're
going to take that man gave so the negative approach shots is basically what makes child quite interesting for artists media artist to to basically have a system that can adapt to a kind of different situations like my career so you have the system itself is stored as read-only utilizing the ontology alive use the are alive entities so anything that again good of and then everything that is after his complete the optional so that we can enabled passes stands for the changes that will be made on this system because you were analyzed city you should change the warping version still in your program and then you will use the expenditure we would obviously because everything is happening in the ROM after computer so with best stance against only change is either on the partition all or on the disk image the a partition means all kind of different and Linux support by arguments can be stored and so on the Windows artifice partition and the type of best systems that you can have is for the full system so even if you change something special to see you all square use of whatever it will be remembered at all on the the home user which is practical for workshop force more Media Lab because you can quickly only migrants known for the from the user's August Dominguez Dominican go crazy because you can just sitting on the 1 5 assistants and changed or a set of 5 is and just a very fine grained system
still putting them on and so how do we build this state its base from scratch and is very very important because a lot of ICG originalists you that our around I usually a sort of a conversion the pressure like that yeah you you just take your full installation of system you install submenu you change your paper you make human you pretty and it's all nice and then you can use magic to that tells you forces them into our city as very if you want to have this snapshot snapshot of fuel system to show it to you or to your friends but it's not very viable in the in the long run because you can't of dead you are the packages are limited to what the best and wanted to you to have so we built from scratch which means that everything in show that package which was something that agendas just of your own to and to some extent when Uganda and just get or packages and integrate that with you on your own then we tried to votes to avoid all kind of blow for example or we we don't use all the recommenced features of the package manager if we need something from a package we know why we need it and we inability and enable its manually so we don't have to pull a hive of all of the distribution where we want to install particle software we don't assume that the user of our stupidity so what would provide is basically access to Internet basic good system and I was Lisa background crop as possible so if someone wants to love Bluetooth because it needs to be working for is we more tolerant than is just 1 9 2 type to put it from the package repository and that's it is very so we don't deal with specific case we don't want to please anyone that's what we call the the common in a minute or we don't want to please anyone would want to say is that richer media the solution of the future and everyone will be pleased to know we just want to see who uses it and we check for the common diminutive and so I
think you know when switching to its this freeze think that that's why was the more effective so couldn't where so we use
launch pad to develop a shield and it's OK if all I wouldn't recommend on spot for a kind of software project but in our case it's quite good because for the views integration with with the wind to and the moments um we have 11 developers working on the on the project and so we have a so called for example organizations so what we mean when we that these things that we don't have a fine-grained permission is being in the in this short I'm team if you are in which is usually not too too hard to do it in to start to contribute to the things that we you have access to all the repositories to although when you have you have and you I mean there's a on everything we decided to do that and it's working for us because before and take initiatives and don't feel they have to ask for something but cannot to someone we don't waste time in in discussions and because we all out quite this quite focuses distribution and there's a much to the basis is is quite rare when there is a real strong fundamental disagreement between the way we develop
it is with this stuff is not working is with them codes spring trial astronomy as a
good thing you probably know what it is and it was the best system we we form for us so we just meets every now and then and want to get there we were for non-stop and we try to clean much better as as possible and because it's an option media projects we have orchestrated hosted by using the media for all after organizations which is quite quite so we had between
interesting makes an then it make sure on so but which so that means that we we have developed a smaller as simple as the used to be in the the the distribution and is very easy to use is documented is a sort of high-level Rockwell for life helper which is the right tool that we use and people can use it quickly to replicate exactly the geodynamic sometimes just a musician that from didn't awarded to put in your own name as in the past stress-strain alter gestures before the applications so we already have people using it and so on yeah we have after incredibly than what was special aggression developed for an article written Bristol has this was a breach and security in can he destroy that using just as as the basis what factors the chromium distribution that was used for a lot lot of project recently in in Colombia um and then everyone is very easy to branch and fault discrete dimensions to me so as to Allah what do we want to do we want to grows were preserved throughout and design communities what does that mean that mean that usually the challenging is broken down as people who are interested in more specific things for example we have speculated developers working with and they know how to package correctly and rents but rather 109 so every time there is something new for speculated that access to everything so they can make the changes and the conclusion to to we don't have to do it ourselves sample effects as best we want to do with people who are good at something they can still do it on their own but because of lunch but is very easy to provided the changes and push that dates to a to a for the documentation we started to work on on Wikibooks and um we are trained for a model of user case studies and notes on the how to lose all tutorials so we try to look at octaves while using choline and always enjoyed and what is the set of what do they use and how is it done and it's and it's so you bring some kind of context to to to documentation which is for us very very useful in very inspiring and you idea yes we listen to our users of billion users and a lot of changes in choline as being made because of discussion happening on the least we have around 3 300 people on the on the list and is a quite high quality of listeners and there is very very focused and the specialist questions that it's thank you can go on children that all to get more information about the formula for instance