Ethical hacking with Python tools

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Ethical hacking with Python tools

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Ethical hacking with Python tools
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Jose Manuel Ortega - Ethical hacking with Python tools Python, as well as offering an ecosystem of tools for testing security and application pentesting.Python offers a tool ecosystem for developing our own tools security for testing applications and the servers security,identifying information about servers and potential vulnerabilities. The ultimate objective is show a pentesting tool integrating some of the modules commented and try a demo showing info about our domain target and find vulnerabilities in it, ----- Nowdays, Python is the language more used for developing tools within the field of security. Many of the tools can be found today as port scanner, vulnerability analysis, brute force attacks and hacking of passwords are written in python. The goal of the talk would show the tools available within the Python API and third-party modules for developing our own pentesting and security tools and finally show a pentesting tool integrating some of the modules. The main topics of the talk could include: **1.Enter Python language as platform for developing security tools** Introduction about the main libraries we can use for introducing in development of security tools such as socket and requests. **2.Libraries for obtain servers information such as Shodan, pygeocoder,pythonwhois** Shodan is a search engine that lets you find specific computers (routers, servers, etc.) and get information about ports and services that are opened. **3.Analysis and metadata extraction in Python for images and documents** Show tools for scraping web data and obtain metadata information in documents and images **4.Port scanning with tools like python-nmap** With python-nmap module we can check ports open for a target ip or domain. **5.Check vulnerabilities in FTP and SSH servers** With libraries like ftplib and paramiko we can check if the server is vulnerable to ftp and ssh anonymous connections.
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and say welcome to this in many well antenna with ethical hacking let's plans and tools which compared with morning thank you for coming in there when the studies for for on the internet and the mean do that with a fucking but that it was used in for a obtain information for service said I'm about based on information on the internet was story so we'll we'll we'll warning must because this page where the life of the presentation of a national we describe being a more simply the these are the
main voice that went on I would mean an inclusion to fight of investing what are than English we have 1 obtained in the more loose Lectio pairs that will be the socialization and all of the information for police 11 I will mention the to extract or local mentioning that and finally a lot more robust tools for like corresponding go and we estimate it would and finally I so while you guys in the proof of concepts where I cut injury to anyone these models enough enough in in the end this the the whereby the best the other than through someone by policy really very useful for for making rugby brother died some proof of concepts and the money goes so with without in the corpus this so we did in the bodies our obligations to automate the Ottoman with like on the meaning of of them all up and this with coffee is not right now but the woman the and in in in internet for for for all for these 2 a little when it was simple 1
1 2 of the main tools not without for for based in an application for composed of important it's when Mount therefore this thing basically that somewhere entities these on social and you need to use these tools are made we buy them on uh well with other
tools like this but based up uploaded spending a lot of that used by domain name of the I don't know what the sum of the above I would after 4 it's a that the force that I in a specific domain said about all or obligation but certainly with be 2 we got we got together said Ben Ami professors loads of report professors already specific cities another
notable without allowing this data formalizing at the step feasible for a obtain information with information in form of this that you can use it for obtaining information about their domains
in in columns on and domains for a specific you or or or service on
another very in in a novel way tool the work described that only water this is similar domain with by done with now this is very useful for all the genes there with the website simply the undertaking would write the these discipline that younger sister the on our tools that we
have for simple or it's got the floor of my life seen a new water buckets on symbolic will want tool there and they're taking our last summer attacks this is going to cure you you can use the distortion and a tool for a similar tools but without the steam out for a simple reportedly being removed finding worried at all these tools of our supplementary operating but the are way I was sold them in models that we gonna use for and in the middle of the year award our tools are used for testing and then simply of the service so well that is where their fears from of course
about we've gotten but without seized sockets with shop gets what was so there's no rule by the value where we want to we will we what look uh what we've got to we stay at 60 in the elastic always got to do with the opening makes mental we can't take a specifically for the medical report peaceful the general growth in ICT massively this is there there the
the most simple form that we got our right must evaluate what we do is that was going to let you users that they belong there they'd go this everywhere and understaffed even for a number and on and on and on for a number of with of real simple and we take if the deportees growth will feed the fit is in between person bring the PLO something that is that the there is the poorest speed where this group you by the by what for some so it's tunnels
and on so they obtain information the sorting and API that it's from the domain of my so that we made of it falls by others argue was mining we got our thing these components with
various so this model were also we got it saying that we kind of thing there's a botanist set don't on a set as the simple me some there'll like and we they may more than that of some of the other set of n the whatsoever for support I is nicer way we can say
for example is honestly when we have passed parameter that they bear this from the 4 100 tools and information about the sediment in this case we see that ever tools and not about the domain little by Dalton little by the fulfills our system these costs are indecent well I on of the more
loosely now photo little easily ways to replace these are not of any usual route move forward making for testing it was said we use a social
Ambassador what we gotta do for for this the the and so we do travel to us I for simple and we can't say for symbol then affairs our of there requests on the spot in nicer way what testing tool if that's a property on a day-to-day development relate dancing the body we garden of being this information for
example it will be Signal wherever they look like the side we see that sort of thing there this information and indeed on on so we see another set of life he's use an idea and dynasty in the
future that would come will write this is uh for somebody who was behind art but of exceed all for again request we gonna use upper exceeding try would we indicated that they it should be or what CBS proxy on on the same way we can't see it the the connection behind our approach with that
I and all the interesting futurities with red we got out and this is a week off of that supports a if they seek or values the issue of we can't say these information we consider these this we deal of these all of the set where we use with the with the middle of this and you have to be be yes on on on the place where
Leonard tools of with half a billion all their meaning In or where scrappy simple is beautiful school beautiful through the cell basically it's about the support set to be made Mussolini what the stars is not used to extract the information I have 4 R must specific the facts that we start out there previously we use request for all things the debates on we've been made both final would have already information in this case we recorded that the links are more of us than in a program and where we stopped being there are externalities that Madelene's Airbus exactly it consists in the following all you with the last 1 the Forest that rattling so we try to find the link status that we actually been able actually not not containing the foreign water In
this example we don't see that we established that mass and about this that Mali's gold tool that promised them out babies and all these this signal maintain that the northern in-domain that we have this the and and that Moulines gold tool tools all babies in their in their mouths domain another
interesting future for a simple if we want to extract image part of the of the woman's we can use a specific Airbus said beautiful so fast the 2 of the process that there was have seen male bosses in this case we are using the age male said where we are using a sparse but assumes for extracting the this the element that we want to find these pieces he made made on the well Allen in this
simple without without being by the legal system being very very useful pieces that describe these 4 for developing we don't we got use for and the that of the where spiders will grow less I will use our style may be useful for for for for helping the the information for for was cities are and you work on this tool use to step theories are used to the set of tools for making a single scholars on on and for the data in the in the domain but not for for making the the sports pool In the simple was forest and the way which are Ambassador Lisa solute bodies were pulled for obtained for information that out of a warning that make sure that what he's not he's of things that binding their arms all set of open at the insistence that lets you answered David's suppressed values are so on on my inequalities were lights out below be obvious for in this case
for or biderman overseas a nicer way you got we we the seventies the role of that
show that happy he that provides when you already studying site do they are mapping problem with this you got said we're gonna make them the same sets that means the same set of we gotta go in there and the way that you can do In this we we divide don't appear in the 2nd case we can see that you do it a wheel informational for high-speed CPU cost and we
obtain reports that are open and will require the tools that what there for the set of space in the permission of the of the services of these that about open in these in these 4 special functional area where
we need use it for a specific host we obtain information about out being the boss of them are open and the city's not only will this scene this information that we see the work of so we gotta space we light on the nicer
way but a more the the information for accessing the salad is the last introducing of the joint bodies not a the the the bodily death addictive the model is it with the information they need to be many sorry but it's for she shows up article alright alright and you have tools to play we this the information finally we got locating information this information that we have seen in the in the initial our web or specifically follows and we kind of thing this information form from by I know that a
similar that with that in mind as we we we when we use our society c mon without only with only half hour 1 label parts I don't think the information out of all of the the framework that now mother would site Houston and it was said about study using of the website well before
medulla damage has been done at that basically what we can do with by leading a nicer way that information from about that form yes we there might be a little more load on massive anyway if BDC we with debate and what we've got and we will have if the Israeli creates are believed to be fight rated object how we begin to build the the woman you before we obtain them about Bolivia's this thing we
gotta do with the match we have been developed receive fax models money side a nicer way we can do what kinds of things we're going to call that the facts about the In 1990 mass for a
simpler we can obtain a they debiasing full the optimal that the merits where what when call yeast and then solution of the matter so on well as another
that allow us to a future that we got we got we support scanning coming ready old is all 4 the a stronger than a mother who would not we know we can't see in England In would be blocked for abilities to stand consul in with like
on a with guns a lounge than him from from bi bicycling award with these 2 models to to monitor gross passing forecasting for a single remote more than we have to launch voice planet that what when we start seeing In a map Belgium In a map with forest I will use this kind of middle where we bust parameter they i b less are there for the good of the border states that we are not we want to discuss in in these in these sites this 577
board where we finish class and Spanish we initialize the there this kind then the most common we according to the report it's gonna hold them a much I we are on the inside an amount of time that we we will taking that bought I finally believe we are on according to Scott made the an inter Mali's come at then a map a format that is the stars you know that system someone would Clancy's information about her on this is on a
model is simple and where we must spider that doesn't come aboard and we can see that then the mother is supported without a full parameters there's port specific I mean the I we see on the tools feasible brand on us so we got access tool that is the far specific boys hoping we got access on the best some of the of the cities partial below
there more that we not within a map is a single more morning those where a long Chinese Scott in but in in a lot of force it sooner than and we find that that we can define a common but it won't for where when a are specifically it's got in our in our in our boys fini got these full for for of 3 main I on each analysis that meaning especially people we uh for simple in this
case we a lounge in in a specific idea we in their in their 2 2 1 the the the people I would take fiercely which you would have to check if it's all that and each open we got lounge their a specific especially the area on a specific role of for a professor for detecting a with any piece in the sport specific for simple in this case we have this thing they they gave them and if you could be for a long chain on our on this greeds for 16 unknown in water it had the billion taking another title when a ball of ordinary these if the if the if the service is aware of of tool to a specific model for simple all of that for a specific best chance for this for
taking this 1 these area with it when we it's got a name of it an amount of comes up by the following we will find another speaks that about out and about there in the must be for that in there in the style and the new studies the school on top of a lot of this could for taking uh when in a specific set like if you could be it to be a are minus support for simple
bicycling what uh pro-life these as Greaves are routines for for fine but Seattle worry these imagining that a man then they are views a week after checking all but 19 forties open we gonna lounge where their specific yes please for the set In this case we are
taking about the the mice well porous open and if is open we are allowed to uh screams like mice will all the the my support blew my sweet otherwise that sees this is Greece in a pro-life Molly formation of all the cities on seeking for a simple the name of the the year that he sees is openly provides the small organizational among the dozens of funding is simply before simple or or cuts uh the you share with all of the BBC of the this guy in all of the and you can't see we've we've allowed between the different groups well for
a simple with shown and we can't say that the PPE Liaoning must evaluative with with the sets we can take all of them or set of a former teens about the lower these at this time all all of really recall part anymore so and on the going on animals we don't need to tools to paralyze you say about for for work this in there and if you could be found for
taking the survived by width of the thing be model that we may see in a nicer way we considered the specific sentiment there are also among the most look
well before taking their websites with on tools called with with the with rules were lights and uh the so famous for taking it on a particular websites was entirely we have operate dialog would you rats that is to say we come by least qualified you ran of of our of our you as on each URL its initial phase and where
they're all words with the we've got a symbol for simple we got we got this in this system or with which we aim to obtain a beta was 2 orders for us to see the future for similar for earlier in I know which side we we it's a big deal you US like I mean a lobbying in the form a web page from the station on so what are we gonna do these testing forties the w out testing these them the speed they would do well their domain we have this and the nicer way we see that we got take that we got we make of which over a lot of domain 48 every villain URL to see if we can access all 1 of many times when this category else about it we don't see where that by a off their testing after after they're doing these in these type of testing we see that we we had you rest out of the general orthogonal predictive or simple all we got this on not Our under scholar at all that would be the seen this site well they fit a
blended with bully some of their will without we got now we can best be we use a nexus with with with Python this I wouldn't be a non-specific Open SSL unless sediments on whether these these these was this in 2014 and time with this is that it's a study that all about with the use of the out of it we take this space you've all you'll have left we see that the out of
our experiments many services that are so are not our own and we are at least 2 these believe what bicycle you bought for for 10 for testing if a specific service must be cooled bicycling well we have to we can use the a model unsafe especially the everquest specific on and if the server responds with species the payload that led these and this we focus know that this event will be we are at least spherically believable In
this case we got sent a simple way we lounged are at this table there are specific much seen under the wars that these vaccines is 1 out of 2 to these when 1 of us
tool that we find we can use for integrating with either or women but really it's really sad the salaries for for sending the protein were these in the servers and what size and so on and made the spray with a Colombian today if you discuss pummeled was a quality in by Don M
C M S M C for a making quality to make the split sent from white classically what we're gonna do we would have to Louis established said uh and the cities and all but destroyed for those of on the
water uh that I mean really a different URIs light models for seeking for testing for spreading when I read these in this case for with the spread of people and we can see that we come up with a course in the form of a specific MCE-based but it we can't do that allows to specify the model and in this case we are reducing their and well million for alone seeing our for testing and this this is growing being far from by the
well again this false and it shows an open mass of supporting the and that we can analyze its way forward for the unwary these so of emotional we got 130 these these tools fall from by the 4 on this
grew up from fall for for a simple see blooming
vary from Baidoa western border with capecitabine witness pulse where we have a in any these are and and reports we got 1 it will be said about or for why don't you should be to uh do we got access to this information the information about the doors that this event is seen in scene it's spelled for much of the nicer way would be to social regarding the late that a or whether they will these on sites that are there the brilliant Indian investing in this book 7 well I was shown
a lot they understand Boulevard are this is how we have we have proportional 14 did not constant during the fall of all those that I thought I mentioned but secondly what
we're gonna do with them tools
used for assembly or with a specific the much seen on a
specific for we taking it is the border brain on In this case we are taking their friends who want it to be this report see that the formation of the in this case we're going see that the voice open on the things we look we gonna obtaining information about the the lecture on the CPU their specific personality PPP the
main natural like to be afraid to be board open we can't say if the the PPP said about I also anonymous release and then it will actually be 13 property we see that it
out of the board 21 so bad and question about it we will and if you like to work on it with an animal if you shift the questionnaires and we see that the following Tuesday school tools so quality of there some of the the the question is OK I chose the but body and I listing the the difficulty over there or this or this or that have more things that we can do you of being there the
that's over there on the December the 1st simple In this case we obtain that we
come up yet speed of 1 to 5 2 5 4 1 5 1 10 I only if running is running out on a batch uh with the measurement tool . tool tools for inmates there are some of the BTB are qualities being on these is there the more things that we can do for this simple a to be a difficult because the the said about class they would have warfare I will fill with old way this is similar to the 1 the back of a lot of that office a lot of sediments on we're gonna with the support of pure
phase we take the the voiceover and the boys will be and we stand up playing requests for them to see the silhouette is worried the required police policing peak in the fall 4 4 4 4 and then we take about the seventies when it out inequalities these
releasable Lessig on these testing viral red audio formats another of the initial got these these the dimension that last August the which are all you know if it was shown with a lot of worries me many possible ban on out of the way the selection and we could speed up but it's a and so on this is called army thus providing a Linux if I don't if I remember more things that
we're gonna always take domains and of being that within believe B is the set of a fast information melatonin we've remains halls what everywhere all you rent not I stole from this event we can take a this information In this case we see that we think we have this thing the obvious medical about that employs the 7 time the kind of thing that the Indian names that not only in the in the set of and so we got its airports the if the ECB said that is fully we can take their so that the information about the that and other tools for simple we have you seen on the
site for taking on information that pool might shots at least we lounge
them and the tools we that got you divide the land of the experiences and will 250 what is pools and they the idea of the rest of the domain unfortunately for a simple and then then the hosting fall from tries theories Wikinews they'll just
6 this going to the would have 2 additional activities and not being quality all police formation stand for questions of tools on the on a bully information that we have seen in the presentation uh we see that the boy so they're
divorce open out there the 18 20 tool and 25 102 more information about the 40 mustily obtaining permission or the sentiments the 1 In this division on and in the restaurants or the server along with what's important built 204 scraping in a much the nicer way
we can see that it's directly on the on the matter although there for the
side so what however finally
there was these there is growing so in multihop durable stability uneasily with for if you want to put the checks there that would do that to bundle created you might covered with a glorious
always half a hour asked as creative as most please for testing forms any data but only from each small somebody will want to it's got and long-term must come without a specific discrete for for for these these
of finally reference leaves bicycle out their main the of the Seattle basis of that pool stuff I commend their this alarm in the woman be shown a waste by the amount of augmentation on abiding divide or simply the book or finally would all of us more light rays defined on the side of any piece of medical site for for taking these these these kind of tools and find any
rules that we cannot find them also this is the main wars that we can't find or 40 stopping that's not for best about but than this being possible thank
thank you any questions that thank you