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Device Colour Management

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Device Colour Management
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Devices seldom agree about colours by default. RGB (Red/Green/Blue) colour spaces in digital or analog cameras are different from laptop and desktop monitors and those are different from inkjet printers, even if they do not only support a CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Key-Black) colour space. The talk gives an overview of how these diverging colours can be brought together by the configurable Oyranos Colour Management System on a system level. It will further discuss what is required by applications to make use of the provided ICC profile information.
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code management systems and this part also the last years ago some of could project we concentrated much longer device call profile configuration and so the column management library the around so and the last call management as critical points to get color slide from 1 device to another device you as a designer half targets like creating creating an impression to your audience so it's some small moment thank you
want to have this impression in a predictable and so like to share it with the users sometimes so you know you create design on-screen and so don't don't can expect to have the 2 people will also have the same impression on on on their monitors on their screens especially for for Internet and and also for printing you want to maybe wanted to work at
a major independent and design you know what you call us and the way in which come out on different major same impressions and therefore you need to create the same appearance on on each it was the typical way to do this our own established great introduces use couple of hours for communication which can be attached to a 2 images and also to devices a couple of hours or small binary blobs which contained color information like like primaries of the device more advanced stuff like quality tables and curves including some text stuff for copyright so we have to had some years ago was a
great promise to 2 as out to be well served with as RGB 1 fits all model uh but if you use this RGB natively like many operating system Durand Line expressed so and I think this is also by default applied on alternative RGB values to use that money to output and then you will quickly see that's devices greatly different I have shown you on on the bottom right into this it's thinner lines 2 2 people predictions of couple of color gamut of colors basis in a 1 assess such out 1 that the world should be run the commonly used the column space by a photograph of the added more irregular irregularities shapes curves represents endowed 1 to printer and the other 1 typical newspapers offset printing machine so there are great differences and so greater than expected to to increase monitors go more number to what's greater demerits wide gamut monogenesis a commonly used term for this and as such should be a which might be used standards that might have been standard in recent years superseded by this and still we have laptops with much smaller than target for us to have a these 2 colors to call appearance meet each other and on each device some of the problems we faces that's RGB minus 1 of 4 men are still very pure results and so it is used in many printing system OK good and has some more advanced features part of it does not reach really precision it's has certain problems with subgroup and also in many other other regions and you get at 1st impression and nice appearance and can be satisfied with this as a standalone thing but if you compare to screen if you compare to other major really quite different a lot and so that's not so native color-handling it's not the way to go then devices have different the properties really are configured by native configuration systems and this systems have to has to be put in place and to be passed and understood by come along the profile considerations friends and also you read isn't what variety of also random goes like this you all like couldn't print different options which does not only apply to devices but also to supply the side of things and so and different devices appear already mentioned the Madison of sites and you have a few the real cops this current year's contrastive PBG due to the sequential used to produce a string literal configured as devices of Britain trend has known for March used in in given and so we can plug in during this to come around the decoding the fifties DC long and it's August 1 system and you probably noticed only the proper among problem with 2 systems that made don't tell you much about colors you have so many properties into consideration to consider for these devices like like image resolution and like differing written and also so kind of media and also the the size of media is all the properties which not speaking here at example of printing and this properties of potentially potentially targeting as scholar and and some options do not and we have to find a means to to seperate use just properties which are relevant to conditional and then there's 1 huge problem that's all the system like 70 years
and cups of networked also takes off and so it's not is it true to circumvent the this networking capabilities by native the an only means of of of a network layer of you know capsule has many security issues and to open a can of worms if group which implement this stuff also and this last last and those need to provide profiles but wants to provide provost of devices and so we don't only have 1 improvise with 1 device before possibly 1 media we have a large variety of devices and rocking in different nodes and so on also looking the different media and if you get caught a profile as a ship full all these combinations and devices and media then we will have lots of Prof cause and pending quality of 2 professors will not explode in dependence of data which has to be you provided to select what we have answers puberty attributes for for printing those who couldn't print settings I mentioned this any options so library and the tests of some of the options included in the structures we have so I want the aspects if properties we can use to to graphical informations about the camera models and so on he that he died property you for for money to the configuration of the source of a piece of binary block which is sent from someone it was to the computer parents and of the we need to to abstract this stage to have something can use independent off of each special devices terms of sizes you have to accepted and in and special information text which contains key value pairs and so this is sort of a very well fitted to use to the task we have to to get have and it opens the door to to store information about devices and about twice as being too so as a simple form itself so what is this ominous project is targeting at common management to color management system on the operating system level so it's almost lower level stuff it provides see a to to get access to the data and to the configuration and also to manipulate distance settings by programs language bindings the don't have yet spots should be used as so internal design mostly public jointed that should be no problem to create to create bindings but it serves as an open you specification test spirit this sort of this group to open eyes to see you know there's a place where you listing primarily and the place to discuss co-management topics for Linux and open source systems what is implemented this and what is implemented as profile reading of from so opens this applies to you so a preferred policy and it supports so device-dependent answers prefer and expressive occasion and also manipulates profiles including of course and reading special information about number of channels names and so the text strings and so on for displaying doing during the selection of people for single user interface
yeah in from and so on so object-oriented the internal structures of foreignness all forms some almost of the rest of the basic recall parts and most functionality is designed to be stored in external modules so we have and an API for offloading C libraries which can be exchanged to also to to also have a scripting back say this is not done yet and then rest of this policy model which handles the size of the related to settings and enforces them in color rendering modules they devise modules which which are designed to support so the mentioned device libraries and and systems and there's so there are some parts of the image processing notes which can be formed to directed at aspects as click graph and some of which you already some common compression and together with some recent policy model and so device modules with can perform and trends common transformations yeah as part of this flexibility I have found it's very important to 2 also supports flexible options and not only this we these options have to be presented to users and so so the ones need some means to to display it the source of the data in in user interface layouts including the translation also plans and coming soon this is the image
fury of our analysis of very small example application and it uses this ROC analysis module asks asks to also
monitor votes profile and but is a year the this all the options provided by his but the press across but not bicycle but because of policy module their common for for for column management modules this also the notes to to column conversions and anterior on the bottom we have been special option for force as him as so module which implements this ball stuff and that's when you option and you can put in some specialist staff which we would otherwise have trouble to identify and and to support the the application that doesn't know anything about this properties about this layout and the user interfaces all implemented in the on us in an a module surrendering was done here 6 samples an effigy tables it's also possible to variety of rendering for for these options and qt and she decay and so on uh so can just line this monetarist too
small this resolution and well I don't get it no right to know where you should see is the effect of changing these options you know this stuff is supposed to be serialized to matter to to its form dialects it's not exactly it's forms are converted to our rhinoceroses structures and put back to so 2 so as this model this stuff it's which happens almost automatically you don't have to care about your your application just which these modules or on and constructs of image processing graph and you're done with this stuff OK so now we're
switching to to demonstrate the US and he has done what some ofthis and stuff for actually binding modules devices detection modules foreigners and he will talk now about sending events of the world including you have to switch to and the wrong streams of they
help from into and I am going to speak to you couple of minutes about the less than a year all the this will be Summer of Code and my my job was to maker add into models is 1 4 saying and 1 for animals does rowing Matese OK I'll but that that is for all devices that can take input like from images of scanners be is like cameras and then any kind of device that leasing supports but this is the lead role a library I can read and they create that images so I this is a this is an
image that that said that shows that like the architecture of all things on the on the left you can see and you you can have a lot of cameras electronic on scandals with different lenses in different kind of a setting up so you can read the 0 images with their multiple ways you can drag them from IUU you USB device or you can read them out with fairly devoted to from and uh and indeed the CAM or but so you can use it 1 of those programs to read the as is now when it when all the same gets ready to production and then when these programs can then we can use the Randall said framework vocal management it's going to be an easy for us a program to talk to us directly as it run a set of core can talk to the 1 of the back in 0 back which which stocks directly that reads the really matter and also can take can all the information from the the Exif tags of throwing amount so when you have the calibrated you every camera with a a single every lens or every kind of settings you want and you have created that color profile for its kind of savings on the Reynolds again then take can't decide which profile you want to use and you can't send it back to your program that can of asphalt which then can create on the right the image within the immediate profile and there warehouse on the other hand can talk to them or that do you want to you gonna so we can see exactly what you want there we figure color the and that the same happens for
saying that physical model I wrote for not so you can see on the bottom is that the same framework and so the same bag and can talk directly to the same framework and can take all the hardware and software options and can understand of the Afghanistan assumptions so we can add it up to the end of course and then you can select with URIs applications which which profile fits your account settings the kind settings on the printer and the on your scanner and stuff so
we said this API currently is only emitted if redundancy and you have only the galaxy called but well what we we could extend it in the other languages python double that C + + the stuff that there is a communication protocol
for every application who wants to use their once the user back into their homes and it can send the text strings so like the device name and get the information it wants to to get so the correct sickled profiles that's the current state of the
models of the same model is a functional right down right now are the same then there the rolling metamodelling there's still some work if you want to try and use them and the reason there is a code from the last year said will sum of gold project so there is some example therefore for leads saying and for the rowing that so you if you if you have calibrated you can graphical management you can create a profile and then you can use that with that with the with illegal to create degree at the same within a medical profile from all your growing at I can there are some of the unsolved problems of the worst the worst part is the middle part of the network part we'll have a way to get a color profiles from a remote computers but it it is being worked on and so but we need help from you if you really wanna use sickle profiles single management began collect that that's if you use gun these like cameras so equipment and would be very happy to help you and here your ideas and stuff about how this can be gone thank you thank you and me I want to finish with a small the demonstrations and how this stuff works for conclusion of stuff works closely desktop
of the publisher the lecture has installed here so
codimension module which implemented along settings and the KDE desktop this years so various settings of so that actually can lived in Germany this screen have you on the other hand I talked to my mind I need to refresh stuff
that's actually using computes to to come out of the
conversion inside this should be so as be constituted conversions in onto GPU and now you can change of the profit of monitor and you certainly use effect instantly and it can do degrees of things like this test of profile to haven't understood extendable demonstration but you can of course use other profiles up to such great you crazy things like that making an
attitude LHP you profile so 1 of the monitor and as such a B which was solved in what do you sort of Sierra transformed well I think that this could be of closing off this presentations things we didn't and fewer