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sK1 Project: Past, Present and Future

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sK1 Project: Past, Present and Future
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The project was started in 2003 as a Sketch fork. Since that time sK1 became an awardwinning Open Source application and supports a lot of unique and professional publishing features. This year is a serious milestone in project development – global refactoring, multiplatform versions etc.
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if somebody is going contains told programs is
based on a station program and the gratis translation the Internet is line application so I will not this show you this abdication but unfortunately the 1 I cannot demonstrate because had a problem this property tariff anyway project has that and that it has this case she has canceled fork in 2 0 0 3 stations down is a is that all project wearable project and have a long history but unfortunately it does project was frozen even 2 0 0 6 0 4 1 next year our project uh presence
and petition on 2 0 0 sound in Montreal Canada the UN if I hadn't why feature of our
project was college over formants of course this is future who was interested by escape and as we will as a result of GM with and another budget unit convention you can actually use
this as the 1 out your graphic user interface it's as simple as chairman and how we
were greedy you can get a project we just got beat is due on court and said the most all quarter related to his nomadic user interface In the consumer it's very simple but actually uh is not was a simple if you because it is the aspect for uh unit and we have to put in on Windows platform because a lot of it has deepened users use Windows Western there is a myth about that that's our project is to bite implementation is really wrong because it wasn't it would have to cooperate a number calls for lines in our project and found that the surplus city
present of God eases the English that is a C language so our project cannot be if name it as a fight project and it's not very dependent on the platform issues therefore quality in that you can get on Windows platform was not a simple issue and we have for a simple sympathy data mining tasks during the during this part in but the such that is good good good good
results so you start using unit can be observed in the sky and so after that the speed was start using you can get a follow-up call in practice and is therefore you can get your fears about 4 performance maintenance and to begin all units after that as the language to a lot of and the genetics of less than what we've got variant of his deliberate 2 0 0 0 0 9 in multimedia categories so
what we have at present a is process which we got from that of the deliberately usually spent on a project from them we won't tortured weights in for news and so we got to the point and continuous integration that is project bills every nite and you've any changes in positive project to go on a deal to end if we have found any problem and errors so weekends and quickly succeed so we go to the mall so that more stable applications and as a and other result was the daily binaries build that as we go to the every day you have be m and that packages for our project will be have uploaded uh 51 prairies in beams on our project site and finds that is right popular from February May approximately such as the cells and so
is given varies than so a petition is very popular but is only really notification on this moment In this year as the 1 project was sponsored
by simple from South Korea and this system
sponsored and has its iterated our development
we have completed the global project a factory and the speed of our applications on
several packages before this without the depicted as the 1 in the Convention now with 4 but it uh as 1 and you can see that mouth have common package the 1 leads which contains designed for room model in practice expert and other biden packages which is common for want and you can get a lot of fun with that people say you'll especially breaking unit that development to provide for 2nd 1 more powerful modern in practice isn't it was it incorrect to you should because we cannot important all features from askew onto a unit and we have to do it came up multiplatform release of the Internet now as duality ease multi-platform package and other apply all features of basically 1 impetus to unique and the yet so please keep screen was another application which uses unit and that have the same impetus and expert just as a used that and the most popular impression is called evolved from what's important so if you will use the latest dependent you have the most powerful impact of called our inference that this structural description
of 51 the structure we have and this P is the 1 that is
the cost is a package for multiply from just said uh it's another part of our development part is the 1 on Windows and Mac OS is platforms so the decision should be a multiplatform and to have the same look and feel as the current platform and what
you in this the 1 we have now 1st of all we have added
additional cost cost basis use lamp and race call on special register black is the part of the support costs so the 1 had the same quantum management structure as that of the products and so if open-ended transparent bit maps like energy bill and that's meet up part the speak about the people the and then as 1 needs now contains our we give a generator which support have been years 1 5 1 6 7 mentions in 2 right in Bacillus have initial but a project localization without that uh computerization on Russian and Ukrainian station because it is our native languages L so without further out with him and it's a complete for 9 other languages so anybody to call interested you know collaboration with our project I welcome to translate and young native languages with have in place for German brought about in Italian strange and other Philippines there is no in our there will be today you can actually you're looking at no
this before multiple but occasion is a main application is mean development metaphor is the 1 the level and after the LGM unanswered priorities for st 1 because we we cannot finish at all the issues from our department but at the same time we are going to release a unique and that of 1 1 5 which contain all described before the features that this is a powerful caller management font enzyme the up-to-date important important expletives and so the
infinitival will contains has advantage of being those features exploring Windows Explorer integration and reuse in the context right mouse click on the file so this will be a stand-alone application Windows users doesn't like the instead of the several packages sold without prepared stand-alone application really doesn't apply additional installation of light biden image library and so on so this will be at a single and science diet and out of this dilemma contains by speak for is OK I'm finished and was planted fusion history gambling dual
to each year on an exam development processes it's it's means that we will is without will hopefully will have shown uh distance between releases and to did and In this will allow us improving the use of features support that was features from users who could support of workers and the features from his story and also in the nearest future plan this condition for windows and mattresses platforms unit connected
and future will go to the factor go down in practice this feature is requested by our sponsoring and the also so quiz that come from this so alright but if expert I for people that are faster to real results In our old issue in concerning the data from generation lists might but of course this issue should be discussed at an inescapable with with the developers else'll another interesting issue which was it that was about sponsors is today an expert that is right native today format it's not that a simple task because because there is no such software we tried to this formants but it's very important issue because CorrLDA relatively easily get from others software called has 4 impetus of Adobe illustration formants and you cannot transfer sneaker containing writers from open source software to coral only 1 from called role will support gray and tunable to it's a scalable vector graphics but if you expert in his collaborators writers you lost all the related costs on the energy the course into an input issue for purposes because of and because this would produce a lot of problem in production so
think of attention FIL so I think we take 2 questions is there any questions no nontraditional all the girls will not a question of what it means to be FIL I've heard you using Python
Imaging Library of PIL right and so what do you think of the library because they have had the impression it's not the but limited compared to image magic these libraries that which is available for other programming languages Python bindings and very good and they generally pile PIO suggests is that so you questions about it how we used image libraries uh by the image library we use wonderful log and saving the the rest of the image that mathematics from budget internally even if the 1 that we don't use biden image library at the globe for food from image processing because uh this will weight brain during and we therefore we use our own internal format for deep maps to accelerate the maintenance of lectures and anyway FIL for Biden image library futurist is not important for us the thing lower-income can abundant through you mentioned magic and pass our internal data to image magic the process using image magic or graphics magically students and so on so I had to miss Lambert is not a limitation for our approach Marcus variable to vitamin package for for William much professional at these 4 factors OK thank keep there's a 2nd crisp last question you follow yeah about 10 . and in the manipulation there was I think this is a list of Python interface magic but I think it's been a and and by image library is actually well like like this that decent for starters but if you want to do some heavy image processing will require some fast matrix processing so contrived numbers pioneered by along with the image magic but if you if you're in it for the speed then probably you really need to look into C extensions and other kinds of processing all the pixel matrix that other than that it was actually well thank you for the kind of country mn