Google's Font Initiative

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Google's Font Initiative
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Raph Levien is a longtime contributor to the libre graphics community (libart, Ghostscript, Advogato) and launched Spiro at LGM 2007 in Montreal. Now working for Google, he is leading an initiative to sponsor libre font projects and services. This talk by Dave Crossland, a sponsored type designer, will outline the sponsorship opportunity for type designers wishing to design fonts that can be shared and collaboratively improved. It will also offer one of the first public demonstrations of a related Google font project.
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alright I can be talking about something which is of
course kind of come up very quickly and by surprise uh this year and that students want initiative say you
about 2 months ago I got e-mail from race and he yeah said you need to a little incentive to finish Cantarell which was my students for projects I was studying typeface designs and the master's program at the University of Reading in England and I produced as a form of a student project for family which are called Cantarell and so referred to me and he said that it's good doing a pilot program and to support open source for development and he would like machine project to be
fleshed out the form of control the regular is where all of the work within the so or is a family the reasonably a ball on ball audibly those variants not very high quality because I didn't spend much time on the net and rest said well maybe we can kind of do some motivation to do that because we compared this page and dual is offering to sponsor the development of a certain so performance have 1 thousand US dollars per barrel and they say they right at that you know it's just kind of hit that almost incentive to place things into the commons itself see not a very large amount of money and some of these developing forms and selling them in the normal proprietary retelling this is really not a lot of money from that perspective but you know I wasn't going to get any money from Cantarell classes this and save my is a thousand dollars away wait for outlines but there's also a 500 dollars for hinting and brave also asked me to you ask around if there was anyone else he would be interested buying arrangement Dennis you just in speaking was 1 of the people I contacted and he's also been involved in this in this part say 4
thousand volts form the force of 1 thousand dollars and falsified 100 dollars a 6 thousand dollars and a lot of people were not in a very happy with
with that suggestion that they might want to make their fonts free software like on is some people have been quite interested and I think that's very positive say the the
incentive you know it maybe is a tricky thing panel increase of a project for some people paying things that people away from the same project and then not being paid but we have already seen that much collaborative form development yeah all the time people making free fonts that publishing them and there's there's not that much collaboration happening so I'm not too worried about that I think this is a very good thing which is going to help to get people publishing forms as proper free software whereas maybe they would have published as freeware fonts previously I say if you have a form which you think you might like to add a little bit of money for and you like publishers free software then you can contact you and then you have a discussion of them have taken place all there's a web form to do that which is inside the majority summers and and also skipped web browser and show you know
but so it say and what do webfonts only give a blog
introduces the q graphology on say that if you're interested in making a submission due here they've got linked to a form and it's very simple if you fill in this form then you'll be able to submit
proposals to give and see if they why we doing and they would sponsor work then you can enhancing
opportunities say what these people want from submission will they won't fonts which are licensed under what uh for supper lessons that approved and that's currently the Apache 2 license which is a licensed give uses the Google Android and most of these mysteries of what they published and analysts ADSL open for license they want letting 1 coverage and with a few extra characters bullets stashes and topographic quite marks those kinds of things and policy as a mentioned they're looking for hinting overlies optional and still looking for families of quality members as something different to what they already have in the directory and several delicate quality and say that's something which I think is going to really help to improve the overall level of resource performance and why people doing this well web fonts is this new thing that come around the last couple years and is now starting to pick up steam where seeing some major websites using web fonts and this is great because using custom fonts and web pages and web applications means we have much better typographic design uh on the web and we can improve the linguistic coverage of the web as Dennis was talking earlier on this kind of thing I think is very positive but this downsides this technology is well below the capable rather differences have phone calls can be relatively large and say if you're waiting for a font downloaded when you want to read the page that can be quite frustrating and Firefox and has this feature where when you're laying a web form it weights for the font download before it will display the text this is called the flash of on styled text and it's a little bit annoying to say the beautiful directory is the reason given in sponsoring these fonts last couple months and it solves these problems with but faults so you can put 1 simple line a CSS into web page and for just work and and it this is on you guys can see at the level violence and you can see the
people fonts directory it's just that it's very easy to find and can see the fonts lady and we've got said Dennis lying in and then you can see there's a full preview and Sierra set and then to bed performed using the Google API I just add this 1 line the duration of page and then you can refer to the page due to the form of a new page in the normal way and that's it it's very simple an company download these fonts that you've seen
directly is that if you get to you the giver phone directory project then you can read material downloaded all of the fonts and just didn't have them as regular of fonts on on your desktop and I think that there's going to be a sponsor can be packaged in the distributions this is just come out last week so it's pretty new but at this point will be available in the normal distribution where and that's what get them right now and you don't have to use the following the to to take advantage of the people formed come simplification they have a job script project called the web for later which is on github this has developed with in conjunction with the the proprietary typekit fonts uh Webster but service and the Web later script is through magic which makes the you 490 I don't and much in much simpler and this like J. query for web fonts just solves all of the incompatibilities will that's a that's we need to use web fonts and the year the
2nd page given that KW becomes a web fonts and that shows you the full API for
directory and in here we've got the fun API documentation and further reading there's a link to the web for later which is also in the well documented with on the page and then there's the said that's we need use reports president of the presentation of
few thank you did this because you know there's worse than the ones that we can make some advertising for your T-shirt and yet and may have as their own something out and talk about me in other presentations today is an event is available at the right now as well as I say the and they get similar to give a phone directory is the form library website and I'll be pants and T-shirts made up for different from library of
learning on them and these are available for sale at the front desk will be there tomorrow morning selling these T-shirts and liked it because and we've been
working on the following website for a long time and unfortunately the new version of the website hasn't gone lies yet and that this weekend it's going to get a lot of which is thanks to the emotional and so from his encouragement to the working on-site flows couple weeks and as a beta version of what has to be and I don't have followed the dog and so if
this is new front page the get page finally works with previews of fonts and when you get
a platform family page yeah webfonts breeding which supports the different weight so that font family it gives you some basic CSS catered to include into page and it gives you some information about the character coverage of faults so we can see here that this form has some support flatten ligatures they just needs 3 good have full support for the form that form a character range so this is a nice feature which I think will encourage people to you in make small improvements freeze over forms that that's really the big thing with different for libraries vision to which we have to thank