How to get contributors to your Free/Libre/Open Source project from Vietnam and Asia

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: How to get contributors to your Free/Libre/Open Source project from Vietnam and Asia

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How to get contributors to your Free/Libre/Open Source project from Vietnam and Asia
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How to get contributors to your FreeLibreOpen Source project
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hello everyone many of the and hopefully
in icon from Vietnam before I start I just don't want to take you a bit about when and where that
a traditional rest of the non-call outside this is not convenient at all but I want what I want history of the you feel this idea of you know actually I have to think very carefully before decided to wear is as invention and where the idea of not being you told me to do whatever everyone else doing so whenever lowers come to the number of genes in the teacher of which is the European style is sold on the i have to wear a mustache so today I'm gonna talk about and how to get contributors for your free and like on all the subprojects form of Vietnam in Asia so this is kind of a challenge that most of the projects are facing a diploma and on the lack of developed blows all you you complemented different project we did not end the asian development was how many Asian development if you have 1 now a now we all know that most of the people live in Asia or the availability of people leaving China and Vietnam we have we very small country but we have a 84 his people so on
decided OK so this is a summary of viewpoints that and then it goes through it today in list with a
small introduction about myself alone another designer and written are still under development I study in marketing anal I got into all the other communities in 2007 I attended an event into an oracle forced branch which is an event that the European all this company to the local companies so I was there in translator Indian after the event and not been inspired by the idea of sharing collaborates the thing with people the war because with their at that time there was so many foreign knows the no in some guy from the west so I was that is that is a joint work and now I didn't I am I moved this thing of all for my study noun using a block they have good co-leader use this distress and is very active in the guys they always have been up every month and they are nicely events on development is made up of 3 you freeze the cell with freedom the party all this adds up and so I get in full of kind of acting avoided a community of on open source and then after that I finish my study I go back to the mound in organize the event called nomination in 2009 come at the moment and at the moment I I haven't fully capture a marketing manager for local hospital which is not so Big is very small and Michael was much out a number I did a lot of translation for free software into Vietnamese and events don't have withstand anything translating the website and drier the enemy's article on Wikipedia's so that it's a little bit about myself OK I'm good with suggests wire
marketing students like me interested in all itself on the 1st basically because I like to meet international people I like the idea of sharing around 18 for me that here attending this event and the the loss of our new model modern technology a known these ions and a noun might not being able to you for all the sub-projects humiliate the opportunity to be here and invited to be because I contributed about on the obvious as the which is very good for convolved not even on the date a the last point I want to say I am very happy to be here I'd really loved the idea of ceremonies and study from each other yesterday I attended a workshop Our with the people form all they spend 2 or tree out showing us how to make a Barstow by a nice which I have never done before so they are very very nice and friendly so I think that I will shortly give something back to the community by having to talk that I tried to have the the project get more developed those formed of the nominees validation 1 can but it is of the of
the for some of you who don't know the nouns young and to the below China it to Thailand outcome would and
this is what the data on the economy powerhouse of the now we have events like when all major all for states of the BTC in November 2014 could have a with missing this is that a small city
where I come from and an is indicated by the Mekong River In the end is at the floating
market in Canto which is very famous come
and visit us greatest felt orthogonal major actors we organize it last year in which missing OK so the very shy
University under the track on the right is made now we have a woman and no edge of animation talking about talk implementing fall into i like to all this community OK so
next every time you about this shape variation on the nature free and open and OK element
there a lot of project that's the way using Asia and 2 from the from the stream contain management system that should not Rupel pressed embedded devices using Android file format in open the the RTE so using also comes with a commonly used against him his guess for services like she has previewed which is very big company in announced and then they use humor to making a personal manga opportunities for the Japanese people and most of the people in Vietnam by using a Wikipedian sold we are involved in oversight community
and this is a website so you know we used Drupal in the absence of come also website to actually weight of money from the formed and all which is proposed in order container under GATT common license and this is not
a sampled using shown in and so on Monday funded by the way I forgot to thank you I recently founded a company that doing false for ICT project marketing consultant so that but they're doing only so go to the main
points of the presentation of projects need to new contributors OK I don't know if I like you
know what the other day I talked to him and he's on at the moment most approaches face facing the challenge he did not developers In the beginning test their their their latest user leader many developed was but then later later on some become less motivated as they have to take care of all the things in the right later family or they don't see a lot of movement and justly because you don't see anything going on why you have to do it and was that no 1 even wanted to care about and some other interesting watching all I need to focus more on common thing that we always be in this so it is a continuous of younger newcomers 18 why don't you look at the Asian community there many capable young people in Asia and OK many
many people in Asia you all open source but still a number of contributors seemed very limited so when do business in In addition we have millions of people study which is in communication why aren't there more contributors impractical as students doing projects in the community so at the end so the
question actually we have to ask a lot of people are we ask people generally major during forced made up and inserting education
project we don't like him that the problem is this is a project in company did life you with the goal doing on research about ICT in the education on on climate change awareness in the In so whenever we have a chance to get out and we try to ask people why did on on avoiding the community so we can that would
viewpoint that is there is very little research has been done about community Asia asking potential contributors why did it not in full at the at health and things that I am I do not know enough about free and open sort of what I would like to submit a plan B. put Chen lays the system but I don't know how to join the project in that's all I want to happen I do not have a lot of knowledge so I want
a distribution so i come up with now I talked things that I would like to suggest that project I pick my because actually I see a lucky number in the town so nicely and very Jewish in China I believe ACM that number of information
so top 1 to understand better out of your potential contributors and conceded indications for the departure almost so why is that so you have to understand the Haitian people the 1st thing you do well with any Asian people and I mean is that the other side they will you we're we feel that we we are not confident in speaking English because it out monotone and also and another thing you have to do is being considered on the time different Asian people lives white Europeans and many Americans are up and now this is just I know it's very simple but it's good that you need to arranged a meeting with developers although there was so you should be that have friends that everyone can join even some non-optimized you say they do not have the knowledge because we have very modest even know we know no we don't know actually we know that we have said OK so so some contributors might be afraid to contribute ended there in discuss anything like that is unfinished because in Asia the people and I I 1 developed but here also a cold but it's not the as yet you don't want to show any 1 of but we know that developments in always ongoing so if you just don't have people wondering how can they have nothing to fear you will be you will never finished and now and the next thing is just about so project and it is implied Asian values self-evident not open and account those marrying is 5 the you have this problem Europe this is no because that we always have to relational we don't tell people exactly what the thing on even notice guidelines that he she thing on the paper and all you so nice the better you write is way we don't have a direct assault on that the different culture between European nations in another thing is in many Asian countries can stay loss full of the education of their case some may have to justify what they are doing contributing to the problem to a project for free but I don't know to get free education in Europe you know as a nation we have to pay everything into the the goal of the government going must give us so new come to
the next topic after you do understand about crowd you along the potential developers you need to identify some simple and people in the suitable for contributors and make it easy to draw in flies sample the edge project on your website in as many languages as possible I different to-do items for different groups for example developers designers and artists later in any event organizer mention is glad that people can happily offering support in room writing an article on the block tell the the advantages of people have contributed to your project so a value would tell someone that way advantages of contribute to open separate I would say you have a chance to go to conference overseas so now and the last thing he considered a waiter to communication media project the use of loss of an appreciation and he cited and which which is very difficult for an agent understand when k top period and that it is easy to communicate at that communication channels people and using already being sold for example in China I see a lot of people using all like using on data most people use I have seen and for some in Taiwan people or so you i as the old and on many developed book blocks in 1 and In in Vietnam below user community in many years and some developed but how many this this model that people are used to using foreign and I think that many developers do not forum but this is very useful for the beginning level on set of meetings at a time the agent on which is I told you earlier guys for channels like I the for you people in Europe has the so all that out many Asian people do not know all novel about has the duties so that guidelines for the people to join the entire season and know want to fall on a set of projects we can jump on ask people to become radically as so just it the Web project you have many different project but inside a project you can smaller projects it's easier for people to contribute also assemble a set of web application FIL project documentation projects in a generation but it's this was very well with the young generation project activity at the moment we have 100 drank active translate 48 the project comment that we keep H in a foreign page 4 projects ladies project later we all decided you set up of the EL we can set up a dictionary in folder on box was and is easier to share the files I speak to people in the community gatherings and megawatts those cent of fighting University in art and demanded up to involve a student I think this is a very good way to promote your project to and to the students and discord would be happy to put up your poster because they have nothing to do they don't have any a school anyway on top of dietary API guys for contributors in for decidability insulator rights 3rd domain guys implication for contributors to this is a lot of work that people need to know how to contribute any nowadays attainable not openly opportunities to meet up at conferences and community events committed Europe are not American the Asia we seldom how this kind of meeting in Seoul that the only way that people can get information the online on the internet or through books so it is very helpful if we can have a quick implication of the book I think that somebody and at the conference German about having energy ample something I would be happy to translated to be enemies and all came thanks I translate your call website and communication to order which is made wikis forums a valuable in different languages Solomon safe areas so you and find a project you don't know anyone fulfillment how we can how can you translate to different languages that you don't know anyone in China laudable 91 from Vietnam how many units they quite easy because every country they happen the user groups will not very personable about open source and not only people are willing to transfer some free software to they only which is so you can stop wiggling your use of opinion that country that you want to just you on your device involving amazing that anyone want and layout would be happy because they have a team of people in the community that intonation fall a on OK next but also this is I think John is instead of a support program and all flows the picaresque we lost at the beginning I wish that I will be in the i can help with the to bring impact show parentage from a friend even you know we experience in visited the certificate is that the student that this debate he acknowledges and it was so happy because it means something when you apply for the job if the people doing right so active you been to many places many countries and how how did they make now more willing to buy you I think that contains all call event in cooperation with local partners on In after of user group on local companies to contribute to the project of to cooperate and have you go simulcast here anyone know about Google Summer of Code project that you can make your on protein as well for example need develop seen in China and you can go to maybe speech in all jokes on to make a simple contest in a not so difficult because everything is cheaper and here in Europe of 1500 or 2 thousand you can have a dream and some other countries to address and for the fact and you can give a give like 200 dollars for 1 developer also something that would be very happy to contribute or like if you don't have the finance so you can just 10 and that maybe you introduce them to go to another conference or you can give a duplication of banking people would be happy and get more on investment to the project OK lastly the kinds of consideration in China as the old to have someone of your team to take Kincaid to take care of the programming contributors scattered and the funding so I think that delay for the project of famous project like means get all on some other things need not so difficult to get funding 2 thousand 1 thousand 500 then you can have go to Asia in the summer quarter or something and get more developers
OK so this is a picture of and no 1
left upper dry projects in Afghanistan and in the number of operating while training certificate for teacher and student again Felicity because by the teacher just to learn something and you get certificate studies that have picture of a
young teachers so in students how to work with them 1 after the job and use it
suggested informal fishing village in on and a is 1 of the most beautiful beach in the noun it from the norm I told I attending
organize events in Asia I want visionary man because motion all made up is always good it really create a personal relationship like must be I have been a whole some funny they are important to develop a strain of community after all false and labor Officer not only about getting kingdoms but also about the full collaboration in in international changes right so I think that after it you come to the age of 5 and use stay of few days longer to meet up with the local people in you can act local community to set up a workshop was supported businesses within the departure any you cannot attend events consider altering event organizer in Asia to submit FET-Open representation and to be a valuable for light field tested and even I the earlier today on top of that the last 1 can see you're always on your project website offered a community more opportunities you can also section 4 people are looking for a job I checks and patient this is the yes side an awful active contributors to both for free you can take on a new sample group all website is that all the thinking that that's been done on the website in continental contributors as practice enough for them to put up a link to decide on the project page what is it away to feature get contributors and give them better opportunities to get a chuckle out to get to be about honor American in the community OK
so this is a laundry and opportunities during the events of so
I almost come to an end of my presentation a noun if you have any ideas on our use set for story you can share with us and contribute to the presentation
In sole and I would like to invite you all to be known to the Americans and their telligible arguments down and not people are waiting to meet you and we welcome all visitors around the world and form my company we would be very happy to offer you of free internet connection and all of that was the enemy copies by everyone so our slogan better together in and another thing I would
like to mention anywhere without being an event called false Asia in human November 12 to 14 life emission can be found on our website for Asia all in this would be great if you can join in if spatial what case so right and act in give you might contain data point you don't come to then you want to go to the known for all of these it or something and can you use suggestion which is they we need a better place to go and have been thank you very much for joining mental I like to think that I like to
thank the organisers for giving me the onto the opportunity to be here and there sort things to think of and was then people had so much of people that in the middle of sentence and his so much of research so thank you very much and we have again time for 1 question there about I've had this networking and actually just just to expect from from state India where talk about a dozen students about how to interact with all the soft projects the interesting thing there are also students doing a project uh an internship response back on for a university although most of the news what opportunities for the rest of Asia for extracting this kind of project where the university grace of possible for the students to do an internship or project with before fragile because I think it would be possible for for for people like me to Manfred all students but so if the University of them uh you have this opportunity that might be much easier for them to get started to instead of those things from voluntarily yeah here's the steward totally true because it always had the internet connection we University because they can have you before the student and the teacher centered and you can have a tension commonly that have been willing to come an nation at the end of the finally anomalies students have 2 0 3 to 6 months at that time they don't expect on a lot of money But if they want to get a spear and so very good if you have the connection with university on to get entrenched for your project OK so where you don't have a connection yet instead that is yes in indeed are maybe you can try to look on our life or the lives of use of opinion and el India In our a people speak English in India and and and they can have you and all you can buy directly contact with the university OK think that also you will be around the common there is probably not wearing your beautiful dress but they're always there we will know where you we know we are in our so thank you very much so that he can