Plana, publishing illustration and comics with floss

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Plana, publishing illustration and comics with floss
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Plana publishing illustration and comics with floss
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Plana started as an academic project by Luís Camanho for a small independent publisher on illustration and comics. Free software was embraced almost from the very beginning. It was an answer to economic constraints but also reflection of our empathy with the libre graphics world. As a consequence, we got interested in copyright and embraced the sharing culture, informing and encouraging our authors to distribute their work for free. With five books published since 2008 we would like to share our experiences so far.
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hello and I am here today to present climate
funding is a small publishers dedicated to
publishing illustration and comics and space
in Porto in Portugal it started as a
personal project of school project by Louise
and the I met him during classes and decided to
join him and we never set out to
define goals for what we wanted to do
because it was very clear and we wanted to
publish publish a lot as much as we could
and now published beautiful books having
them in English as well as in Portuguese so we could
send them abroad and now within had at budget
so we would have fewer a copies of each
book and we wanted to have the most possible price
up price that people would pay for the production of the book
and also for the offers were and I'm from graphic
design of the research that has of video
information and we knew that if we wanted
to set up a project like this we would have to
have software for editing image handling
out the book and also we have to have direct
cases so you would need to spend some money
money that we didn't have that if we wanted to go
forth with our ideas and now even though
we wanted the low price and I
wanted to publish a lot we we decided to
go for proprietary software and on the
1st 2 books were edited with Photoshop
which I now think as a very lazy
thing to do but by the time was what we felt
comfortable with was what we had learned in school what
our colleagues were using what all the other
professionals were having for their work and
also what the printers were demanding some
that how it went and for the 1st time in
2008 I went to the LGM and
started to get in touch with the leader graphics
community and already on the 1st book we had
our logo and for that I used to being scared and
that was our 1st contact with the graphics
and software so the 3rd book was really the
moment when we decided to step back and
I accept that we didn't have a budget yet
to the software are anything else
and now we still wanted to keep on publishing so I will show you the websites of the 3rd book is a book that I did with the kind and about
it has a collection of short stories that talk about our experience while living in Rotterdam OK
added a bookmark because of the keyboard and it was not working anyway and now for this book we use
it as a testing area and we didn't
always free software we needed a block where we would talk about the book how we did it at all the little parts how we did the illustrations how we render the text and we wanted really
to share their experiences and also give
people the possibility of doing exactly the same so we did all text by hand and
then we used things give great feature of trade tracing but not to to get it in pictorial form
this is the cover for this we use the spiral curves which are great and now for the book we
decided to publish it with a Creative Commons license so we in the website have available all files and editable formats and you
can get it you can do it at home and you can also like and so I'll show you a few more pictures or it so this is our 1st book
2nd book and of this collection of stories
which already had been published by the author and we had just done more work having it laid
out as a proper comic book and translated into English so that he could be sent abroad
and here you have a plan of our book cover when it came out from the printers and its 1st perfect we used scribers and Inkscape and everything worked out really good and now that we think about it we really didn't need to go for proprietary proprietary tools because we do need anything in particular we we needed really simple tools just for editing the images and
doing the layout for the pages we don't even have much text this is our 4th book and have for the 1st book not only we use free
software as we talk to the authors and now we convince them to release all the book and with the Free Art License and the free Aceh license shares the same principles as the GPL but applied to artistic work so you can also go and get the original files the original drawings which
is we scanned and treated for the book and you can use them for year 1 on work and you only have to release it under the same license of course and
because of this we started to I get in contact with the artists comic book artists and illustrators working in Florida and we were invited by this local gallery to do their catalog for an illustration exhibition called dandy the featuring the work of
several artists we received the works very late so we didn't have any time at all to play something for the licenses but once again we use of argument Inkscape and everything was
fine were dining out our 6 book I was
really impressed by yesterday's presentation of laid out and definitely want to try it because we don't do very much with text it's mainly elements so yeah go and visit our website get our books and if you have any doubts or suggestions you can write as and have the books with me if you want to see them you can have a look so perspective