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The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program

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The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program
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The Rural Design Collective in Port Orford, Oregon, is a not-for-profit professional mentoring program with a local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin an independent career on the Internet. They learn to work remotely using collaborative tools and social-networking sites, and are required to meet production deadlines and interact with their clients one-on-one either using online communication tools or by conducting on-site meetings. The program is focused on teaching and using open source technologies.
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and I think I can have this is not like
I you have to have and right and you know that you my my my my my my my my my my my my my my meninas limit of snow in the sun collected from roughly 3 years now and and that the network that 3 my father and that's what we're here at point exterior and we had a topological and a general San Quentin shortly and through the rules on collectively then able to not only will continue using computer to enhancing my work but also being able to interact with other people and the design of the world which is something that I never was a uh people will beginning training 1 of the great things about this now the other team members can bring me the the concepts and ideas and I came to the graphics and in our were the various projects in it's something that I have had much experience in the wilderness and it's been a long minor were considerably bigger from background areas that I have been a sort lovers since the mid eighties started hours the only I would like to make a and I thought you might independent thinkers people that are self directed I know where they want to learn in various communicative about that we also want people who work well and genes because the projects the morning that we are looking for people will the of directed and created apparently he he's really
help you have some skill that were using here already I started my programming backgrounds let's go back to mark background designed but then back have you know really great curious about things like you there or what the are less
let's last you deal only with the interviews program and lots of people were working in the public domain books kids and we made over to balance those available not only on the little green text computers the sea but also on the internet and lots of land and we continue their work creating both with the equipment that we people will be which we adopted last year and we always contain children's desire of many real world University of so what you know that it is so you have to keep working hard currency in this is a generalization of the program last year the lot concentrated create graph name the word it's kind of right program download all the rules and generates the HTML and CSS that assigned to which people and I'm working against the created in the program generated all the time are actually in the into world so the project this
summer is going to be able to go were going to continue our work with the books this time we're working with James Simmons who is a software developer who it is the well known for the some of these activities is
filled with the older PCX so you develop a program called the Internet Archive books and also you slides and he invited us to collaborate on a open Source
manual and a cycle of lost materials that there is pretty it's sort of a wiki but it's geared towards creating books so we're going to be working with them a pretty excited because we're going to develop our curriculum around the book that he often rely and create a case study with army and and the end result we're actually going to produce a printed manual based on the content that were created you won't have those physical books ever launch party and so and generally burned this is the last by
and so the poster that we developed for the recruitment for the real design collected the here actually has a pretty interesting history and it's become kind of the visual manifestation of of what program is about but from our would lead by to create a mural of all the people that have ever been in our program to date so it's actually a of photomontage none of these people in the same place at the same time and this year we incorporated the bookmobile which we adopted last year what we did was put them all together to show that word team even some of this of the still kind of depend on each other and you can stay in touch and my entire idea for this neural actually comes from an artist who whose work I really admire and his name is doing lateral and muralist in Arcadia California and then he actually founded a group called the rural rural and he would recruit creative use in Nigeria cannot cater to go out and paint murals in in the In the area and I just thought that was really interesting because it's kind of the same thing that we do except we work in a virtual world as opposed to a physical 1 the and you have a I don't you know and you know you you you you you you you don't have to you