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Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library

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Joining Spirits with Aiki Framework: The New Web Engine for Open Clip Art Library
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In the past, applying a free software development style to web applications blocked development on the Open Clip Art Library. The project has nearly joined the #FAIL list multiple times. Since web sites are centralized pieces of software running continuously, there is a need for secure access to the live code. This forces a division of managing a running website, merging software changes from developers, and keeping development on the software progressing healthily. To complicate matters, a site like Open Clip Art Library has an active base of librarians and artists uploading and editing new clipart. The new Aiki Framework aims to solve all these issues.
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so going old school today this values 2 cent when I
1st started on doing this kind of thing I was inspired not to use OpenOffice anymore but so what I'm talking about is IT Framework and IT framework is an evolution of various things have been working on and I also want to say thank you to the organizing team you can see everybody's life around 5 things that tight pants tight pants man thank you yes without you I the but so what I'm I'm looking at is IT framework and I wanna frame things a little bit in terms of a trajectory on this trajectory takes us through the various things and look we all began our our our journeys through free software open source and a graphics in different ways I choose a look at it as a freeing of myself particularly and in studying the art and culture and this is me I I try smile as much as possible I don't know if it it's like cycle from upbringing or I think is actually grandpa thing genetic and but I I consider myself a free person I do what I want to make make things that I I believe income become real the sum of free person because of this I can work on free software I can make something that I think come real I the example is Inkscape when we're building instead we started building Inkscape and there was not a free drawing tools it didn't exist we made it come real because of various different people's alignments at the time I myself being in grad school on a fellowship so I had time to work on this and we made something great and it still goes on moving from that I became
interested in how to also have free content because of Inkscape there's so much gray our work that was being made but how do we know where this are work is how do we see that the quality of the work where does it go and that led to several us to create the open clip-art library um and various other things that we build this content space up and the really good side effect of this of open clip-art was actually that I got a job at Creative Commons so that luckily no 1 asked me more than like how do you get a job in open source in free software like just do you love you get something out of it some water to others what the so so in looking at Creative Commons I've been some articulating this
concept of the freedom the freedom stack of emanating out from free people we have a a stack of different hardware content thinking that we can look at and see if we can actually create clearly what we as free people have in our minds right if for example I have an idea to build a building a certain way I wanted to look exactly like that building or better than that building but part of this framework is that unless we have free tools we will not be able to get to that a very clear idea and not only fully not deal to get to that idea we won't be able to get to it efficiently there are many road blocks away so with the content side of things right we have creativecommons that allows for the the the the solution right that allows for content to spread freely because individuals licenses a certain way with software we have the GPL and other licenses that allow for us to share our source code legally now whether or not these licenses have had there in force for enforceable in some ways doesn't necessarily matter as much to me these days the main thing that I I realized by Creative Commons licenses and free software and open-source licenses that allows for in the community to emerge in some ways when I look at the creative commons logo I think of it is simply uh a social club social network and I think the same way the GPL allowed for certain kind of social network to emerge so if you
look here we have 2 major problems right we have networks and hardware and the amazing thing is that these are actually closer to us as individuals and on the most problematic non-free spaces In this stack so in when I'm working on mostly now is with satisfying that identical and in freeing up the network and free network services which will talk about In the the pulley 5 minutes so that that five-minute flag it's raised we should actually should handling different minute flags just like keep raising them at different times I told myself I was going to be the person who like makes the biggest like interruption on the 5 minute and on the one minute so when that happens you know this tight pants Mandarin and we we came up with a plan to the performance of the 5 minima so status that is really looking at this free network service problem and there are other services to there's and another suffers as Mongo DB is really cool um no sequel engine that is the GPL license then there's also some some other projects as well which I'm getting too so with with status that you can have your network your free network service you can move your data where every like it you there's a license that allows companies are tries to keep companies from hiding the code behind network socket but then also on the harbor site is now new cool projects like copyleft hardware projects like that that that she hardware no as the material in an see is like it's like a hundred dollar 99 dollars little mini computer and the goal is to be 100 % copula from top to bottom right so we use Inkscape we use gamma but we use completely proprietary hardware like Apple Mac books in yes there really sweet everything but they're still problematic down into the the software that runs on ships that is been burned into a 6 so this software is completely close like me nearly like 99 point and on and on and on 9 % of all code that's made on FPGA spring and a 6 is not popular there's a problem so that's another problem the articulate here
zoomable interface so now getting back and what you guys
a really interested in which is a graphics so when we
started open clip-art library like 4 years ago this is the eye witness in way that machine I pull up
some nice images of this and is is pretty horrible actually that but that the funniest part is when we created this we actually look how many
years have gone by and we didn't have thumbnails but how do you have a web site of the Clipper without images through this love is kind of sad and need to uniquely here and other people like you know they were there drinking the hate as we like to say in the USA you know like how can you have this site but no thumbnails so this is was a thorn in my side for a long time in the problem current
came down to so when you develop software right let's Inkscape you're working out here OK there's all these people were distributed around the world and there's this source code right and people can commit to it and now if I get it's a lot easier to commit to this 1 thing we call the trunk or the master repository OK with network services you have to sources right you have alive running website and you have then the software that runs on there so to be a developer you wanna be able to hack on this code easily but as based system and then you wanna be able to have secure access to the server so it doesn't shut down some someone doesn't get access shouldn't like you have like with Inkscape we we're giving you a you unit you write 1 patch you get internet access right you get can access really easily on a web server you don't really want and not only that if you have a hosting company they probably won't really like that you so this is the problem with open clip-art library so we created myself and a felony in Basil Sephardi come from Syria we created a cool suffer IT framework in IT really the the philosophy is somewhat rooted to the concept of Che with this idea of energy that flows through all things that's a really cheesy way to describe it this I really don't like this sitting thing Minister bony out actually you guys man you guys Vincent at the whole we can afford like very few laughs I'm really not happy about as I think we need a like stand up and do some jumping jacks something like they wish you gotta run afterward so we think no this so I t then is actually a Japanese martial arts and the concept means I means join and she means of spirit and so it's states joining spirits so we're joining the spirits of these 2 these 2 places of focus together and the software is all a GPL license so it's back to this free network service idea so the source code itself if you run this and you make up a plug-in and then you need to contribute back into the comments so the idea is that will scale up quicker in terms of growth in use and I the framework is
quite interesting because it builds upon some of the concepts that we've learned by using WordPress Drupal and other engines right OK there's a very simple very simple things we design a web page there's like of the header right there's a side bar there's a there's a logo there's a content section there's a footer so the idea is to really look at building websites in terms of widgets and not only that it's doing what many say you should not do with PHP which is from Running a database calls and allowing people to edit the code on the site directly and getting out low levels of authentication on the site to different users so you can think of something like open clip-art library where there are artists who were contributing work you can also think of another class of users call librarians the librarians are helping tend the clip-art tagging it doing other things you want ideally give different levels of access to be able to create and attack and or even more hardcore users can write direct sequel calls and build widgets and other types of of Soffer right in interface and the other thing there there's very quick access to Ajax and 3 J queries so you can do really slick Slick quick interfaces and by creating these widgets you create a system of using um your else and cascading widgets to build websites rapidly so a way to look at IT framework is you have a URL slash wages the site gets all the widgets from which it's akin to contain the URL you process there's IT market that's very simple markup language inside of the widgets and then the page is rendered it's it's very quick and because of this we
now have the new open clip-art finally
after 6 years we have thumbnails so you can see here already at the site is going quite quickly now in the in the web world of Web 2 . 0 right of my friends that you to he was telling me that right now you to every 2nd there's 24 hours of video that's uploaded is quite amazing right so with open clip-art when the amazing things is even though there's a 30 thousand 3 thousand clip-art are quite high quality and my personal belief is that's because the tools that are being used and the people using it far focused on this this type of quality in the community as well is really focused on building something really interesting on another here's another fact flicker has the point 0 4 . 0 0 4 per cent of all users actually upload images the imagine that so this kind of concept of a read only right read-only or right only culture read write culture there is most the people or simply reading is actually kind of similar to a database most most database calls are are reading right they're not rights so it's it's it's very interesting to look at this they the open the communities and uploading community so let's check this out you conceded that since the
site is launched this is when we want right about here and it's it's gone off the charts in terms of
uploads also it years because this is a community
project I can easily show you the steps of the site is on links on Wikipedia now it's some in major news publications you see in cyclic parts on the streets you see them in bookstores randomly but because all the clip-art public domain it spreads freely you'll have to attribute the author like you would with the Creative Commons Attribution License so the idea is the barriers as low as possible for this our work to spread and it has so this is most of this traffic is due to the wiki Wikimedia project linking to you could parts which is really great also you can see these these are the stats now and we were clearly hitting like the target on the website of the the different links inside of the page and but so apart still growing and there's still people who there's still lots of work to get done and and there's still lots of roadmap items to hack and there's a whole new class of people that have come onto the project because of this and and I encourage you all to check out the site and see what's happening on here's a
project itself so if you have of your own website or for your your own project you need to build something rapidly are you looking at building a web application you can do this really quickly and thinking about doing a photo site and we we talked about doing open file library with IT eventually but you know I on the other thing I wanna say is if you that's a checkout open fire areas new site is so cool right now I know several we've been looking at all week and it's it's running on CC host but the great parties with is very quick to Port over old software to some this new new web interface meeting moving so if you want contributors well everything's and launch pad other sites
that are running IT right now this is and discover serious anybody got a series here you have no no yes anybody want a serial with missing yeah alright we can get on like a train note by airplane and also the open color site is
built with IT framework and here's a new when i've i've just seen that's a pretty interesting which is read the Bible that the the German Bible and of course there's a new product sharers of and that myself and Christopher atoms are working on that's running on this from charism is another kind of concepts like Che hardware building on the idea that the more you share or the more you give the more you get back but also the development space there's been others some this is that a
developer Ronaldo China who is who is developed by the press and the idea behind this is to hijack WordPress and so here you can see really could be you have a Wordpress database
there the crafty old WordPress code that slowly renders HTML pages on with IT press ID presses actually a plug-in to the IT framework and simply edit distance direct sequel calls to the database and then renders the pages so you get like a massive speed up like 10 times of something like this so you can actually use the word pressed back in to edit but you get the the speedup of using IT framework to render the page and ideally you
eventually this shift completely to using the IT framework what is that we've been hearing about the whole user a cell phone who put the following you smash yeah question can Perchet up on my shoulder or something
so this the final thing I want go into a little bit is I'm going to talk a little bit about the Ranta little bit of about building community and business and the the interesting thing I found about
them finally and freed from the microphone let's give a round of applause to the microphone the and so building community and business OK so in the trajectory of my trajectory and when working in this community I've been concern about projects and how to actually grow and sustain them and I I I think what's interesting about that we've done in our projects is that we don't really interesting could really interesting communities but but they they haven't grown as quickly as a large company or even a medium-size company that can help build the applications of i with status that now working on satisfying that projects it's is quite interesting really at such a fast pace in the development of the code because there is an investment there's capital we we can take a more military style approach to this so in my own projects now I have formed a company called fabricators the idea is to have the free community alongside of a company and we you have this model you have both the benefits of the free software projects and also the company to build the thing so with IT framework what we're doing is a similar thing so there's ID framework that work and then soon there's going to be IT lab . com and IT lab . com will support the efforts of the the community how so that's that's that's what I wanted to I think from the work that time did to the great work the towns that obviously you know from the film and everything you can see how great of a project that they built various projects have learned from and I've learned from that and so I want to say in in with this and to say thank you to everybody here for all the great work that everyone's done and also I wanted to say like this has been like the most amazing lever graphics meeting but I think because we've been focusing on the software and we've also been focusing on content there's been a lot of good content discussions and also having a theoretical based and like a metaphor meant metaphor man was really helpful and even tight pants man was really helpful in moving the discussion forum so thank you and by PS forgot about that but he never made it to the 5 minutes papers the all so that the performance is that if someone ask a question questions for job and I think I give evidence of a unique project the like the idea of storing the controllers in the database bill i think still like a problem to solve is how that relates to versioning but we know we will solve our home but I was thinking of like what your thought on I think is quite a bit of a dilemma like you use of a license which uh group which is more like copy left them like the liberal like MIT like licenses the from and I think there's a there's there's really a lot of development going on by professional web developers now on the jungle frameworks these frameworks there like very liberally licensed and I think they can actually work on that with the money of the company because these are so low I realize but at the same time of court that causes also at what is it causes a lot of code to stay behind the scenes and I guess it does but at the same time it does encourage a lot of collaboration from the world of professional web developers so from what father on that maybe that how would that impact the like so so particularly so I mean and the next in the next subsection or were in really get into this a bunch more but there are way more web programmers out there there's way more people know HTML CSS java script then no right there's a lot more people so this is what's really allowed for this web explosion in application on an island in men browsers and standards is allowed for this massive growth and also it's also help this is investment and start-up investment this is really power this this whole of Web 2 . 0 evolution and and but we can't forget but I've been kind of bummed out and and I I've been got a lot of conferences this year time to talk about status that and I realize that going to some of these conferences this kind
of similar discussions all the time and this is another reason why I think it's called loss because we had a new discussions and there is like a focus on what we're going to do and you know this excitement and a lot of the Linux conferences are about like new these like 0 we need install wiki we needed for this when you don't do this and what I what I considered stability so what that says to me is a stability Linux is the stability where right and new the web is the underlying underlying the web is free suffer right is done is done that's that's solver right and on top of that now are closed webapps mostly like 99 point 9 and and on the tools that are being used on you know 3 software as well and the languages PHP these these are these are these are all free software but the web application himself or not so the GPL license really helps this it helps that like Google for example right OK Google is using whatever using for Gmail the why why can't we take the Gmail software and get it and go and run it on our own web server we don't have that software the license they and their using GPL software is GPL license really allows for OK you made a change this you need to give it back it on a network services small provision in the license which of the location on the on the side and so OK so is this is it's like back to the same question about why you wanna use free software on OK so I think there's a there's a few reasons why am 1 is if you have a really great piece of software like like status and you wanna build a business under the license is not important at all it's about how good the software is the license the GPL license is really a commitment to the community and the the Sofitel person know that if they contribute some patch some plug-in that the code will still be available and that they're in in many ways are also getting into a larger ecosystem because of this but I don't think that you are going to get a lot of web developers to use suffragist because of the license and I also don't think you're going to get a lot of people the use suffered purely because the license 1 no it's just that I've seen on like if you look at website about public is somewhat for PHP I'd like make really a you to point of the fact that they use very permissive license from because that gives developers uh the confidence that they can use it for uh a commercial projects and sell them to sell the technology to the large corporate clients was so that this this is the strategy status that with IT and with free network services and free network service companies is to be is completely open as possible OK how do you compete against Twitter right it the only way you could compete is to be completely open from top to bottom so it it brings the commitment to the religious sect to the to the to to our friends to the people who were really passion about software in it to build this kind of social network talk about so but there's another thing to which is so you like OK with a free never service like I t you have a problem of both training get developers but also to have a business on the business side the GPL in free network service doesn't mean anything open source means something that's a buzzword that's for like CIA those in the sea level class so trying to convert developers using any GPL license is still early on in Google still doesn't support a GPL license inside of them code hosting causing the thing it is insignificant but as there is now like 22 thousand status that sites online and I sites are growing there's and there's like 20 or something but but when you start to have something that's really scale up like WordPress OK were present millions of WordPress install so that is an amazing company actually have 60 people that work there they they have and make a business the people who work there really smart so if you have something like status that like I the idea is that you will scale up like this and it's good software and at that point when there's enough people using it then the starts figure out the free network service means I can make more money as a developer and then you get more developers and thank you thank you very much of it it