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Plone: where is it today and where is it going
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Plone: where is it today and where is it going [EuroPython 2017 - Talk - 2017-07-14 - PyCharm Room] [Rimini, Italy] Plone CMS, first released in 2001, is now close to its 5.1 version. Did you know that the 2016 Olympics web site was built with Plone? Did you know that many huge organizations that care about data protection use Plone? There are good reason why Plone is such a successful Python project, but probably the most important is that Plone does take into account the security of your data very seriously. Nowadays, information and data play a crucial role, sometimes they are the more important asset of a company. They have to be in a digital form and accessible from every device, it is no surprise that they are exposed to a growing threat. During the talk I will review Plone built in security protection systems. In addition I will review some of its features, like the ability to create, without writing a line of code, custom content types, to change documents workflows, to organize your documents in a snap. I will also talk about the foreseen new features that will be soon in Plone and I will present Castle CMS and Quaive, some important projects built on top of Plone that are currently under the spotlight
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OK thank you very much for such a short
introduction I started using by donor durum my universe of the period then uh was enrolled in a company that was doing blown and this is the PID doing sees book on which is shipping a brawny that is the solution called weight and this is a what my users the most does about me it's Germans so I don't even understand what it is but the latest it OK
yeah I that come from almost similar geophysics and then I ended up in strange places and became more working in various nonprofits so I basically became a user of clone and then an advanced you and and fell in love at community and the history and I still work for various non-profits and and use Cloud to help make the world a better place it OK thank you President uh blown the bike and is the same as is an open source you you some very much a project at the user's and of this object-oriented that that the Bayes and as the vast community and and then we get as a lot about accessibility and and they're about security and also a need and allows you to do a lot of to the work staff and there is a lot of features and the say that the like by it as but is included and and also those fresh ideas are not enough we have the thousands of add-ons to and beams the war Sweden to defeat the all the use cases a short line about grown
grown is almost ennobled now and then the body of the and the the 1st from conference was in 2003 Yuan lean and the profanation which we have the President via is a starting
2004 you see we have the uh the point many mentions of blown now we are closing close to ship their 5 . 1 version yes and they can be more some
of in a use case of product so this is a fresh coincide it that
you can go long way so this you of things tools the puppet the beginning for example a
cancer popular AM AM and sent to be and the set up their Mockus SMTP just cool to see what's
opening by sensors at best to me and I go to my uh web UI for these
and could be a can see that the the medicine
that could be used for later because now you see it uh when you're not being you can you have a lot of features but of course now we have admin and we want to test it with the that I would use it to see what the user can
so if you go to their contraband and what we have
lots of functionality pool in
like adding users and we have regular uh fields for a you'd use but we want would 1 and the through the web
is possible to add the new field gender
for example and we can come to be a a choice between somebody villages OK is appears we go
now to make to their OK you see the the field the we can now also said about for
example providing medium female whatever Veronal without requiring because
really it may be sensitive data uh
OK we know and the is the use of and of course all the fields set and like from the gender if I want to whatever
and now I have these user colonies it just as an example user and they can see the 1st and you can see it as an
e-mail that the with the confirmation link so I can then looking
as the user is use
yeah OK now and of being as the user is this use you see that the spectral their
administered I can do well less stuff
but I would like to add that a news item so that means that with to new
item as well look to the shooting power and and then look for islands and they
share the possibility the between
2 will add new stuff here and now he has
the more items in a scuba and
they can have the end user so the I will just skip some seconds OK you can littermates OK so is going to any news about the prom conference
and that you see that their music be easier now in a anonymous user cannot see
anything OK because they in
use is created private is the full so island was to public to publish it but that he has no not the right to publish it so is just an interview and they're in the a more powerful tool to do so
that user can be admins but there other
users that from which we can go in the permission
to do that now the News is published in
the then and was users can see so this is just
an example use case that shows you out to of this review prone works the that what this study
so what so 1 of
what was yet so I think it's important to note stats and what you just saw this whole set up of difference that you can add a field to use a specification gender or credit card number or whatever you want to know all of them you can do it through to well but you can also do programmatically and and it is true of almost anything and cloned setting up users having of groups and you can rapidly prototype through the web and or you can have your own advanced users do that but they can save the specification and put that in version control and have that part of your deployment so that the next time you want deploy site just like that you don't have to go clickety click the click again and you have that as a normal call system of Python Eric and security we take security very serious we have a very nice security gene and most of the vulnerabilities at all systems have formal Rhodies Plone included we just have less of them and most of them tend to be discovered by our own security and 1 of the most uh often used misuse class of vulnerabilities is SQL injection which doesn't work because we don't use as well so that helps and but also that what we most were issues of with cross-site scripting but that has been taken care of in from 5 even for add-ons that you write OK
so for example we had the and the FBI users using a pro-social for uh and free so website and we have these fake news of the again there was a good at the time advertisement for us because the they claim the and they had this year the 4 FBI Dolgoff which was not true where was provenance through and there again we were a uh that they applaud man name was associated with the uh it's it's a big side that the was concerned about the security and the 8 calls in December we so that the security issues we're quite a thing of beauty lipase and they show
elections so also we can do a lot of stuff uh with their contents that we managed to live to our site for example a we have uh about anything in multiple features of we can find many items and at the time or remove them rename sort of the the organizer I want stuff the words in the K. interface and then we have a
is so before a contrapuntal where we can sit up the experience that the the user ever on their website for example we can stop the is so they must settings but also the team beginning is style it almost a man who can stop using group that customize also constants this season 1 nice feature that that I would show you uh we have
several contents that we can anyone or modify existing ones for example in the in
week every the the page and in which is an an R. Mahler our is the Mel-based we can add new field a year or so and or and also a new
behaviors beavers are groups of fields which set contains uh for example uh and in some ways do config your your content by for example because the up a and if you want to the pages is to be discussed in these we live fire up some uh commenting system on their website and we have several options for but also for
example you want to enable the lead field on a page to make it more beautiful and if we do that we will see for example the field of being when we are going to add or edit a new page but also
prone is friendly with this so social media and see on it allows you to cooperate the and to the web your Twitter account to your Facebook account so that that when your website website is rendered it there's already all them at the parts that allow it to be well index the uniformity of this attendance and that to be well share on this assuming on the shown the that that
from the beginning and right up to now clone has always been very good with multilingual probably because it was a party and thawed off of in Norway which as a tiny country has there to but languages already and it's being used a lot also by governments and local governments in places like Switzerland where being trialing dual is mandatory so being multilingual is not something so match case it's something that we do and that needs to be done and that works quite well and so you can set up to several languages and and
it all sort of it will not automatically translate for you you can and put an ad only and that will put in a Google Translate for you as a starter but please don't do this on your life website hit the translations of google or being or whatever they are getting better but high euro you to do the final editing but you can and then have all you content in multiple languages and it will idea fall by the cookie that user has of the users preferred language or could would by IP or it could set it's well anyway 1 direction the yeah so also you can
do fast is that there are some other fastest path to the web of course also locally the your your own Python packages but if you need to quickly change the columns of your website you you're allowed to do that you can also and it's
a to the web neural team so that the fires for example of the support of the boxes list and then we can compile less in the bottom build CSS that you see above and so it
allows you to go in customizing your been to to the web of course you can provide packages is or the there as I can buy it is either as the files that you can upload once you have these that the steam available on your website you can activate them and their uh have what whatever the movement you like and also you can switch back and forth between these these things OK some technical
facts for the audience OK
we care very much about updates we was seen as like dedicated to
that later on the let's stuff you and I have the and the time of day and we have a room in a very in simple diversity solution that allows you to talk to the fans of each user a very fast and then I will show you how to to start working with problem so about of great so we
have a Commissioner in place that allows you to to update
steps to update you about the bees to the latest version of your goal of course you have a data model so you can and you can test it before before you screw up everything of course and it's often we've always suggested tool developed on is feeding server before doing that in production but it also
involves again the profit of these machinery tool provide see dates of all they are words of to
solution provide the uh um divers could models called optimist that can be easily applied to European just setting and and other OK so you have a patent and I were HTML you apply a class that is called parts of the book and automatically uh list items would be the in the edible and probable and then you can you can up the UI to understand this
and his 5 because you ever just to set a class and the comfortable the the part tool of some in to to some that the articles that are well documented in the end I suggest you to check the user part of solution which is called mock-up and provide you the link the beast in light that that show about the the
condition yeah I should talk a little bit about that because I am I am also the documentation team and yet if you don't have documentation for products your product does not exist is are firmly even the documentation team and the pro documentation in if you've lost seen it 5 years ago were very
sorry it was in a bit of a mess it had grown very organically um but there's been a huge effort to reorganize its it's now all reachable on their adopts of public or and the set up it's slightly more saying and you hopefully will be able to find what you do what you want to know and love is made up of a huge number of components quite a large number but all the components that you need for either the name uh for a beginner users for advanced users for developers are all on the bear in different sections and we have become the work all on translating the docks using Transifex and they're not finished yet there are developer dogs in Chinese and partly in Brazilian Portuguese right now and but not very many other languages have complete develop production most developers tend to speak English anyway but there is a huge community in China which prefers the Chinese developer docs so it is important that we've now also started to using a selenium uh robot framework to generate the screenshots for our documentation that is nice because they will also be updated if a new version comes out and they also serve as as test if somebody breaks something in the in our screen shutting it means the user interface has changed at which means that the documentation must follow suit because there's a new button or something so we're trying we're treating our documentation as part of our continuous integration set up which helps to keep it in line and all the building and the testing is done via continuous integration was to improving on that 1 and it is it's a relatively new transit documentation lands to treat your documentation as coat that should be tested that's but we're getting there so we're using all kinds of Dr Price containers and uh books twos automatically check link checked to use the right terminology and also check for file age so we get a little pain if a file hasn't been touched for a year and that doesn't mean it's wrong or it could just be the perfect documentation but it's it gives you a guide like you may wanna check if this is still up to date and it could be in some hidden corner of your documentation that you don't tend to read because you already know it so it's good to have politics of your documentation I can recommend that for any software project OK become old best all
these features are of course integrated
together and the things can and break without you acknowledging it but of course we have a a wonderful of Jenkins's about looking place and this allows us to test for requests also um uh
and this in several version at the time and then uh this a mix of long really really solid we can be quite confident that the uh you're not breaking stuff customizing things and or improving things and this is quite there something that you need where you would have to end the with 300 packages so
if you want to go to train yourself and start using prone we have a dedicated training website when you can
follow update training so the training material is there and they deserve address tools 7 out kind of the interests of users for example if you want to do the management we have indicated training if URIs is I've been and that is the the deployment training and if want to develop or or customize the problem that is at the end of the course and and as a training usually happening during events for example during the prom confidence uh there in all this kind of training and they are included in the conference price so I suggest you tools to look for them about the blind
community in and in the the peripheral Committee is very is very solid and on get
out we have an organization with 400 people uh in being about the with 3 and the public repositories and we also have another organization called collective which contains packages that are not in the core at least for the moment but that contains the add-on for example of solid integration must such integration with everyone configuration and that even more people of course some of them are also in the privatization and it contains a word 1 and that the entire 1 thousand 500 public it was it is and if you use so that that is is simply a deep out but uh and I that the in there where 100 million 40 most and they're almost the 1 up there and 1 permitted and the company of them was in the prom committee which is where the and yet as a whole you will also meet this your Python and and generally a friendly bunch of them we have some weird oddities that I don't know some
are constant to swap and but that's not required and but but yeah just approach to the people in the planned community blown we should still stress is not run by a single common company uh unlike some other open-source projects there is no overriding company Justice foundation to hold the intellectual property and the are all small of contractor as integrators consultancy firms and university staff who together as a community creates and decide where plum goes so where plum goes as the decided by the community it's looked over by framework team everything is organized by themes but there is no big dictator like firm that says like this is where we're going that's not how we roll so on that also on the
by compacted index there are a lot of people know and him from projects that that can be used the weight so I suggest you to take it because there you can find themes customization uh and some other packages also prone
is an important user base from there as I was saying before there are many you notice the broadsides for example that have the idea and the uh and AUC and the university is whatever all so it was a pulsar big success the past year because them but as the land
government in which is using heavily pruned and use the in Rome for Olympic website and that this is was quite with the scene because uh that website as to survive the a spike of users that want to tool around all uh what was happening there uh the spikes of editor of the where uploading for example many pictures a at time 0 4 for the events and in the so also often have to be extremely so security because of course the freezing there uh olympics website that was his with his with target for many many also add easier we
use of it we ever find Google Summer of Code students in which the uh doing actively well and then there are some
projects that you can build on top of prolonging basically with everyone and there are a couple of projects that the number is quite interesting recently discussed the CMS which provide and some of you UI enhancements for uh for their for blown and respectable but part of some of the castle CMS features as to what to problem and also these wave which is a kind of run distribution targeted for all intents and those 2 tool interact in with the socially it with the urine because customer uh you have some
so cop castle is done by an American firm and they really focus on security because if you have like a three-letter agency and they're probably their clients and if I tell you exactly their clients black helicopters will the sentence and we will end up somewhere where we don't want to be and so but they have also really focused on usability using very modern and GIS techniques if you have for instance an image you can set a focal point so that whatever it if it appears on and a phone or a tablets aura of 27 inch monitor and differences of aspect ratios always the focal point will be part of the the center of picture and yes as sad we fully expect that to this has been the pioneered in class assume as we will backboard debt into regular clone the OK yeah and
about with it so it there's a a lot of sir features sleep as a connected this thing where you can upload stuff and the comment on it that also you can show staff you ever contracts and whatever and they'd it's in main target is to be a in simple simple for the user because uh something that's not just in a bucket where you will start friend forget is that the yeah your really you want your content to be alive induced by you you you users and there is also extensible as a tool in 1 single ups that they can basically customize your user experience OK and this is
they are all in it is pronoun but there are other things happening in the in the begun tool to improve with the prone experiences and more and for
example there uh in in the we close to what is their 5 . 1 version and then this 1 for examples and supports uh attitudinal displays that you can be made the disabled but you can anybody that support the preparative part uh and uh this the identity displays and you can also all for example MSA popular in the size of the preview was that the all your images that are uploaded the uh maybe even as they have a gross size but then served scale automatically and uh we need so for example
enabling the user feature it allows you to or to automatically uh and at and that the image tag for the media is a with this was set uh with appropriate this was the after book and so the browser
we learn understand the uh which is the best feature that you should you should download this of course is there a big you white green and now yeah what 1 of that
has just been finished last week uh we had a spring last week in Finland is the redirection tool there was always a redirection tool in clone so where you put on an alias for a URL and that goes actually to another content item body was hidden and there was no easy web interface for it and now outer is and it will be released in 5 5 and 1 you might say why is this important why don't you do really right in an engine X so a Apache or whatever your front-end is whelps I am an aside administrator much more
than the developer but uh and but also I am now in Italy and of course my colleagues and launched a new web campaign and they decided at the very last moment to change the URL that they were putting out for their work comparing an otherwise they would have to bother me while I was dancing in the coconut clock and that is not nice now the normal editor can say like books now we decided this all their URL as much debt share and it will do better on social media so let's put in an alias so it puts power in the hands of the where it belongs namely your site editors and your content editors and not in the power all means or people who have access to the engine X rewrite rules so it's all way way of enabling power users to do what they do best namely thinking up of catchy names and not being dependent on the tech people to then implemented so it's it may seem small but some my users are very happy with it and it's a good win for a lot of things the so this is another
in screen that shows you up to set policies for you're in for your pages and we have the is a
wonderful mother that that we
then you basically I start
with adults and then incorporated with the
uh in the in the in the core and that this is a mosaic that
allows you to create a very complex problems speed
is to the weather and the seas by
it's it's amazing because you see it allows you to edit made with appropriate review and at some cost some constant
and customizing and you can also um and for the
more conservative types amongst us you could also can we make some
layouts and say like only this class of people are allowed to use this
kind of um uh site layout
because this gives a site editor unlimited almost unlimited ways of
assigning a single web page or a landing
page but some institutions go completely freaky on that and silicon
have a corporate style says it's
it's our logo should always be in the left upper
corner and you can also say OK you are not allowed to change that you work the the
logo will always appear there and you poor little in turn are not allowed to make really whilst changes you can just change the text so we think of all of the very curative uh there were uh and user but also the ones that
are restricted by corporate or institutional standards OK and as a so and they created Bates is not just the composed by many stuff but you can also uh and you you can edit whatever at whatever you want but also fetch content from other parts of your website so for example if you ever it in a already in use items somewhere you can say OK uh and get the text from these the subject and displayed here and of course it is in the piece because it is a response OK so so also we have that
our editors of a lot the USA before that we could that the um fields tool our users fields to our
AdaGrad contents but that there also add-ons for the moment they not yet in the core about their in very loved by e our customers and then they allow you to create to the web forms so for example you can create the best form with some fields and then you can add new fields exactly as it is in the show before for the user and after you will and you
feel you can customize them as you want and of course also these forms can be a published or it can be the and set as private or shared with just some people so also here you have a huge amount of security consider in by design thank yeah
to make a clone more useful to a
wider group of people were also now uh bring out the rest API and that means you have basically all the power of clone all the security all the 15 years of experience that we have and if you don't like our front ends and write your own and you do it's a complete and it's fully rest it's not fake rest as many other uh the so-called rest the API are and so you can do everything through REST calls you can writes alternative from thence and that's already been used in production by this several French ministries for instance a provides important information to as citizens all on natural disasters and strikes our and lightning strikes and flogs and things like that so you can build a single page application with its reacts or angular or whatever is new tomorrow and in the JavaScript will but we provide reactant angular now standard if you use something super fancy and I'm sure you know how to do it have and this will become also the internal where we actually talk to our own as but and so the also our own widgets will start using react so you can build what we're providing is basically what is nowadays called the hapless CMS as that of a nasty word especially on Bastille day to day where they you know where that and that's their hapless the and let them eat cake I say it but yeah that's where we're going so in the roadmap that currently where the 5 . 1 series of
them we have blocks and tiles which is what you just solve its mosaic uh we're moving to solve for which is Python 3 compatible finally sorry we took a while and there's lots of contents in a content management system and there's an amazing amount of strings that have to be unique coats um and stuff so we're getting the UI improvements in and where using the REST API ourselves it'll be in core and as for javascript deployments we have tried everything in the last few years and we're now standardizing on pack that seems to be finally the JavaScript world is also moving to solidifying Webpipe works it works today even in JavaScript clots like me can use it you can appreciate into fancy stuff uh and so that's beginning to solidify finally at the same time and we are using this hapless tracks so if you don't like our user interface write your own and and basically what we then say we provide content as a surface you come rights a native of mobile applications and the back-end is exactly the same source codes that were using in 4 5 point X so you know you're staying complete compatible you can say like 1 group of users gets the full interface the other will just be a simple phone application to write your internal memos for you're super large institutions at the same time were also thinking already and working already on blown 6 and which will be fully compatible with Python 2 . 7 and 3 . 5 uh blowing itself will run down through 3 . 5 but we have a which add on ecosystem as well so we have to give people time to see the to rewrite the Adams as well so for at least 1 major fair version we will have to be compatible with both 2 . 7 and 3 . x and because he at large institutions need time to rewrite the add-ons were going to be using a new user interface which I give a lightning talk about cope estimate that for some reason we like the Catalans so we usually have couple of these themes is that perimeter of what an that the titles you saw before will be default and if you've used tone in the past we used to have archetypes as contents as our constant type framework we have dexterity since runtime archetypes will be gone and but fair warning day she'd been deprecated since 2 years already and there is already in a in 1st production AD in which was an experimental work but it turned out quite successful so people are using it already where people are using a completely different back and and as a storage layer that's completely base amazing guy all air a all http so that means it's managed massively horizontal scalable just hire more cloudy thing he's if you get more users and its use is exactly the same way REST API that the rest of the plant family is using so you code is compatible so they can start out saying I'm just using standard kilometers because that's what I know um and then suddenly you get bought by the venture capital or whatever and you needs a million users are you a clue now scale um the backdrop drop against his beauty now which is to have the CMS is that there is no default from them the people of developed it have written their own but it's and custom for their firm
and thank you thank you audience and I will have to thank you all saw there the people that contributed to this presentation of the permanent and the ii to invite you to their prom confidence that we'll be adding muscle because we like other lands in October and then
soul the last slide there's a something so that that we passed during the presentation if you have questions you're welcome the
FIL thank you some of these things and Poland and going to go the question hi thank you for your time and I have a question getting that accommodation you mentioned that you're automated although projector edges of the farm and so on can you give us larger and more detail about how he did it which occur you use behind also to them I given taken under the condition dimension that's true automated the condition the so you checked the define I always composed if there is no group spell-check and so on so forced to need to do to take images you use behind uh yes were using a ball there's there's various and test you can run there were actually using some based on co allowed
which um are being used here so there's various MPM modules that do uh this 1 called right which checks if you have a very long and complex sentences and then we'll give you alternatives there's also warned that checks if you use offensive language so will give you a flag if you say um Haiti why are you saying master-slave combinations where it could be primary and secondary and there's lots of tools available nowadays to do natural language processing is basically glinting but for language so um it just helps create this especially well I'm Dutch uh and there's a lot of Germans as well although we both the Dutch and the Germans tend to make a really long sentences with lots of commands and which is bad for understandable and understandability so it's better to break them up so it will actually flagons say like we write is in short easy-to-use sentences because not everybody is a native english speaker and not everybody is a German or Dutch speaker who likes commands and bits of sentences added on at the end and so we're using but we're using them in docker containers just because it's easier but you could use them directly as well but since quite a few of our um documentation writers use Windows so we got kind of port of explaining how to install certain tools on windows and some of them don't work so now we use docker containers and just say do that only when this machine and it kind of works it and it's the use of open source so you could probably find it's in your day job Doc yesteryear it'll open source you can find it and we the parts that are not too close specific our um boat they should be out there now or next week we have a new cycle tested docks or test do docs don't or and we will also be at brighter adopts conference in Proc in September so all the parts of the Mongol specific we are very happy to share with the wider documentation writing community so it you mention that book 1 of the things that you also check when you're all thing that the
condition is a file H so if for no 1 document is sold in a 1 year it's being generated do that and has been added that up can use news this notification like OK I get Riemannian half a year don't bother me now yes yes well the easiest thing is just to touch the documentation then there are dead file so that's the cheating but that's how we do it now and yet you just say OK it's um just update the fast and and your fine so that's the cheap and easy way to say like shut up for a year and I'm sure you could do other ways but yeah you can also overengineered things so once a human has looked at it and said that uh it's actually find this change it thank you any other questions here 1 well I have a question if you know what I'm used long but unfortunately are marketing teams to use a WordPress always it is for them to move workers and it's very it's easy to move from Wordpress and there is a tool called transmogrifier and which sounds what it is quite technical you would need a technical person to set up it's basically a pipeline where you take the content out of an SQL database the you can add a scrape the WordPress sites but that's a bit painful so you if you have access to the database behind it it's much easier so you get all the bits of content out and the transmogrifier you can turn that into pieces of content and can directly shoot into blown and you can do all kinds of things in the meanwhile because it's a
pipeline and it's a Python web based tool it's um but it is a file system base it is not fit
for content editors but it's very fit for people who set up sites and you can say well all these were precise with kind of old so let's do a new insight structure anyway because it was time let's sanitizer la titles while we're at it and do all kinds of easy Pythonic things to titles to make a more readable and bring them in a better shape so you there's recipes for wordpress for Drupal for um I wrote wrote 1 for Joomla this for some reason I had was low left with 20 tumor sites that I should take care of self and then you sort of run this transmogrifier it runs for like 15 minutes and to do you have a new problems had all your old content thank you so much we thank you of