Open Source project to enable fashion design using open data formats

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Open Source project to enable fashion design using open data formats
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This presentation invites developers to help create a suite of open source software to create and modify clothing patterns in open data formats to match an individual’s body measurement and generate customized patterns as printable files. Current applications are proprietary, do not interoperate, and are expensive. An open source solution would enable individual and small label designers to create and provide custom sized patterns without purchasing high-cost proprietary software.
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and Susan Spencer and on the Networker
I'm not a programmer and I should not networker any more I'm retired and I only do what I
want to do which means no out and use my contact information on the contrast is not so great you even if you find able find death disability died or the size of the online and so on I'm I'm here today to add 2
tries to generate some interest in this particular project for fashion designer open-source fashion design software on this software would be used to create an import and modify clothing pattern the following patterns within the able to be modified to match the measurements for a clients of for yourself on and we like to use open data formats so that it can be assigned to other points along the manufacturing line to maybe some open hardware so there is that there are a lot of reasons to use open data formats and to make the software interoperable with a lot of different things well 1 thing that's happening right now is
that all of the the name labels are watching histories for for what people were wearing and then they should all incident magazines like whenever and really there are regional regional things that wear so this type of software would lower the initial investment that it takes to get to use software creation and environment here region so that independent designers could can have a really good I would try investment much faster on these designs would then be owned entirely by the designer sometimes when they have that with manufacturing companies or other the other entities and they have to pay royalties to have 10 of their designs these is there are there are different types of business relationships environment energy and the variance using our and like to to point out that reason that there is a huge movement right now for people to find holding everything I had made him garments can anything it's it's a total spending a reaction to the growing plastic toys Newfoundland that last knowledge even plastic fabric is going on there is another problem the garment industry is that everything is is designed and set up the courage to be designed by the professionals districts 6 you small size so that when it gets to be a lot of is like this is an extra large and I don't you know to me in my head I'm still 12 result and on and on and on that basis it also this is you can find them because they don't sell well because they don't provide as when you increase the size of the proportions should be different but the garment industry doesn't change the proportions of a design taking the same origin portions as small changes even in the summer larger so this is a huge huge market people who need to work on as we all close so you might have region maybe it's not available to be will have at home and for and design and these are the people who buy organic fabrics and look for unusual accessories so you really understand more healthy and vertically integrated government industry as well these are growing
markets and normal markets that existed tended to you that on course huge market steampunk strolling as vintage clothing even there'll divided into 2 because they don't fit the contemporary body similar because we don't wear the tide and more the intended and we're just came back and of course the 1st that the designers for for for these kinds of markets would make a lot more money if their investment costs for much on the
set everyone wears close this industry is so huge there's room for everyone who wandering alone is a 32 billion dollar industry billions so is there a single 1 of us in this room wants to go into the industry would be defined by of and as it said earlier not everyone wants to wear the same type of clothes globally there are different things people want where Seattle then had Brussels they yet magazines sort of incorporates that there are things that none of this would really want anonymous 100 thousands of dollars this we're given that opportunity for this regional definition did personal identity on this sumptuous like create would also use different algorithms that what is used in industry right now sciences are increased by by scientists but that's not related to each other operation in your body you will that's usually relationship here size yeah question about what it is in the offing rejected integer and there's a nice ratio between here and here and here and for that is not retained by the garment industry industry's signs and also on well I would propose would be a completely new way of exercising closer to the actual body proportions are so this is so is client is very very difficult to alter apparently the ego and the pattern or a hot patterns money in patterns and they usually have to change it to meet their own proportions then examined in these garments argument is based on their size so there is problem also this market is so huge not just designers that with homes always there are more people buying and selling down there and since the 19 fifties so this is this is a new thing it's great people feel that are 2 to certain things from in and their in their own backyard and then send covers to I helped a girl and last year so address from bicycle energy slowing down and all this great but you have to have an old machines really started initiated it
was found of course additional benefits of the software is that schools can have access to it and it's really important thing for young young people to to learn how to use to do things with their hands they're not just acting what you need jewelry and clothing or a soft sculpture and introduce this type software to come up with a lot of different on different things especially we left it open for people to create their own operations you just so the added functionality and as as needed on so we're and then this is a good way to get young people involved in the open source community I didn't need to wait till the mid 20th the following if the 12th grade in and then they can get on the bandwagon a lot a lot sooner and so the 2 year
olds are interested in this very interested inventions line at the males and females this is not that gender is not a genuine and that agent it's all about the external where where's that in your heart and so and say you are divided on now I've got a couple of projects listed here that we can integrate systems for In this will never taking measurements for today patterns can change the number depending on the person who takes the measurements of so working with really stand out like works from the as some of the loss of high and bathing suits manufacturers and once their users want to be rude and you get a 3 D rendering of your entire structure all in a magazine there was a story on this guy who made his own 3 D scanner then and I don't have to go to the functional that is to finite size you can see that the really the great I'm also painted integration if you have designed I have computer you just offer this city Bluetooth however messages Seeger over to the and it's know slide father that's been and revised the kind of color and marker then analyze it you just go ahead and have factor for you and you don't have to eat on the of randomly missing I additional models will be the layout and orange optimization and then that's normally included on the back of the software and that about half the time it's actually a really interesting algorithm and when you way a current fashion design
implications of proprietary we don't interoperate as some require an additional and that sort of like an Adobe Illustrator and some of the answers to this really
quick bringing environment slow and you can design your things and it's very loosely even keep smaller measurements and you know and it's 400 dollars which can be of see design
is 300 dollars for all the modules and it requires Adobe Illustrator as well and again you have to use their their templates and there's very little design at at the inn and you start having control over the design beyond a certain and a certain margin on this is a nice and
patterns and after this story 250 dollars terrible on the different methods to create
patterns this is the method that I would like to
incorporate into the software that I'll just show
you these thousand types of designs very quickly educated the very very complex and
that you can get there you can get to this from the software packages that I showed you so this is the basic actions are slashing spread so this would be a vector graphics applications then there's no that the