Interactive data Kung Fu with Shaolin

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Interactive data Kung Fu with Shaolin
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Guillem Duran - Interactive data Kung Fu with Shaolin “Notebooks come alive when interactive widgets are used”, but programming complex applications that rely entirely on widgets may end up being a painful and frustrating process. Shaolin is a new python project that aims to provide a framework for building interactive complex dashboards. ----- You can read in The Project Jupyter web page that “Notebooks come alive when interactive widgets are used”, but programming complex applications that rely entirely on widgets may end up being a painful and frustrating process. Shaolin is a new python project that aims to provide a framework for building interactive complex dashboards. Shaolin provides all the basic tools for building complex interactive data analysis applications using the pydata ecosystem. Arbitrary code can be embedded into a Dashboard -a class that works as a “black box” that allows to easily define a GUI based on the ipywidgets package- to process any data in any form and then let you interactively define how to plot it using automatically generated widgets. Hierarchical combinations of Dashboards can be arranged then to build more complex applications. The talk is divided in two sections. First one introduce the framework and its main features: - Custom syntax for defining widgets in a simplified way. - Dashboards: Syntax rules and capabilities. - Combining Dashboards to build complex applications. - Interactive plot creation. - Integration with pydata. Second section will show how this framework can be used to analyse real data using Dashboards without writing any code. I will show how to transform market data time series into graphs using pandas and networkx, then plot it interactively using bokeh and Vpython.
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FIL everybody thank you for being here around this year from state i we talking about in that debate that we will be selling this of my Twitter accounts and might have gone this you want take and well and explaining what the talking about the Schelling reasoning Python library that allows for easily adding the lady of convicted if the tool python object when working there's a bit of of the presentation will be not tutorial but an interaction some of the main capabilities of shelling alongside some real examples in which shelley had been used to be a very rapid user interface for some actual model and lost their final boldly the the goal of this talk is just the bond is you do just telling and maybe effectively of the community around economic growth letters and in the world we will be talk about the effect the philosophy behind features inspired by science much about pattern hiking and beating mining all those different going summarizing then in order to be able to get that
stands for structured helpful for that woman but of course is also called this way because it's because it allows you to perform some
nice data at the end we
expand this lady that must be the effect of hot water in practice so why is it that
way Mrs. just how we work on company it also studied as a way to minimize mostly with all the gold that was developing result having been when the differently without having to actually look by sincerely parameter but here's what you liking they'll think about Pascal object-oriented language and she didn't want to like so when I decide what the way I did do
something about it I honestly have no way of doing so when I ask for help people need something like OK if you got a problem will know how to do just step aside and ask yourself what would find so I tried to turn
the peculiar way the final cut of looking at the world into features of muscle which they will explain in the next 4 chapters of my they're all they you will also find some of the quotes that inspired me to build listed in case you get both of my mind where the English accent that just the the and and I hear for the so we have to worry about me and have read and it's firing so to get the to the
1 as last much and this is
my work I should really be doing something to 1 that so let's talk
about science the goal of science is about thinking asking questions about the experimenting with nature in order to build knowledge the knowledge that we tried to embed into something we call models we've been using the language of reasoning also not to is to communicate better models for the last you think it would be a success but it's actually nowadays we found by a simpler way of explain the process of language reason because we do write your models using coal when the legislative and so another person you will find itself evolving from a of
work into a national so science
is also all simplified Charlie ends the ends of intervals no gold gold at a little bit of mobile might look measure than in the process of writing complex interfaces using that I would expect although it seemed that is
a bit complex it allows the way we reduce the amount of code needed to write it think using the facts and think the way capabilities provided by the noble and thereby widgets packets don't even have to know by from so please
join me in connecting itself models into something more
visually how we can do that
well his where shelling comes into play activities by merging called decoding priming mediate but we did find that using the bit of noble cause effect has a like here for example we can see I from
objects which we transform into another work by anything from the value of glass and adding the light of course that inside the red followed this we're factor works well 1st of all you need to define a with
Schelling widgets and defined by strings formatted in the following way 1st you write the kind we did that going to use a dollar sign and then just take its parameter values as shown in the picture uh you can find all that we seeing the rules that's the these but it hasn't example full orthology that mobile and what just go online and track how it works because once you have your
it would define expands to find your out of the back Beverly so well here you can see a nested leads to structure in which the we satisfaction just to establish how the by but instead have relationship what seems like when you are working with a way we did find that and you want to stay with the was with books it's well it's an analogous process with both of them with some of these will have to right side the it well all the time don't students into that if you free
that you get the this is how it has worked is defined shall you can see that in the 1st line the C means that that would that will be a gold comprised 2 rows the first one will be be in the range of labor is lighter which is defined in a syntax mimicking the 1 provided by the intellect functions of with that by that and the 2nd 1 will be a awoken present the with at the down and take and how does it when coding in the not quite on the In but this is
just the example I showed you and this is just an object that is in sets processing
going on the array and scaling applying it and apply uh let this is not really is the thing on and on with it so that it let them both in order to illustrate how can differ in that organic online into building
something see for example we have another 1 that just based a model of the and the other order battle and converts example into a new into 1 so you can see when you're doing where lack of formatting data course this example in Jonas not something really great so if you are looking into really something more complex for the moment you can
also he was selling but some
of the functionalities they had in America soul in case you want to
load so you run move something like complex you may find that a
lot of diversity in a library that can save you a lot of time with
respect and even that for example here you have to go all of the way which
hasn't made it all the seaboard
functions on old enough political show you have to worry about how
to your uh the stages
that horrible is using governments in order to put an
arbitrary and you can actually select what kind of public
life and which goes which goes to that you want to
look for innovative face and
also I think many people so you can choose among different among
different government things for making
what this this let's is about
them when we're trying to view he so
well pretty confident which all
you can we that it would be uses Python objects and then new grant of that that was just by adding the mysteries of strings or that much knowledge of the chapter 2 this has been
influenced by new learning much laughter laughter near and I thought about what I call do of gold in that means the gender of flexible ways universal national out that it's business based on 2 principles
the 1 the flexible forms it's all about flexibility and the 2nd 1 is about taking
advantage of your opponents as saying standardized showing you slice let's deal with them
on the show you where here's what we talking about flexibility as I just showed all the dialog and this fact and merge into each other in order to accomplish something bigger than the way intended originally
here you can see how ideal that works in order to map so they can actually know the value the the friends of 5 minus finally right out final for the gold visual data in the form of state uh it's basically you have different levels of mind every called means from that was that had been expected to each other that allows for selecting almost individual property of the of now we'll see how it works you can do is we have the area that we will able to and that and eventually individual property delight example now now we but this is the well known ideas dataset and we want to do something new with this book what I think it can be it can be done anything because everyone knows that identify from from the you of course doing every before foreground and that the life here the size of the market value of the even the article if you want take for overlapping kinda rate but of course and you also can define in
my mappings based on later in this case we are using a similar incorporate In order to distinguish among the 3 different species of fighting you
have to select the figure in the bottom of the from what you can also mark a scalar by any functions before converting the data into individual properties so it's actually reflects it even allows you to do something like OK I will likely just
below to die findings goal of with the goal of Italian and the species that have not been called words I 1 it's cool I want to viable and to of sites between 20 and 50 according to its which I don't know you can do really we reported that you just have to select select kind all of later you want and the 1 that that is a mapping with the default so you guys actually around Europe urinate and scaling you can actually you can actually do anything you like and of course you still have all of the lady who information you can choose which called the 1 which talents they want book in your your game and the work it out love it what it was just like so now the
thing you can just selling to make investments and fact that along with other that works so you can get really weird wrinkles that although although that was like 4 and can be used and the instantiated with some kind of with some kind of a that with new content the mapping on the flight so you'll comfortable you were about getting anywhere you can actually notlimited also about that well now thank you get serious cost extend to the
dubious cops yet what does it mean to be a factor 1st of all how did should
be able to find maximum limitation of work so I don't
love where showing 1st of all if you are trying to please the boss and then solemnized possible that will break your investors really happening a short time we don't use they got it all states something flask based and do your business is really this is undergoing framework meant for side and in the left hand the integer lattice right in some which fashion and you want last quick indefinitely without worrying about making complicated a scaling your your functions on your models new renders actually that it's really related what might everything that's been that's been built in this panel has also been built using dead yet I wouldn't that's not shouting and it's possible to build it will take you about 50 % more lines of code that that's actually the problem with that but if you want to make something able to use mobile that means no overlap of a static some small nationalist and making hero in order to study the to more in some more complicated books you should be resolved in that name is meant for functions actually meant for Python object audience what this information should be free cost selling this so you can do with it than if anyone goes the ultimate goal of the final goal of this this always will be whom a little bit of mobile something lady automated size science and use your beloved with me would be really it's about all the by date back libraries so we could use it without having to know by so we do anything just so medical demanding that thing that you anything you wanna find about it you can find that it is the possibility of how company and finally to 1 of
the harder you should try to use buffer differently than it was intended the 1st way was let's see what I mean that well but now it's
time to feel like a hot if you
can find and that's what I call it a while ago mainly as a joke follows you can see that it possible to fully customize any CSS of your nationalist and make you will actually like read anything you want and well you although it also includes remained natural for right along with like forms and well if you know Spanish you can see that this is actually a job that I made that I was trying to to implement approval concept of some scanning that you want to do I want to low-income malicious HTML code the learning methods in order to perform on the scanner but I know it was really listening to took me a lot of but media in this case the movie
itself like that I have to admit everything in world into a natural and this was a discovery that the militia 16 miracles things could be loaded from they're saying it's the area which is where the display all outputs this will be the mobile became something like what this sky so well you see here that you can play that the will of the other things you can see the snowball effect where by identifying 3 widgets I can also at the meeting and I have programmed for in order to get the beautiful outputs and because the mass of the star mizar here well just best and that we might scans standing going on all my from the regret In order to get information about the
ways of my 42 degrees from my nations such analysis at the medical yeah well induced thereby Bible from the formal example in order to make some customizable tool to match all the the the is that this is basically on by by mapping called locally interface we with better turn merging with
another 1 that's is
just about making the our government's books with with the system finally got a library that
binds them the Bundesliga library to building lots
and so on if you want to go I don't know any we're program for because the
same thing you can't use actually property delight the
let's continue to be affected with the vast demanded that disease notorious that's always known just integrator investors they will be actually disappointed me the 1 of the ways by calling everything of there laid out in in lot and of course free somewhere and it's mainly focus on died to create an is noble effect when writing your data analysis tools and now well this gets into all final chapter nothing model on test
didn't ecology it's because selling to make teaching and learning sciences I'm going to because for bringing science you should actually hunt so now assumption by
May showing you how is it possible to during an entire by the network into a national
hold items in the same column this year stuff was on here is my idea of that
this is a kind of tribute to begin laughter he spoke about vitamins that were made by the last the
guy binds of methanol like may paid by the graph in which we talk about representing correlation matrices as here we have a joined everything that we made in order to the this plots with the procedures they define calculate a lot of corporations and mandates and combine everything together into
here you can see the gravity and being like 7 thousand series of for its data and every region In this is gathered resents value from this correlation natives we're going to represent all the information like a snapshot of how the might of the face the remaining during a given period of time so 1st of all we that's the final mapping for anyone any for aerial follows series and now we have defined mapping for correlation matrix as we are choosing musical of unable to get values all of the correlations when all the correlation values of matrices and the presented in 5 different beams so you can't just with the grants know what's happening on the market here you can see that the 2 correlation the last time I 1 a reaction of the law and the lower
ones side the I need to find because now the correlation about always 0 they're indistinguishable almost English indistinguishable of course you use this mapping into to anything like like goal-oriented your different things serious by the properties of the last day of the final example here you got call them by its between this weight it's weighted betweenness centrality of which is a measure of how it structure internally so we
find a new column of the more pleasing and now we know that
then the greedy is the moral morbidities between its entirely the modalities that will reduce your its units and from here we have also not all because almost all the capabilities of and when it's so weird library so you can have different layouts saying how you react assumed that in this case with have filters the correlation made it's applying that knowledge that is called minimal spanning tree and you can also use an algorithm that schools binary maximum field that it's just a again fast father really be correlation matrix you can feel that allowed in order to get only the bigger all the lower 1 you want to be here and just doing that running in the lower with the lower ones just click on the distance and that gets no matter fields of violence which most of our knowledge of Miletus correlation arousal choose any illegality life is implemented in In the know what library and well it's actually kind of fun to bring things you see here how life how we explain when you can feel that not only by the correlation matrices but also you have any the graph with that which it to structure corresponding to when I just assume that anything can be also used stability so if you aren't nearly left medial of his talk by data and you gas another the screen with the solvent side by side you will be able to follow everything he saying about without having to worry about that much about how we gold all the example that he showing cost actually really complex to understand if you're just going
all of them now before some I will show you another media here with with a final the but also show you how would you go style in that would like to just by using the in a view of the model of a bunch of we did that in terms of defining how we later will be because all the features that the languages library past and it allowed me to all these years and needs by just using with so we can see here in this example is really to for because customized all you that all the values of the American just by using with you will need to change that the with inside of something this can make it actually logistical
so well finally and just saying just 1 more thing about the had to solve all or not mortality finally I would say try to be excessively here that I had to prove myself wrong to get something back no reason for your comments in defining the summation weight the way sold thank you very much for
coming here thank you everybody for listening to my 1st OK came up and this diplomat had you'll concentrations course there's the 5 more minutes to go thank you thank you thank you very much DM for this anything tho I know the floor is open if or