Blender Foundation, past and future

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Blender Foundation, past and future
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Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. Ton Roosendaal presents work on Blender the past year, current status and plans for the future.
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OK I'm going to good but but talk about the
Blender Foundation and the activities do and how we make the shelf to look onto damage that there was going to show a lot of action going to be for that we have a
representation of the latter half hour I think upstairs and do that should get them all marked class the cost of having to do to Rockafellar actually peak of our next project well what I'm talking about is an introduction of the Blender Foundation was foundation with rooms and the open Boston actually do so uh and that special 1 of developing pure and development of lend itself to cope with information about the and operation very future plans but isn't that the foundation of the founded in
2002 after or complement bankrupt social was something I was bad off and that was developed in relation to the old man told in the nineties they had a short period in the bubble when we try to do business with fewer but larger investment money but that didn't work out and luckily I could manage to have the interest of the company what the bad old like 90 % of blended to agree with me on old solutions demand for a fee of 100 thousand euros multiple remember this but effect is totally extracting within less than 7 which stands up people don't know that small step for 50 euros from good to over 100 thousand so this 7 which suddenly I have a hope project I thought it would take a year or 2 years the professional some of you have to set up a and a foundational organization to develop hopes for that happened all very quickly between July 11 September 2000 to October at the moment from the foundations target problem website that should and then the formulation and use them as fast as a Baltimore independent through the list software for small teams of artists all individuals I was also glad to be interested in what's special about the foundation and because I am not a businessman 1 independent and wanted to have somebody going from the start order to be able to work full-time home and you need someone decided to start publishing business 4 books that we should which tools to do uh making the fusion of almost from scratch to happen we welcome for full-time pleasant efficiently looks at support system in Florida etc. is readily available the work so
well that I decided to have it at the end of because of the Foundation began to break in tradition and project the foundation should be offered the shape that is where you put your copyright and on the court this usually happens at all to do remind this is when the novel opening of approach what the foundation like a shape of a bunch of input for properties and people was it shouldn't have to memory uh which key activities that like organizing big old movements of course proved to be in the starting rotation you never know what happens you know you don't want to have to have an open source get banned up to the front and center split up this program Blender Foundation is to the Lofoten project in the fall of Saddam documents and realize that their short film but that mean and due date project you know from the particularly well entails the main goal is to realize that of projects to improve structure Don develop fostering direction but put the occupation of the by having the artist whether given that will be a challenge destructive arbitrary from Alberta better what to do and then the agent not installed from the artist always have to be central route to so that's a little
bit without gold open project development model the development model is based on the fact that you're not only need technology to build were but you cannot put this technology and the center of key and there are developments that you do we should put the end of show research and this is what you want you want to have guarantees that so you appearances and ways to combat wanted tools from the items to be able to work to use software that makes from 1 you to have that the shift How do better for
that was the business model is best based on 4 different uh think cultural issues for the the biggest 1 still images from the foundation and relevant that if we do on open project begun approaches that deal with the unit forms the sample from a lot of and we but you will you chill about 3 thousand DVDs 4 the formulas that's good shot and enormous starting capital to shut down high-quality from person to but the water was draining our documentation enable people along with the publishing business but we accept commercial schools with which is sometimes and certainly among the but lot that the phone call pollution ran the farm but for fishing don't we also got actual money from the bones because we want them to be connected to our project and lastly and that's the point being the initial the front the Dutch film function what should you should open up the are there from all the government Bob laughter and the dust for creating the gaussian is going out of the 4 conditions which is marked as to who get money to to make sure that our focus which we really challenge but the model based out below so can then recognize and I hope performance project for you in Brussels to get European money so this is how we did the
elephant room I think everybody knows this is share something to have the effects of facility for me that was close to the optimal value of with human the fact that have attracted to the animation has some to believe that all people who have no we did the 1st problem on which they will leave all their camera food to share their went around with a video camera and the the video camera stuff will not exactly where the 1st time cell that did not the Dada but
women what should look at everything from you and from you and haven't had clients are there the character animation system was incredibly important tool tools and functional from popular but with the
advantage that from the this Fisher helped improving members of imagined also tremendous emotional much larger and delivered tool that will make fun of input on playstation but especially as a creative tool was good at all and would follow the computer game experience and
and I the to arrive scene that discussions of the back for this is that the new world movement the future Shindell and her baby dragon and is believed over different of the from line and this started to offer 2 . 0 hydrogen model the sculpting dragons have and the characters to have found in the data from the random and we're almost it is used almost You have been dutifully and we have globalization and which is highly crucial future form it's we also wanted to do this more was fundamental to smoke I don't think we going to use the latest and most of of 100 best differently and we have a diverse to do massive staff flock efficient 5 thousand workers fundamental and conventions that this was too much and we have in the film like commodities with a activation and 8 constitutional of so incredible computer he was fellow alluded to in the
past years have something the open Gram-positive I made a new book and several new trends in the all the content on talking about this this commercial stuff and combined it with the full open content the advantage providing fell from all the examples of the most important but of
course to put factor eject which is almost mythical but it is getting the option of very grateful to people
don't know the blank there 2 factors really well and that has to do sound and to actually lanterns for all images and graphics system and the system that it megabytes of memory this we really really a lot but this is the challenge of software for workstations with so much memory that you keep your our advanced system and data structures which compact so like in the event and of interest developers you shouldn't have different systems or shifted out of to downshift inability to short of it too short you can't do that with the environment activists have within which we want all the mouse events and keyboard and financial and compute that in too short of course again but after a while especially those in the past 2 years shit and who will fall back later and that's when you find out the probability of developed in all the universe and coming from Kentucky and different company like an image would be involved in the specific approaches fell inference and of course you know the dust polarities of this for the benefit of that system will you need is not quite the diagram the Starting readable this shows have quite a common structure model for the control of babies you try to show the word as good as possible everything that's an operation from the actual data so the data is kept separate this would be invasion enlightenment the interface to profit from a controversial thing about possible which then the gumption blood operation and operator to operate on the data is important to have the separation problem little to desire to use the word is pushed back then was might make corrections constructionist another thing which is improved for 2 . 5 to domination and blends already had a long overlapping dialog working deficiency since the beginning from 1 to 5 and 4 but that now in most applicants especially to fit with the software and that all solution to have a single window and should probably with function and then that's so I have to go on a little bit old and trust you so we decided to work improve that 50 to make it 5 far more flexible was going to get into a lot of detail but it means that the notion of a factor of 2 and has a lot of a lot of things that are only much higher control solutions and develop an alternative spelling important for illusion and for the follow-up to try to figure out what they share it with the goal of applied to 1st have contact with is a lecturing on very well over with the best but you ask tool to the actions of the program have an influence on so I I don't know that most data Elements quite natural but in the Babel 1 1st set operations and then by applying 100 firms context so that you get 1st of but a tool and then do something with this program that my attitude to marriage and I want to move and those who share the most button and they go to the to to the well-known removed and then there is the opportunity to don't have removed mold wasn't removal toward was always a new type of a generic data block is actually
important features much average and then that is accessible for script addition and for the formation of 2 so what ever been action in the interface is not unintelligible including the positions of nodes shoreline sure infrastructure the only major I knew
layout engine to I'm sure that's about to that individual applications look better but also to allow passengers to have a defined interfaces as some kind of powerful States annotations systematically and rules a
mostly devoted to generic action told about everything of building and solutions to efficiently allows to control animated variable the shop's manager mention that
a lot of to granular options and working in parallel you couldn't get this to work out perfect yet life to that was to be able to render and then the the start of something that you could contain model in it but that's still a quite instead all things because you're welcome partially still on the same data that is an awful positive non-material showed it is proposed to work and it work now should regression with
planet we have moving out the 1st that done with the error the ministers the specifications tylenol finished know what you want with 2 . 5 we didn't do everything we wanted but they have a good great crash food and this is now a major ready for documentation for 2 different books for it and then the 1st official release along for difficult to predict at the moment 94 after this summer somewhere the social helped a lot with that some form of of allowed us to hide it from Don developed entrepreneur 5 predict and starting national and 1 after another developer only on support in the book search
of plans for next year very quickly do become themselves most acceptance of course there may be a national movement mango and for both to be alive actions the motion tracking and realistic rendering and actually laughter hope to have come from ready for presentation and the last thing
what I want to do for next year which is probably in 2004 the most of the people here in order to have a blend them all the way up to the next level it's important to involve professionals spectra and although on developing into that engaged in to contract a contract and proportion to and all the usual interested in finding out this is the type that can be uh just a little bit too hard on the fruit although certain suspicious money but it's important that we find the 1st and communicate about this is what are called the network it will be launched on the right track with more from data you don't have a small portion of yet but I hope the can should on the next member there
should be the stuff that use something active and 2 of the other that if you want to do that the do want a session for developers here not and tonight you should let you know so we just discussed to start the workshops at 1 o'clock because of the lunch was too short and the previous 1 the work time was long enough so at 1 o'clock uh artist must classify 2nd 1 o'clock here q 8 4 for a new blended in 2 nights there during the sneak peek at that scale still on the same time so thank you very much so much